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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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a new face off in syria pro regime forces arrived in the northern kurdish enclave of offering with one goal push back the turkish invasion as shots fired the specter of direct conflict between damascus and gross i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. another go. to our operation may look like it's moving slowly because we're making sure we're not putting the lives of our security forces at risk and we are aware the civilians. into this so called the illegal ones are providing turkey with security come the result i'm satisfied. through direct
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dialogue with the syrian government. at the same time it takes time to get prepared in the field. that the siege of afrin city center will start rapidly in the coming days. i think that the problem this problem is the sort. of thing. we begin in syria where at this hour the fight for our freedom has become all the more complicated there are reports that hundreds of prover seem fighters have arrived in the northern kurdish enclave to take a stand against a turkish led offensive in the region in fact reports say that shots have already been fired raising the specter of a deadly direct confrontation between turkey and the syrian regime turkey says that
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it will lay siege to the city in the coming days. well we will ask a high ranking official from turkey's a k party about that in just a moment but first here is turkish president recha type ared won speaking on tuesday. toward the evening today we determined that they were about ten pickup trucks full of shia militia coming towards a free and then they were forced to turn back off the shelling this file has been closed for now. during conversations with the russian and iranian presidents and these are issues we have already agreed on i said these kinds of terror organizations may take wrongful actions like this sometimes when they make their own decisions of course we cannot let them do that they will pay a high price. and joining us now from istanbul is her ruin our magon he is
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a high ranking member of president rest of typing out of one's a key a k party thanks so much for joining us this evening there is a. now we just heard president erika one describing the reinforcements damascus is sending to our frame as ten pickup trucks of shia militia is he in denial about assad's support for the wipe e.g. . well first of all i would like to like to correct the bird that was using your footage turkey isn't in the raiding syria turkey is doing its self defense and it is a given right to turkey at international at you an article fifty one because we have been we have been attacked from the syrian border over seven hundred times in last one year and that gives us why to self-defense and clear the track that is threatening to people on our border so we but also membrane mr arm and on i mean
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this this is currently syrian territory isn't it. are you saying that because you know you have had those and. are you willing to go to war with syria right now. right like sarah i think i am trying to make it very clear that we are not in a more with a country we are just trying to nationalize a trade to our students and borders and this is an international the right given to turkey as a part of international law in two thousand and twelve we meet we updated the rule of engagement in our syria border look we have over nine hundred kilometers border and then there is isis there is. to speak a key n p y d in syria there is a civil war in this country and three million people who came to our country and many more are coming and now when we are try to neutralize the threat it's not
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a tech opinion a war to a country it's just securing the people that actually police and leading to us and securing our border that make it very clear we are very open that there's and we want to make it very clear for everyone we we are respecting the territorial unity of syria this is why we are the only country that is a fighting with all terrorist organizations in syria and let me give you one example that when we make the operation in durables over one hundred thousand people went back to syria for resettlement and this is more than many countries many european countries a number of the accepted refugees i mean turkey is stabilizing syria. it's very clear especially from what you're saying and also the rhetoric that we've heard from from turkish leaders that you have committed to this offensive but ultimately now it seems as if as if the dynamics on the ground are changing with
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the involvement of these prover shion forces given that aren't you worried that the russians assad's allies that they might close the airspace over offering to turkish aircraft and how would that change your calculation we are being very clear on our position regarding when it comes to terrorist organization whether it's isis or p.k. kit and we shared our concerns and our position very clearly with russia the united states and other allies in the region including iran and syria and we made it very clear that will never allow any theories organization to to florists in our border if some local forces connected to redeem are supporting and helping the terrorists organizations and we would we would do what is necessary to be done to to naturalize it and we've been very clear on that but today with the president's speeches we really have also seen that that we really are in contact with president
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putin and we are sharing information with president rouhani and we are sure that the local forces maybe our uncontrolled local forces will be will be more careful when the are actually supporting a terrorist organization. now president and one for his part i mean he says that turkish forces will lay siege to the city of affray why isn't turkey planning to take the city by assault. well we are not we left i said we are not trying to take in city we just want to natural is a church that has been attacking turkish border in turkey seasons more than seven hundred times in last twelve months i mean maybe our european partners and allies don't know that but there is. the in syria are the same organization that turkey is fighting over twenty years and let me make it really clear that. the the
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main branch of spew id's is also a terrorist organization according to lethal so we are actually defending need to voters in syria and we are doing this for a should and i would like to my people to drive loose you have his feet of aeration areas when we cleared from isis be open to the legal. settlement of the syrians now one of the best services of health is to the education are given will is men serious from another other regions are coming to this aria we made it very clear in the beginning when syrian war was starting no one can take three million refugees the are hosting over three million people in our country and the we think that the solution is creating security zones inside syria so people can stay in their own countries and we made a remote we made an example in your field should operation and this in this
