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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2018 1:00am-1:16am CET

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this is the deal the union is live from berlin at the munich security conference a scathing condemnation of iran from israelis prime minister mr zarif. you recognize this. benjamin netanyahu confronts the iranian foreign minister over drone israel shot down in israeli airspace around foreign minister hit back calling
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the speech quote a cartoon or circus also on the program. a powerful drama about a ten year old girl torn between her birth mother and adoptive mother daughter of mind by telling director of the spirit premieres at the berlin international film festival. hello and welcome i'm michel henery good to have you with us israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has warned that if israel feels threatened it could take direct action against iran netanyahu made the comments on the final day of the munich security conference and at the end of the week that saw iran and israel edge closer to open confrontation. israel's prime minister was in hawkish form when he took to the stage in munich in
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a blistering speech he slammed what he calls iran's aggression in the middle east. here's a piece of that iranian drone or what's left of it after we shot it down i brought it here so you can see for yourself. mr zarif you recognize this. you should be george you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of terror and do not test israel's resolve. netanyahu is a vehement critic of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement negotiated between six world powers and iran and he sees that as a form of appeasement that will prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb or maneuvering to become the dominant power in the region. i think it's time to stop them they're aggressive they're developing ballistic missiles they're not inspecting and they're going to have
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a free highway to massive enrichment this has to be changed a few hours later iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif addressed the conference brushing off netanyahu is remarks and calling israel the true aggressor . israel. uses aggression. as a as a policy against his name they can blame it for ever on iran but that won't resolve their problems. as the fifty fourth munich security conference comes to an end this verbal onslaught seems to indicate more uncertainty. on the sidelines of the conference there was an incident involving nato member turkey and a leading german greens politician chen goes to mir was given police protection for the duration of the conference after the turkish delegation reportedly fled to and as a terrorist he was staying in the same hotel as the turkish foreign minister and that's
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much of a shocker who denied turkey was targeting this dinner in any way samir address the situation after arriving back in berlin here's what he had to say. chicken in the hotel during check in i noticed already several security guards who seemed to become very nervous when they saw me as if they had seen the devil himself i'm stuck the next morning there were a lot of officers from the bavarian police in front of my room they told me that there was some issues with the turkish security people that they had informed the germans about a terrorist a member of a terrorist group in the hotel that was made by the german national police advised that i should move around with my own bodyguards this. is yeah it's big lights and we should be. also when the spotlight during the entire three day conference was america's changing role in global security detail the use chief political correspondent melinda crane cover at the event for us and said this is sessa and
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participants of the e.u. the united states says donald trump became president. there was a widespread sense here that the united states as a guarantor of international peace and security is no longer willing to play that role speakers on the very first day including the german defense minister ursula funded lyon indicated that they feel that the u.s. approach is now predominantly focused on military means and on u.s. interests that the u.s. essentially views foreign policy as a transactional affair the question then arose are other powers able to step into the role as a guarantor of a systemic approach and certainly european spokespeople people here were eager to say that europe is ready and willing to take on more responsibility we heard german
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the foreign and the defense ministers saying that there is a commitment to greater coordination of european security policy even to europe the european foreign policies and that european countries are now committed to paying more for their own defense but whether they will really step into a global systemic role remains to be seen. in the united states supporters of tartar controls on guns are pushing lawmakers to take action following last week's massacre at a florida high school students from the school or a former classmate shot seventeen people to death and rallied in fort lauderdale to demand stricter regulations on firearms speakers criticize legislators for taking money from pro-gun lobbying groups and failing to pass laws making it more difficult to buy some weapons. the un has warned that the civil
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war in yemen is causing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in years chronic shortage of food and medicine have left the civilian population vulnerable to disease and mel nutrition getting enough supplies into rebel held parts of yemen is extremely difficult as this report from the red sea port city show. the main hospital in the port city of who data is far too small to handle all the patients being treated here cholera remains a major threat and diphtheria is now taking a heavy toll the highly infectious disease has spread to eighteen of yemen's twenty two provinces disease and malnutrition make a deadly combination especially for small children to make matters worse doctors lack urgently needed medical supplies and equipment. we have a huge shortage of medical quitman and medicine for the serious cases that shortage exists because yemen is under siege almost all supplies of humanitarian aid to
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rebel controlled areas are being delivered via the port of who dated in two thousand and fifteen and attacked by the saudi led military coalition which consists mainly of arab nations destroyed the cranes used to unload container ships . just recently the port received help from the u.n. world food program which delivered five mobile cranes but they can't unload large containers only smaller freight the port authority blames the saudi led coalition which rejected larger cranes and delayed the delivery of the small ones. these cranes were supposed to arrive last year but the coalition sent them back. they were only allowed into the port after protests by the world food program. court officials also say the saudi led military coalition seldom allows ships with humanitarian aid to dark here. now to some of the other stories making news around
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the world iranians are waiting to learn the fate of sixty five people on a crashed airliner the flight had started in tehran and was bound for the southern city of the suge search and rescue teams suspended operations until daybreak due to blizzard conditions in the mountains where the plane is believed to have come down . the seventeen year old german national known only as linda w. has been sentenced to six years in prison by an iraqi court she was found guilty of membership in the so-called islamic state her case made international headlines after she was arrested by iraqi forces in mosul last summer. in ukraine's capital kiev several thousand protesters have called for the impeachment of president petro poroshenko the protesters included supporters of former georgian luger mikhail saakashvili who was deported from ukraine earlier this week saakashvili was previously a governor of ukraine's odessa region and of course ally but he then became one of his greatest critics.
