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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is live from syria at war with turkey and all but one day damascus has struck a deal with kurdish rebels to help propel turkey's offensive in syria's african region syrian state media says pro-government troops could be on the frontline within hours also on the program. female driven movies take center stage at the international film festival takes a look at the italian adoption drama exploring
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a young girl search for identity. of the procedure bunch of posted. the race for europe we'll bring you the highlights. and. welcome to the program so is offensive against the kurds in northern syria looks likely to escalate after a previously unthinkable deal between the syrian government and kurds in syria's afferent region to damascus has agreed to send pro-government of fighters to the rebel held area in order to help repel turkish troops syrian forces will fight alongside the syrian democratic forces. roll call two hundred
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fighters from the syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. present for inspection at their barracks the exact location here in northern syria cannot be revealed it's the same ritual here every day at five am. you don't want. the assembled officers say that they carry on the fight of their martyrs inspired by their spirit and the blood they spilt these men are between eighteen and forty and our currency arabs christians their respect for the fall and unites them against the terrorist forces of i-s. and their determination to defend their homeland. young intel and s.t.'s forces have freed shuji areas from my ass and from the al nusra front. that they have stabilized the region and are now well prepared to repel any enemy regardless of who they are the plot is and it's. the first assad's troops in two thousand and twelve and then the terrorist group by yes in
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both two thousand and sixteen and in two thousand and seventeen including from the iowa stronghold of raka now this battle hardened militia wants to defend against another offensive this time from turkey's military and its allies turkey's president wretch of enda one says he wants to free the area of kurdish terrorists that's the official line these officers here find out both maddening and amusing. on the gun how can you free a land from its own people he wants to free it from the people who freed it from my ass while thousands of fighters died in order to defend the slant of. the. town. to do fight though with any with any. yet in some villages in northern syria people are fearful again like intel. one sixty five christian orthodox families live here now there are only seven of the.
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women. most fled because of ah yes it's especially in christian inhabited communities where the terrorist group left destruction in their wake expelled or killed the population and blew up churches. has said when i saw that i was in shock and just cried. in this house i assume militants showed their wrath and left their names on the walls the family here was able to flee in time now that this village is freed the inhabitants have to worry again along with ed the ones allies the free syrian army radical islamic groups are also coming to the region that brings back nightmares feelings. i consider heir to one the greatest terrorist he's
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a criminal who attacks innocent people and takes their land away his allies around him are all i-s. people. but. the evening meal is rather meager and yet these s.d.s. officers voice their confidence in the wake of attacks from turkey the u.s. offers military support for the s.d.f. were also seems high among these fighters hardened after many years of war. julie holland who joins us from istanbul well. the situation on the ground is often very confused do we have confirmation from. the kurds on from syria. troop movements. well there is no direct confirmation yet by the syrian regime in damascus but state t.v. and that's considered the voice of the regime is reporting that pro-government forces set to enter
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a friend and i quote within hours so that indicates that indeed something might be happening on the ground quite soon one important distinction here as far as we hear these forces are no official syrian army forces but rather paramilitary forces allied with the syrian regime but still that might change a lot on the ground since there is no syrian military presence in the kurdish controlled areas in northen syria since twenty twelve so if they now are headed for afrin that's changing a lot yeah so let's pick up. how much is that likely to change the. bridge. well the turkish troops will see themselves are confronting not only syrian kurdish fighters in north in syria but also troops allied with the syrian regime and they will have to decide all they willing to take the risk and continue with operation all of branch are
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they maybe going to retreat or pull out completely that's a decision they will have to make especially since on cry in the past weeks emphasized they're not going to conquer any territory in syria they are going to respect territorial integrity of syria but now of course if they continue their attacks especially against pro syrian government forces they will have difficult as legitimate legitimizing their offensive so we expect reaction soon by the turkish government by the turkish military them explaining what their strategy now is going to be are they opting for further escalation or deescalation a what's in this for what is to mask is get out of cooperating with the. well my guess is damascus is goal is to recapture reconquer territory in syria to gain control again over large parts of syria and if they indeed
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struck a deal with the kurds which also includes a political agreement which the current so far deny they say this deal has only pragmatic goals it doesn't include any political agreement but if it did for example some kind of a federal system which includes the kurds but under damascus as control it means to moscow's would regain territory and would be the major power to control large parts of syria again. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world iran's a civil aviation spokesman has said on state media that he cannot confirm the wreckage of a plane that crashed on sunday has been found and this came after earlier reports that search crews had located the crash site authorities say all sixty five people on board are presumed dead. under as prime minister has called for a global alliance against migration the right wing party has begun campaigning
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ahead of an april election that it's expected to win the obama has been pushing his immigration stance ahead of his bid for the third consecutive term. five women have been killed in a shooting at a christian church in the city of kids in the russian republic of dagestan a twenty two year old man fired at people leaving evening service before being shot and killed the city the islamic state group said it was behind the attack. indonesia's mount cinnabon volcano has shot five thousand meters of ash into the atmosphere after erupting this morning no fatalities or injuries have been reported a red notice has been issued two hours. early favorite for the golden bear award has been charming audiences at the berlin international film festival in keeping with many of this year's films a strong female took the lead h.
