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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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if tolerance and reconciliation or to stand a chance darkness city's after war starting march tenth w. . this is d.w. news live from berlin at the munich security conference a scathing condemnation of iran from israel's prime minister. mr zarif. do you recognize this meeting and tell you who confronts the reigning foreign minister over a drone israel shot down an israeli air space iran's foreign minister heads back
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calling the speech a quote cartoonish circus also coming up all our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers then it's time for a victim to be the change that we need to be. in the u.s. state of florida grief turns to anger survivors of wednesday's high school massacre at ten to gun control rally close to where the attack took place. more world premieres here at the berlin international film festival today it's women driving the quads at the berlin international fund of film festival i have the details. welcome to the program i'm marion evans dean it's good to have you with us. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has warned that if israel feels threatened it
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could take action directly against iran and to know who made the comments on the final day of the munich security conference and at the end of a week that saw iran and israel edged closer to open confrontation. israel's prime minister was in hawkish form when he took to the stage in munich in a blistering speech he slammed what he calls iran's aggression in the middle east. here's a piece of that iranian drone. or what's left of it after we shot it down. i brought it here so you can see for yourself. mr zarif. you recognize this. you should it's george you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of terror and. do not test israel's resolve. netanyahu is a vehement critic of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement negotiated between six
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world powers and iran and he sees that as a form of appeasement that will prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb or maneuvering to become the dominant power in the region. i think it's time to stop them you know they're aggressive they're developing ballistic missiles they're not inspecting and they're going to have a free highway to massive enrichment this has to be change a few hours later iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif addressed the conference brushing off netanyahu his remarks and calling israel the true aggressor israel. uses aggression. as a policy against the snake they can blame and put it over on their own but that won't resolve the problem. as the fifty fourth munich security conference comes to an end this verbal onslaught seems to indicate more uncertainty. over the past
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three days of the munich conference another issue very much of the spotlight was america's role in global security under president trump as chief political correspondent melinda crane cover the conference for us and sent us this assessment of how participants view the united states now. there was a widespread sense here that the united states as a guarantor of international peace and security is no longer willing to play that role speakers on the very first day including the german defense minister ursula fund lion indicated that they feel that the u.s. approach is now predominantly focused on military means and on u.s. interests that the u.s. essentially views foreign policy as a transactional affair the question then arose are other powers able to step into the role as a guarantor of
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a systemic approach and certainly european spokespeople people here were eager to say that europe is ready and willing to take on more responsibility we heard german foreign and defense ministers saying that there is a commitment to greater coordination of european security policy even to europe european foreign policies and that european countries are now committed to paying more for their own defense but whether they will really step into a global systemic role remains to be seen. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world and in iran loved ones are awaiting word on the fate of sixty five people on a crashed airliner the flight had started in tehran and was bound for the southern city of yes suge reports say poor visibility is hampering access to the mountainous
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area where the plane is believed to have come down mourners in the city of raphael have attended the funerals of two seventeen year old boys shot dead in the southern gaza strip israeli forces say they also conducted air strikes against eighteen targets in gaza the reeds came after an explosion near the border injured four israeli soldiers. the seventeen year old german national known only as linda w. has been sanctions to sixty years in prison by an iraqi court she was found guilty of membership in the so-called islamic state her case made international headlines after she was arrested by iraqi forces in mosul last summer. in ukraine's capital kiev several thousand protesters have called for the impeachment of president petro poroshenko protesters included supporters of former georgian president mikheil. saakashvili he's one of poroshenko main opponents but was expelled from ukraine
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earlier this week. turning now to the united states where president donald trump has slammed the f.b.i. over last week's florida high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in a tweet the president said the bureau missed signals sent by the shooter because agents were too focused on their investigation into russian interference of the u.s. election well meanwhile students survivors and teachers from the school where the attack took place have been attending vigils and a rally calling for tougher gun control. just days ago these students were running in fear from the florida high school the latest scientific mass shooting in the united states but at the rally they express their anger at the predictable political response to the massacre. i had no thoughts and prayers the house tags all of that we need
