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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm CET

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darkness city's after war. starting march tenth. this is d.w. news live from berlin at the munich security conference a scathing condemnation of iran from israel's prime minister issues or if. you recognize there's been human netanyahu confronting the reigning in foreign minister over a drone israel shop down in israeli air space he warns iraq not to test israel's
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result it's also on the program our government and president can do is send constant prayer an attorney for victims to be the change that we need to speak. florida grief terms to anger as survivors of wednesday's high school massacre attend a gun control rally close to where the attack took place and. on the run from nazis in modern day europe the first german entry at this year's berlin film festival transfers the plot from the famous novel to the french city of must say we have a sneak preview for you of christian petzold new film transit. in german soccer hoffenheim played host last night to shall cut a match between two of the youngest coaches in top tier european soccer leonardo's mun and demand eco tedesco two friends from the same coaching class will tell you who came out on top.
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hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us tensions in the middle east have taken center stage at the munich security conference with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu describing regional rival iran as the world's greatest threat in a speech to the conference and it on yahoo warned that his country would act directly against tehran if needed he also accused the iranian foreign minister of quote lying with eloquence to drive home his point it on yahoo held up a piece of what he said was in a rainy and drone shot down in israeli aspace iran also denies that it committed an act of aggression against israel last week that it sent to drone unsure sprays to threaten our people well.
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here's a piece of that iranian drone or what's left of it after we shot it girl. i brought it here so you can see for yourself. mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should it's yours you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of her own. do not test israel's resolve. the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif wasn't in the room during netanyahu remarks but he will be addressing the conference in about half an hour's time we'll be bringing you live coverage of that speech just as soon as that stuff. for some reaction to the day's events of our own chief political editor mccaleb has been speaking to former israeli foreign minister tzipi livni she's now a member of israel's parliament for the opposition zionist union. mrs levy we just
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heard a clear message from the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu basically not to test the resolve of israel great concern there and condemnation of iran as a player in the region what do you make of the message that came out of this speech by being a minister now when it comes to the run and there is no position a mutual we all understand that you'd rather use a trip but not only to israel iran this approach to do so in the moderate arab states it's a trick to the world and therefore i believe that the international community all together should understand it and work together against it. what did you read into his comments about the potential two state solution you. time and time again state that you are firmly in support of that does what we heard from the israeli prime minister work. i believe in two states for two peoples as an israeli interest i believe the to we are those the chal the initiate negotiations and i believe that
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this represent the interest of the state of israel and it's not a secret that we have different opinions me and the prime minister on this issue and i do believe that these were securely to the need to keep the values of fees well as jewish and democratic state. force us to move forward toward this the election and hopefully we'll find a partner on the other side but we shouldn't. stop while waiting for somebody to put a plan on the table to the palestinians to agree to derful we should. move forward toward this direction and this is ovation and to do what helps us in moving forward and not to do things that are going to be barriers or obstacles in our way but how can there be any progress when benjamin netanyahu says that it's only the americans who can really bring this forward and same time you have. the palestinians flat out rejecting any trump government doing any of the mediation as
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i said before in the opposition now because i disagree with netanyahu and his policy on these early put a stand conflict and it is true that in order to make a deal we need a partner because a deal is based on the compromises by both sides but i believe that the vision of the state of israel as a jewish democratic state means also giving up the idea of greater research. and next into a little wheeze of bill more isolated settlements outside of the security fence and derful there are certain steps that we can do and we should do and especially not to have bills that obstacles on the way so how many obstacles are currently in the way from your perspective can you just describe the situation that you seem particularly after the speed welded our obstacles and they have criticism also on the other side but talking about to israel and both these well can do is especially
