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this is d w news coming to you live from no ceasefire for syria russia blocks of thirty day truce at the u.n. security council as the bombardment of eastern continues and the civilian death toll keeps climbing. and as another victim of last week's florida school shooting is laid to rest president donald trump appears to give. control laws but still says teachers should be armed. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. russia is blocking a u.n.
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security council resolution that is trying to bring a cease fire to eastern ghouta on the edge of the syrian capital damascus russia has put forward a raft of amendments and boat has been delayed until later today syrian government forces are bombarding eastern and the u.n. chief and twenty oh good terrorist has called the situation hell on earth human rights monitors say government shelling has killed more than four hundred people since sunday including many children it's one of the bloodiest episodes of syria's seven year conflict there the good there the difficult even for those surrounded by day it is a crushing moment. of those. hugs his child one last time. for city is victims there is no dignity in dying. and for syria's government there is no relenting every minute bombs are dropped.
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monitored groups say more than four hundred men women and children have been killed since sunday homes and hospitals obliterated leaving doctors to handle matters of life and there amid the ruins. and. we had to conduct one of the under the rubble we couldn't evacuate so we did it under the rubble. because of the cloth coming now. the syrian regime says rebel extremist groups who control eastern are using humans as shields the un security council has been debating a thirty day cease fire that would allow for a deliveries and the evacuation of casualties. these are not terrorists showing up in these makeshift emergency rooms these are civilians they are ordinary people under attack by a barbaric assad regime that is bent on leaving eastern ghouta leveled to the
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ground with no regard for the four hundred thousand men women and children who live there. but it was met with resistance time russia blocking the resolution. but hope still locks within the beseech concrete canyons. by these young men it comes in the shape of a hole nationally but surely they're digging their way to safety. the only escape from a torrent of problems must be an underground one. over some analysis now let's bring in middle east analyst khaled waste he joins us here in the studio good morning thank you so much for being with us khaled the bombing campaign in eastern guta has claimed hundreds of lives this week alone what are syrian forces hoping to achieve with this they're not just on the syrian forces they are forces as forces with allied militia from militia shiite militia they could win and if you want to
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what's called so in that order is you have the one side you have so in the forces fighting there is you. this is experience. with you're on so they are facing a double from the from the seat in the team and the it off and the iranian backed militia forces is trying to achieve population transfers i think not dissimilar to what you have seen in europe some time ago and cleansing the sun a population that is opposed to assad better but is that actually in damascus you use them with all that it is other than administratively it is the mosque it's a kind of a suburb of damascus eastern ghouta you know the area well you've served as a correspondent yourself in damascus and the syrian regime says there are thousands of opposition fighters in eastern go to some of them affiliated to al qaida and to
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islamic state what can you tell us about well there has been. i don't think the. as many islamic states if there are those that are but is themselves a fourth of the state and exported from eastern with all their might be and probably is five thirty but you have to make a distinction between those who are often heated with al qaida and syria which is a very seedy and phenomenon and it's different than the nationalists you had just as. this is a more local forces with different ideological bends including sometimes which actually is a minority of little but the government obviously perceives them as a fundamental existential threat. and they see the i think one puppet saddam let's call it it is she the syrian prime minister for example we just saw in the figurehead has no idea what his what forces are doing and has no control of them so it's a regime not a government in the sense that say switzerland this is
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a very complicated conflagration in syria the civil war there are many different factions involved even within the in the regime it's not really clear who's in charge sometimes people on the ground in eastern good to say that russian planes are involved in the bombings do you think that's the case this is something i'm sure that western intelligence and the u.s. or you would be in the judgment villages would know exactly the british for example have a big base base in cyprus and they would know exactly who is one with these them with the godless russia is equipping aadmi and maintaining the seat in planes and without the russian support you'd have over russian position you'd have no seat of the air force flying i want to talk for a moment about the u.n. security council they've been meeting on this issue they're calling for a thirty day ceasefire in syria russia is blocking it saying it's unrealistic what's standing in the way of an agreement. look at russia might get the good with a yes plea for time and the grief would have so-called ceasefire as long as the
