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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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i withdraw all those people with other people's life in their hand out of their conference so. i'll go down the arguments of my guests then. i'll just excuse this . conflict zone confronting the powerful long t.w. . everybody welcome to euro max highlights the best of european lifestyle and culture is what's coming up. mocktails mania drinks without alcohol are becoming more tasty and trendy. high and mighty tourist magnets month long is the highest mountain in the alps. and double whammy swiss twins patrick and
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frank rick lynn that make on the usual projects. plenty people started off the year with dry january a month long fost from alcohol now banishing the booze doesn't just mean alternating between soft drinks and water for instance alcohol free gin substitute substitutes allow you to recreate the classic gnc flavor with a guarantee of no hangover the next morning we headed to london where mixologists are embracing the trend for virgin cocktails. alcohol free cocktails being mixed at one of the hippest bars in london while nonalcoholic beverages used to be hidden in the back of the menu these days there's a center of attention and the best bartenders are creating new brink's that are alcohol free beer rosemary meats all spice and beef
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meats mustard aromas people you know drinking less and hawing last. thoughts on me a more benign if discussion i want to challenge myself and there will also want to give to my thoughts also to my guests one of the best ispcc you bring to yourself not quite he thinks. it's a definite name right. as industry people that's when this flies. british ad campaigns such as go sober for october or dry in january which urge people to go booze free for a certain time are becoming increasingly popular more than three million people in the u.k. gave up drinking for dry january this year. the beverage industry has also picking up on the trend they're creating distilled nonalcoholic spirits that imitate the taste of gin without using sugar or artificial flavors branson gave up alcohol
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a decade ago but with the lack of alternatives he decided to do bell of his own. when you out with friends or you get home from work i knew you had a long day i know you want to start dinner but you don't want to come back lots are right on and. there's nothing that fits the occasional in feel special. what to drink when you're not prinking has become the slogan of branson's company seedless. that's the name he gave to the nonalcoholic spirits he's been selling since two thousand and fifteen. made from six ingredients seed lip is best when mixed with other drinks many drink it was tonic water as a real alternative to the iconic gin and tonic. we've been very fortunate that we work with lots of amazing balls and amazing boats and this who like this is brilliant this gives me something to work with and to build
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a drink and means that i can give people who are not drinking a great comebacks you know drink instead of that and it frees. the gong bars one of london's top addresses for alcohol free cocktails located on the fifty second floor of the shangri-la luxury hotel it's the city's highest bar bartend. federico bedouin his colleagues spent over a year working on the cocktail menu one of their creations was the web slinger made from fetter brine spinach syrup bramley apple concentrate and see to it. the seed leap even if it's in a tiny amount make sure that all the ingredients they you know they blend together they belong together in the right in the right way let's say i mean it's that to me seeing how can i say. of the of the chain. the best bars go to great
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efforts to create their cocktails. here in the drink factories lab style kitchen they create refined and prepare many of the ingredients for their mocktails themselves. the head of the research and development team so we burgess says developing alcohol free cocktails requires a change of thinking. i mean the nature of alcohol and how it is after this mean that this child's midflight really well so you know an alcoholic drink normally house. yes tasty but let's not say that you seem very peaceful trick. in london's restaurant scene some other years and bartenders are also looking for creative nonalcoholic beverages to accompany meals at the clove club ranked one of the world's fifty best restaurants in two thousand and seventeen barkeeper rob simpson proffers alcohol free beverages which
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accentuate or expand on certain flavors in the food even better than the wine normally offered the latest trend is toward tea based drinks which like wind contain tannins sort of all the wonderful things that we can make around free they have lots of different textures and lots of different mouthfuls whereas boyd is generally all the same. feel you know it you know even to get some their behavior they dry out enough that morse on the show. on the palate they will feel like wine . the journey to discover new alcohol free taste sensations has just begun but you already have the sense that nonalcoholic drinks are finally growing up. after staying dry it's time to travel hi we're off to mom in france the tallest mountain and the alps it proudly stands at four thousand eight hundred ten meters
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near france's border with italy it was first climbed in seventeen eighty six but pioneering in the region began before that year max reports a megane lead travelled there recently to learn more about the mountains history. montblanc the highest mountain. it's stood here since the beginning of time located the charm many france it is a premier winter destination for tourists all over the world. spending that sudan has lived in charmine for over thirty years as official guys she understands very well what drives tourists to this region yeah that's going to cause the whole valley shines with these mountains the mountains together with mont blanc are amazing. the first actual mountain pioneers were crystal hunters who extracted courts from the mountains of shawnee it was then shipped off to geneva even made its way to the halls of versailles harmonies crystal museum visitors can
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get an idea of the minerals extracted from long and its neighboring peaks. then says he's fortunate that imagine sherman he was a very small simple village people had a simple life and were poor house before that and then they found out without having to climb too high up the mountain that with these rockers tools they could possibly sell them in geneva and make some money and then have a better life and. that pioneering spirit has certainly paid off for sure many tourists now flock to the village to travel with the cable car to reach a height of thirty eight hundred meters above sea level. even with the most modern technology and safety measures in place the ride is not for the faint of heart. but once at the top of the mystique of long becomes very clear during visitors can
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dangle over the mountains in a glass box and on a sunny day you can see from miles into the distance. skiing at this altitude without parched and ports. the body to the test. is my face this is to the top of the mountain to sherman is my first visit but my husband in one nine hundred sixty six two and sixty six he climbed up here so i'm coming up to him really so i can show him the pictures when i go back to england a moment it is very beautiful because of the high altitude it is quite difficult to breathe up here. but this altitude allows visitors to see all the major peaks including the matter horn in the distance. tourism in charm and he has come a long way over the last two hundred fifty years and is now one of the most exclusive winter destinations in europe initially though tourists first started
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coming here not for long before a seven and a half a kilometer long glacier known as the mander glass reachable by train. its europe's third biggest glacier located on the northern side of. long can also be enjoyed in the sweet form here the cafe you could see go home visitors can delight in and a rate of french pastries but the best selling ones represent the famous mountain mean fine he has owned this cafe for thirty years or chocolates are awarded winning . i know because it is so here we have the law cake i'm going to take one and we can discover it together. whatever. the cake consists of layers of chocolate mousse rum flavoring and lots of chantilly cream and if that's not enough there's another version that is just as decadent.