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not speak about an explosion not cool not cool to bills on the table of the parliament of the knesset about annexing though it always or building more certain miles or ability to my all objective my zing illegal outposts this is just part of the things which are the obvious for those who truly wants to support herself on the palestinians and not to annex the entire totally with all the million the palestinians living there at the political reality is the exact opposite of what you described so how would you describe this are we in a stalemate will this simply not move forward under a prime minister netanyahu. to change during the election the government of the state of israel and this is something that they do inside these where i mean politics in order to change the realities and to implement my vision and our vision for the state of israel and its. we've been busy government considering the domestic press so that binyamin netanyahu is under currently how
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close is israel to that kind of boy. i clearly don't know. i'm proud i am a citizen of the state in which nobody's above them no secretive me thank you very much i said. and that was chief political editor. talking to the former israeli foreign minister tzipi livni we will be going back live to munich for the iranian foreign minister is in munich that we're expecting that in the next few minutes from now there we're going to turn to some other news a passenger plane reported to be carrying sixty six people on board has crashed in iran iranian media reporting that the twin engine plane came down in mountainous terrain near the town of meat on the flight from the capital tehran was bound for the southern city of u.s. suge reports a whole visibility is hampering the efforts of emergency services to reach the
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crash site most of iran's aircraft forty years old due to sanctions imposed on the country. in the u.s. president told trump has slammed the f.b.i. over last week's florida high school shooting which left seventeen people dead in a treat the president said the bureau missed signals sent by the shooter because agents were to focused on their investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election meanwhile students survivors and teachers from the school where the attack happened have been attending vigils and also a rally calling for tougher gun control. just days ago these students were running in fear from the florida high school the latest scientific mass shooting in the united states but at the rally they express their anger at the predictable political response to the massacre. and. i thought i've got something here is the house tags all of it we need
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to make actual change there's only so many words that can be said before things move on before the press gets tired of seeing us on the news before people just change the channel. they're calling for tighter controls on the sale of semiautomatic weapons such as the fifteen the rifle used in the attack many of the students said they thought that the country had reached a tipping point i guess i'm seeing everybody here and as awful as all this is the fact that we are here right now shows that this is nothing like anything we've ever seen before. but at a gun show being held nearby there was some very familiar scenes dozens of assault style rifles are on display organizers resisted pressure to cancel the event in light of the shooting while visitors said the guns themselves were not to blame for the tragedy. back at the rally one of the speakers took aim at president although trump she criticized him for focusing on mental health issues rather than the easy
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access to dangerous weapons she also attacked him and others for taking donations from powerful gun lobby groups. well we need to pay attention to the fact that this isn't just a mental health issue you. don't need me at all right shame on you. because the powerful message that resonated with the crowd these young americans will now be hoping it makes it all the way to washington. ok time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world the bodies of two palestinian teenagers shot dead near the israeli gaza border on saturday have been returned this comes amidst rising tension in the region
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following an explosion near the border that injured four israeli soldiers no group has claimed responsibility for that attack that israel has conducted from a tree airstrikes against hamas targets in the palestinian controlled gaza strip. ethiopia has imposed a six month state of emergency following the shock resignation of the country's prime minister. alain seen here in file pictures said he was stepping aside to smooth the way through a fool it's the first time in ethiopia is history that a sitting prime minister has quit his post. on brazil's best seller schools have taken over the summer drove in rio de janeiro the colorful parade mostly showed off dancing costume articles or criticized the country's political leadership as brazil struggles through an economic slump the so-called champions parade it is. now turkish prime minister bin ali says bilateral ties with germany are improving
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following the release of journalists from detention in turkey he called on germany to bury past differences and also defended took his right to protect itself your child meanwhile has issued a scathing attack on. his detention. a free man once more after a year in custody speaking from berlin denny's to chell said he'd been held hostage by turkey he didn't mince words describing the turkish justice system just as my arrest had nothing to do with justice and the rule of law my release also has nothing to do with either of those and. in a tweet you chance that he's now left germany and his with friends it's not clear what triggered the journalist sudden release some have speculated it could have been a weapons deal or an agreement to join the e.u. customs union german foreign minister denied those claims but if there is no quid
