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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin the u.n. warned syrian government forces to stop their assault on a rebel held and played at least one hundred civilians have been killed in airstrikes on you certain good top many of them women and children talk to an expert about the latest developments in syria's civil war. also a shock the poll results for germany's for social democrats their numbers have been plummeting ever since september selection now they've been overtaken by the far right alternative for germany for the first time what does this mean as they launch
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a make or break vote enter another coalition government with the conservatives. also on the program what do you get when you cross the hip hop m c with a concert pianist. chilly gonzales is the subject of a new documentary that's just premiered at the belly nala the film's director joins me in the studio to talk about his inspiration. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. the united nations says the syrian government is targeting civilians in the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta and that it must stop the syrian observatory for human rights says that government air raids on eastern close to the syrian capital damascus killed at least one hundred
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people on monday around four hundred seventy were injured in the suburb has been under siege by regime forces for more than four years this as syrian media report that militias loyal to the syrian government will soon be entering the northern region of freeing to help kurdish militias repel turkish troops there. an entire town in mourning this is become a familiar sight in a free in recent weeks with residents regularly attending mass funerals for kurdish fighters killed in clashes with turkish troops. it's against this backdrop that syrian state t.v. reported on a move to change the dynamic of the fighting the news anchor of this bulletin announcing that militias allied to the syrian government would soon arrive in a free to help kurdish forces push back the turkish offensive.
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meanwhile in government held aleppo just south of a free syrian kurds have been demonstrating against the turkish offensive and in support of why peachey fighters many of whom can be seen in the city. now know they're the syrian army and we are one the syrian people and way one we are all one and we have one will. during a visit to jordan the turkish foreign minister said a deal wouldn't affect his country's resolve. for my kitchen almost all of my future if the syrian regime really does send to africa to cleanse kurdish militia then there's no problem however if it comes in to protect them then nothing and nobody can do it and stop the turkish army it's very clear operation olive branch and affray names to cleanse these areas from terrorists if it is that it would only look at turkey is keen to avoid
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a kurdish stronghold on its southern border with syria so its own forces launched a major military offensive into a frame last month in a bid to expel the kurdish fighters that control the region the offensive has further complicated an already but will during web of alliances and rivalries in syria. with us here in the studio to help break this down is middle east analyst marcus column from the german institute for international and security affairs good morning marcus what do you make of the syrian army's plan to back kurdish militias fighting turkish forces in africa i think it's a rather clever move because it serves two purposes first it keeps turkey it be a regime which always request the president to be removed. and it. keeps the kurds at bay and allows the syrian regime to push you over the
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territorial integrity to keep syria together turkey has massive military resources and says it won't leave until the kurds have been ejected at least the kurdish y p g fighters is the kurdish syrian alliance capable of repellant the turkish offensive indeed the turkish military capabilities are overwhelming it's the biggest military contributive nato with seven hundred thousand soldiers and arms to be honest i'm not really through the whole fog turkey will proceed to or an event in northern syria because actually they have accomplished what they wanted to to accomplish to tame the kurds to put it this way and now the taint of the syrian regime and there's no immediate danger of syria it's a story code of autonomy. what makes the african region so important mark is so important that turkey in syria would risk a direct military confrontation with each other over that ridge as it does mention
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fall of tokyo screen is a possible nuclear could have stayed on these territorial for autonomy a ton of the soul of whatever you prefer which has to be avoided in full syria it's in the symbol of the center and to talk to me as well the way that syria is going to fall apart which has to be avoided therefore to keep or to wreak gain fifteen is a powerful symbol that the assad regime is going to win and that is that it is capable to keep syria together the includes equal terms as well as into resort at times marcus confident german institute for international security fares thank you so much if you. have some other stories making news around the world today a court room has ordered former president about so fujimori to stand trial for the killings of six farmers and nine hundred ninety two court decision comes after fujimori was pardoned from a lengthy prison term because of ill health which more he was jailed for crimes
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including commanding military death squads. in the u.s. students at the florida high school were a gunman killed seventeen people gathered on monday for a vigil they also organized an effort to urge lawmakers to pass stronger gun control measures the group of nearly one hundred students plan to lobby state officials for tighter regulations. in mozambique at least seventeen people have died after they were buried in a landslide garbage authorities say heavy rain caused a mountain of trash dumped in the capital maputo to collapse onto surrounding houses officials believe more bodies could still be buried under the debris. germany's right wing populist party the alternative for germany or d. has overtaken the social democrats for the first time in a national opinion poll the latest in so poll for the daily newspaper found that if