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then you're. back outside the atmosphere in germany is relaxed as another day comes to an end over a month long. now to the woman climes of southern greece we're visiting an italian couple who own a holiday home there and you could call it a proper peloponnesian paradise the peninsula is the setting for many a greek myth including a hooker battle with the name ian lyon and it certainly does look magical there. i traditional greek stone cottage on the southern tip of the peloponnese peninsula . federico taso and on to nail a company from italy converted it into a holiday getaway they spend as much time as they can here in money. so normal drought to the brim and i think i'm also having money please get me in. because it
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is interior mirrors the colors of the natural surroundings. about the callers and the choice of the course with us being very easy because we are so much in love with the money and so close to the sea as you can see outside that the concept was to capture these callers and to capture the blue of the sea inside the house so you can see that the details of the of the doors and the chairs and everything are exactly the blue of the seat and about their eyes that you can see the saying on the on the floor of the same color from the ceiling natural neutral natural color is complete the day everything. traditional regional items lent a cottage a typically greek layer. what i wanted to have it was something simple but traditional and local is something that i could find here in greece and i we went around and found this place for example they're
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very nice. simple carpets which are also kind of look at bringing some beautiful colors in now. a couple collect stones and objects from the beach to decorate their cottage. most of all the to appreciate their unobstructed view look to see. being so close to the sea and so in love with this place that i can see it's as we know it was a dream and now it's a dream that they can believe in the morning and just to stretch myself and look at the side and see how is the weather and how is the sea and they can make into. a few meters away and they can just look at these that's great that's really great. the cottage boasts a hundred square metres of space. you can see that cannot be. made in. the same structure of the rest of the house and the laid some.
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and you can see also here it is a functional way to have some some clothes that. the living room and kitchen merge together instead of doors there are curtains. a couple wanted to add an annex to the cottage but local authorities initially prohibited it they wanted to preserve the traditional scenery. and this was due. to piece of glass from from from down to the top and a very lean and simple hoof here so this was ok. another thing to be very good also for bringing maximum level of light from from outside into the house. is nice when that everything is light seen and you can see the light from the outside is nice the kind of exterior and interior from a nice chair is reflect the structure of the reproof and the patio except the color
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of the surrounding. the perfect holiday getaway. not least because of its stunning location. let's now go for a spot of fine dining in southern germany the coburg heads up the kitchen at the ophelia by lake constance the prestigious restaurant guide me your as just crowned the german chef as this is there a shooting star is mix of local and global cuisine has already the ophelia to michelin star as we travel down south to get to know this talented chef. i have a card with black and black truffles. and horseradish foam. lemon dessert grapefruit blood orange and white chocolate they're the creations of chef dick ho bag his dedicated young team at the ophelia
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a restaurant on lake constance serve up menus that thrilled the critics and ordinary diners alike. isn't primarily interested in color nary experiments cuisine is straightforward and refined if it is a fear philosophy is to take a product and show its many facets. carve little stalks out of the leaves later. and put them on the plate. on. a have that full cauliflower taste and are crispy. we cut the cauliflower florence interference slices which are then roasted. computer a everything that's left. the restaurant lies right on lake constance with a stunning view of the mountains. many of his vegetables like this lettice the grown on right now island in lake constance but he's not
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a chef who uses only regional products this wilds target comes from france pullbacks maxim is serve up the very best food that the world has to offer the finance and. i always think that it comes down to the product and the quality and not the region or good is it for me to tell my guest it's not tasty but its regional or not rather say tastes sensational and comes from canada but our philosophy of the a few of. the restaurants in the hotel riva is named after the beautiful tragic heroine ophelia from shakespeare's hamlet and the beauty of the surroundings was a major reason why dicko bag a former student of star chef had her voice moved to constance in two thousand and ten after traveling extensively back has put down roots in this city on the border with switzerland who founded the restaurant and met his partner. and for almost
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a year dicko bag has been cooking for someone else beside the f.e.d.'s patrons his daughter summer. there for. her father i'm more worried about whether everything's healthy rather than good looking. and because of which i cook with lots of love and try to make something tasty that every day no she's not always thrilled because. every day yet hold back takes advantage of living so close to the lake in the summer he swims and surf and he jokes here whatever the weather. didn't i'm at the lake every day water is energy it's just part of me i wouldn't want. do without it this. is workplace is also right by the lake to hold back spends ten hours a day in the kitchen cooking at the highest level and his dedication has paid health testers from the mission guide awarded the ophelia to expect coveted stars