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pro quo there is no deal neither clean one nor dirty. but even as you chel was set free six other journalists were sentenced to life in prison for allegedly trying to overthrow the turkish government among them are the brothers mehmet and meant out on there are still over one hundred journalists in turkish jails just like tens of thousands of government opponents. my releases left a bitter aftertaste i left behind a cellmate with whom i was together for the past two months he's a turkish journalist who was jailed merely for doing his job. he and many other journalists have been imprisoned for doing nothing more than practicing their profession. all. five germans still remain behind bars in turkey presumably for political reasons he chose that his only release won't be the end of their story. next week rank and file social democrats here in
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germany will be getting their ballots for a poll that will determine germany's next government they're voting on whether to accept the coalition deal that s.p.d. leaders hammered out with conservatives we caught up with party bigwigs in how they were working to sell that deal to a skeptical base. the past few weeks have been hard for your going canal the social democrat is still undecided about backing another grand coalition at the party's first regional conference he's looking for new ideas. and i have very low expectations as often as before there are good reasons to support the coalition but also just as many good reasons to oppose it and this is going on as if it. is exactly the kind of member the party leadership needs to win over here in hamburg along six hundred fifty s.p.d. members showed up to learn more after three hours behind closed doors participants
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called the discussions constructive and critical. review over the last few weeks they've been some fundamental concerns about how we're coming across and they're all worries that as part of government the interest would continue to suffer fearful yet some s.p.d. members believe that criticism of the grand coalition should have been taken more seriously the spin is that it's a real shame this is really just a publicity event. but as the s.p.d. leaders rush to their next meeting with members we're going to nail says he likes what he heard. is still quite so look i'm not as easy as i was because i think the party leadership will step up its efforts significantly in the future one more social democrat leaning in favor of the grand coalition but almost half a million others will soon have their say. from politics to culture now the berlin
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film festival turns its attention today to the plight of refugees in the shape of this year's first german entry film called transit it's based on a novel by german writer and as he goes about exile during the second world war in a bid to show how little has changed in the last seventy five years director christian petzold transferred the novels plot to modern day must say. director christian petzold is almost a fixture at the balanced film festival gets a film in the competition for the fourth time this go around he's based his movie on his favorite pick on a seekers transit appears to be. is on the run from the nazis in march say he goes into hiding. hoping to catch a ship to mexico before the city falls to the approaching fascist. he falls in love with marie also on the run neither of them are welcome here merely tolerated
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a masterful tests might help when you're feeling you're not always on the run but also doing a lot of waiting a cocktail i think our characters look very tired and exhausted. petzold set the story in modern day france in this manner on a seeker's world war two novel becomes a drama for our time. yet the version we hear in germany have an asylum law based on the fact that we had refugees the one nine hundred forty s. . i was interested to see if we could stand the judgment of people who couldn't escape and whether we did right by them. sold also said the right to asylum is today being curtailed something he completely disagrees with. it's a political statement that could play well here at the ballin film festival and perhaps also with the jury when it comes time to award the bears. turning now to
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german soccer in the bonus league of all spoke hosted by munich yesterday a club brimming with confidence and cruising to another league title but it turned out to be tougher work for bar than expected. byron's midfield star tiago making his return from injury with our tour of the d.l. suspended the spaniard started in his first appearance since november you're behind his back after missing a game with the flu left several of his top stars on the bench. but it was spork who came out of the gate stronger daniel did making it one mills in the eight minute the world's top scorer winning the aerial battle against one very not and just managing to head past spent. and that was the score at the half time break. by and looks set to erase the vault spork lead in the fifty fifth minute when renato stephan felt caught in town to the so in the box up
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stepped in robben at the dutchman was denied by conquest eels still one nil then less than ten minutes later robbins' cross found sandra wagner and he headed home in style it was the second goal since making the move to munich from hoffenheim in january. by an dominated the possession battle and eventually get a bit of luck as well bobs boards teenage defender john look at it booked for bringing down robin in the box some would say he deserves an oscar for his acting here substitute robert leavened scheme made no mistake as he powered the penalty beyond cast deals reach to seal a two one victory for the bavarians the twentieth goal of the season for the league's runaway top scorer. by an extend their enormous lead at the top of the table while the wolves remain dangerously close to the drop zone.
