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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the syrian government's deadly assault on rebels nearly two hundred people many of them civilians have been killed in two days of airstrikes on the rebel held on close of eastern we'll have the latest developments in syria's civil war. also coming up destroying the weapons of the so-called islamic state in the philippines but some believe president bush is celebrating too soon we have a special report and. more world premieres at
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the berlin international film festival after walking phoenix's here but he's in a foul mood we'll tell you why coming up. also coming up there were more medals up for grabs at the winter olympics that's including the ice dance competition where canada's graceful couple virtue and moir were vying for another gold we'll bring you up to date on day levon and junk. and adjuster that reverberates through the sting tommy smith's moment of protest after winning gold at the one nine hundred sixty eight olympics he joins us to discuss the challenges he faced and the enduring problem of racism in sports. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us the war in syria is heating up on two fronts the united nations is warning that the situation in the rubble how donkey. eastern how to is spiraling out of control now monitors say nearly two
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hundred people have died there in government airstrikes since sunday but equally worrying is the turkish offensive in northern syria turkish forces are preparing to lay siege to the city of a friend putting them in conflict with kurdish and possibly syrian forces. an air raid on eastern guta a suburb of the syrian capital damascus. scores of people have been killed according to the london based syrian observatory for human rights and hundreds have been injured the attackers or syrian government forces the suburb which is held by rebel forces has been under siege for more than four years the united nations say the syrian government must stop targeting civilians there which completely deplore the the systematic use of violence against the human the civilian populations and the hospitals and schools. these are violations of humanitarian law and
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all parties you know the un is calling on all parties to deescalate the violence in syria meanwhile turkey is pressing its offensive against kurdish forces in syria in government held aleppo syrian kurds demonstrated against the offensive and in support of the mainly kurdish militia y p g fighters and now it looks like syrian allied troops may join them. the syrian army and we won the syrian people and we won. and we have won will. the turkish president. may try to suppress that well he wants to prevent syrian kurds from establishing a stronghold in the offering a region that borders turkey the areas controlled by the kurdish which is linked to the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which is regarded a terrorist organization. turkish forces are now closing in on the city of often.
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the siege of the alfred city center will start rapidly in the coming days. turkey's offensive has further complicated an already bewildering web of alliances and rivalries and syria that will become even more complex if turkey encounter syrian forces aligned with the kurds. we have with us she is the president of the european center for kurdish studies here in berlin thank you for joining us in our studio today we heard turkey's president everyone saying that he's talked to russia he's talked to iran and he's managed to stop the syrian government from its plans to send its own troops into this region northern syria into offering who are the real power brokers here well you already mentioned the reason i think this is turkey on the one hand and russia and iran on the other hand though those different sectors have of course different interests in a flea in. the largest interest really is with turkey which wants to get rid of
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the y. p.g. which is the syrian militia the p.k. k. which are currently with a lot of arms which were provided by the united states in the syrian parts of kurdistan so turkey wants to get rid of them this is why i freeness so important for turkey really the united states on the other hand which also one of the poem of course they don't have no specific interest in a free and really i mean their military bases are not in a free. and they are in the us so they will just let everybody do what people really want to do there i think russia which is supporting the syrian regime of course but on the other hand if the syrian regime takes a friend or not it's not of great importance for for russia and iran again of course they also have an alliance with the with the why p.g. but again it's not the region which is important for them in the middle of all this is a free and what is going to happen if nobody steps in to help the current. there well
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i think if the syrian regime doesn't get in now i think that turkey will stay there and try to get rich off the p.k. so if you have a look on a friend who's living there we see that we have about three hundred fifty thousand people living in a free and well yes to billions of of course civilians. and in the will interest interestingly about one hundred thousand of them not kurds but arabs mostly refugees of course so this is the civilian population and then we have the y.p. gee they're the most syrian military branch of the p.k. k. which is for several years at ministering the region and many of the currents living there particularly would like to get rid of the y.p. g. because it doesn't have a good record on human rights but of course they don't want to have turkey in there and they don't want to have the regime in there too but we've seen these very dramatic images earlier from eastern how to if there's
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a siege by turkish forces are we going to see the same thing happen enough actually i don't think so i mean you never know of course but until today turkey didn't go forward as for example the syrian regime did and they didn't go forward as for example in aleppo they didn't just bomb everything from a. president of the european center for kurdish studies thank you for joining us thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world iran says it has located the wreckage of a plane that crashed into a mountain two days ago with sixty five people on board rescue workers will have to recover bodies from the debris by forty due to the rough terrain records show the plane only recently resumed service after spending six years in storage. in mozambique at least seventeen people have died after they were buried in a landslide of garbage authorities say happy wayne caused a mountain of trash to the dump in the capital to collapse on to surrounding houses
