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watching g.d.p. news coming to you live from berlin a new escalation looms in northern syria pro syrian government forces enter the town of offering to help the kurds defend against a turkish offensive turkish president out of one says stay out or pay a heavy price we'll go live to istanbul. also in syria the shelling intensifies in eastern guta monitors say more than two hundred fifty people have been killed in the damascus suburbs since sunday. also on the program promoting your film at the
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belly not a means for lots of early morning press calls for books like act three walking phoenix didn't get that memo again director gus van sant teamed up to answer questions about their new film a contender for the festival's top prize to bring you all the details. hello i'm terry march and good to have you with us. in syria government backed troops have entered a free and a kurdish enclave in the north of the country turkey is preparing to lay siege to the city as part of an offensive against kurdish militia it be used as terrorists and a security threat but the arrival of troops backed by damascus is stoking fears of a confrontation with turkey that could further complicate syria's bitter civil war . pro syrian government forces chant unity slogans
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after entering the northern enclave of offering they've come to help kurdish fighters resist the turkish offensive which began a month ago. we are in the heart of three in with huge numbers and will stay here until we kick out the ottoman turks occupiers. turkey says its troops out of the area and force the pro-government fighters to retreat president type everyone has warned them to stay away. which is unfortunately as you know these kinds of terror organizations take the wrong steps with the decisions they make. of course it's impossible for us to allow this they will pay a heavy price. russia's foreign minister is calling for dialogue saying the syrian conflict can only be resolved if all parties respect each other's territorial integrity. still. i'm convinced
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that turkish legal interests with regards to ensuring security can be fulfilled and satisfied through direct dialogue with the syrian government she was pretty movies a little sprightly to cityscape q. ankara says the offensive is aimed at driving out the kurdish wide p.g. militia which it views as terrorists and a threat to turkish security but the latest fighting raises the prospect of a wider escalation of the conflict. our correspondent dorian jones is following developments for us from istanbul dorrian turkish and syrian government forces together with their allied militias are now facing off in how serious is this confrontation. well there has to potential to be extremely serious at the moment we are talking about only several hundred militias linked to the massacres entering africa and joining the syrian kurdish militia in the of the
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fight against this turkish offensive the numbers are relatively small and given the fact that we're talking about a force of thirty or forty thousand turkish and it's militias that it is supporting involved in is offensive what will be concerned about is this is the beginning of a new development will further militias linked to damascus and iran join this fight along with heavy weapons that they do have including tanks and armored cars at the moment it's unclear to massacres hasn't made any official statements over this there has been speculation that these militias that join the syrian kurds. are linked and have previously fought with the syrian kurdish militia in the past is this part of a wider development is unclear one thing is sure will be on the phone to moscow and tehran probably to say that this has to end the risk of a much wider confrontation looms which will have major implications in particular for moscow's efforts to bring an end to the syrian civil war but turkey is
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expressing resolve for its offensive inside syria can turkey still expect to succeed with its military offensive in given that assad's troops have now entered the fray. well this is a big question i think that's what we will be seeing is that turkey will be accelerating its operations in the african enclave we've already heard from the turkish president on tuesday that they will be planning to lay siege to our friends main city which is also called our friend in the coming days that is a sign that. possibly has only a limited time to secure its goals before major changes on the ground a key factor here will be what. currently control syrian air space it is at the moment allowing turkish jets to continue supporting the offensive into syria if that is removed that will be a major setback to the took and will put its operation in doubt it will be now
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almost given the fact is also an important part of the syrian regime daryn thank you so much. there in istanbul. staying in syria there's mounting international concern about the latest assault on eastern buttah off the rebel held area has been under bombardment by syrian government forces and independent monitors now say that more than two hundred fifty people have been killed there since sunday. is a group of suburbs on the outskirts of damascus duma is the main town there in the enclave which is completely surrounded by forces the siege which lasted more than four years is thought to have trapped up to four hundred thousand residents the u.n. says it's deeply alarmed by the escalating. in the bombed out carcass of. these are the lucky ones terrified shaken but still walking.