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victories. youngest coach is going head to head. the two have been friends since getting coaching badges together via. the characters. couldn't be more different yulian now has been the cheery extrovert and to many code to tesco the methodical bruta but the teams have european patience but shout the same to take them all seriously than hoffenheim franco de santo with the first shot on target all of the common saves. but from the resulting cona after a session of kimball to look at a head and heart. of the one after the eleven minutes shall cause supremacy in the area back to giving them the late. shot the catch up the pressure and just a few minutes later brylin billowed think they need a few shots i think bellman. goal was it's have to be
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a record raising ember was barely off. and julie disallowed the go. decision the look to medicaid to just go by rights. with almost half an hour gone and below the bodies go up to roll. and sloppy defending keeping the wide. open on captain kevin full should almost be credited with the assistant this one the. one so it was not was meant in a bad mood katan. shaka stayed in control in the second half as well the defense gave themselves a well deserved in the seventy eight minutes from marge who won back the hoffenheim . caught a shot that given three much time and space for his cross. and that's how it ended once the shock of what could have easily been the moment saudi results hoffenheim
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definitely looks the way kids see. in men's tennis new world number one roger federer has continued his evergreen form defeating italian under a selfie in the semi fine. rotterdam that's just a day off to becoming the oldest top ranked men's player ever now the thirty six year olds with superstar who's won twice before by the way broke so early on saving for a set six three he was then pushed all the way in the second set which headed into a tie break for federer into dominance he now faces world number five grigor dimitrov area. we're going to take you back now to the munich security conference where the middle east is in focus today in a speech earlier israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu described regional rival iran as the world's greatest threat. netanyahu also
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a woman that his country would act against iran directly if needed he also accused the iranian foreign minister of quote lying with eloquence to drive home his point netanyahu held up a piece of what he said was in a rein in drone shot down in israeli aspace iran also denies that it committed an act of aggression against israel last week that it sent to drone into earth sprays to threaten our people well. here's a piece of the iranian drone or what's left of it after we shot a girl i brought it here so you can see it for yourself. which is a roof. you recognize this. you should it's yours. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of her own do not just israel's
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resolve. well let's go live now to munich to our chief political correspondent melinda crane melinda blistering words there from the israeli prime minister a very very clear message is directed at iran was anyone in munich surprised at that hard line. longtime israel watchers told me that's pretty vintage netanyahu a piece of great political theater definitely intended for the domestic israeli audience as well as the audience here in munich mr netanyahu of course with corruption charges hanging over his head having an interest in in projecting a strong image at the moment as we heard there that those words were directly aimed at the iranian foreign minister he was actually not in the room at the time but he's going to be speaking any moment now at the conference so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to those to that very strong message and indeed
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melinda we're waiting for that speech. to begin as soon as it does begin we will be switching into in the meantime i just wanted to ask you about john kerry the former u.s. secretary of state he played a key role of course in negotiating the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and he responded to the netanyahu speech we're just going to listen quickly to what he had to say but i can't tell you how much we were resisting the prime minister himself king abdullah of saudi arabia who said to me personally president mubarak who said that to me personally the only thing you can do with a room is bomb them. and i guarantee you if this deal goes away you know the pressures you're going to hear coming from certain quarters while we're right back where we were and we may have to bomb them because they're now free to go do what we have restricted them from doing. so an equally strong defense all of that twenty fifteen iran deal there from john kerry melinda is their concern
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perhaps about the future of this deal in munich. absolutely there is in fact so much concern that mr kerry got some support from a rather surprising quarter there's been a lot of friction here between american representatives and russian officials but in this case the russian information and communication head who was on that same panel with mr kerry rose to his defense very quickly and said he absolutely linda linda we have to interrupt really. have to bring in foreign minister mahmoud reef addressing i mean it's critical to be able to finally make it to this year's final day of the munich security conference having just arrived from a historic state visit of president rouhani to india. last year. i repeated before this forum. for
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a security arrangement in the persian gulf. founded on dialogue. common principles and confidence building measures. some of our neighbors if you remember. used that opportunity here last year to level accusations against iran. somehow. and others bid. later this morning or this afternoon. you were. the audience for a cartoonish secrets soup is. just this morning which does not even deserve. a dignity of a response so let's move to more serious subjects. i'm happy that in contrast to the approach of some. the u.n.
