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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 1:00am-1:16am CET

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when he was going to go and i would you know. this is deja vu news live from berlin russia and the us clash while nato and the e.u. search for unity at the munich security conference the us national security advisor claims there is indisputable evidence that moscow interfered in america's election a claim russia's foreign minister dismisses as gladder and germany's foreign minister says berlin no longer knows what to make of washington's policies also on
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the program. germany's social democrats try to rally their rank and file head of a party of those that will determine the country's next government. french superstar is about to play and lights up the red carpet and then she plays a high class prostitute in the french drama which saw its world premiere in the berlin only film testicle look at our latest from our reporter. welcome to the program i'm michel henery thanks for joining us we begin with the munich security conference taking place at a time when alliances that kept the world stable for decades are now under strain for its part germany is unsure about the direction that the united states is taking in syria. the u.s.
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and turkey support opposing sides and in europe their spread set and the rise of right wing populism. less armament fuel wars protesters want to make their message loud and clear to world leaders attending the munich security conference nolen it second day the conference is taking place under tight security a mirror image of global uncertainty. for us european said must be clear that in order to maintain our values our prosperity and our security in the world of tomorrow we have to stand united. an appeal against nationalist unilateralism protectionism and for a joint european defense policy in a time when established security structures are under strain the war in syria tensions between the u.s. and russia disagreements between key nato allies and within the european union
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breaks it for example is raising questions about their future defense policy without britain but prime minister theresa may try to allay fears calling for a new european security deal. europe security security and that is why i have said and i say again today that the united kingdom is conditional a committed to maintaining it europe discord on the inside a united front on the outside it may be a far off dream but a european defense union is underway even if some view it as competition for nato. yes we want to emancipate ourselves but not against nato or the united states of america the message from unique for europe there can only be strength in unity. chief political correspondent melinda crane has been covering the munich conference for us she sent us this wrap up of the day's highlights the day began with an
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appeal ended with a warning and in between there were some clashes the appeal was made by germany's foreign minister who expressed concern about what he sees as potential u.s. disengagement from europe and said it's time for a european moment urging the e.u. member countries to coordinate not only security policy but also foreign policy the warning came from intelligence and defense officials from the u.s. europe northern africa and the middle east all of them saying even if the islamic state is soon defeated the battle against jihadism could take at least a generation and the clashes came between u.s. and russian officials in the wake of friday's indictment of thirteen russians for allegedly interfering in u.s. elections the russian foreign minister. said that those. were blather the american national security adviser said the u.s.
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will expose and go after any attempt to use cyberspace to subvert democracy that was due to the munich security conference i'm willing to create. in a few days rank and file social democrats will get their ballots for a poll that will determine germany's next government they're voting on whether they're part of should accept the coalition deal its leaders hammered out with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives we caught up with party bigwigs in hamburg where they were working to sell the deal to a skeptical party base. the past few weeks have been hard for your king canal the social democrat is still undecided about backing another grand coalition at the party's first regional conference is looking for new ideas. and i have very low expectations as often as before there are good reasons to support the coalition with but also just as many good reasons to oppose it this is going also for granted again and he's exactly the kind of member the party leadership needs to win over
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here in hamburg alone six hundred fifty s.p.d. members showed up to learn more after three hours behind closed doors participants called the discussions constructive and critical. review over the last few weeks they've been some fundamental concerns about how we're coming across and there are a wide range that is part of government the interest would continue to suffer fearful yet some s.p.d. members believe that criticism of the grand coalition should have been taken more seriously the spin is that it's a real shame this is really just a publicity event. but as the s.p.d. leaders rush to their next meeting with members we're going canal says he likes what he heard. this ball who is still quite silicon not as on easy as i was because i think the party leadership will step up its efforts significantly in the
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future one more social democrat leaning in favor of the grand coalition but almost half a million others will soon have their say. now some of the other stories making news around the world three suicide bombers have killed at least twenty people and wounded dozens more in northeastern nigeria the blast occurred at a busy fish market just outside to do my degree the capital of borno state the city is the birthplace of the book of extremist insurgency. a military helicopter crashed in southern mexico as it prepared to land killing at least thirteen people including three children and injuring fifteen others it was carrying officials surveying damage from a powerful seven point two magnitude earthquake in the hawkeye state including the country's interior minister and the region's governor who both survived. kosovo has been marking ten years of independence from serbia prime minister dinesh to the
