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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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by these young men it comes in the shape of a whole. nationally but surely they're digging their way to safety. the only escape from a torrent of problems must be an underground one. or for some analysis now let's bring in middle east analyst kelly waste he joins us here in the studio good morning thank you so much for being with us khaled the bombing campaign in eastern guta has claimed hundreds of lives this week alone what are syrian forces hoping to achieve with this they're not just only syrian forces the forces as forces with allied militia from you know again backed militia shiite militia they could win and if you want to what's called so in that order is you have the one side you have so many forces fighting there is you of bashar assad and this is the theory and i know we have these even. with the dogs so they are facing them from the seat in the g.m.
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and the russian and the iranian backed militia forces is trying to achieve population transferred as i think not dissimilar to what you have seen inutile some time ago and cleansing the sunni population that is opposed to assad and that i've been is that actually in damascus you use them with all but it is other than administrative leave it is the mosque it's a kind of a suburb of damascus eastern due to you know the area well you've served as a correspondent yourself in damascus now the syrian regime says there are thousands of opposition fighters in eastern go to some of them affiliated to al qaida and to islamic state what can you tell us about that well first that has been. i don't think that as many islamic state if there are those that are but is themselves a fourth of the stomach state and exported from eastern with all their might be and probably is but you have to be can. i think sion between those are often heated
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with the seat which is a very seedy and phenomenon and is different than the nationalist you had just as you and. this is these are more local forces with different ideological bends including sometimes of which actually is a minority of little but the government obviously perceives them as a fundamental existential threat. and they see the i think one purpose of that let's call it it is jean the seat in prime minister for example we disown the figurehead has no idea what is what is as us forces are doing and has no control of them so is it easy not the government in the sense that say switzerland this is a very complicated conflagration in syria the civil war there are many different factions involved even within the in the regime it's not really clear who's in charge sometimes people on the ground in eastern due to say that russian planes are involved in the bombings do you think that's the case this is something i'm sure
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that western intelligence and the u.s. or to you would be in the journal intelligence would know exactly the british for example have a big database based in cyprus and they would know exactly who is what we use them with all but the godless russia is equipping and automate and maintaining this you didn't play he said without the russian support you'd have old russian position you'd have no seat of the air force flying i want to talk for a moment about the un security council they've been meeting on this issue they're calling for a thirty day ceasefire in syria russia is blocking it saying it's on realistic what's standing in the way of an agreement look russia might get the good with say yes play for time and it could be floated so-called cease fire as long as the population thrives for as long as these green poses the influence the infamous green buses in the families as sunni fighters assume is the videos and move them thousands of kilometers away from their homeland and their homes. thank you so much for talking with us this morning a d.-w. news middle east analyst who wastes well one fifteen year old who lives in
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eastern has been documenting the massacre in his hometown through posts on social media his name is mohammed not jen and he's been sharing photos and videos of the destruction he claims this photo shows a raw shows the rubble from the bombing in which he lost a friend and he says this post shows the damage to his school mohammad says his message to the world is not to look away from the bidens in syria and to speak out against it in other tweets he describes day to day life in eastern guta here he says he wasn't in school because he was buying wood for his mother so she can cook he writes he hopes he's hoping for an end to the war and a return to normalcy for five votes move on to australia now where the deputy prime minister barnaby joyce says he will resign he will also step back as
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leader of his party and move to the back benches that's after weeks of pressure over an extramarital affair with his former media secretary joyce a practicing catholic has been married for twenty four years and has campaigned on family values but he had been under sustained pressure to resign over an affair with his former staff member who is now carrying his child joyce said he finally decided to quit after a separate allegation of sexual harassment emerged on friday. joyce denies any wrongdoing here's what he had to say i've asked for the lot of the person who's made the allegation and i've asked full of the fates to be referred to the police. but it's quite evident that you can't go that the special box why she's like that surrounding. a candidate into any discussions about that. as you will understand if it's going to be before the courts come before the courts but what what i will say
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is that on monday morning at the party room i will step down as the leader of the national party and deputy prime minister of the straight. australia's outgoing deputy prime minister there but a big choice data how mine is following the story for us and joins us now from sydney did what does this mean for prime minister malcolm turnbull's one seat majority in parliament it is a pretty risky situation for the prime minister now one reason is the fact that he is not in australia he's in the united states right now and he's talking to mr trump most probably a but the other reason of course you might lose majority in the argument. to be will be a backbench in the future most probably and you will sit side by side to tony abbott tony abbott who is not really a friend of malcolm turnbull will himself try again to become prime minister again
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so if gonna be joyce and tony abbott and future go hand in hand it is a mole most without any hope for malcolm turnbull so one of the choices giving up his posts as deputy prime minister and party leader but he plans to keep his seat in parliament is he not under pressure to give that up to data. there is a pressure on hint of on him of course but nobody can press him to leave bali and if he decides to stay in parliament there's nothing you can know we can do about it and he said yesterday and today again that you will definitely stay if you will definitely remain in parliament as a member ok joyce resisted calls for his resignation for weeks after his extramarital affair became public knowledge why is he giving in now is it the why does that not lend weight to the sexual harassment allegation he's facing now most
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probably yes the pressure was too strong there was too much pressure in the last days and meanwhile it's not only rumors that a couple of witnesses who are ready to tell in public what happened and how barnaby joyce approached them now barnaby joyce has been a colorful figure in australian politics he donned that hat for the interview catching a lot of attention aside from this current scandal what's he really known for well he's known for crossing the floors in parliament for example across flaws like fifty times in parliament that means change sides and parliament and he is known for a very weird a strange that you ation almost three years ago the american actor. who plays the main row those supporter oh and sorry in pirates of the caribbean johnny depp came over to australia and with him came two dogs his two dogs that is not allowed in
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australia to come with dogs to import patsy it to australia and bunny joyce did not take them into care and tie in or something like that barnaby joyce decided that these dogs.


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