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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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this is deja news live from berlin at the munich security conference a scathing condemnation all the wrong coming from instrumentals prime minister binyamin netanyahu. issues or if. you recognize there's. the israeli prime minister confronting iran's foreign minister over a drone they did night flying over israeli territory he warns iran not to test israel's results also on the program. south korea celebrates more gold in the will winter olympic short track speed skating choice meaning joan bringing home bringing
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the home crowd rather along when she took the lead and held it in the fifteen hundred meter of it look at you up to date with the latest on the games. and i'm christopher springer good to have you with us tensions in the middle east have taken center stage at the munich security conference in a speech a few minutes ago israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu labeling iran the world's greatest threat and warning his country would act against tehran if needed it and you know who accuse the iranian foreign minister mohammad serif of quote lying with eloquence he also held up a piece of what he said was in a rainy and drone shot down in israeli aspace to drive home his point. iran also denies that it committed an act of aggression against israel last week that it
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sent a drone into our airspace to threaten our people well. here's a piece of that iranian drone or what's left of it after we shot it down. i brought it here so you can see for yourself mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should it's yours. you can take back to do a message to the car and soldier on. do not. use rules resolve. ok let's cross live now to munich where i did have you chief political editor. is standing by for us some. you were in the plenary when benjamin netanyahu was addressing it should give us an idea of the mood in the reception that his speech received. well to one degree
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there was no real surprise kitty israel is visibly angered but people did hold their breath when he held up this piece of drone that iran still continues to deny its own that it knows this drone into the air space really the message that came through here is not just that iran is seen as a threat seen as a power that tries to extend its power base now into syria something that benjamin netanyahu was adamant he simply would not let happen but there was also a scathing condemnation of the iranian nuclear deal with john kerry the former u.s. secretary of state actually sitting in the audience he's one of the key architects of the people who helped this to actually come together after more than a decade of negotiation and it is seen in europe and amongst particular democrat in the united states as a breakthrough in international demoed diplomacy also leading the way in resolving
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other potential to potentially nuclear conflict like the ones on the korean peninsula and. north korea will be watching very closely what happens with this netanyahu wants the united states to to forge any kind of peace as only the united states can do this where you have the palestinian side saying it's certainly the united states the trump administration will not be doing this it's not a credible negotiator as far as the palestinians are concerned and we. that once again a kind of half hearted pledge towards a super two state solution with netanyahu saying that sure palestinians should be able to govern themselves but that overall security would have to be under control of the israelis the reason he gave that being that the middle east is as he called it littered with failed states so clearly a message do not mess with israel's security and a very acute situation there particularly on that syrian border with iran
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potentially becoming a major and visible player so this really has the potential to turn into a hot confrontation at any point indeed you said do not mess with israel he also said to be a minute in yahoo the israeli prime minister do not test israel's resolve we will not allow iranian bases in syria i think is another thing that you alluded to some very very forceful statements bearing in mind that the the motto of the munich security conference this year is to the brink and back. what's the mood of the conference at the moment are we still at the brink. we are more than we have been before i mean this seems to be a continuing theme actually last year it was pretty much the same message but only this year it's appears to be more fragmented and as the head of the music you're at
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a conference put it this is an acute loss of trust in international politics which points to less and less diplomatic avenues being open to resolve conflicts like this acute threat of israel through growing iranian influence in fact binyamin netanyahu produced a map that where he highlighted in red where yes is still active which really is. just a few dots on the map and then showed israel surrounded by countries marked in block most notably of course also lebanon where hezbollah is clearly controlled by the brain you and every seem and pointing to the acute threat that israel perceives to be that the question really is what the way out of this is and we can't really question israel's resolve to finding
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a peaceful solution i mean let's peaceful solution is a very big word but to have find some constructive steps at least towards that if it sees the united states which are being flatly rejected. dealmaker in this as the only avenue to solve this this situation this points at best to a stalemate but one of course also has to take into consideration the domestic situation in israel right now where pressure is growing on these were already prime minister benjamin netanyahu over corruption allegations raising question marks over how stable his tenure in power really is at this moment in time a very very complicated situation thanks for breaking it down for us mccain our chief political editor reporting from munich mckayla couth. turning just like to point out that iran's foreign minister mohammad german sorry
