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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news laws from berlin russia and the us clash one nato and the e.u. search for unity at the munich security conference the us national security advisor claims pyrrhus indisputable evidence that moscow interfered in america's election a claim russia's foreign minister dismisses as blather and germany's foreign minister says berlin no longer knows what to make of washington's policy who's also on the program. to turkish german journalist denis you jealous says he's glad to be free after a year in a turkish prison but he expressed concern for the many other journalists still
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behind bars. and live from the red carpet of the berlin film festival all how all the glitz and glamour coming up for you later on the show. welcome to the program i'm michel henery thanks for joining us security in the european union after brics it and transatlantic ties in the trump era those were the topics dominating a second day of speeches at the munich security conference here in germany german foreign ministers of mark gaboriau and british prime minister choices made were among the leaders that took to the podium to outline global security challenges and their visions to fix them the event is considered the most important annual gathering of security policy makers from around the world. our chief national
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correspondent linda crane has been covering the conference and she joins us now from munich hello melinda the german foreign minister said more gabrielle earlier today expressed concern about germany's main ally the u.s. under president obama trump we have a clip of this let's have a listen. sometimes irritated when we look across the atlantic we are no longer certain that we recognize america these days do we have to assess the u.s. by deeds by words by tweets. and. what kind of foreign policy does gabrielle want to see. well the foreign minister did emphasize in his speech as he had to us yesterday in an exclusive interview that he absolutely believes that europe germany and the u.s. must continue to work closely together and he also had warm words for the u.s.
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of the past saying that his own childhood would have been entirely different if it hadn't been for us and gauge made in post-war germany but he then went on to say in view of the impression here that the trumpet ministration may be disengaging from europe it's all the more important that europe itself move forward with coordinating not only security policy but also foreign policy he said this is the time for a european moment. we also heard earlier top russian and american officials exchanging some very harsh words over the u.s. indictment of thirteen russians accused of disrupting the twenty sixteen u.s. election in light of that to what degree is cyber security a topic in your neck. absolutely a big topic it is a perennial issue here at the security conference but this year i would say definitely more focus and also a broader look at the topic in the past cyber security has generally been seen as
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hacking the use of the internet for extortion or to damage infrastructure but this year there's an increasingly strong sense that we need to be looking at the use of cyberspace for the purpose of subverting democracy and that was very much on the agenda today as you mentioned there was also quite an intense exchange between the u.s. national security advisor and the russian foreign minister. and we also have a short reaction of laughter off who was asked on the panel about the indictments let's have a listen. with the more because long as we don't have the facts everything else just is. blather please excuse my own diplomatic language in. the u.s. national security adviser a topic master spoke directly after lavrov melinda can you help tell us what his response was to that. but just a additional word on what mr boucher of had to say he went on to say you know what
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we're being blamed not only for involvement or interfering in the us election but also for the referendum in catalonia and for breck's it and frankly it's all myths and mr macmaster the national security advisor of the us countered that with very strong words he said i quote the u.s. will absolutely will expose and act against those who are using cyber space for espionage or for purposes of subverting democracy and he also went on to make a bit of a joke mr the offer of had referred to russia's cyber experts having looked into this issue and concluded that there wasn't evidence of russian interference and mr macmaster said he was surprised that there were any russian cyber experts with any time on their hands get it given how many of them had been involved in the work to interfere with the u.s.
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election. chief political correspondent linda crane thank you very much. also in munich turkish prime minister banal issued a strong defense of his government's right to defend itself he said turkey was a constitutional country where the rule of law is strong and said no one has the right to question their government he also said relations between germany and turkey are improving this a day after uncle released a turkish german journalist after a year in prison. a free man once more after a year in custody speaking from berlin denise you chel said he'd been held hostage by turkey he didn't mince words describing the turkish justice system. just as my arrest had nothing to do with justice and the rule of law my release also has nothing to do with either of those. in a tweet you jones said he's now left germany and is with friends it's not clear
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what triggered the journalist sudden release some have speculated it could have been a weapons deal or an agreement to join the e.u. customs union german foreign minister denied those claims and there is no quid pro quo there is no deal neither clean one nor dirty. but even as you chill was set free six other journalists were sentenced to life in prison for allegedly trying to overthrow the turkish government among them are the brothers mehmet and. there are still over one hundred journalists in turkish jails just like tens of thousands of government opponents. my releases left a bitter aftertaste i left behind a cellmate with whom i was together for the past two months he's a turkish journalist who was jailed merely for doing his job. he and many other journalists have been imprisoned for doing nothing more than practicing their profession. five germans still remain behind bars in
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turkey presumably for political reasons he chose that his only release won't be the end of their story. to learn more about those journalists who've been sentenced in turkey you can read our interview with ahmed alton sister sana on our website is it dot com. and the gems of this year's european cinema are in the spotlight as berlin star studded annual film festival gets into full swing sarah harmon has been taking in the days highlights for us and she joins me now from the red carpet sara we're expecting a familiar face in european cinema to walk up that red carpet behind you can you tell us about that. yeah that's right fans out here behind me are hoping to catch a glimpse of isabelle a pair conic french actress she's here with her film eva isabelle