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population thrives but as long as these buses then throws the infamous green buses in the families as soon they fight those assume this of ideas and move them thousands of them with others away from their homeland and their homes. thank you so much for talking with us this morning a d.-w. news middle east analyst who wastes a one fifteen year old who lives in eastern guta has been documenting the mass curren his home town through posts on social media but the material he's sharing hasn't been independently verified he lists his name as mohamed he claims this photo shows rubble from a bombing in which he lost a friend and he says this post shows the damage to his school and says his message to the world is not to look away from the violence in syria in this tweet he writes i'm like any kid here instead of going to school i go to buy some wood for my mother to cook our lunch i hope the war ends and we can all go back to
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school. sake a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today australia's deputy prime minister barnaby joyce has announced his resignation joyce has been under sustained pressure to resign after releve revelations of an affair with his former staff member who is now pregnant with his child came to light. nigerian authorities say the schoolgirls who were unaccounted for following a boko haram attack on monday are still missing this comes after earlier reports suggested that some of them had been rescued dozens of girls from state run boarding school in a state are thought to have been abducted by the extremists. and haiti has suspended oxfam great britain's operations in the country for two months pending an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct the move followed reports that. held
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sex parties with prostitutes during relief efforts after a devastating earthquake in twenty town. donald trump's former campaign aides paul metaphors and rick gates are facing fresh charges in the rush of pro they've already pleaded not guilty to indictments for money laundering and fraud comes a week after a special counsel robert mueller charged thirteen russians with meddling in the u.s. presidential election. staying in the u.s. new details have emerged about last week's florida school shooting that left seventeen people dead police now say an armed officer assigned to the school waited outside the building during the shooting and did not confront the killer this news comes as president all trump is calling for tighter background checks and for some teachers to be armed. this is the coffin of chris hicks and hailed a hero for trying to stop the shooter at the florida school he worked at
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a u.s. navy veteran he was given full military honors. as families lay their loved ones to rest more details about the fateful day are emerging surveillance footage has shown that the armed officer on duty scott peterson never went inside the school to confront the gunman was radio at a point in time. and he took up a position where it looked like he could see the western most entry into the building and stay where he was never wanted. peterson has now resigned and is under investigation. the latest the shooting has led to a raging debate on gun control the national rifle association the n.r.a. offered its solution to ending gun violence stop bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a guy school districts p.t.a.
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teachers unions local law enforcement moms and dads they all must come to gather to implement the very best strategy harden their schools including of fact they have trained armed security that will absolutely protect every innocent child is theirs contrary. advocates a further gun control are demanding action be taken. we are taking students protesting outside the white house this week said they were angry that school massacres have become commonplace and little has been done to stop them according to gun control advocates a group there have been eighteen school shootings since the beginning of the year. i mean the public outcry president trump has endorsed a higher minimum age for buying certain rifles and tighter background checks for purchasers. he also rates are rated his call for some teachers to carry guns.
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you all have in my opinion you want to have these shoes because these people are cowards they're not going to walk into a school if twenty percent of the teachers have got to maybe ten percent or maybe forty percent at what i'd recommend doing is the people that do care and we give them a bonus we give them a little bit of a bonus back in story does the family of slain chris he can like thousands of others in the united states every year is coming to terms with the consequences of gun violence. i guess in soccer for you dortmund have made it through to the round of sixteen after a one all draw with italian side on thursday the looks set to win the time after a failed to lloyd scored in the eleventh minute for the hosts they held on to that lead for over an hour but then don't once captain marcel reacted to a loose ball and netted the equalizer his first goal of the season giving dortmund
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a four three aggregate. rb lie cheat also survived a big scare to advance to the next round of the euro police life seek went into the match against napoli with a three one lead from the first leg but since he put napoli ahead in the first half or end so and saved it then put napoli two nil up in the closing stages to level the scores at three all on aggregate but like to go through on the away goals. soccer violence has more of the latest round of the league in spain a policeman suffered a heart attack and died after a street battles between fans of a political bevo and the visiting spot talk to moscow the fighting spread on to the streets near the stadium and police struggled to restore order they were fine.


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