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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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using aggression as a policy. you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour omarion evanston from all of us in the newsroom thanks for watching. every journey begins with the first step and every language filled with the first word emerged and you can. decode is in germany to learn german and why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shots d w z e learning course the acoustic german meetings. could be good or stay in good shape return in ten days here and you can read this amazing think news backpack and
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if you want to know what's inside each visit on the web and do you have to turn in your most favorite holmgren's into my coffee my phone maybe a little bit just to do so for she loves a. good laugh. cut . it's much a twenty three in the industry guy their weekend kicked off on friday here in berlin with have it being smarted by robin quite so out of minds who win their first game on the road in over a year. the swedish international open the scoring at the olympic stadium after forty minutes with this unlovely base a fourth work. after the break in the sixty fifth minute to be exact was are again for. in the back of the net with this shot past berlin keeper warner. three
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much needed points for meit's. that saturday's games were action packed with the race for those coveted champions league spots in full swing here's what's coming up . the wolves faced an uphill battle against the age byron sidesaddle on winning this season's dundas league title as soon as possible but could martin schmidt involves bird use a club to thwart your time this is planned for an early end of season party. and shout go welcome hoffenheim we'll see how two of this season's european contenders gather on when they went head to head. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm pablo foley. novell's very lackluster performances this season have resulted in a permanent flirtation with the relegation zone a string of injuries added to coach martin schmidt says woes going into this
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weekend's clash against league leaders buy him a victory seemed almost impossible the other hand the defending champions are brimming with confidence and cruising to their next bundesliga title they look set to be crowned champions earlier than any other club in league history breaking their own record set in the two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen season they also wanted an easy ride this weekend with their round of sixteen champions league tie against us coming up on tuesday coach. and almost the entire squad to choose from so were the wolves the latest club to fall victim to by. byron's midfield star tiago making his return from injury with our tour of the dell suspended the spaniard started in his first appearance since november your behind his back after missing a game with the flu left several of his top stars on the bench. but it was volves borg who came out of the gate stronger daniel did making it one nil in the eighth minute the world's top score winning the aerial battle against one very not and
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just managing to head past sven. and that was the score at the half time break. by and looks set to erase the vault scored lead in the fifty fifth minute when renato stephan feld caught in time to aliso in the box up stepped in robin but the dutchman was denied by contest deals still one nil then less than ten minutes later robbins' cross found sandra wagner and he headed home in style it was his second goal since making the move to munich from hoffenheim in january. by an dominated the possession battle and eventually get a bit of luck as well bobs boards teenage defender john look at its books for bringing down robin in the box some would say he deserves an oscar for his acting here substitute robert leaven duff scheme made no mistake as the power the penalty beyond cast deals reached to seal
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a two one victory for the bavarians the twentieth goal of the season for the league's runaway top scorer. by an extend their enormous lead at the top of the table well the wolves remain dangerously close to the drop zone. while there is much more action to cover how to inform the hosts are in need of a victory after to drag themselves out of the relegation zone will show you had that much turned out and a moment as well as the clash between fried. against the pregnant but first we'll take a look at cologne who took on hanover the bone this league has bottom side had a promising january but two back to pack defeats this month has put a dent in their quest to move up the table and into safety could they pick up three points against a club with a poor record on the route. cologne are still hoping for a miracle escape from relegation despite last weekend's defeat at frankfurt's.
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steffen luton backbends on the attack and the early pressure against hanover eventually paid off you just suckle grabbing the opener after thirty minutes by the second of the season the goal woke up and the visitors were suddenly in the game nicklaus phil took netting eleven after thirty seven minutes. just before the end cloudier pizarro forty stole the winner for cologne five with the thirty nine year old peruvian was to be denied the video assistant picked up an offside in the buildup and the goal was chopped off the game finished one one. and it was a real rollercoaster we felt like the winners in the end it's just a point in our situation it's really disappointing. slowly and cornfields braman women it was snow in freiburg not the best of
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conditions for relegation jewell braman committed several fouls but to get to the bar and ended up conceding a penalty news pietersen stepped up to school one no it's a private after twenty four minutes his eleventh goal of the campaign he's the top scorer in germany and italy. in the second half created so much fouls in the box another penalty yet in kabul that decide to take this one but missed it didn't matter private people are a man one in. which i'm really proud it wasn't a grey. game but in the snow we're still unbeaten it's all sorts of weather which was. a great atmosphere in hamburg despite the differing plights of the two teams the hosts have never gone down but have been flirting with the drop zone for years and are again in the automatic relegation spot visitors by a living in contrast to hunting champions league football. they also have red hot forward leon bailey in the line up. the jamaican continue their spectacular form
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with another strike this ninth of the season coming five minutes from the break i buy a terrible mistake by the defender but a cool finish from the jamaican. after the restart daily turn provider i have a cooling net in the second after almost missing the game due to dental surgery hamburg fans are getting used to this disappointment andre hahn holding a goal back made even more by hamburg beaten to one that two hundredth home defeat in the bonders leg. however and goals incursion shellcode were determined to bounce back with a win against hoffenheim after several disappointing results that's seen them drop down the table from second the royal blues need to get back on course if they're to stay in with a chance of securing a champions league spot next season but all eyes were also on the rivalry between
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the born this league has youngest coaches shall because too many contests go and hoffenheim julieann. they've been friends since getting their coaching badges together now to desk side holds a slight advantage and toughened him have actually never beaten shall go away from home a title looked like. the characters couldn't be more different. than the cheery extrovert and to many go to tesco the methodical brooder both teams have european visions but shelters seem to take them more seriously than high. from harm from koji sensor with the flush on targets of the common saves. but from the resulting corner after a session of pinball to look at a head and heart. of the one after the eleven minutes shot has supremacy in the aerial back to giving them the lady. of the shot that
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kept up the pressure up and just a few minutes later brylin below didn't take a few different shots i saw bauman. or was it have to be a better way to ember was nearly all shy and julie just allowed to go. the decision that left so many could just go by right. now with almost half an hour ago on envelope causes go up to roll of the two of them swapping the spending saving the life. often on cuts in kevin's faults should almost be credited with the assist that this one the. time so it was not was meant in a bad mood it was time. shaka stayed in control in the second half as well the defense gave themselves a well deserved in the seventy eight minutes from march to one back from off and my pov the caught a shot that given too much time and space first cross. and that's how it ended she
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wants the show and what could have easily been the moment saw the results off and find definitely looks that way could see. when it's time to take a look at this weekend's results so far and i can see of valves for a very unlucky there against a bar in munich shellcode course picked up three very important points against hoffenheim a drop there in cologne against hanover a very great three points for freiburg hamburg lost out to laver couzin and. of course berlin lost two minds and we've got two games coming up on sunday against stuttgart and a big one there against dortmund and look there monday again much is going to be taking place on monday between frankfurt and leipsic that's the first time that the bone this league has officially scheduled a game on a monday now it's time to take a look at the table and see what those results mean with six of nine matches
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already in the books no change of course at the top for byron munich leverkusen move back to second shall go up to fifty hung over within a whisker of a european spot and if we take a look at the other end of the table no change absolutely at the bottom for cologne hamburg or minds worrying times for them and there may be some movement of course after sundays and mondays games now it's time to present the play of the day as voted by you on twitter and the winner with fifty six percent of the vote is the. leverkusen winner took advantage of a defensive mistake by hamburg to look fancy bit of work to help the pirates victory. is your play of the day. stuff now that's all for us here at the bundesliga sit back and enjoy these images from the weekend's action
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