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a pair plays a aging prostitute a high class prostitute who engages in a psychological drama with a man who's half her age he thinks she's playing her and she thinks she's playing him i don't want to give anything away here but it's a very french film it's dark it's moody it's sexy if you like french cinema you'll probably like this it's not a new role through there she's collaborated with this director. five times now so if you like her films you'll go into this knowing what to expect and you probably won't be disappointed it remains to be seen whether fans out here behind me are going to be disappointed she's notoriously moody about giving autographs and sarah from france to germany to a big german film premiere today as well. exactly that's right we saw the first german entry in the competition category of this year's berlin film festival the film is called trans and it's by director christiane had sold it's about
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a young man who is fleeing nazi persecution he makes his way to the port city of them are say where he's awaiting a ferry that will bring him to safety now this film is based on a book that was written in one thousand nine hundred forty four but it's a very modern film it's set in present day marsay and i have to tell you as a viewer of the experience of watching the story that we're all quite familiar with about someone fleeing nazi persecution set in the modern day. it's a really chilling feeling christian petzold of course has had four films this is fourth at the berlin film festival and he's playing to a home crowd here he's popular here he's from a berlin school of filmmaking but i still think this is probably one of the films to watch when it comes to the golden bear nominations is certainly went down really well with the prize i'm looking forward to seeing that but can you just briefly tell us what else you're looking for at the scene. oh my goodness there's still so much more to go we've still got a whole week of birla now left one thing that i think a lot of people are
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a bit buzzy over is a film that's not in the competition category it's called songwriter and it's a biopic about the british singer ed sheeran you've probably seen him in his ginger hair he's everywhere this and he's also coming to berlin alice a lot of people are going to be looking to catch a glimpse of it sarah harmon at the berlin film festival thanks very much. day eight at the winter olympics has seen a major shock in alpine skiing and history in cross country and on the ice yannick spate of sports joins me here in the studio to tell us a bit more hygienically let's start with the big upset the women super what happened yeah it was pretty crazy i mean i would say this is one of the biggest upsets in olympics history and of the austrian she was top of the labor board she was being regulated down to the bottom of those one right to left and i will say this is czech republic as to the deaths go and she's
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a specialist snowboarder but she's competing in this as a first glimpse into payne skiing and snowboarding and she went down there surprised everyone but schoolboy a hundredth of a second now she took the gold as you can see it was very upset and then this shocked reaction from she didn't have a clue that she was good enough to win this event and the cameras even picked up her saying how did this happen that's how shocked she was like it was a crazy result and so we have a special snowboard. who has won a skiing event which is a great story and she also has a chance to get a second gold in the special event that's the parallel joint slalom that's a snowboarding event so she could have two golds at the end of the super exciting to watch and there's another great story in women's cost country i believe yes another feel good story that's what the olympics are all about your bugan. the all time record for winter olympians in terms of winning medals she won her thirteen and she was also the first female to win seven golds now in this cross-country
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event that was saying he annoyed with good when she came into the last run it was a cross-country relay and you're going manage to beat out the swedish rival to the gold medal and she previously won bronze and silver so this gold was the thirteenth and she had a chance to get her faulting and become the most decorated winter olympian in history so good luck to her and that that is in the norway annoyed sprint team will be announced on wednesday she should be in it and then one of the favorites could be history in the making wow that is just i mean this winter olympics are just super exciting and but let's turn right now to figure skating how was history made and why does winnie the pooh fit into all of this history and winnie the pooh go hand in hand it's a bit of a strange one so you just pans. you was the winner in the men's figure skating he won gold but the best thing about this story was his fans and their reaction to his when they started throwing winnie the pooh soft toys on to the us and it's almost
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like a ritual i think we can say it dates back to i think two thousand and ten when he was seen carrying a winnie the pooh tissue box i think is a big fan and he usually looks to bring we need to do the soft toy to his training to watch him train. to olympic sponsorship he's not allowed to bring it inside the venues and so that's where his fans step in and when he have it whenever he competes they throw up when he put winnie the pooh's on to the u.s. to show so. i guess i'm married and so so many get thrown off the ice that they collected and given to charity as yes given to children of the local area where every competes in nothing goes to waste which is not but it must be a bit annoying for the person coming after the competitor coming after him because they take a few minutes to get all these winnie the pooh's off the us so they're waiting to have it turn and you know i guess that makes them get nervous so maybe that's an advantage for yanick spate of sports thank you very much.
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day two of the munich security conference underway here in germany british prime minister twisted name and germany's foreign minister sic mark caprio were among today's notable speakers the annual three day conference is seen as one of the most important events on the diplomatic calendar. that are nusra don't forget you can get all the latest news on our website dot com join us again at the top of the hour i'm michel henery. earth. or saving google interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world to use them protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire your people to take action global ideas on w.


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