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you know other better players seventy dollars a. story or a twenty seven story. this is d.w. news live from berlin at the munich security conference escaping condemnation of iran from israel's prime minister. mr zarif. do you recognize there's an italian who confronts the iranian foreign minister over a drone israel shot down in israeli airspace iran's foreign minister hit back calling the speech a quote cartoonish circus also coming up our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers then it's time for them to be the change that we need. to
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hear what a state of florida grief turns to anger as survivors of wednesday's high school massacre attended gun control rally close to where the attack took place. and in the bundesliga struggling both birth we're aiming for an upset against table toppers byron munich on saturday we'll show you if they managed it. welcome to the program i'm mary in evanston and it's good to have you with us. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has warned that if israel feels threatened it could take action directly against iran netanyahu made the comments on the final day of the munich security conference and at the end of a week that saw iran and israel edged closer to open confrontation.
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israel's prime minister was in hawkish form when he took to the stage in munich in a blistering speech he slammed what he calls iran's aggression in the middle east here's a piece of that iranian drone or what's left of it after we shot it down. i brought it here so you can see for yourself. mr zarif. you recognize this. you should it's george you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of terror on. do not test israel's resolve. netanyahu is a vehement critic of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement negotiated between six world powers and iran and he sees it as a form of appeasement that will prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb or maneuvering to become the dominant power in the region. i think
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it's time to stop and you know they're aggressive they're developing ballistic missiles they're not inspecting and they're going to have a free highway to massive enrichment this has to be changed a few hours later iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif addressed the conference brushing off netanyahu his remarks and calling israel the true aggressor . israel. uses aggression. as a policy against his name they can blame it for ever on their own but to resolve their problems. as the fifty fourth munich security conference comes to an end this verbal onslaught seems to indicate more uncertainty. well our chief political correspondent melinda crane is in munich covering the conference for us and she joins us now for more so melinda iran's foreign minister didn't respond directly to netanyahu the israeli prime minister but his speech did include
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a great deal of criticism against israel and other countries tell us more about these two competing philosophies that the two leaders presented today in munich. it wasn't only these two leaders in fact it was a whole range of spokespeople both from the region and also including the former american secretary of state john kerry a russian spokesman and the u.n. official responsible for trying to negotiate peace in syria a whole range of voices and essentially two camps to be detected those who believe that a political and diplomatic solution to the conflicts in the region is not only possible but absolutely necessary and those who say no the great risks coming from a country for example like iran cannot be contained and in fact we need
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a military response so looking more closely at those two camps we essentially have israel on the one hand saying the agreement with iran to try to contain its nuclear capacity is not going to stop it from becoming a nuclear power mr netanyahu said in ten years it will be in nuclear power and it will devour the entire. middle east he got some very serious pushback following those remarks for example from john kerry who said essentially there is no military alternative if we torpedo the iran agreement we will hear renewed pressure to bomb iran and that will solve nothing melinda today is the final day of the conference what is the overall feeling what has been achieved at this year's meeting. the meeting was entitled the overall title of the conference is to the brink and back to the question mark at the end and we just heard the chairman of the conference
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saying at the closing he had hoped that by the end he could delete that question in other words we're coming back from the brink but he doesn't feel that's the case and in fact the hot spots that were named and discussed here range from north korea enormous concern about nuclear proliferation proliferation not only there but because of rising tensions also between the u.s. and russia for example on the use of intermediate range nuclear weapons and whether agreements on nuclear disarmament can hold so that's one whole constellation the nuclear issue then we have still continuing questions about ukraine and tensions there and then of course the middle east so on a number of issues the sense that indeed the world is at the brink and it's not at all clear how we come back and melinda craned his chief political correspondent reporting from the munich security conference many thanks indeed. and now to some
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of the other stories making news around the world and search and rescue teams in iran are trying to locate the crash site of a plane that went down with sixty five people on board the flight it started in the capital tehran and was bound for the southern city of yes suge reports say poor visibility is hampering access to the mountainous area. mourners in the city of raw . i have attended funerals of two seventeen year old boys shot shot dead in the southern gaza strip israeli forces say they also conducted air strikes against eighteen targets in gaza the raids came after an explosion near the border injured four israeli soldiers. the seventeen year old german national known only as linda w. has been sentenced to six years in prison by an iraqi court she was found guilty of membership in the so-called islamic state her case made international headlines after she was arrested by iraqi forces in mosul last summer. turning now to the