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and the german edition of restaurant guide to go name stickleback its rising star of two thousand and eighteen some critics of even stated that his highly elegant cuisine with depth is the answer to the meaning of life but himself has less philosophical aspirations he's aiming for his mission and star sure i want to have it. but of course i'm an ambitious person if there's a goal to be reached and i want to reach it. but while he reaches for the sky dicko bag can rely on his family to keep him down to. last but not least we meet an artist that's twice as nice the twins frank and patrick rick lynn from switzerland there's no sense of sibling rivalry between them in fact they're most comfortable working together they are conceptual artist sort
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of gained recognition through under usual projects like there's zero star hotel in which guests literally sleep under the stars your remarks met up with them in their studio to learn more about their innovative ideas. not one but two and the same swiss artists punk and paths taken are twins and identical in every way they do know who's older. and nine minutes older so i have nine minutes more experience. so how different favorite color. orange their favorite music. i'm sorry same from a. favorite food shop so thanks so much are large as long as there's no meat spanish cuisia prawns the concert artists have caused a worldwide stat their latest stunt was
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a zero star hotel i've been to every service. before that they created the world's largest picnic blanket big me. and a clutch will be your talking taxi only transported guests who took to the drive. back in one thousand nine hundred the twins founded their studio for special work. they want to manifest itself what people would least expect it if we want to create new realities not in isolated exhibition rooms but outside where it happens in real life. looking back it all began in this forest as children they went to different schools in the afternoons and evenings they came here to buildings in the forest. here they learned that even freedom has its limits. we built a cabin here once in both were legally required to tear it down coming back and now a good thirty years later we get the feeling that these foundations do indeed tell
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a story about how our work together started. the foundation symbolize our work the way we tried to reach new frontiers every day this is their childhood home where they grew up with two other not identical twin siblings. their late mother all family. memories come alive as they explore. even as children they lived in their own world developed a secret language and often ran off. our parents would have to go out at night looking for us they literally had to tires down so we wouldn't run off. well tying is down is exaggerated we have these special they were special pajamas that kept you on the mattress. but that couldn't restrain their creativity and childhood imagination. the dynamic began rebelling against norms and demonstrated
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performance. i still remember when we said we'll block the street out there and everybody who drives by has to pay and that's how we raised our allowance even if it wasn't by much what's going to be. their parents the father of political scientists the mother of poets let them develop their own creative space. and they never have to wear matching outfits unless they want to tick they gave us so much freedom to develop and we are eternally grateful for that. they set up a studio in an old warehouse. he loved working with large sponges and brooms up paying huge pictures and i thought it was so cool so i went to my own studio and tried it to at some point he came over to look and said you can't do that you can just imitate what i had to.
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continue to his peak couldn't just copy me it was a complete catastrophe. it took me about ten years to admit it i was really quite upset that my twin brother would try to copy me. and on a huge. compliment . i would say is probably the one who talks. is the one who sees how each part fits together. yeah i think they are a unit when they're together but not when i see them separately and so-called. they both go their own ways but they see each other every day in the studio what happens when they're. it's almost scary but it doesn't last long and there's like
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a force field around us we can do anything it terrorism pops. and at the end of any arguments there's always a new piece about that something definitely but. that's all for all your remarks highlights of course you can stay up to date with all our european lifestyle and culture news on our facebook page or follow us on instagram d w euro max for all of us here in berlin thanks for joining us by phone now.
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you would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of supply mcguiness of for your children. learning is kiss on the children who have always been the boy. and those that will follow are part of a new. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made some minds. we make up oh but we watch as the cost of
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that on the edge of. the civil service and. the want to shape the continent's future to. be part of it and african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of. platforms for charging. a news outlets to just not see the answer. is a call to shake it up to this kind of. side by the flame. playing. people who put big dreams on the big screen play. play. movie magazine on the dummy. plane to
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barely feel. the scars. place the pain still tangible. some flakes are gone. for cities and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time more the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to get. out of darkness cities after more players starting march tenth on t w.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin at the munich security conference a scathing condemnation of iran from israel's prime minister whose user if. you recognize there's been human netanyahu confronting the iranian foreign minister over a drone israel shot down in israeli and spice he warns iraq not to test israel's results also on the program our government and president can do is send button prayers an attorney for victims to be the change that we need to be.


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