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to make actual sheets there's only so many words that can be said before things move on before the press gets tired of seeing us on the news the more people just change the channel. they're calling for tighter controls on the sale of semiautomatic weapons such as the fifteen the rifle used in the attack many of the students said they thought that the country had reached a tipping point. i've seen everybody here and as awful as all this is the fact that we are here right now shows that this is nothing like anything we've ever seen before. but at a gun show being held now by there was some very familiar scenes dozens of assault style rifles were on display organizers resisted pressure to cancel the event in light of the shooting while visitors said the guns themselves were not to blame for the tragedy back at the rally one of the speakers took aim at president although trump she criticized him for focusing on mental health issues rather than the easy
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access to dangerous weapons she also attacked him and others for taking donations from powerful gun lobby groups. but we need to pay attention to the fact that this isn't just a mental health issue. i think. she was taking donations from the are a shame on you. it's a policy message that resonated with the crowd these young americans will now be hoping it makes it all the way to washington. soccer news now in the early sunday game in the bundesliga stuttgart have given their survival hopes a boost with a one nil win at alcs for mario gomez grabbed the goal in the first half to power stuttgart up to thirteenth in the table it was the third home defeat of the
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campaign for oxford. in saturday's win to sling action involves four of entertain byron munich a club brimming with confidence and cruising to another league title but biron didn't have it all their own way against the war. byron's midfield star tiago making his return from injury with our tour of the dell suspended the spaniard started in his first appearance since november your highness back after missing a game with the flu left several of his top stars on the bench. but it was came out of the gate stronger daniel did making it one nil in the eight minute the world's top scorer winning the aerial battle against one very not and just managing to head past sven. and that was the score at the half time break. by and looks set to erase the volves board lead in the fifty fifth minute
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when renato stephan feld caught in town to the so in the box up steps are in robin at the dutchman was denied by contest deals still one nil and less than ten minutes later robins cross found sandra wagner and he headed home in style it was his second goal since making the move to munich from hoffenheim in january. by an dominated the possession battle and eventually get a bit of luck as well boards teenage defender john look at it booked for bringing down robin in the box some would say he deserves an oscar for his acting here substitute robert leavened scheme made no mistake as he powered the penalty beyond castillo's reach to seal a two one victory for the bavarians the twentieth goal of the season for the league's runaway top scorer. by an extend their enormous lead at the top of the table while the wolves remain dangerously close to the drop zone.
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and the movers and shakers of the silver screen are in the german capital for the berlin international film festival known as the berlin wall and it opens on thursday with a hint of hollywood but this weekend the focus has been on the leading talents of european cinema david levitz is on the red carpet for us and he joins me now hi there david good to see you so what has been happening today at the festival. a mariano so like you said today it's really about european film but particularly it's about women and women's stories and women that are driving the plots of these films in just a little bit it's going to be the world premiere of the daughter of mine this is the second film by a very promising italian director now to hootie and this is sort of a biblical story really it's about two women two mothers who are fighting over the daughter one of them is the biological mother one of them is the adoptive mother
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and everything just sort of gets really shaken up when the biological mother played by the wonderful. comes back onto the scene she's an alcoholic she's unpredictable and this movie is also very unpredictable this is of course the first billion dollars since the meat to movement caught on and i don't think that we should underestimate the power of female voices especially in the competition category nineteen movies and the running for that golden bear all right david that does sound like a very interesting film and what else have you seen. well another movie with a very strong female lead it's called the real estate this is a swedish dark comedy maybe you could call it a comedy it's about a very tough middle aged woman who inherits a very rundown block of apartments and decides she's trying to decide what she
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wants to do with that and it turns out that she's pretty. she's sure she's willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths to make sure that no one takes advantage of her it's really interesting to see this because she's we see it from her perspective and she doesn't want people taking advantage of her but at the same time she doesn't really care very much about the poor immigrant tenants who are living in these apartments so there's quite an imbalance there which is really interesting to see both of these movies i should mention are world premieres which means that i can't tell you that much about them until they're on the silver screen but i will be telling you my full of pain and a little later all right david i know the company the competition to clinch this year's golden bear is heating up just quickly who's your favorite to win. you know what i think that we saw the first night the jury they were out in black in solidarity with me too i also think that this is going to be
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a woman's year. i think that it might be one of those two that i just mentioned i'm going to tell you later on which it is because i'm not allowed to say too much more all right sounds good david leavitt's reporting from the red carpet at the berlin nala thank you for that. and you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching . meet the germans new and surprising new specks of songs and culture in germany. u.s. american kate moos takes a look at germany this increasing use of two traditions every day lives and language in this time of my lungs and so i'm young group.


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