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how to start this city's drone war. starting march tenth on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin the u.n. war in syrian government forces to stop their soul told the rebel held on clave at least one hundred civilians have been killed in airstrikes on eastern gotama many of them women and children talk to an expert about the latest developments in syria's civil war also the shock result as the far right old turn it took for germany overtakes the social democrats for the first time in
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a national opinion poll that says the s.p.d. launch a make or break vote and for another coalition government get analysis from our political correspondent. and by munich hit the champions league trail tonight the german giants have a tricky home game against. turkey. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. the united nations says the syrian government is targeting civilians in the rebel held enclave of eastern and that it must stop syrian observatory for human rights says that government air raids on eastern go to close to the syrian capital damascus killed at least one hundred people on monday around four hundred seventy were injured suburb has been under siege by regime forces for more than four years. this as syrian media report that
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militias loyal to the syrian government will soon be entering the northern region of freen to help kurdish militias there repel turkey turkish troops. an entire town in mourning this is become a familiar sight in a free in recent weeks with residents regularly attending mass funerals for kurdish fighters killed in clashes with turkish troops. it's against this backdrop that syrian state t.v. reported on a move to change the dynamic of the fighting the news anchor of this bulletin announcing that militias allied to the syrian government would soon arrive in a free to help kurdish forces push back the turkish offensive. meanwhile in government held aleppo just south of a free syrian kurds have been demonstrating against the turkish offensive and in support of y p g find as many of whom can be seen in the city. and then there
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the syrian army and we are one of the syrian people and we are one we are all one and we have one will. during a visit to jordan the turkish foreign minister said a deal wouldn't affect his country's resolve. if part of my future. if the syrian regime really does enter affray into clans kurdish militias then there's no problem however if it comes in to protect them then nothing and nobody can deter and stop the turkish army it's very clear operation olive branch and affray names to cleanse these areas from terrorists and if you did terrorists that it would tell you. turkey is keen to avoid a kurdish stronghold on its southern border with syria so its own forces launched a major military offensive into a frame last month in a bid to expel the kurdish fighters that control the region the offensive has
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further complicated an already but will during web of alliances and rivalries in syria. or whether it's here in the studio to help bro. this town is middle east analyst marcus kahn from the german institute for international and security affairs good morning marcus what do you make of the syrian army's plan to back kurdish militias fighting turkish forces in africa and i think it's a rather clever move because it serves two purposes first it keeps turkey it be a regime which always request the president to be removed. and that it. keeps the currents at bay and allows the syrian regime to push you over the territorial integrity to keep syria together turkey has massive military resources and says it won't leave until the kurds have been ejected at least the kurdish y.p.
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cheap fighters is the kurdish syrian alliance capable of repellant the turkish offensive indeed the turkish military capabilities are overwhelming it's the biggest military contribute to nato with seven hundred thousand soldiers and arms to be honest i'm not really through hope tookie will proceed or advance in northern syria because actually they have accomplished what they wanted to accomplish to tame the kurds to put it this way and now the kurds obtain both the syrian regime and there's no immediate danger of syria sorry code of autonomy. what makes the african region so important mark is this so important that turkey in syria would risk a direct military confrontation with each other over that rich as it does mention fall of tokyo freeman is a possible new clues of the could have stayed or at least territorial for autonomy autonomy of soul of whatever you prefer which has to be avoided in full syria it's
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in the symbol of caesar and to talk to me as well the way that syria is going to fall apart which has to be avoided therefore to keep or to regained fifteen is a poll full so move that the assad regime is going to win and that is that it is capable to keep syria together includes equal terms as well as into rhetorical times marcus com for the german institute for international security fares thank you so much if you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today a court in peru has ordered former president alberto fujimori to stand trial for the killings of six farmers in one thousand nine hundred ninety two the court decision comes after fujimori was pardoned from a lengthy prison term because of ill health regime or he was jailed for crimes including commanding military death squads. in the u.s. students at the florida high school where
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a gunman killed seventeen people gathered on monday for a vigil they also organized an effort to urge lawmakers to pass stronger gun control measures a group of nearly one hundred students plan to the law of the state officials for tighter regulations. in mozambique at least seventeen people have died after they were buried in a landslide of garbage authorities say heavy rain caused a mountain of trash at a dump in the capital market to collapse onto surrounding houses facials believed more bodies could still be buried under the debris. germany's right wing populist party the alternative for germany or d. has overtaken the social democrats for the first time in a national opinion poll the latest insall poll for the daily newspaper believes found that if an election were held right now sixteen percent of voters would vote
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would support the d. compared to fifteen point five percent who would vote for the social democrats now news comes just before the s.p.d. begins a critical internal vote on whether to join a grand coalition government with chancellor merkel's c.d.u. again he as p.d.s. numbers have been in freefall since the national election in september. well for more now let's bring in political correspondent thomas sparrow to talk about this new polls suggesting that the far right party has overtaken the s.p.d. is germany second biggest party of first of all tell us how significant is this poll result. terry as you mentioned this is the first time a national poll has these results but it's also important to stress that this is only one out of many polls that we see here in germany and most of the other polls still show the s.p.d.