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officials believe more bodies could still be buried under the debris. parts of new zealand have declared a state of emergency after a powerful storm battered the south island the remnants of cycling have brought flooding and strong winds and some residents have been forced to evacuate their homes and all flights in and out of wellington were canceled. here in germany the center left social democrats have launched a critical internal vote on whether to enter a second coalition with angela merkel's conservative members of the party have a little over a week to cast their ballots the deal has a deeply divided the rank and file and it's a battle that's pitting the party establishment against its future leaders. nothing is more important for the social democrats over the next ten days and these kind of town hall meetings the party's grassroot is deeply divided as to whether they should agree to a grand coalition deal or not and the face of the rebellion against american led
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coalition is this young man kevin the leader of the party is used to doing he's trying to get members to vote no. and she doesn't in a fight really right there we can explain to the people why no vote to this grand coalition deal which i am calling for doesn't only mean a no but also a yes because if we're serious and pledge our word it can be a chance to create a different more social democratic policy or to put it to someone in. the face of the internal opposition the social democrats general secretary is rooting for a yes vote it's a first face of many tonight the debate civilized but passionate in the middle of the event news breaks for the first time the far right alternative for germany party has overtaken the s.p.d. in a national poll the new numbers are a disaster for the party but the pro coalition campaign thinks it's best to hold
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course this but this is the best way to tackle bad poll results to develop good concrete policies which improve people's everyday lives that's why i want us to vote for this and then quickly get on your government implementing policies i bet the s.p.d. will also be stronger against their. that is why the party's establishment will tour the country in the next week in support of the coalition deal passed referendums have been formalities but this time as the town hall show is the result is far from assured. i have two hearts beating in my chest one us for social democracy on the other hand i'm a citizen of this country and as a citizen i'm hoping to have a stable government and this is why i will vote for a grand coalition. because according to one system early in your agenda just doesn't represent our general. nation anymore pretty to look coalition deal postponed all the important decisions too after twenty twenty five or it took fatal decisions such as the water protection. division is simmering at the grassroots of
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germany's oldest poteen and it's this kind of opposition that in the end could still prevention many from having a stable government anytime soon. let's bring in a did of these political correspondent simon young hi simon this is essentially the final make or break moment to form a new government for germany what happens if members vote against our working with merkel's conservative. or worse in that case i think they're the most likely thing is that fresh elections would be held that might take a few months to set up but i do tend to think that most s.p.d. members will in fact in the end come down in favor of a new grand coalition with angela merkel's party they may not be keen on it but after the chaos of recent days you know they may just saw aides that they prefer that there's even less athletes light for new elections and all the uncertainty that that would bring for the s.p.d.
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this is a party that has gained around twenty five thousand new members since the start of the year as it's been facing this identity crisis simon who are these new members and how could they affect the outcome going forward. seamier should tell you one of them is a dog if you can see here of the germany's massillon bilbies paper this morning a dog has applied to join the s p d. a frivolous application there that party managers say they're going to block but it gives you an idea of how this this vote is being taken quite seriously a lot of these new members who joined recently are young people who are any joyce by the s.p.d. youth wing campaign and that message that they're spreading the what's really needed now is not more of the same but some fresh thinking and the only way they can really win new the party the socialists a. being in opposition rather than
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joining with merkel in government simon also in that newspaper that you held that there was an opinion poll that was released today that showed that germany's far right party the alternative for germany now apparently has more voter support than the social democrats how significant is this poll was pretty shocking stuff i mean don't forget the a.f.d. this anti immigrant party has only just got into parliament for the first time there are some doubts being raised about this poll the head of the polling company is described as having close links to the but nonetheless it's part of the trend of the polling institutes to say the far right is only advance and we're seeing that as the months go by. these political correspondent simon young thank you simon. all right it's time to head down to the berlin international film festival we have a we have usenet my ass waiter and david leavitt standing by for us hi both of you
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what have you been seeing today. hey sue me the biggest movie on today is the new movie by gus van sant this is the director behind milk and good will hunting and this one is called don't worry he won't get far on foot it's about a quadriplegic cartoonist actually it is about john callahan who is a well known cartoonist in the united states who died in two thousand and ten and it is a fictionalization of his autobiography actually it's all about his struggles with alcoholism and about his recovery after he became a quadriplegic and his development into the cartoonist that he became eventually yeah and this is we both thought this was a pretty strong movie a little disjointed the times i really have to say actually jonah hill in a supporting role really stall the show what do you think my absolutely stole the show is i'm filled with a lot of star power i have to say we've got rooney mara also in a supporting role a few other famous faces pop up but i know you just heard john king phoenix and joaquin phoenix was at the press conference he was in