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for is also due to address the munich security conference that's coming up in just over an hour's time we will of course be bringing you live coverage of that speech as well. turning to other news now a passenger plane reported to be carrying sixty six people has crashed in iran the airline saying it believes that survivors iranian media reporting that the twin engine plane came down in mountainous terrain near the town of soma roam the flight from the capital tehran was bound for. for the southern city of sewage reports a heavy fog is hampering emergency services efforts to reach the crash site most of iran's aircraft more than forty years old due to the sanctions the international sanctions imposed on the country in recent years. turning to the u.s. now where president almost trump has slammed the f.b.i. over last week's florida high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in a tweet the president said the bureau missed signals sent by the shooter because
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agents were too focused on their investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election in the meantime students survivors and teachers from the school which was attacked have been attending vigils and rally calling for tougher gun control. just days ago these students were running in fear from the florida high school the latest scientific mass shooting in the united states but at the rally they express their anger at the predictable political response to the massacre. i know but there is the house tags all. we need to make actual sheets there's only so many words that can be said for things move on before the press gets tired of seeing us on the news the four people just changed the channel. they're calling for tighter controls on the sale of semiautomatic weapons such as the fifteen the rifle used in the attack many of the
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students said they thought that the country had reached a tipping point. and seeing everybody here. as awful as all this is the fact that we are here right now shows that this is nothing like anything we've ever seen before. but a gun show being held nearby there was some very familiar scenes dozens of assault style rifles were on display organizers resisted pressure to cancel the event in light of the shooting while visitors said the guns themselves were not to blame for the tragedy. back at the rally one of the speakers took aim at president although trump she criticized him for focusing on mental health issues rather than the easy access to dangerous weapons she also attacked him and others for taking donations from powerful gun lobby groups. but we need to pay attention to the fact that this isn't just a mental health issue he was.
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such as he was taking donations from the n.r.a. shame on you it was a powerful message that resonated with the crown was these young americans will now be hoping it makes it all the way to washington was it was the. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world the bodies of two palestinian teenagers shot near the israeli gaza border on saturday have been returned this all comes amidst rising tension in the region following an explosion near the border that injured four israeli soldiers no group has claimed responsibility for that attack but israel has conducted retaliatory air strikes against hamas targets in the palestinian controlled gaza strip.
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ethiopia has imposed a six month state of emergency following the shock resignation of the country's prime minister hyla miriam decile then seen here in file pictures said he was stepping aside to smooth the way for reforms it's the first time in ethiopia's history that a sitting prime minister has quit his post. and brazil's best summer schools have taken over the some somebody in rio de janeiro the colorful parade not only showing off don'ts in costume also criticizing the country's political leadership that says brazil struggles through an economic slump the champions parade is the highlight because it's. time now for the latest on the winter olympics in pyongyang chung in south korea lima talkee from v.w. sports with me and i don't know whether you know this but short track speed skating that's my absolute favorite i believe the south koreans look like it as well but there's something in common that said the south koreans yes it's i mean and i can
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also understand why people love it it's rooted dobby on ice and it is their religion and the way ok you know it's there and it's a religion a lot of the input superstars actually short track speed skaters like charlie i mean the long she won the women's five hundred meters she was perfect i mean she is the perfect type for it and no center of gravity she's a dominating force and one she's she takes that need it is so difficult to catch up with her and she just to. south korea's second gold in the event in short track speed skating at these games in fact because so far this is something a lot of koreans over a lot of other people probably don't know the majority of their winter olympic gold medals medals and it got not not gold medals have actually come from short track speed skating around the fifty plus medals that they have from the winter olympics all of them i think sixty to seventy percent of those come from short track speed skating can by fun to absolutely fascinating the way they manage to keep their balance at such angles i want to talk about my home country not exactly
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a britain that is not exactly a great winter sports nation with one example one exception skeleton in the skeleton exactly as are you guys actually and it was a two for one deal and this time you won the gold in the woman started to as well as bronze so this yarnold she is a british skeleton star she took the gold she was a favorite from the beginning but she had a rusty stock to the event she was training up to three runs but then this exceptional final run after a person boosted her to the front and it is also christopher a historic gold because she's the first brit to defend a winter olympic title and she was actually really close to pulling out she wasn't feeling too well she was really sick she said that it was her physiotherapist that pushed her i merely medo go at the end and i told the kids out there if you ever have a dream she dreamt a few days ago that she saw herself on the podium along with the bronze medalist for the thing that definitely worthwhile turning up to work is made even if you're
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not feeling your dreams absolutely we're talking from v.w. sports many thanks you're watching d.w. news in but there are more from the top of the hour including more live coverage of the munich security conference coming up in the next hour with a speech from iran's foreign minister mohammad jump into the race to stay with us for all. you're.


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