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just ten years old here's a look at director laura thirty's italian adoption drama figure mia daughter of mine. it's a stunning portrait of motherhood figure me a daughter of mine father's ten year old vittoria is nice turned upside down by the discovery of her birth mother forcing her to navigate a treacherous path between opposing maternal figure is. even. that. full. of intelligent and rich in metaphor the film dismantles the classic madonna and whole truth leaving behind a complex picture of two powerful but flawed women. of my.
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love it is the work of italian directed lord vickery the first female director of the competition so far the feature debut school also starring at the hoover was a bad analogy hit in twenty fifteen this time she's returning with renowned italian actress the lariat galeano. at all and all i was the new go. i had to elbow my way in. between them they offer a sensitive and moving exploration of the female condition. the idea was to investigate maternity in a more way to deconstruct the image of a perfect mother which is often idealized and to tell the story of inadequate mothers. women stories of front and center this year. but kim ashville here mia for its rule and complex picture of womanhood you may well be the prize how often
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you'll be on the edge of your seat. history missed out on a golden bear in twenty fifteen we may still have a weeks ago before this year's winner is announced but there's already chatter about whether this could be a year. a russian medalist of the pill chang winter olympics has tested positive for a banned substance the international olympic committee is now awaiting the results of the b. sample test and the court of arbitration for sport as long as what it calls a doping procedure alexandra crucial netsky who won a bronze medal bronze medal with his wife in mixed doubles curling tested positive for meltdown ian if confirmed it would be a major blow to russia's efforts to emerge from a drug cheating scandal crucial netsky has travelled to seoul and will be sent home if his a fail test is confirmed. in football's sunday's big bundesliga game so glad back close to dortmund is a jewel for european places gladbach of started twenty eighteen poorly with these
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attacking side losing four of their five games this year by contrast to dortmund found their form under coach peter sterger is how the game panned out. the two coaches enjoying a little bromance before the game they just triggers man came through first mario good set with an outstanding long ball to andre shore left his pinpoint cross to marco toys and his shot off the woodwork and into the net. for dortmund in the thirty second minute of the former not forward is now scored six times in nine games against his former employers and this was his first goal and nine months. ten minutes later he got it best to go look to have the equaliser for the lot but i like the video assistant that was offside the first one lodged into the shot came into the box and again and. pushed the ball forward i keep the head and was steaming still one nail at half time in the fifty fifth minute was gentle with
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a great chance and then but do you know what the rebound was no good was goalkeeper burkey simply would not be beaten and then some projects cleared the ball off the line with some fast work and that's how it ended dejection for gladbach after their fourth loss in a row and elation for dortmund a man of the match go to it's. his reminder of our top story this hour kurdish rebels in syria have agreed to a president to deal with the government in damascus that will see pro-government forces and set free in order to help the power to push offensive. because you don't get the news on the go just from google play or from the apple store i can give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking eaves you can also use it to send us photos and videos. i'll be back with more world news of the top of the coming up shortly
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suspicions of corruption a top official of the european central bank has been detained hell of a home for how fast. the rest of the day's business news in just a minute. i'll get to. freedom and. world i come from the region is rich in history and style on talent what so cool are any indication of opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for an independent drug tests i see many of the younger promising janitors who are now.


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