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a ridiculously foul mood i have to say we were all there willing to to cheer him on because we thought he gave a great performance but he didn't want to answer questions he even turned away from the press at some point so i'm curious to see what he's going to be doing later on the red carpet behind us here is he is famously media shy even when one of our colleagues stood up to ask him a question about how he prepared for this role because it is such an interesting physical role he's confined to a wheelchair for most of and we asked him how he prepared for this and he just did not want to answer the question he has maybe one sentence. yanks all right so beware of walk in phoenix in a bad mood i guess. looking forward to seeing that from both of you. david leavitt's at the berlin international film festival we'll be talking to both a little bit later in the program. you're watching the news still to come the winter olympics offered plenty of thrills and spills and pyongyang including
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a golden display for this canadian here in half by we look at the headlines from day eleven. but first could a trade war be in the air between the e.u. and the us than the european union is certainly preparing for one survey authorities getting ready to slap high tariffs on american products like whiskey orange juice and motorcycles if donald trump carries out his threat to hit imported steel with punitive measures u.s. secretary of commerce wilbur ross has suggested the likelihood of putting a twenty four percent tariff on all still imports or introducing a quota china has already promised to retaliate by putting quotas on u.s. soil and other raipur cultural products and there are reports the e.u. is ready to implement tabs on target american products within days or commerce department says this is to tackle a global glut in still an alum india over supply things to beijing's ambitions to keep economic growth high china producing way more than it needs putting steel makers in the u.s. and e.u.
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out of business with dumping prices and how washington's trade sanctions could hurt everyone max often joins us from the e.u.'s defective capital brussels max what does brussels have in its arsenal. well first of all the u. commission confirmed to d.w. news that they did they have faired to retaliate in some kind of way ever since the g seven last year i don't really know if you remember that when trump now instead he might be in the game for some terrorists here and they have two ways of retaliating the first of all is of course they could slap on and you just mentioned that ben terrorists goods they choose motorcycles whiskey those are among those you mentioned earlier but of course they could also file an official complaint with the world trade organization what we're hearing is that the european union will target products from republican states now that sounds like the e.u. is getting involved in politics you won't get anyone here in brussels to confirm
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that officially of course if you focus on the products like motorcycles in wisconsin or harley davidson at least or whiskey in tennessee in kentucky you can associate those goods with states that can be associated in return with some politicians from the republican party or with the majority of republican voters i would be very careful with that why because those lists originated a long time ago under george w. bush we understand because of course there have been many trade tussles between the european union and the united states in the past already it seems they might have been updated now under the trump administration because it seems like this administration will really change course on trade but like i said they originated in a different time and really meddling here with the internal policies that's nothing that anyone here officially would confirm i think what we do know though is that both sides are preparing for the. but as you mentioned there are ways around is the
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w t o the world trade organization which trump doesn't say it sounds so interested in he sounds more interested in and around these types of institutions but surely that would diffuse any sort of trade wall. i think though that the easiest way of diffusing at least what you could call a trade conflict here between the european union the united states is trying but ministration chooses to not impose any tariffs on steel production in the european union and that's not a far shot because the main target here isn't the european union but china so it seems like not unlikely at least that if they do impose tariffs on steel production it would exclude the allies for example germany in the european union the european union as a whole and also countries like japan but if they don't well do we have a trade war then we probably will have retaliation but like i said earlier you know this is nothing new there has always been some scuttlebutt luna route between the european union and the united states for example in the agricultural sector so
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calling it really a full blown trade war i probably wouldn't do that but yes it would be taking a step back and having a trade. off of course in brussels thank you. general motors recently announced plans to shut down one of its full plants in south korea the decision welcomed by u.s. president trump who took it as an opportunity to criticize the free trade agreement with seoul but while some expected g.m. to close its remaining plants there it looks set to make a u. turn. g.m. is stuck between a rock and a hard place the com maker doesn't want to be the target of washington's america first policies but it doesn't want to ruin its reputation in south korea eva. it's certainly our preference to stay and to fix the business and continue to be an important part of the green economy and you know there's a lot of work to do to make that happen but i'm very i'm encouraged by the discussions that i'm optimistic that that that is an outcome that together we can
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achieve g.m. is now proposing to work with the korean government to keep the remaining factories open in exchange for a comic i would benefit from financial support and tax benefits the factory closure announced last week is a sensitive topic here work has staged a protest which seoul was watching closely some people in south korea feel g.m.'s decision to close the factory was driven by washington's protectionist measures for now the korean government is proceeding with measures to support those affected the city of good sun where the factory is located is to be declared a crisis zone. if a city is ignited unemployment crisis don't the government will set up an assistance plan for those laid off such as support through unemployment insurance. g.m. is one of the largest employers in this town so the factory closure will affect many lives.