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secretary general speaking before this conference. chose to endorse the poor would looking approach that thai had underlying and outlined here last year. i am here today to expound on that approach. and to tell you that there is a collective effort to bring inclusive peace and security to the persian gulf region we did be engulfed in turmoil. and potentially. for wars. i'm not for decision aeration but for generations to come. and our turmoil. in this interconnected world. is going to be
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a big ones that. as evidence by events in both our region and the world since the turn of the century. to. the territorial defeat of diversion or as it's called here isis has heralded the return of some sense of stability to the vast territory it once occupied. but did the feet of one of the world's most evil organizations does not mean that the threat of extremism has been removed from the region or beyond. the root cause the root causes. particularly the ideology of exclusion and hatred. continue to persist and may erupt elsewhere any time.
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for too long military power is have had multiple strategies to win war. for too long they have ignored any strategy to win the peace. and for too long major powers. and their regional clients have made the wrong choices. particularly in our region and then have blamed others particularly iran for two consequences of their own wrong choices. choices that have been shortsighted and trigger happy and have ended in strategic blunders. let me just tell you what these choices were
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from supporting saddam hussein. when he invaded my country in one thousand a.d. . to aiding and abetting. his use of chemical weapons against iranian and iraq he said billions and soldiers. from the wars to evict him from kuwait. to the wars to remove him altogether. from first supporting al qaida against soviet union and told the ban against us to then waging a war to remove them from upon the stone. from supporting the same brand of terrorists and extremists in syria in the form of died and the north for.
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bringing syria to loons. to dangerously occupying today parts of syria under the guise of fighting the organisations that they finance arm and support. from israel's invasion. and subsequent aggressions on there been on its illegal occupation of palestine and it's almost day the illegal incursions into syrian air space two attempts to create cartoonish images to blame others for his own strategic blunders or maybe to evade the domestic crisis tracy. and from bombing yemen with beslan supplied arms what have these
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acts brought to the world. the u.s. and its local clients in our region. are suffering from the consequences of their own wrong choices. but they use this and other fora. to revive the hysteria on iran's foreign policy and try to obscure its realities. but did iran. force them to make these wrong choices as some of them so ridiculously claimed these days that they supported extremism in order to place your own. r.v. to build a name. are we to blame. because we refused to support saddam hussein because we thought saddam hussein. because we were on the right side of history
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fighting saddam hussein fighting the taliban fighting al qaeda fighting die fighting north korea consistently. instead of joining those. who supported them in creation in financing and in army. distinguished threads. as i said before this last year. iran believes that our security in the persian gulf requires a french regional security architecture. we believe in and have posed creating what we call a strong region rather than a strong man in the region. and you've got to notice the difference we want a strong region we do not want to be the hedger man in the region
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as we believe the era of head germany is long past regionally as bella's globally a strong region where small and large nations even those with historical rivalries can contribute to stability this is simply recognizing the need to respect the interests of all stakeholders in this persian gulf region which is by its very nature a requirement for stability by hedging monic tendencies by any regional or global power will again by its very nature lead to insecurity. the arms race in our region and no country probably represented here. can
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claim to be completely innocent. perpetuating that on threats. is an example of the destructive and unnecessary right would be that has made our written neighborhood unsafe and insecurity for its own inhabitants as well as any gifts. in a quest to create a strong region we need to be realistic and i kept our differences. we need to move from the defunct concept of collective security and alliance formations. to inclusive concepts such as security networking. in the area of networking globally which can address issues that range from divergence of interest to
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disparities in size and power as is the case in any. virtual network your joint. security networking is a non zero sum approach that accepts that security is indivisible. as opposed to a lawyer answers and blocks which are fundamentally based on did the front zero sum approach of gaining security at the expense of insecurity of others. the new kid. and i see some people who were closely involved they the national secretary kerry others here. was an example. of such non-zero sum thinking recognizing differences but also recognizing that we could define common objectives.
