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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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and looking to the future. science and research. you're watching you know we news lies homegirl and the syrian government also was on a rebel held a mask a suburb intensifies mortars and missiles rained down on eastern ghouta without mercy killing nearly three hundred people including at least fifty children according to monitors hospitals overwhelmed struggle to cope any the siege the area home to some four hundred thousand people and calling for change students in the
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u.s. state of florida demand tougher gun control laws in the wake of last week's deadly school shooting that killed a problem makers to act. thanks very much for your company everyone no words left the united nations children's agency describes the suffering of civilians in a rebel held suburb of damascus as beyond what words are capable of expressing with the airstrikes pounding eastern ghouta again today in the phantom monitors say that more than two hundred seventy people have been killed since sunday eastern ghouta is a group of suburbs on the outskirts of the syrian capital duma is the main town of the enclave and it's completely surrounded by pro assad forces they say they're
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only bombing rebel fighters the sea just thought to have trapped as many as four hundred thousand civilians and back in two thousand and thirteen the government allegedly attacked with chemical weapons. in the bombed out caucus of eastern goods these are the lucky ones terrified shaking but still walking. first responders usher them to safety as an air raid siren underlines the arjan seen as the escape yet. the government's four year long aerial siege of the rebel held in place has intensified in recent days. with hundreds killed and injured and to national observers say it marks a new epoch of violence. we
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are witnessing some of the worst fighting of the entire conflict and the widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure including medical facilities double joy as received reports of attacks on five hospitals in eastern go into and is working to verify these reports of the casualties. syrian opposition leader begged for an international response saying the atrocities amounted to a war crime this the boy these children had been pretty good for the game is doable . because of the bumbling of this in every gym and you're on the militias and the russian. forces they are claiming that these are generous these are children and that it will fight for years. the bloodshed is so relentless here unicef issued a blank statement in response to the u.n. agency for children said words couldn't describe the suffering.
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which is left to numbers to tell the story of the devastation but even monitoring groups can barely keep up with the daily death toll here. while we can talk now to martin milius from the aid organization care in amman in jordan good day. there's been so many reports of many casualties injured our medical workers the hospitals in this besieged area equipped to deal with this influx of badly hurt people. now i mean that is really beyond belief what we're witnessing out among all right martin millions from the aid organization care in amman jordan unfortunately the link has is not very well so we're going to try and check in with
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you in our next bulletin we're going to stay in syria because turkey has vowed to press on with its offensive and half in a spider planned alliance between kurds in the region and pro-government syrian forces turkey's presence which of tyro on claimed his country's forces were hindering the deployment of syrian forces and there are fears that damascus is involvement in the region could further complicate syria's bitter civil war. all right i believe we have we a stablished the line with them martin million from the aid organization here in amman jordan let's pick up where we left off those reports of many many casualties injured i medical workers hospitals in this besieged area equipped to deal with this influx of badly hurt people absolutely not i mean what
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we are witnessing is atrocious the situation and he's told that had been already difficult before it is an area that was besieged by the government forces since almost four years and the last years and has even intensified. we were hardly able to bring in any medication no food so the area we're struggling the four hundred thousand people inside the war already an extremely serious situation before and now with that military escalation really broad and not only are suffering for the people and the areas by no means equipped to deal with that make this very concrete for us describe the situation of the civilians on the ground are there shelters where they can hide what do families do when bombs start raining down on them. there's basically nowhere to go this area is
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to consciously anywhere it's densely populated there's no bunkers people aren't going down in the basements if they can and. you know we have seen people the very down there are all of this. increasing storing nutrition and here we have people are not able to chase food drives we have seen what we've never seen before really high level of suffering you know we meant it losing them here then losing that t.v. it's been really really devastating it's very hard to describe and really difficult to find the right words for that absolutely words do fail us but we have to continue and try to describe what's going on on the ground as you alluded to this is an area that's been under government siege for years it has also been the site of the twenty thirty nine alleged chemical attack what do you fear will happen to those thousands of civilians now that the syrian government seems ready to retake