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country's brics from serbia in two thousand and eight ments a new beginning for its ethnic albanian majority one hundred seventeen nations have recognized kosovo but serbia continues to dispute kosovo statehood. pope francis has renewed the mandate of a vatican panel established to protect children from sexual abuse by priests francis has faced criticism for his handling of scandals involving pedophile priests he named nih new members to the panel which includes abuse survivors its initial three year term ended in december. accordant pakistan has sentenced a man to death for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl. sparked violent clashes between angry protesters and police prosecutors said the attacker confessed to killing eight girls in total. and the gems of this year's european cinema are in the spotlight as star studded
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annual filled the civil gets into full swing sarah harman has been taking the day's films for us and she joins me now live from the red carpet sara what have been the day's highlights. well for fans who would stroll with stood the freezing cold berlin weather the highlight was probably catching a glimpse of french actress isabel payout here on the french carpet now she's not a household name all over the world but here in europe isabel care is very much a big deal she's been nominated sixteen times the most of anyone for a season our award and she's a real icon of french cinema she took to the red carpet wearing this amazing the silver glittery pantsuit it was one part hillary clinton one part disco ball friends out here were really excited because a glimpse of her and she did take her time signing autographs and having a chat with people here who had lined up to see her now the film that she's here
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promoting is called it's her fifth collaboration with french director ben won. and in it is a below pair plays an older woman who's a prostitute who engages in a sort of psychological drama with a man half her age i don't want to give too much away but suffice to say there are a lot of sixty four year old women who are still getting cast as prostitutes she definitely is up for the challenge she's completely in her element and this is something that isabella pair fans know she's famous for these very sexy roles so if you like that kind of thing if you like dark french cinema this will probably be right up your alley. and sarah eagerly anticipated german film got its first public airing as well. that's right this is the first german entry in the competition category there nineteen films competing for the golden bear and today we got our look at transit from director christiane had sold and this is a story that's based on
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a book written in one thousand nine hundred forty four by the same name about a young man who is fleeing the nazi occupation and he makes his way to the city of mar say where he's waiting to catch a boat that will take him to safety unfortunately. things get a little mixed up in maher say the really interesting thing about this film though is that it's set in modern day marsay and i have to say the effect of watching a story we're all familiar with someone fleeing nazi occupation set against a modern backdrop the iconic images we know so well is really chilling christiane petzold is on home turf here his fourth film at the berlin film festival he's a german filmmaker audiences really like this film and i think it's safe to say it's probably at this point a favorite for the golden bear and i definitely want to see that and what about you what else are you looking forward to seeing out there. oh my gosh there's so much so to look forward to we're really just getting started we've got a whole week left of berle an hour and so many competition films yet to screen i
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mean it's probably a little early to start picking favorites but i can't help myself one film that's not in the competition that i'm quite looking forward to seeing is called songwriter this is a biopic about the british singer ed sheeran and you know ed sheeran his music is everywhere and ed sheeran himself is actually coming to berlin to promote this film a lot of people are going to be hoping to catch a glimpse of him and this biopic is billed as sort of a look behind the scenes of his process as a songwriter as the film is called and that's something that we're going to be watching out for here it's not a competition category but it is quite a buzz the film sounds good sarah harmon at the berlin film festival thanks very much. they're calling it one of the biggest shocks at the winter olympics a check snowboarder has one alpine skiing super g. event her name is estella decca and she took the fast super g.
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course head on the deck and has won the world snowboard gold twice but after her final run down the course she found herself winning gold one one. up a second ahead of defending champion and a bite of austria american skiing icon lindsey vonn seemed in line to challenge until a massive air at the bottom left her tied for six place. japan's using rouhani who has become the first men's figure skater to defend his olympic singles title and sixty six years on news record setting short program raising the favorite going into the long program the twenty three year old led a one two japanese finish as compatriot sherman you know took silver. new world number one roger federer has continued his evergreen form he defeated italian under a set b. in the semifinal of the rotterdam open a day after becoming the oldest top ranked men's player ever that there is
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a federal swiss who was wonder title twice previously broke set the rules and sealed the first set six three he was pushed all the way in the second set which had it to a tie break before federer asserted his dominance he will now face book curious world number five grigor dimitrov in sunday's final. how does he do it and if you haven't yet had your fill of sport the bundesliga show with pablo foley early as follows after the news with all of the goals from the weekend so far could run away leaders byron munich get the better of struggling wolfsburg despite a misspelling see find out in just a few minutes. they say a dog is man's best friend but we have a story about a dog in colombia whose best friend is well not quite human. it's a monkey the wild monkey was nursed by the dog as
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a baby now the two are inseparable monkeys like this one are often sold for high prices on the black market but this little guy isn't going to let that happen to him he's got his very own guard dog. that's so cute that's all for now but we'll have more news the top of the hour in the meantime to get all the latest on our app on visit our website dot com i'm sure henry thanks for watching. i think you're smart to be smarter with w. bush wanted. what you watched. when you got it up to date extraordinary. to decide what song sunbelt more. dot com smarts.


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