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and maintaining respect for the interests and concerns of all participants led to the very difficult but successful outcome of the negotiations leading to the j.c. puree. and that may be why. those who see everything in terms of one sided profiteering are intrinsically opposed to this deal without even reading immediately after the conclusion of the j.c. if you're iran sought to use the same approach for the persian gulf and propose to create a regional dialogue or. the proposal fell on deaf ears.
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but that proposal is still on the table you know why because that's the only game in town that's the only viable alternative out of the misery that we have been for the past many decades it could become if our neighbors join us a forum that will be used as an instrument for helping organize an advance dialogue at the poor and informal levels in our region and while encouraging intergovernmental and formal dialogue it can also promote dialogue between scholars and thinkers and the general public. the parameters of iran's proposed regional architecture are simple but effective rather than trying to include all conflicts of interests it will accept differences
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being premised on inclusive ety it can act as of prior wall to prevent. the emergence of an oligarchy among big states and importantly it allows smaller states to participate and have their interests protected like the helsinki process that the secretary general referred to the future security architecture in the persian gulf should be based on the ticket principles and c.b.s. baskins. all countries around this white. and at the same time while a tight what of way should be able to enter by committing to a series of common standers enshrined in the un charter such as sovereign equality
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refrain from the threat or use of force peaceful resolution of disputes respect for territorial integrity inviolability or borders. nonintervention in the domestic affairs of states and respect for self-determination within states we also recognize that we need confidence building measures in the persian gulf. from joint military visits to creep notification of military exercises and from transparency measures in armaments and procurement of arms to reducing military expenditures. all of which could eventually lead and i hope that's not in a too distant future to
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a regional non-aggression pact we can begin with easier to implement issues such as tourism. joint investments or even joint task forces on issues ranging from nuclear safety in the persian gulf but a lot of nuclear reactors are being built. to pollution but all of us are suffering from. issues such as dust storms. to disaster management. distinguished friends at a time when we are dangerously close to escalating conflict that bill affect our children and grandchildren. i encourage my counterparts in the persian gulf region. to join you don. in making this proposal.
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i thank you. that was the foreign minister of iran. mr mohammed sadiq addressing the unix kirti conference to follow a question and answer session hosted by involved. head of that conference listening to the questions that will now be honest of the iranian foreign minister and have them brought over to me while we. we collect their questions. let me quote to you something the emir of qatar said when he spoke here on friday and i quote from his speech all nations in the middle east small or large need to agree on a baseline of coexistence we can mirror the efforts of the european union and quote . what needs to happen in order to get for we had to there. i think
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i'm a bit more modest and his highness i focus on the persian gulf and i think persian gulf as i've said before here it is important enough to have seen many wars in the past four decades and probably the scene of the greatest number of casualties in our region has been the persian gulf from iran iraq war we'd all kuwait and the other problems i believe it would result be an interest in creating issues or keeping the impression that we have. some of founded interest best. creating this impression and you will see you have seen that in the morning you will see that again. in the speech after me that there is an interest in showing that there is a disaster happening in the region that iran is devouring the entire region which is not. the case we don't believe in god we don't believe that is in our interest
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we don't believe that is in we don't believe that's possible let's be realistic i mean it's not out of the goodness of anybody it's just the possibilities it's not feasible germany is no longer feasible so we need to start talking instead of creating the impression that there is a crisis we believe there is no crisis between iran and saudi arabia provided at saudi arabia is prepared is prepared to engage in serious dialogue but if they have if their interests are if they upset their interest to be better served by simply projecting an image of a rivalry and eight is a hospice competition in which they're losing then that's a different. as you know earlier this morning we had the prime minister of israel speaking here and this question which comes form order to have it there was a member of the german bunds talk. references the
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netanyahu speech. i quote what must happen for iran to accept the right of existence of israel question mark but you see the entire speak was trying to evade the issue what has happened in the past several days has been that the so-called invincibility has been from has come. israel. uses aggression. as a. as a policy against his name mass reprisals against his neighbor dating cogency into syria lebanon and other arab countries the eighty bombardment are almost routine bombardments of syria and once somebody has the syrians have the guts to. down one of its planes it's as if
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a disaster has happened disaster is aggression disaster is the policy of a body they think the most basic rights of the palestinians don't look for excuses . yea i'm focusing on our region because i believe iran's interests are best protected in the persian gulf region people should not look for excuses because of their inherent inability to resolve the problems and blame it on others they can blame it for ever on iran but that won't resolve their problems it's a problem of aggression it's a problem of occupation is the problem of i'm not talking about domestic corruption and all of that i mean that's an opening but but but but it's a problem it's a problem of trying to escape responsibility for the criminal policies that they followed for many years and trying to find a scapegoat for for that and sometimes people give them that escape. here's are you you you mentioned the state visit. to india.