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we have fully alias from v.w. sports with us because we want to hear the latest from pyongyang the winter olympics and pablo de eleven it was definitely a day for canada so we had the dual virtue and moir following up their record breaking ice dance routine for monday tell us more about that that's right now at these this pair here and that they have more than twenty years experience so it's a pretty special at gold for them and they claim their second the olympic gold in fact with a new kind of described as a brilliant free dance as you can see here it's pretty spectacular stuff. they also broke the world records and eclipse the world record that is actually being said just moments before by our tribals the french paragon briana puppet. see civil. so obviously a fantastic day for canada and also very memorable for this part of it this incredibly long career that is how together i can see are huge i am a huge fan of this yes that's right a huge day for canada also big as you said because kasey sharpe made her debut in
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the ski halfpipe that's right the twenty five year old as we can see here incredibly happy she was you know i mean it's a pretty it's pretty impressive stuff you make your debut and then you end up taking gold and of course like you said big day for kind of that this is a big fan of this because i think if you take a look i mean it's almost a perfect wired for this kind of thing is amazing and of course it's the women's ski halfpipe and it's sharp took after the second wrong which was ninety five point eight that was the point it was more than those to defeat from so he must. be american bridget securing him to third so obviously fantastic results for her and another memorable day for kind of another gold for them of course but how does team germany because they've also done really well that's right team germany are doing incredibly well they've got twenty three medals and eleven of which are gold and in fact today day eleven they had a clean sweep in the nordic combined. combines a ski jump and
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a cross-country race and if we let's not forget that on day ten they actually won gold in the bobsled and they've also won a gold in the fifteen fifteen kilometer must start by off alone to just make you a sport so big big big big for germany and it's great to see has to be said definitely great to see public on a more sober note there was a more serious headline coming from dale legan which was another failed doping test that's right it's really unfortunate that we really we need to be speaking of this now this follows on of course from alexander christian. speaking about him actually yesterday of course a russian athlete who tested positive for mel dhoni in the second test also find that he was positive for forward this substance which is actually legal in russia and several eastern european countries but today we're actually told. you know he's a civil union ice hockey player he's been ecstatic spelled because it was then that he had sinatra raul which is an ass from a drug not not
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a positive thing to be talking about that's for sure and also a little bit embarrassing for the i.o.c. all right public fully us from sports bring us up to date on dale levon from the winter olympics thank you public and so much to me. now here in germany the very first official monday night game in the bundesliga took place last night frankfurt live sick took to the pitch for this historic match with a place in the top three in the standings up for grabs. son protests at the first scheduled monday game and going to see history stewards were instructed not to intervene as frankfurt fans showed their discontent things remained peaceful as kickoff was pushed back five minutes. then leipsic jumped ahead shortly after one nil thanks to john kevin augustana. but frank but were quick to react to the chandler equalised just eight minutes later. and the home side found their groove another five minutes passed and kevin prince boateng had
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made it to one to turn the game around his fifth for the eagles this season. at half time firms continued their protest peppering the pitch with tennis balls when play continued leipsic thought they had a penalty but eventually the decision was overturned by the video assistant referee for an earlier offside. it was like six turn to protest as frankfurt would jubilant in victory jumping up to third in the table. that the champions league is back this evening byron munich taking on best a touch of turkey fire have dominated the bundestag of the season and they're aiming on using that momentum to rack up a vital win over the turkish champions. the icy weather in munich couldn't keep by munich off their training page. thirteen match winning streak in all competitions has the german champions brimming with confidence boxing coach pine cruz and his
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squad aren't resting on their laurels they are predicting a tough test. you will see that they can really play for. us it comes as no surprise to me that. they group and won all three away games and one young of if i just hope that we can put in a top performance so we can lay the foundations for the return leg johnson league. fit us will be. a packed stadium is expected at the allianz arena full of again this despite busy cash banning their supporters from attending the match buying defender mats hummels is convinced there will be plenty of turkish friends in the stadium to voice their support. so i organized two tickets for a couple of big test fans there are many turkish people living in germany and they follow turkish football they'll be loud perhaps not as loud as usual as they won't
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all be concentrated in one area which is often the case of to follow by a need to be wary tash are no pushover and they thrive in a big match atmosphere the question is can they pull off a shock in munich. euro go live to the berlin international film festival again coming up in two minutes. an entire generation robbed of thank you and their future syrian refugee children in lebanon their exploited as wage slaves and forced to work instead of going to school and it's a vicious cycle. but they are the ones who would have to rebuild syria levanon the last generation. of the five minutes on d w.