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an election were held now sixteen percent of voters would support the a.f.d. compared to fifteen point five percent who would vote for the social democrats the news comes just before the s.p.d. begins a critical internal vote on whether or not to join a grand coalition government with chancellor merkel's c.v. you again yesterday's numbers have been in freefall since the national election in september. political correspondent tom sparrow is with me here to talk about this new poll that suggests the rightwing a.f.d. party has overtaken the s.p.d. as germany's second biggest party thomas that is quite a bomb shell how significant is this poll result it is a bombshell terry but it's only one poll out of many that are conducted here in germany there are other recent polls that still put the social democrats in second place behind the conservatives but what is a does for many people i mean here is the actual trend the situation that the traditional parties here in germany face not only the social democrats but also the
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conservatives they have been losing support and at the same time you see the rise of the immigrant visa to edmond's that have to be analyzed and understood together well there are two parts the story of course there's the fall of the s.p.d. but there's also the rise of the d. tell us about that how do you account for the d's success all that. not forget that the f.t. enter the german parliament for the first time in september they became germany's the most important political force in the german parliament and they tap essentially into people's fears and we're talking here about immigration we're talking here also about their suspicions regarding be establishment the established political parties and that's one of the reasons why they have been able to take some of those voters away from both the conservatives and the social democrats and they've also been able to to attract many people who previously didn't vote at all who are not voters so that explains
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a vis in part the rise of the alternative for john and what about the s.p.d. how do you account for their decline because they lost profile this engineer they've been into grand coalition with with merkel and johnson and let michael has sort of managed to take away some of the core elements of the of the social social democrats not forget the social democrats for a very long time were if you will the natural home of germany's working class and to a certain extent they've lost. idea of being the natural home of germany's working class so the fall of the of the s.p.d. certainly accounts for the fact that they've lost their profile as that party on the left side of the political spectrum tell us stay with us because this supreme poll comes just as the s.p.d. members are due to vote on whether or not to join transfer merkel's conservatives in another grand coalition government it's a topic that deeply divides the s.p.d. even even families as this report shows. father
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and son one for the grand coalition the other against at this s.p.d. event in northern germany there's only one question on everyone's minds should the party risk another coalition with angle america's conservatives it's up to party members to decide including fabby and stake now the critical young socialist and his father the veteran s.p.d. man and takes the lead with the party rausch take now. i believe the majority of members will say yes if we convince them so we need to use the time i'll try to do my part even save for his son fabby and most of the parties younger members it's far from a done deal they want change. that's good to see that we need to be more proactive in forward looking string quartets are ok but we need some heavy metal too and a political keyboard. at home with his statements and of course there's plenty of
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talk about politics the prospect of governing with anglo-american for another four years has triggered a number of arguments between father and son when this should give the grand coalition doesn't happen i think we'd face a debacle in fresh elections it'd be likely because everyone would blame us for pulling out. but fabby on stage now believes the party needs to have courage and refocus on its core values was a club where people say this is social democracy this is the kind of society we want this is our idea of humanity of social cohesion of solidarity in social justice. things are certainly not harmonious in the s.p.d. right now the rank and file is spit right across the party. critical i'll vote against the grand coalition quite simply because it would not be good for the s.p.d. that is pretty. good there should be yeah i've been a member of this party for over forty years but if the majority refuses to
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appreciate the many things that we've achieved and a good cabinet posts with gain then i'll be handing in my party membership and. coaching is set to continue until march the second social democrat members will get to decide on the fate of germany's next government and the future of the country's oldest political party. so tell us what effect do you think the negative polling numbers for the s.p.t. will have on that coalition or do it could such an increase the fears of those who believe that a new grand coalition would harm the s.p.d. even further this is such me not good news for those who would prefer yesterday to enter the new grand coalition without them thomas thank you so much thomas sparrow from our political desk. you're watching d.w. news still to come survivors of child sex abuse speak out that says their tormentor for english soccer coach barry battle is sentenced to thirty one years in prison.