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united states where president donald trump has slammed the f.b.i. over last week's florida high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in a tweet the president said the bureau missed signals sent by the shooter because agents were too focused on their investigation into russian interference in the u.s. election well meanwhile students survivors and teachers from the school where the attack happened have been attending vigils and a rally calling for tougher gun control. just days ago these students were running in fear from the florida high school the latest scientific mass shooting in the united states but at the rally they express their anger at the predictable political response to the massacre. she says there's only so many words that can be said before things move on before the press gets tired of seeing us on the news the four people just changed the channel. they're
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calling for tighter controls on the sale of semiautomatic weapons such as the ar fifteen the rifle used in the attack many of the students said they thought that the country had reached a tipping point. and i'm seeing everybody here and as awful as all of this is the fact that we are here right now shows that this is nothing like anything we've ever seen before. but at a gun show being held nearby there was some very familiar scenes dozens of assault style rifles were on display organizers resisted pressure to cancel the event in light of the shooting while visitors said the guns themselves were not to blame for the tragedy back at the rally one of the speakers took aim at president although trump she criticized him for focusing on mental health issues rather than the easy access to dangerous weapons she also attacked him and others for taking donations from powerful gun lobby groups. but we need to pay attention to the fact that this
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isn't just a mental health issue. of the. infamous taking donations from the n.r.a. shame on you the it's a powerful message that resonated but the crowds these young americans will now be hoping it makes it all the way to washington. the you were. all right time to check in on the winter olympics and kyung chang'an yannick space from to be a police force is here to talk us through it to get to see the young nick all right so marcel here sure we already know him to be the king of world cup skiing but after his success is today is it time to finally crown him the olympic king as well yeah one hundred percent i mean this guy is afraid pure and simple i mean he's
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dominated the skiing as we said in the world cup for a long time but he never won an olympic gold price of chinese third winter games but as we can see here he absolutely smashed the course in the joint slalom today his nearest competitor by almost a second and a half that's a huge margin in skiing and after his run his competitors were even giving him a standing ovation these athletes that are more decorated than him in the olympics have won more medals than him but they all say and they all agree that is the best in the world if not the best in history so that's like that's the standing we're talking about here and for him to win a gold medal i think it finally puts to rest any doubts about his standing as the best in the in the world all right well certainly he'll be very happy going home from the from these olympics but let's let's talk about those medals and norway are on top and alongside germany with nine goals tell us about norway's latest hero yes
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so many norway now have twenty five medals overall which is a huge you know a great a great achievement but this latest one was quite an awesome upset from broughton somewhat unexpected it was a very competitive field in the slopestyle skiing but his first run in finals scored ninety five points and that was enough for him to win the entire event it's a very cool event in itself the slope style it's got a mixture of you know jumps where the heart of you is judged and then you have some rows and trick boxes so it's a really old round of broad when this. as we heard of norway's ninth gold medal puts them on top. now. yeah i mean they're looking great to be the oval later the terms of the time when the olympics come to an end yet definitely don't want to try that. on a more serious note doping in russia did dominate the buildup to the games and we've been hearing there's been another twist to this story can you tell us about that this is think very bad news for russian athletes that are competing in
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pyongyang we know that russia as a country was banned from the olympics and the things they have to compete the olympic russian athletes from russia and so here we have. alexander crucial netsky cola was caught doping he's a sample is reportedly come back positive i don't know what you're doing jumping as a cola i mean no offense to the sport because a lot of skill but you don't really need to dart for it and he won bronze in the mixed coaling with his wife and if his base sample comes back positive which is probably most likely that medals gone and this is a bad look for russia because after the starting scandal obviously they want to have a new a new slight but with this. it's not looking very good now it is unix based from v.w. sports many thanks indeed for all of your insights for bringing us up to date on the winter olympics are almost. all right turning now to the bogus leigo werewolves
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hosted legal leaders' bar in munich on saturday and the walls put by on on the back foot in the first ten minutes of the match off of a corner kick down davi managed to head the ball in to make it one nil but in the second half biron even did up on a crossing pass sandro wagner connected to make it one one then arjuna robben pulled an oscar worthy performance for the referee and earned his club a penalty kick. proper live and scored the game winner and both work fell ever closer to relegation. a quick reminder of our top story speaking at the munich security conference israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu held up what he called part of an iranian drone shot down in israeli airspace a week ago he warned that israel could strike iran if it felt threatened iranian foreign minister zarif accused israel of using aggression as
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a policy. you're up to date now on t.w. news we back again at the top of the hour thanks for watching. we take it personally you went with. the game show special. treat. more than. mine. but be good to stay in good shape return intending so you think you can leave this amazing.


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