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we make up of what we want tells of a fix that under the to. the surface of the brain wants to shape the continent's future it's part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart. a new zealous need to see what's going on says the team sounds cold so cold shakes hands up to his colleagues boosts up by the flame. playing. people who put big dreams on the big screen. playing the movie magazines on the w. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in
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many languages. on top of the programming going there is. now with us our innovations magazine for in. the us from every week and looking to the future. science and research. welcome back you're watching news our top story the united nations is warning that the situation in the rebel held enclave. is spiraling out of control monitors say almost two hundred people have died there and government airstrikes since sunday. and germany's far right populist party alternative for germany has overtaken the social democrats for the first time in a national opinion poll the news comes out the critical vote on whether to join a coalition government with conservatives. right let's go right back to the
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berlin international film festival we have. david leavitt standing by for us again how you two so there's all sorts of stars great films give us an idea of what's been going on today. well happening right behind us at the moment is that for me are of a new film from last d.s. called an english season of the devil and it's a filipino film about a small town in the philippines struggling to survive under the marcos military dictatorship yeah and we should also mention this premiere started three hours ago this is a four hour long film and that's actually nothing new for a lot of diaz as one of the founding members of the slow cinema movement he was at the belly two years ago with an eight hour film so this is actually pretty short for him and it's pretty hard subject matter it's a very slow film but it's actually also a musical he's called it a rock opera so i have to say i was
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a little sad it wasn't eight hours long and never get enough rock opera never did it no but seriously the four four hours was was quite enough but a strong movie all right i'm excited to see what a rock opera looks like and four hours but there's a big brazilian director there that's also at the film festival tell us more about that. the director of the netflix series. there's a lot of buzz around him he's pretty up and coming he's here with his new movie this movie is called seven days in entebbe and it is a film that is somewhat of a fictionalization based on the true advance of the hijacking of an air france flight in the seventy's that had several dozen israeli passengers on board and it was hijacked by some left wing revolutionaries and palestinian activists now i walked away from this movie it was sort of a mixed feelings i have to say because this film was supposed to be telling the story from the point of view of the hijackers and again it's a film about the israeli palestinian conflict at its heart but the hijackers who we
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got to know the best were actually the two german hijackers and not the palestinian hijackers and overall well the film was very well made and really beautiful it was sort of ham fisted in the way it handled the political situation so if you're if you're sensitive about the israeli palestinian issue maybe this isn't the film for you i felt which i think most people are i think that's safe to say. always a hot topic festival we've got this look at the directors was a popular. the one nine hundred seventy six hijacking shocked the world now it's hitting the headlines again but this time as a movie the latest film. had its world premiere at the a film festival with a special place in the director's heart. a love of this festival i'm always so happy to come back here for the two women. and for good reason in two thousand and
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eight to presume to won the festival's top prize the golden bear for his film. it was his first feature length film and a huge success but that was just the beginning of his career. the sequel to that film elite squad was a worldwide hit at the box office he then went on to direct the blockbuster remake of robo cop and was executive producer of the netflix hit series markets. now he's presenting his latest work inspired by and based on actual events. we call upon revolutionary movements everywhere to focus the attention of the world on the palestinian people struggle to be these events took place in one thousand nine hundred six but it actually says a lot about the situation as we know it today is huge demand of the immediate release of forty palestinian prisoners being held by israel. he i think wanted to explore the flawed humanity of everybody you know show the problems show