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but first a risk appears to have paid off handsomely for h.s.b.c. head that's right terry not sure if you remember those massive job cuts the h.s.b.c. implemented and now it's just posted a huge jump in its profits that was due to a strong performance in asia now the british company made over seventeen billion dollars in profit before tax twenty seventeen and that works out at a one hundred forty one percent increase compared to the year before the results are an indication that h.s.b.c.'s pivot to asia is paying off and the banking giant laid off thousands of employees elsewhere to focus on asian american market says always have been attempting to recover from several embarrassing scandals and m.h.s. b.c. paid three hundred million euros to french authorities to settle an investigation into allegations it helped wealthy clients of eight paying their taxes.
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time check in with our man in frankfurt con about who's and joins us now conrad it's a busy week for banks on the stock market has species not me or anyone reporting results what's the trend how the large global banks finally put the crisis the high and i'm. not entirely head and you know off the financial crisis is a huge amount of new. regulation was imposed on the business of large investment banks and corporate banks so that some of this business has become pretty profitable barclays is another bank reporting its results this week it still gets to feel this in its investment banking r.b.s. the royal bank of scotland is still facing a huge fine in the united states for its mortgage selling and here in frankfurt this morning people are talking about deutsche bank which is reported or rumored to plan the layoff of more investment bankers investment bankers between two hundred fifty and five hundred investment bankers are said to have to go mostly in banks
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branches in london and new york we're talking about regulation conrad the e.u. is reported to be considering import tariffs on american goods including harley davidson motorbikes what's going on there. well the european union is getting prepared for the case that the united states impose import tariffs on european goods which the europeans would consider not in line with world trade regulation in this case the european union might impose import tariffs on american goods and services and that would make products like harley-davidson or jack daniels whiskey much more expensive here in europe but i have to say these are only rumors at this stage the european union is only considering this and in other news we've got a minister from spain luis de cwindows who's going to become the next vice
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president of the e.c.b. what does that mean for mario draghi and his successor next year conrad. well the written rule in the eurozone is that if a man from the south or a person from the south becomes the vice president of the european central bank somebody from the euro zone's north. has to become the president so that now after the nomination of the who is the go in windows from spain as vice president of the e.c.b. the chances are rising for young man our man from the bundesbank here our reserve bank in germany to eventually succeed mario draghi when he leaves this post in the autumn of twenty nineteen conrad who's in first in frankfurt a financial correspondent thank you. now today it's back to work for traders in asia after the lunar new year celebrations hong kong's hang
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seng index closing off eight percent. and for traders the first day of the work week was dubbed the special new bold was a woman with a big posse that will be used to host ceremonies the companies that are listed in hong kong's hang seng index there's also an area that museum telling the history of the stock market which started trading in eight hundred ninety one the. now here's if there were you could pop internet tronics store to test drive a car well that's the case for this next electric vehicle developed by a bunch of swedish students in collaboration with the men's over two thousand people have placed orders so far. it began as an innovation project at the university in sweden now after raising well over a million euros in a crowdfunding campaign it's become a futuristic looking e-car designed to be the next generation of electric vehicles the new city car has some features that have eluded other car makers it has
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a three hundred kilometer range and the battery can be fast charged in just over three hours using induction technology there is also a removable battery pack that owners can plug in at home or at the office unity is also struck a deal with an electricity provider and car owners will receive five years of free solar energy to charge their car so you doing a daily commute back and forth every day you not even worrying about plugging it in it's to energy is taken care of it doesn't cost you a dime. owners open the car door with a quick scan of a key card. the vehicle steering system resembles a wee controller rather than a traditional steering wheel. this is not the generation swipes that pulls the lever to term right this is the generation swipes from. the unity one is now on display in some media market stores in sweden it's prized that just
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under fifteen thousand euros and first deliveries are scheduled for twenty nineteen . now unity is also aiming to bring a nine thousand euro five seater version of its city car to the indian market by twenty twenty. and his back i have announced terry thanks hello former english youth football coach barry battle has been sentenced to thirty one years in prison for child sex abuse he was found guilty of fifty charges against boys he coached between nine hundred seventy nine in one thousand nine hundred one the judge in the case called him the devil incarnate as he handed down the sentence i am a survivor of the stream party panel when i was making. these were the men that spoke out as boys they dreamt of a future in soccer they were trained by barry bennell charismatic youth coach for clubs including crewe alexandra and manchester city he took them under his wing