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movies with strong willed women and their stories that dominated sunday sunday specious at the berlin international film festival one that many see as a favorite to win the gold and there is philly a man by the italian director of the spring it made its world premiere on sunday we have this report. it's a stunning portrait of motherhood figure me a daughter of mine father's ten year old victorian is nice turned upside down by the discovery of her birth mother forcing her to navigate a treacherous path between opposing maternal figure is. even. intelligent and rich in metaphor the film dismantles the classic madonna and whole
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truth behind a complex picture of two powerful but crude women. in. my our. love it is the work of italian directed lure her the first female director of the competition safe on the feature debut sworn in also starring about her by her was a bad analogy hits in twenty fifteen this time she's returning with renowned italian actress the lariat only know. at all and all i was the new go at. it that i had to elbow my way in. between them they offer a sensitive and moving exploration of the female condition. the idea was to investigate maternity in a modern way to deconstruct the image of
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a perfect mother which is often idealized and to tell the story of inadequate mothers. in my view there is something real and true in this imperfection there is a beauty in this imperfection it's. women stories all front and center this year that i know that but. the authorities rule and complex picture of womanhood you may be the prize how often you'll be on the edge of the. history missed out on a golden bear in twenty fifteen we may still have a week to go before this year's winner is announced but there's already chatter about whether this could be the year. he was one of the one of the brightest lights in new york's art scene of the nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's. rose from strictly see the artist to one of the city's most sought after talents before dying at the age of twenty seven now has forks are on display and frankfurt's should consult until the end of may. to
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facades of buildings in downtown manhattan were a favorite target. in the one nine hundred seventy s. he spray painted graffiti using the pseudonym samo that was the beginning of the self-taught artist's career he also sold her made postcards to make ends meet then struck up a friendship with andy warhol and plunged into the new york scene. like. he lived a short life and a very full one he. he enjoyed every minute of his life he expressed what he was thinking and feeling and what he thought about the world around him his fascination with human anatomy and with creating links with words and text fragments are evident in his painting entitled leonardo da vinci's a greatest hits. thought religion played a key role in culture and it was
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a frequent theme of his art. this is do this on it's this anarchic this resistant unfiltered in the real that i believe even now is so fascinating. john michelle was also a musician and fascinated with jazz he died of a drug overdose at the age of twenty seven today his paintings rank among the most expensive american artworks. days afterward gaining world number one status for the first time in six years tennis star roger federer has won his ninety seven career title the water down open facing world number five record in the trough federer broke the bulgarian early on from there the swiss remained on talk he cruised through the match sealing victory in just fifty five minutes at thirty six federer is the oldest male tennis player to be ranked number one in the world. coming up after the break the bundesliga snatched
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a twenty three action continued on sunday the late game pitted brisket dortmund against hosts who were still much involved but stay tuned for the pretty dull to use the post they got with pablo foley oh yes and we'll show you which team prevailed and plenty more. that's all for now but we'll have more news at the top of the hour in the meantime don't get all the latest on the website dot com i'm michelle henery thanks for watching. quadriga. international talk show.


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