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here's a question from unbecome who is an indian participant. given a quote given that the era of head germany is long past as you said. do you see the growing relationship with india after this historic visit as a counter to china's growing germany ways but believe that. by that what relations between india or for that matter with any country is not against any other country we seek to preserve our own interest and the interest of in india we seek to promote our interest and the interest of india and be believed to have commonality of interest in fighting terrorism and extremism in having access to new markets put india in and stop anything great road connections in
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establishing port connections the port of trouble hot in iran which is of interest to india so i do not want to read the intentions and motives but we are focusing on is to advance the interest of iran advanced interest of india in this visit which are not from our perspective against the interest of any other country . i see. this who is the c.e.o. of a german important german think tank. foreign minister good to see you again here and munich i very much like to your step by step approach to building a regional security regime and you actually outlined that it could follow some of c. approaches we had in greater europe with the house in key process now i would urge you to be a little bit less modest and imagine where that regional security
12:51 pm
regime are leading to a non aggression pact could not include. all states in the middle east not just those of the persian gulf but as i said i'm focusing on on something that is achievable on issues that we are a party to we are a party these are trying to be a party in the debate that is taking place in the persian gulf. some countries in the region are. as you will hear in a few minutes you don't need to be a lot patient you will hear in a few minutes if you see a piece of last year all sorts of accusations that are being leveled against us. and all these accusations are creating an obsession among some of our neighbors in the region that have led to great chaos in our region. and i believe it's important for us to focus primarily on those as i responded in the answer to the previous
12:52 pm
question you need to find the answer to that you're raising the crisis of palestine in the behavior that is happening there in the aggressions in the occupation in the violations of the basic rights of the palestinian people that's the answer lies the answer is not in it on. ok here comes my last question this is a tough one. the other one's been there was easy. prime minister netanyahu and i hope i quote him correctly from memory an hour and a half ago said. that if the united states were to walk away from the chase c.p.o. way he said i bid israel iran will do nothing. but i think this is the type of do you do general. thinking that has gone into. doing impossible to prevent. and then
12:53 pm
since its adoption and doing everything possible to prevent its implementation and now doing everything possible to destroy it without having any alternative i can assure you that it ons interest are not secured iran would respond would respond seriously and i believe it would be a response that we people will be saudi for taking the iranians actions we did not be the first ones to why a date and agreement will reach all of us troy in spite of netanyahu as attempts. to achieve we achieved it in spite of him we implemented in spite of him and the world view to maintain that agreement in spite of his delusional attempts. mr foreign minister i know we could go on but our time is already running out i
12:54 pm
wonder just say that this should not go unnoticed that i am aware that you only arrived a couple of hours ago after a long long flight and what would probably was a really busy visit to india so we appreciate your willingness to fly over night be here this morning to share with our participants the arena and view of what should happen in the region thank you very much we've been listening to her remarks from the iranian foreign minister mohammad sorry for a speech and then a question and answer session we're going to stay in munich we're going to be talking to you on chief political correspondent linda crane has been standing by for us and of course listening very carefully to that speech melinda they're going to be two areas that i'm going to ask you to talk about in detail first though i just want to get a sense of the atmosphere at the munich security conference conference how have
12:55 pm
they have people there being receiving that speech from the iranian foreign minister of course a very different narrative to what has been human netanyahu the israeli prime minister was delivering to the conference. well to be honest since he's only now finished speaking and it's a bit difficult to get around here in munich a lot of security so in fact i was not able to take the temperature in the conference room as he spoke but essentially what we've seen here all through the morning is that there's essentially a fault line between those who believe that diplomatic and political progress in the middle east is possible that it is possible to contain the threats that it is possible despite the prevalence of proxy conflicts following the defeat of the. state. and to at least some degree.