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encourage them to chase their dreams he gained their trust and then he raped them on monday but all was sentenced to thirty one years in prison. but now we have. today. i know sadness but to you. it should never have been over to the county in the first place. another eighty six men have come forward to report sexual abuse by ben l. since the case began the judge spoke of abuse on an industrial scale for decades benelux victims suffer depression panic attacks and suicidal thoughts but there are increasing signs that the clubs themselves were aware much earlier of the rumors surrounding bennell and covered for him the new boy. allowed it to continue because puce in the results. even after a battle was convicted of child abuse in florida in one thousand nine hundred four
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and later in england the english football world turned a blind eye it was only when former soccer player andy woodworth broke his silence in two thousand and sixteen and then he followed his lead that sports clubs promise to set up hotlines and take action today two and a half thousand people across the u.k. have come forward and reported sexual assaults at more than three hundred clubs. meanwhile the playing field in germany bonus league is side frankford took on life see last night that's right it was monday night making it a controversial match even before the first whistle. protests at the first scheduled monday game in bundesliga history stewards were instructed not to intervene as frankfurt fans showed that discontent things remained peaceful as kickoff was pushed back five minutes. then light sick jumped ahead shortly after one nil thanks to kevin. but frank but quick to react to the
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chandler equalized just eight minutes later. and the home side found their groove another five minutes passed and kevin prince bowed saying had made it to want to turn the game around his fifth for the eagles this season. at half time fans continued to protest peppering the pitch with tennis balls when play continued leipsic thought they had a penalty but eventually the decision was overturned by the video assistant referee for an early off site. it was light six turn to protest as frankfurt would jubilant in victory jumping up to surge in the table. we're heading into day six of the berlin international film festival and film director philip is with us here in the studio his documentary shut up and play the piano
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premiered at the belly nala this weekend good to have you with us fella thanks for having to films about the piano player chili gun saga has some viewers might not have heard of him give us an idea of who he is he's a canadian musician composer producer who lives in cologne and he does a rap he does classical chamber music pop music and i had a really nice expression yesterday that he is wrong with you and i think that describes it's pretty well and first and foremost he's an amazing entertainer. or a fluid i like that expression let's get a taste of his style we've got a clip here that we can play for hours. i started a daily routine in two thousand and twelve actually shortly after i moved here to cologne in a different apartment and. i've had
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a little more or less fifteen twenty years along which to get better at reading music. i. still. think. very very fluid very diverse talented seems the character what inspired you to make this documentary philip and helen did it take you until your idea for it and actually getting it premiered at the berlin film festival it took me from the first day i met him and i actually asked him about it until i finished the film and we
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have it here took me three and a half years altogether and. the inspiration was actually meeting himself so i did an interview with him for the watchability in two thousand and fourteen and it was supposed to be only about his book that he brought out around the time it was called reintroduction it tud and we had an interview slot of we were supposed to have a lot of twenty minutes but in the end we talked like for over an hour and we talked about cultural differences between canada and europe and between the countries he lived in he lived in not only in canada but also as you can to berlin then he went to paris and i saw what a multifaceted posole he is and i got interested in and. i asked him can i do feel about you and he just said yeah go ahead that's how it's not it's so i have to be grateful for the totally. this is a well yeah i mean it's great to have years
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a colleague doing such wonderful work getting to know maybe you can tell us a little bit about the behind the scenes shop talk here and tell us about how you end up getting a work like this into the berlin film festival briefly. everyone can apply for that every any filmmaker of course you have certain requirements depending on the section you apply for but basically it's you ply for it online you have to fill out some forms and you send in the film it's like any other film festivals so. go for it. little thank you for so much for coming in this morning philip yet because the director of shut up and play the piano premiered at the berlin belly not a film festival this weekend on the one chilly gonzales thank you so much thank you very much. and that's your news rob thanks for watching. the good.
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