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the weaknesses in the israeli government show the weaknesses in the terrorists fight he he was really a amazing collaborator. with his new film. has dared to venture into complex and sensitive territory perfect for a festival as political as the belly not. for a god certainly looks like high drama and a lot of controversy as we said good for the berlin film festival what else are you guys looking forward to. well one thing that we're definitely looking forward to this evening is actor willem dafoe is here you may know him from such films as last temptation of christ or platoon or even the spiderman films and he is here getting the honorary golden bear for lifetime achievement and there's really no better villain been willing to for is there really is just looking out that is like oh yeah real dastardly and he's in really good company with this honorary lifetime
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achievement award other people who have also gotten to include meryl streep ken loach macao was there in mckellen to try to remember if i run into. him and so we're really looking forward to soon to throw in just a little bit our day that we use david leavitt's and my a schrader for us at the berlin international film festival thank you both. back to ben now in media outlets in the u.s. and india say this next story amounts to a serious a conflict of interest well the trump family is taking its famous name on a marketing blitz to india or trump jr has arrived in delhi to flog luxury apartments and glad the wealthy indians who have already bought into a trump development just outside the capital potential by is being looted by a deal with the u.s. president's eldest son if they sign a sales contract by thursday. donald trump genius meeting with indian real estate developers didn't escape the media's attention he's come here to find buyers for
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a development at site the capital deli welcomed unsurprisingly with open arms by his local business partners it's a great discussion to have is themselves here he wants to understand what are the minds of the buyers what is the success of the will so far in terms of c.s. revenue was when is the construction starting with a lot of intense discussion which is happening we're trying to get himself to complex features one hundred eighty luxury apartments in true trump style with a golf course and shops attached. but that's just one of several projects in india bearing the trump name other developments are currently under construction in calcutta and mumbai the latest projects come to spite accusations that trumps president he could present a conflict of interest with critics accusing him of not sufficiently distancing himself from his family's business interests. in delhi what's trump judy doing exactly and who's he representing on this trip
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well donald trump jr is here he says not on a political trip he's here strictly for business reasons he's here representing the trump organization which he and his brother are now at the helm since his father became president last year were last year and yes so he's here doing that he's meeting business leaders while he's here is going on a whirlwind trip around various cities across the country but he is also making a speech on friday which is further complicating the picture whether there's conflict of interest here is giving a speech on friday at an event a business summit that prime minister narendra modi will also be attending and he'll be giving a speech today discussing the future of indo-pacific. exactly well if he's going to be lecturing foreign policy while at the same time trying to flog a pop and that sounds like a conflict of interests. yeah i mean it's certainly something that a lot of people have been raising particularly i would say in the u.s.
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media based here and there have been articles sort of using these issues by by many u.s. outlets and from their bureaus here the washington post c.n.n. the associated press a bad sort of raise this issue but if the indian newspapers are anything to go by in terms of of what the reception is here you might think that that he's actually being received with open arms you have got the times of india from a few days ago and you see here there's a full page ad on the front page of the times of india sort of advertising that ship and if you just go into the second page here. an image of donald trump jr and it's saying you know chump is here and advertising that potential chance to have been there with him with a lot of people are using as an issue that you know essentially advertising access to the president's son exactly i'll just let let me ask you this question what what signals of the world's biggest democracy is he sending to other countries
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i mean i think the signal that's being sent is that business is a major priority and so that's where you've got the trump family which which obviously donald trump sr is the president of the united states now but it's obviously a major business family prime minister narendra modi has always sort of presented himself as a business reformer pro-business leader and it's interesting that this is happening at the same time that the mood in prime minister justin trudeau has actually been in town this week as well and people have been saying that he's not been getting as warm reception as donald trump jr he doesn't have a pop and the phone does a fascist thank you very much for joining us from delhi. thank you thank you betty thank you ben now too the struggle to eradicate this so-called islamic state it's a struggle that extends far beyond the middle east analysts warn that terrorist