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as the second most important political force here in germany behind the conservatives what is important not only in this poll but in the other polls as well is a general trend that we've been seeing for quite some time in germany namely the crises of the traditional parties in germany the conservatives on the social democrats and on the other hand the rise of the a.f.d. the anti immigrant party that as we know enter the german parliament for the first time back in september becoming the third largest political force in the german parliament well let's look more closely at the how do you account for its success. well they tap into people's fears here in germany whether we talk about their most important topic i mean gratian for the past few years or whether it is their criticism of the establishment of the established political parties they have been able to take away voters from the traditional parties also making sure that
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nonvoters go to the polls those are elements that certainly have helped the f.t. you we have to see this phenomenon as two sides over of want to call in the crises of the traditional parties and also the rise of the they go hand in hand well this is a pinion poll comes just as speedy members are due to vote on whether or not to join chancellor merkel's conservatives in another grand coalition government do you think that the negative poll numbers will have an effect on the grand coalition but it will certainly have an effect terry on the debate that's going on right now within the social democrats regarding this crucial vote it will strengthen the debate about the renewal of the party about how to change these very negative numbers and as we know there are different sides to this story there are those who believe that the best way forward for the social democrats would be in another government shaping policy there are those and you're the hunt who believe that the
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best path for the social democrats would be outside of government outside of that pressure so i do believe that these numbers not only from this poll but the other polls as well will reinforce those debates within the social democrats about how to remove the party how to improve those numbers thomas if s.p.d. members in the voting against joining another coalition government with the conservatives what happens then or germany's back to step one in oh the poll numbers would want thomas sparrow from our political desk thank you so much. the champions league is back this evening by a munich take on basic touch of turkey in the a little audience arena by and have dominated the bundesliga this season and are aiming on using that momentum to rack up a vital win over the turkish champions. the icy weather immunity couldn't
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keep by munich off their training page. thirteen match winning streak in all competitions has the german champions brimming with confidence boxing coach and his squad resting on their laurels they are predicting a tough test. you will see that they can really play football. but it comes as no surprise to me that. they group and won three away games and one young of a dozen i just hope that we can put in a top performance so we can lay the foundations for the return leg. fit us will be. a packed stadium is expected at the allianz arena for the game this despite busy cash banning their supporters from attending the match by defender mats hummels is convinced there will be plenty of turkish friends in the stadium to
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voice their support. i organize two tickets for a couple of visit test fans there are many turkish people living in germany and they follow turkish football they'll be loud perhaps not as loud as usual as they won't all be concentrated in one area which is often the case of the followed by a need to be wary tash are no pushover and they thrive in a big match atmosphere the question is can they pull off a shock in munich. to the winter olympics now or an ice hockey player has failed a doping test in. slovenia and. tested positive for the prohibited substance terrill used to treat bronchitis in competition test. has been suspended from competing in the remainder of the of the games and he will leave the olympic village within twenty four hours. and just for we go a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you here today on g.w.
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news the u.n. has warned syrian government forces to stop their assault on the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta near damascus and the syrian observatory for human rights says that government air raids there killed nearly one hundred people on monday many of them women and children. and germany's right wing populist party the alternative for germany or a.f.p. has overtaken the social democrats for the first time in a national opinion poll the news comes just before the s.p.d. begins a critical vote on whether to join another coalition government with chancellor merkel's conservatives. and the results of that internal poll with the s.p.d. should be out on march fourth by the way don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our up from google player from the apple store that will give
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you access to all the just news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and also use the t w app to send us any photos or videos you think we might be interested if. that's all you news for now soon we will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin thanks for. the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.


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