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the territory at any cost i mean we are afraid that something very similar will happen that we have witnessed and how that will be for that this is kind of you know only a pretty loot at your current offensive to take the last thing plays that are held by the syrian rebels and syria we have a similar situation receive a similar kind of escalation of military on slower and that is basically carry don't send the police you know without any regard to the civilian post is my plan. martin do you work for the organization care how much access does your organization have or aid organizations like yours have to eastern ghouta. these are what has always been like one of the most difficult areas to reach because it is besieged we don't have the same level of kind of cross border a systems that we have from turkey from jordan. that is simply not the case so you
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have to recently cross front lines and given the fact that now you know the tunnels have been closed that the checkpoints have been closed so the chilian our partners that are inside they themselves are not able to cross so the last convoy we have really been able to get in is already a number of months ago and i was in november and had enough food for around thirty thousand people i mean that this is not enough obviously. for the kind of humanitarian situation that greece facing martin milius from the it organization care in amman jordan thank you thank you. our next we shift our focus to the u.s. where last week's mass shooting at a florida high school has ignited a new push to end gun violence seventeen people were killed in the massacre well
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now the surviving students are leading the movement for change pressuring state lawmakers to pass tighter gun control laws but on shoes say they suffered a setback as politicians rejected a motion to consider a ban on the sales of assault style rifles. students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school make the long journey to florida state capitol to pressure lawmakers to ban assault style weapons they want the massacre at their school to be the last. they were that they were going to be just. part of florida we have to go. we have to show them how. to how they have. their calls fell on deaf ears students was shocked when the state house voted down the motion but there are signs that washington is listening although he campaigned on
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a pro-gun ticket president donald trump announced his support for tighter regulations on gun to accessorise. just a few moments ago i side a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine guns i expect that these critical regulations will be finalized. very soon. on wednesday the president is set to host a listening session at the white house with victims of mass shooting violence but many in florida are tired of talk they want action. but the students have vowed to continue protesting for gun reform their next stop is in washington d.c. in march. a funeral service was held on tuesday for fifteen year old peter way he died while bringing
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others to safety during the shooting youth across the nation are not giving up in the fight for their lives. and other news uncle americal says an end may be inside for one of europe's longest running dispute the german chancellor says macedonia is closer than at any time over the past ten years to reaching an agreement with its neighbor greece about its name all this is america welcomed her macedonian counterpart. to berlin for talks greece has long objected to the name macedonia saying it implies a territorial claim over greece's own northern region also called macedonia athens has vetoes copies membership bids for the european union and nato because of the disputes americal said macedonia the country was on course toward joining the e.u.
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but didn't specify a date. it is still lights camera action here in berlin where the international film festival is still in full swing and use charlotte shell some pill and scott are down at the red carpet good to see you guys so what movies hit the silver screen today. well today just a few minutes ago we had the world premier of the second of three german films that are here in competition. the stars of the film and the director were strolling down the carpet behind us the film the nice need more interesting name it's called my brother's name is robert and he's an idiot but i write it deals with the light hearted issues doesn't it yeah it was and very jolly no i am screening this morning it was all about incest between from twins it was a bloody neither is i don't want to ruin anything for you know and aspect of all
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it's three hours long and involves long long discussions of the loss of fi the then why not any old jasmine philosophy is that i do wish i had been warned before i went in that it was going to be as something like that at the beginning but a lot of jenna's walked out during the first two hours they just could not take it anymore that out they did pick up i would say i need some patience and i thought it was worth seeing towards the end i'm not sure about what its challenges are at this festival but yeah maybe so today i also started off with a film about incest and murder and then moved on to another berlin alla classic iranian movies tell us more about that that's right this was a another violent film actually it's about an iranian director said he placed it in his home country and gradually some of his friends directed friends being picked off one by one another violent film this one they believe it's well know is
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a comedy i don't want to tell you too much they because they well crimea hasn't happened yet but i will be sure to keep you posted later on today this is reza because of course iranian films of a long tradition here. the chances we could take on the golden bear i will find out thank you guys.


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