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operation we expect our allies calm with us later with us against this terrorist organization and create more security security zone and so people can go back to syria and i'd like to talk a little bit more about those alliances and also some of the terminology they have been using you've been you've been saying that they're fighting against terrorist organizations are your friend there to the syrian kurds or grouping them with the p k k but ultimately we know that the groups that are there in syria the y.p. g the p.y.t. they are really seen as allies of the united states at least the united states is backing them in the fight against the so-called islamic state are you concerned are you prepared for a potential backlash among your nato allies. we are not we are not fighting you mean to the syrian kurds europe i think only the terrorists if you are the m.p. cake in syria indeed we have accepted over two hundred thousand syrian kurds who really are actually fleeing from close to take it there is purity and assad regime
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so if you were fighting with the reply to it he wouldn't we wouldn't really accept that they are now used to living in turkey and they are eating for the day that the syria they are all soldiers. so close to thirty three will be safe and they will go but so why why we are fighting with thirty three to tell you why because they are attacking turkey forward to in the us two years ago secretary of defense. carter he made it very clear that the n.p.t. does seem to sort of innovations but they are using this organization to fight against isis now we would like to we would like to make it very clear that one terrorist organization is fighting another is a terrorist organization doesn't give any legitimacy all terrorist organizations are the same and if you want a more stable tyria if you want syrian people go back to their country we should nor terrorist organization to be strengthen our own armagh on high ranking member
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of president of type there to once a k party with thank you very much for joining us this evening with your view we appreciate it. here in germany the center left social democrats have launched a crucial inter internal vote on whether to enter a second coalition with angela merkel's conservative members of the party have a little over a week to cast their ballots and the deal is deeply divided the as pretty as rank and file and it's battle that has pitted the party establishment against its future leaders in some cases the divisions run through family. father and son one for the grand coalition the other against at this s.p.d. event in northern germany there's only one question on everyone's minds should the party risk another coalition with anglo merkel's conservatives it's up to party members to decide including fabby and stake now the critical young socialist and
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his father the veteran s.p.d. man and takes a leader with the party rausch taking or. i believe the majority of members will say yes if we convince them so we need to use the time i'll try to do my part even so for his son fabio and most of the party's younger members it's far from a done deal they want change. that's going to fail even if we need to be more proactive in forward looking string quartets are ok but we need some heavy metal too and a political keyboard. at home with his statements and of course there's plenty of talk about politics the prospect of governing with anglo-american for another four years has triggered a number of arguments between father and son during this shift give the grand coalition doesn't happen i think we'd face a debacle and pressure elections it'd be likely because everyone would blame us for pulling out. but fabby understatement believes the party needs to have courage and
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refocus on its core values when the club where people say this is social democracy this is the kind of society we want this is our idea of humanity of social cohesion of solidarity in social justice. things are certainly not harmonious in the s.p.d. right now the rank and file is spit right across the party. critically i'll vote against the grand coalition quite simply because it would not be good for the s.p.d. this bullshit is pretty. good there should be i've been a member of this party for over forty years but if the majority refuses to appreciate the many things that was achieved and the good cabinet posts we've gained then i'll be handing in my party membership. for. coaching is set to continue until march the second social democrat members will get to decide on the fate of germany's next government and the future of the country's oldest political party. and i am joined now here in the studio by tim brett man who
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joined the s.p.d. only last summer he is a member of a branch here in berlin welcome to the program tim glad to have you thank you for having me why did you join me at fifty because i want to be part of the change and i was seeing like the d.s.p. the falling everything is very bad so i decided i can either be outside and just complain or i just start to be part of the political process and i mean things really fell actually you know and in the election we know that they have that historic disappointment when it came to the vote losing a lot of ground to the s.p.d. in terms of support how are you going to vote when it comes to the grand coalition this is a really big vote that's coming up in the next week yes of course i will vote for no so very clear. vote against the. coalition deal so i mean that really sets the country up then into uncharted
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territory because that would mean no grand coalition with angela merkel's conservatives aren't you worried what will happen to the s.p.d. if there are new elections this year. i don't think so because i don't i'm not quite sure if there will be new elections so there's another option. that minority rule for example so that this is a little says she won't do that she says that she doesn't want to minority government yeah but it would be the first time that she changes her mind right. fair point very fair point tim i want to talk with you a bit more about the dynamics within the party itself because you know the youth of the s.p.d. they asked people to join the party just to vote no. if the vote is decided by those people we know twenty five thousand that that's about the number which have done so is that democratic in your view because you know is it democratic to join a party just to vote no and
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a ballot that then you know will probably leave again i think it is them a critic because i think that most of the people who joined us did you know they will stay in the s.p.d. they don't come just for leaving a vote and then they leave like this ten euros for a vote or something like that so i don't think that they will leave i hope that they will stay and then it's a big it's a good deal for democracy in germany right because twenty five thousand people joined the democratic party. the presumptive head of your party she made a very passionate plea. for negotiation with angela merkel's conservatives and we have to say that i mean your party got major concessions you got three of the most powerful ministries under your control isn't it irresponsible to leave that deal and walk away i wouldn't say so because from my point of view it's
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not so much about what's in this coalition deal or which ministries we can get more it's more about. the responsibility but responsibility as well but a. whole believable the party leadership is so whatever they say so it might not be true so even if we have a great deal. it's it's not a fixed we cannot be sure if this will really happen so why should i say yes i cannot trust this leadership anymore i really feel that from you that you you feel as if you can't even trust people that are within your own party and that really leads me to the question because we see so many young people within the as that which are which are going up against the senior officials within the party is there a generational conflict right now in the s.p.d. and if so why do you think that that is happening that's a difficult question because i don't have numbers. that would be really.