3:41 pm
militants could build a second front in the southern philippines where the i.a.s. has been gaining ground now last year militants linked to i asked. now that is the city of two hundred thousand and they did that for about two months after fierce clashes with the militants the president has now declared victory over the i.a.s. others are not so sure that is the case. state troops destroying weapons used by the so-called islamic state. it was a public display of power broadcast on philippines evening news president rodriguez to church i wanted to send a strong signal to the i.a.s. and to the public this fire arms that the. today show has served as a symbol. to defend our freedom. against dorsal so weird and be stuck in. the southern city of model where this is where the biggest battle between government troops and i as forces took
3:42 pm
place now the provincial capital lies in ruins over a thousand people died in the fighting here eventually government troops were able to retake the city but the destruction and persistent poverty seemed to work in favor of the i.a.s. . one hundred fifty kilometers self philippine military speedboats patrol the rio grande river the south of the country is on the highest terror alert here i sympathize as routinely carry out attacks water taxis are particularly suspect many of them a used by the islamic militants to smuggle weapons philippines you say barely border. state in the southeast each year for launching their own bags. because there are. a lot of social issues that make. people or they can use to radicalize people and. run away to an undisclosed
3:43 pm
location beyond the regular patrols of government security forces. citizens themselves taking up weapons and forming groups in many areas like here on this farm just kilometers away from a stronghold the farmers here a christian and they know their prime targets that they call the group the red gods defenders their weapons are old and in terrible condition and very few people here believe the war is purely about religion. you know what. they're not i mean the i.r.s. has a lot of money that's why so many people have joined them the islamists say to them don't worry we'll take care of you that's their propaganda here and throughout the philippines. not have been look none is muslim and he's one of the most influential clan leaders a model we. joining the siege of his hometown he had some seventy christians in his house saving their lives for many here he's
3:44 pm
a local and says he's convinced that the islamists are not attracting recruits with religious messages but most of all with financial reward in abundance and in the budget. but i want the us to reveal to me people just need to. be mercy. he said because if you found something. so you know that you. know so much. the i.o.c. left their mark in malawi a muslim metropolis in a mostly catholic philippines many residents here are better and that means vote all ground for the terrorist organization has been known to recruit children like thirteen year old abdul his teacher promised him money if he joined abdullah says boys like him a paid one thousand dollars an unbelievable sum for them. yeah. i've got a bike with the money. on the basketball. i also
3:45 pm
bought a lot of food. for. the rise of violence in the region meet some gentle me's a now working together. around some. months until a short while ago this was annoyance controlled area. a group of rebels have since reclaimed. this same group had carried out a guerilla war against the government for decades now they're working with the government spearheading the fight against the i.a.s. the. muslims fighting islam is also part of the story. the next generation will hopefully have a better life. where not fighting here for ourselves but for everyone regardless of
3:46 pm
their muslim or christian. but that wish for a better life could still be a long way off because the fight against the i.a.s. in the philippines is far from over. now some of you might have seen this before it's an iconic image of silent protest that's now fifty years old after winning the two hundred meters at the nine hundred sixty eight olympics tommy smith and his teammate john carlos who came third in the race raised their fists in a black power salute they were booed forced out of the game suspended from the u.s. olympic team but they're just of defiance became legendary and it emboldened others . we're honored to have here the legendary tommy smith and john carlos the owner of the over there the powerful silent protest. in the one nine hundred sixty eight games was
3:47 pm
controversial but it woke folks up and created a greater opportunity for those that follow. well smith and carla says silent protest was the inspiration behind the recent take a neat campaign by a n.f.l. players here in america it started when a former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback calling capper nick knelt during the national anthem and he said he was challenging racial injustice and police brutality for president donald trump has repeatedly lashed out against the n.f.l. players who joined the protests in september and twittered here the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race it's about respect for our country flag a national anthem the n.f.l. must respect this well here in germany soccer players showed their solidarity with the n.f.l. demonstrators berlin team took a need to for a bundesliga match in october to protest against racism in sports.