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first responders i'll show them to safety and hear wait siren underlines the arjen say as the escape yet. the government's four year long aerial siege of the rebel held in place has intensified in recent days. with hundreds killed and injured and two national observers see it marks a new epoch of violence. we are witnessing some of the worst fighting of the entire conflict and the widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure including medical facilities. wors received reports of attacks of five hospitals in eastern go into and it's working to verify these reports and the casualties. the syrian opposition leader begged for an
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international response saying the atrocities a moment or two a war crime. this be pulled these children had been killed just out of their midst . because of the been of the sea the average him on the militias and the russian. forces they are claiming that this artist this is our children and that it will five years. the bloodshed is so relentless here unicef should have blank statement and response the u.n. agency for children said words couldn't describe the suffering. which is left to numbers to tell the story of the staff of station but even monitoring groups can barely keep up with the daily death toll here. let's go now to damascus where my watch is standing by live from the united nations world food program thanks for talking with us a recent report from the u.n.
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world food program said that some civilians and they were collapsing from hunger described a dire situation how much worse has that situation there in eastern due to become in the last two days. yeah the world who program is increasingly alarmed by the escalation in violence which is leading to higher and higher levels of food insecurity basically people do not have any access to the markets who markets are closed under bombardment and we have news that several of the bakeries that exist inside this enclave have been destroyed we also know that every week there is about thirty thousand to forty thousand bread bundles that are weekly produced to serve the population those big groups are no longer available so the situation is getting worse and people are forced to stay underground to avoid the shelling unable to go on to the streets or whatever's left of them to collect or buy food so
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a dire situation there in eastern guta what about aid organizations getting there and getting food for example of other supplies medical supplies into eastern ghouta how how difficult is it to get in. it's extremely difficult and very frustrating for the world food program and other united nations agencies we have been requesting repeatedly for access and after seventy eight days of requests we finally got approval to enter into chevy which is an area on the southern eastern part of eastern huta and we went there last week delivering food to only seven thousand two hundred people and this accounts for two point five percent of the total needs. the local councils told us that the food was so little they would have to actually the light each ration into five portions to be able to share it with the most vulnerable families this is why we continue to call for access but first
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we need a suspension of hostilities because we cannot go in as convoys under shelling what more would do the people in eastern guta need from your organization and other aid organizations what do they need. well when you're living in besiegement for a long time you cease to have access to food medical assistance or just basic commodities to be able to carry on with your life on a daily basis you're also missing education you're missing you're missing shelter you're missing blanket or i means to have electricity so what needs to happen is for the fighting to stop and then humanitarian organizations including the world food programme can then go in and assess the situation but also provide emergency humanitarian assistance from our perspective that would be food that would then sustain the people on a week to week basis but what thank you very much for talking with us that was. their talking to us from damascus she's with the u.n. world food program. now to some of the other stories
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making headlines around the world today at least five thousand people have been cut off by landslides and hundreds of tourists are stranded after a powerful storm battered new zealand's sol final and the storm was the tail end of cycling which tore through several pacific nations last week the u.s. state department says north korea canceled a planned meeting with vice president mike pence at the last minute he was supposed to hold talks with government representatives during the olympic games in south korea go on chang reportedly scrapped the idea after parents denounced the north's human rights abuses. and brazil senate has approved a decree that authorizes the army to take command of police forces in the state of rio de janeiro the measure comes in a bid to curb violence driven by drug gangs brazil's president michel thomas said they have virtually taken over urban rio.
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let's check on what's happening at the berlin film festival now yesterday saw a screening of gus van sant latest film don't worry it won't get far on foot it's based on the true story of a cartoonist battling disability with and alcoholism it was a highly anticipated film at the belly knowledge but the excitement wasn't universal. what came phoenix and press conference is apparently not a good mix his media performance wasn't quite up to his acting performance when it came to promoting his new film doesn't like press conferences at all but was a direct and like good will hunting for gus van sant he could be forgiven for thinking the film itself. it tells the story of controversial american cartoonists john callahan exploring his life his approach of p.j. and his numbers with alcoholism. start.