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of the so well because i don't know if there's a general conflict so of course the young people who are against the many young people do the usals which is the use organisation of the social democrats they are against this coalition but that does not necessarily mean that all young people and old people are standing against each other. ultimately i mean the saying goes a house divided cannot stand you're right. both within your party now with these divisions and also within the country don't you think that there needs to be more of an atmosphere of consensus building of working together because i mean if we just look internationally for example there's so much change in the world right now you know many of the world's looking to germany for leadership looking to germany for consistency are you putting the priorities of your party over the priorities of
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the country i think that's too easy because we need this party in this country. if we go in this coalition we were is the existence of the party so in four years i don't want to stand on the street and explain to the people why they should vote for this party who i cannot believe myself in anymore. so i think that's once more dangerous ok and you have that ballot i think right here if you can just show us this is this is just to tell our viewers this is the ballot that s.p.d. members have received and over the next week there are going to be voting yes or no as to whether or not to enter a coalition with angle americans conservatives and tim bragman thank you very much for joining us this evening to tell us about your vote we know it will be no way as it is for many young people within your party too and so thank you for joining us to share that view thank you very much.
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well now down at the berlin international film festival do you know because my fader and david leavitt's are standing by the lucky ones who get to watch all the movies and there's been a lot going on at the red carpet this evening hasn't there. as we just saw willem defoe arrive to receive his honorary golden bear for a lifetime achievement. and what a lifetime what a versatile actor you know we were talking to him earlier and he was telling us about some of the roles he played and how he wants to get as far away from his own normal life as possible playing some dastardly villains playing jesus what a versatile actor and what a great person to honor and you might know him from such films as the last temptation of christ or even the spiderman films in the early o's but he's actually nominated for an oscar this year and he's had an expansive career with lots of different sorts of roles and here let's take a look at that career. i got a videotape of the kids illegally entering the room through the skin and you're out
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. in his most recent movie the florida project willem dafoe place motel manager bobby. the money is the. huge the performance could win him an oscar this year it's this third oscar nomination after the war movie platoon and the nosferatu shadow off the vampire. family to follow close the character max check an actor who takes his role as vampire a bit too seriously. you get the stomach muscular think that's what is about right it's a great expense you will not damage this production. when i'm to phillis biggest blockbuster success came in two thousand and two a scientist turned villain green goblin and the marvel movies spider-man. you
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just said i'm down. and. i'm too we're in this together just show has proved more than once that he's a master of many roles. and what a career he has had and he isn't the only hollywood star that has been down there at the berlin alah today tell us a little bit more about today's big film. well a little earlier we saw joaquin phoenix walk the red carpet he was here for his new movie directed by gus van sant it's called don't worry he won't get far on foot this is quite a story it's a true story actually it's a dramatic comedy it's about the cartoonist john callahan who is originally from portland in the us and he is actually quadriplegic and this entire movie is about his struggle with alcoholism and his accident that made him paralyzed and his
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becoming a cartoonist through that it's very hurtful that's very honest alcoholism and i thought i thought the storytelling here was a little disjointed i have to be honest but i did think that the performances were stellar especially joaquin phoenix and some of the supporting characters jonah hill as has a sponsor what a performance they're not want hume phoenix we saw also earlier on the red carpet he was in an ok mood he was taking selfies with the fans earlier not so much he was definitely not in a good mood when we saw him at the press conference just after the screening of the movie and he is known as being very media shy but he actually turned his back on the press in the room when we were asking him questions and refused to answer one of our colleagues questions when she said to ask him how people cared for the role so not not in a good mood earlier today at home or you seem to perk up for the red carpet so hopefully he's having a good time to belly not only if we are. ok you have bums out down there though for
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politeness you should always be nice to the press. meantime we know berlin all up easily obviously obviously the berlin wall is of course renowned for its gritty ads and yet i understand you've actually been to see a musical today do i hear that right. yes unfortunately this musical did not have any singing cats or mysterious phantoms and interesting themes it was it was quite a gritty as a musical as musicals go also quite experiment so it was a four hour long film by the filipino director no this is actually quite short for him normally or i should say two years ago he came with an eight hour film so we were good he cut it a little short for us this time here's a look at his musical season of the devil. you see i must. have been boise like about how he sung
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out almost gotten to me on what you would have thought it was. a song. season of the devil picks up on a dark chapter in philippine history the marcos dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. militant groups oppress a village and the jungle causing its members to slowly turn against each other a toxic atmosphere when no one is saying. independent filmmaker. so just the latest one to watch there at the berlin david leavitt's with the very latest from the red carpet to both of you thank you very much. well the day is nearly done but don't forget as always the conversation continues online find us on twitter iraqi deputy news my handle at sarah kelly t v the hash tag the day i hope to see you again tomorrow thanks for watching.
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