3:48 pm
and i'm joined by the man who inspired those just as a protest a man who stood on the podium in one nine hundred sixty eight with his fist race tommie smith tommy thank you so much for joining us on our program today is your pleasure thank you great to have you take us back as i know you've had to do so many times to that day october sixteenth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight why did you decide to raise the fist i tommie smith from. one of twelve i have to look change you are on the fence anything that i've do to make change for to make things better and i was blessed to move forward enough strong enough to have a platform to help human nature and the only project for human rights not only not the only project for black rights as inclusive of course and black because you saw a black this people associated that with power right people you're right but also they said black power which is representative of black fist which means power so
3:49 pm
that's fine but my thought for it was not a platform of hate was not a platform remorseful scene it was a cry for freedom. and from the young twenty four year old lives needed to survive without war did you know that cry for freedom was going to be so controversial when you took to the podium. hope people understand that you time your craft something that means justice has not been done enough to make it even a morality to be thankful for really. most things of mosul should be thankful no i did not answer your question. quickly but they did move to a point where others begin to see as to seeing by the way even in athletics that the need for them to become involved want to practice level is mighty full it justifies the. illegalities of stupidity and the need to get them to get involved come on folks involve yourself still today an important
3:50 pm
message now a lot of people don't know that you received an incredible backlash after that just tell us what happened and how bad things got you know young and it was a backlash even before i got to mexico city because this was not a spur of the moment or deal it was the finally justified in the meetings of young black athletes who were hopeful for the olympic movement and because i was on the platform to start this jose state university a year before the olympic games it was over and i just with finality justification and pride and it was decided by the athletes that there would not be a boycott but each athlete will represent himself according to how he thought a country represented him they gave them the liberty to move freely in the olympic statues there are other games taking place in tommy smith who started to movement
3:51 pm
finished movement i want to ask you about another man on the podium that was the silver medalist peter norman he also took part in this protest how significant was that force a plea to made it significant in. his own right by becoming the silver medalist peters from austria as most people know and his whole family had a history of working for freedom and even his country so it wasn't so much that peter backed tommie smith and john carlos peter only showed his understanding his belief also in human rights so give him his pride in his own feeling not thomas with john carlos involvement with him tom i want to ask you as we were sitting here and you're looking at the same age behind you that isn't big enough when you look at it what do you feel i feel sad for the kid up there doing that because i know he didn't want to do it but he had to do it because he was put there. divine spirit to
3:52 pm
do what the one else could do because of that was his platform and everyone noticed i'm sure that it was a santa gesture so each person who viewed that hopefully saw themselves and wondered why did my doing this hoard of my doing this for tammi smith did it for who are the young people looking at now what does that mean to them it's a positive and i know so positive because it's been revealed to me through many many cases such as color and such as the football players the need to move forward proactively without the danger of needing it later this is a battle you've continued continued and the reason you're in germany is that you're receiving the dresden peace prize is indeed when you look and congratulations to you on that when you look at the situation today do you feel satisfaction do you feel frustration i feel a moral. pride. in people
3:53 pm
that want to find and create and move forward progress of it and this takes thoughtful conversation not repine but confining your thought into words to make people understand i'm for real i want to move forward you know when all those war came from a citizen that were destroyed by a war i'm talking about peace talk this is a new age this is new day i think come the sation not only between brothers and sisters or calls an answer deads it but i think conversation of nations. part of that conversation even though we've come a long way is the fact that we've seen the black lives matter movement take off in the u.s. we saw on the wall behind us the image of colin kaepernick taking in the in the criticism he's received also bron james getting into a twitter battle with sure the u.s. president you know when you look at that how far have we come to come
3:54 pm
a long ways. a long way verbal or physically will come further as for we're going to keep them as close to passing the closing as possible and that's why the athletes are so important young folks see athletes as as role models they see athletes as actors and i think the athletes oh oh oh great. opinionated due to the people who are watching them and trying to take on roles such as them so at least you're great why don't we move gratefully forward so these young folks into better than we're doing to try to create a world blowing up are you hopeful when you see movements like the one that was started by calling copper nickel you hopeful for the future of affluence and the statements that they're making of sports i think from keep moving and my hope is that conversation will will will be in the rules to the betterment of of factual. getting together growing you know it's a grassroots now and i think it's going to blossom to
3:55 pm
a beautiful row someday but we still have to till it was still have to till you know two roses neither survive that's a great note to end our conversation on tammi smith congratulations to you on the dresden peace prize and thank you again for joining us on our manager. or you're watching debut news from berlin a label her rock will be here with an update on your headlines at the top of the hour i think they would have. the be . the be.
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the be. the but. the be. the to. the be.
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an entire generation rob just you and their future syrian refugee children in lebannon their exploited us wage slaves and forced to work instead of going to school on the beaches site called. but they are the ones who would have to rebuild syria levanon the last generation. is to its own d. w. . o. the fast pace of life in the digital camera out the shift has the lowdown on the way that it shows up new developments useful. information and anything else worth knowing. presents the. lip looks over the shoulders of makers and choosers. shifts to mitt. romney. and while.
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playing. by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks. the first get a. touch. starting february twenty seventh. european stocks still it doesn't perform insists the lead. player live concerts every weekend luck in concert. in a plane a. store and i think one day this war will be considered cruel and
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unjust war of a. certain night all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child the only friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here which is that is. against the global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. this is it every news line from berlin the deadliest day yet to any perceived rebel
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held on plate in syria pro-government forces conduct their worst bombardment in a single day killing nearly one hundred people including children and families in eastern guta airstrikes alarming the un which calls for an end to senseless human suffering also coming.


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