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filling stones jack black am dream aren't you will say see comedy after jonah hill as never before is a hot willing picture of one love struggle to reinvent himself to trying today. how did you tap this road was easy to get. over. you know you just do like what you have to do just. try to learn as much about the character as you can and hope the. phoenix and co you must've done something right the film was critically acclaimed when it premiered at sundance last month now it's getting a warm reception here in berlin. well joining us now in the studio is by colleague miller the current debacle she's part of our team covering the berlin film festival
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for us this year good morning america don't worry you won't get far on foot screened at the ballet nala yesterday we saw that the store you walk in phoenix was i don't know maybe jetlag for that so we heard no report that was warmly received so was the audience enthusiastic the audience was enthusiastic and you know as graded telling in a very empathetic way of the. stories of care of those living on the fringes of society there are many moments in the film that make you smile that sometimes make you laugh loud so yeah the reception has been warm there was some critics though saying that the story wasn't really headed anywhere so we'll we'll see what comes of that. film is competing with eighteen others for the gold and silver bearers at this film festival how do you rate the film's chances of actually winning what is a major director you know him from hollywood his done plenty of movies that like
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good will hunting and he's also a household name in the belly not that he's been hand numerous times four times in the competition so he is used to those kinds of awards but i don't think that movie is going to make some people have argued that the story isn't headed anywhere that that's too much going on and i think we've really we've had a strong i mean it was in the competition can phoenix might get one he was exceptional if he wakes up here and say we're going to let me do that so what do you make of the other films in the competition to get eighteen films competing there are you seeing a lot of them i know what do you make we've had so many great months it's really difficult to choose which ones mind to win but i think two of the main contestants might be and f.e.m.a. and transit so let's figure mia is from the spree as she's one of the four direct the female directors nominated in this competition and it's a really really powerful story of motherhood battling to mother thing with each
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other over one adopted daughter who finds herself in the middle and is trying to find a sense of belonging trying to find out who she is and that is just a very very moving grieving story so as with all the meat to talks going on being in the headlines i think a lot of three have a story has a really good shot or maybe trended from by a christian petzold the german. director that is also a really really powerful story so it about a man being not a patient he's seeing from paris to must say takes on the identity of the dead right and what makes the movie so powerful is that it's set in modern day must see and has taken from the pots refugees from the past blending in with refugees from today and that makes it really compelling so you pretty see that these issues of huge strides really travel across said time and space and resonate very well i
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think with the audience the german press is very enthusiastic about the trends that have to keep an eye on that now the gold and silver bears they're going to be awarded here in berlin this coming weekend but there has already been one golden bear presentation at the film festival so for tell us about that it's ok that has been one where you've been the photo came yesterday to receive his honorary bat for his lifetime achievement and yet he is a major of maser agta in hollywood as well you know him from movies like platoon and who cries and of course you don't know him from spider-man love him as the villain. both the prez. and does it take to see him my colleagues actually try to get a selfie with them i'm not sure if they manage to yeah you have to falseness very close relationship with berlin does have a stage acting here too it comes your first company from time to time millar the crew the ball covering the belly no the forest thank you so much.