12:56 pm
the the winding down of the conflict in syria that despite all of that political solutions are possible that's what we just heard from mr relief and on the other hand or there are those who say no the middle east is absolutely at the brink there are dangerous dangerous threats here and the fact is that they cannot be contained by politics and by diplomacy and out of sensually was what we heard from prime minister netanyahu so there's a real fault line running down the conference and that's been very very evident here this morning absolutely and let's talk in detail in detail about those two narratives that we're hearing during the course of the morning we had earlier the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu saying very very clearly that. i'm trying to quote him here that iran is trying to dominate the middle east
12:57 pm
calling it the greatest threat. talking about iran devouring huge swathes of the middle east and now we have the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif saying you know we do not want to be a regional one of those two narratives which is the more credible who should we believe. depends on who you ask as i say this is this is quite a polarized environment in at present when you look at the middle east now you'll remember that mr netanyahu held up a piece of a drone which he said in fact was of iranian manufacture and speaking directly to the iranian foreign minister he said you recognize this it's yours don't test our resolve because we are ready to attack not only iran's proxies but iran itself if if. need to be now the foreign minister of iran absolutely dismissed
12:58 pm
those remarks as cartoonish i have heard other longtime israel watchers here at the conference saying that was vintage netanyahu the fact is he's under pressure at home that was at least partly intended for domestic consumption i think when you listen to what we heard from foreign minister kerry in this past panel following mr netanyahu is remarks and interestingly enough even from russia's head of information and communication who came to mr kerry's side that hasn't been common here in the unit in the past couple of days in fact we've seen a lot of tension and conflict between russia and the u.s. but in this case the russian official as well saying you know what there is no military solution here there is no military option if for example the iran agreement is undermined if it is torpedoed we will once again see enormous pressure
12:59 pm
to bomb iran that this was these were the words of mr kerry also the words of mr bush pushed off from russia both of them saying that cannot be the alternative and kerry went on to say you know speaking against this agreement is essentially the agreement that essentially limits iran's ability to acquire nuclear weapons and by the way mr kerry said that netanyahu is entirely wrong when he says that in ten years israel will be a nuclear power he said no the agreement is working we have daily inspections by one hundred thirty inspectors every day and they are ensuring that there cannot be more than three hundred kilograms of enriched uranium in iran that is not enough to build a bomb so very clear criticism of kerry but then going on to criticize the trumpet ministration as well saying by undermining. in this agreement they are essentially saying my house is burning down but i'm not going to put out the fire now because
1:00 pm
it might just burn down again in fifteen years he went on to say it is bad diplomacy to be attacking the agreement in this way because it essentially makes it harder to work with iran politically and diplomatically to find solutions on the host of difficult issues that are legitimately criticized by the trump administration to iran's support for extremist groups iran's destabilizing role in many parts of the middle east mr kerry said only by working within a diplomatic framework can we hope to contain iran but if we torpedo that agreement we make it extremely hard for moderate iranians to compromise melinda. you've been showing us the two narratives that we're hearing at the moment at the munich security car conference the israeli narrative the iranian narrative very different.


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