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is the end of a massive oil use in sight b.p. has released its annual energy out there and it says that twenty thirty five is the when we will reach the peak oil demand after that renewable energy will take a far larger piece of the pie there's still a long way to go before then though prompting even the c.e.o. of oil and gas giant b.p. to call for a shift towards a less harmful few. automotive companies all over the world or betting on the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the coming decades and they're not the only ones. boyland gas giant b.p. is anticipating the same it predicts a one hundred fold growth in electric vehicles by twenty forty and a corresponding hit to the world's oil and gas sector. forecast continuing growth in global demand for oil and other liquid fuel in the next years but that demand is
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set to stop increasing after it hits one hundred ten million barrels a day in twenty thirty five it's the first time b.p. has forecast a peak in the world's appetite for oil it's not just about electric cars increased fuel efficiency in vehicles powered by internal combustion engines is said to offset consumption too but beyond the automotive sector other factors are said to cause demand to sag like tighter regulations restricting the use of plastic as well as an expected increase in the share of renewables in the global energy mix to fourteen percent by twenty forty. as get the off spencer welsh now an oil analyst at h s market spends a good to see we've got experts for costing a peak in oil demand the same time the united states is hiking up production isn't that a little bit of a contradiction. good
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morning not really because there's two different time periods so so yes production for the united states is is ramping up rapidly that's happening right now continue of the next couple of years but the study that you referred to from b.p. that's that's looking twenty years into the future saying that they expect or demand to peak in the late twenty's thirty's and here i just market that confirms our own analysis so we've been saying for a couple of years a similar thing that we expect all day on demand to peak just prior to twenty forty so to explain those trends then is it that we're seeing the united states trying to cash in on that demand before and eventually tail off. yes it could be put like that is it's economics really so is you know they've got they found a good source of oil a recent technology changes called fracking have allowed them to access this oil
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where previously they couldn't and at the moment as you said the world's demand for oil is is is very strong it's growing strongly the world economy is pretty healthy there's a strong demand growth for oil not just in asia but also in o.e.c.d. countries and so the economics are supporting us producers to to make the most of this opportunity and to harness and produce the the crude oil that they found at this end up slowing down opec stand for example to return in the trees to normal levels and then of course what would that mean for other oil producing countries. yes i think you're absolutely correct so for the last just over a year through two thousand and seventeen opec has been restrained in their production by around one point eight million barrels per day to try and reduce
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supply and drop inventions and bring your market back into balance the directed increase in production from the united states is bringing more oil on to the market and although opec's move has been very successful so far we expect all inventions to to stop declining now through two thousand and eighteen and to actually start rising again presumably because of the rapid increase in production from the united states so what that will do we think is it will encourage opec to to keep their supply restrained in place for longer because if they if they were to relax that then they'd inventions would climb even faster and so overall more oil and so a suppression of price effect right producers. spencer welsh oil analyst at i.h.s. market thank you. now when his weight is cryptocurrency the petro is just a day old but the country socialist leaders are already claiming
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a big success saying they have received more than seven hundred million dollars worth of bids in a private pre-sale now president nicolas maduro said the picture would reinforce the country's independence it's the first digital currency to be backed up by a state its price will be linked to that of a barrel of venezuelan crude oil when it goes on sale next month venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves but it's in the midst of a crippling economic and political crisis. well the reputation of the european central bank is under scrutiny after one of its representatives reams of it was questioned over allegations over bribery related his position as the head of latvia's central bank and he rejects all accusations of having received bribes from a bank to allow it to stay in business. a day after he was released on bail the governor of lobbyist central bank. dismissed all corruption allegations. i
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believe of like target of an obvious and well coordinated campaign of some commercial banks aiming to discredit the lobby and state false good. claims he became a target because of his effort to clean up corruption in the country's banking sector. despite his assertion of innocence and was suspended from office shortly after his statement. the central bank governor allegedly demanded one hundred thousand heroes a month in bribes from the owner of the large fin bank norvig bank. out to terry for some thought when a strike talent got the champions league knockout stage on tuesday by a munich took an early advantage that led to a five mil role playing over taj and early red cards so all the visitors of the dogs sent off the pitch and by uncapitalized. scored two goals all in the night his
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first came before the break if the hosts a needed it carried over into the second half when bonds off that's erupted all but eleven for two more took certain looks certain to make it to the next round. and just forgo reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on t w news there's mounting international concern about a new escalation of violence in syria pro-government forces have entered the northern region to help kurds there defend against a turkish offensive curfew turkey's president is mourning them to stay away or pay a heavy price. at the u.n. says it's deeply alarmed by civilian deaths in syria's eastern guta it's near the capital damascus airstrike. was overseas rebel held enclave have claimed hundreds of lives since the weekend. now rare phenomenon known as
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a sun dog appeared over northeast china this week it's when refracted light through the ice in the atmosphere gives the appearance of three sons in the sky will leave you with what with that and see if you see it at the top of the next hour for. the be.
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