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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is d w news live from bergland wrangling at the united nations security council delays a vote on a temporary ceasefire for syria the u.n. wants to allow humanitarian aid in for thousands of people trapped there without food water or fuel in eastern gupta but russia has concerns about whether rebel fighters there will repeat a cease fire. also coming up on all the fun at the movies at the berlin international film festival the competition and at the judging begins who will win
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the top award the golden bear and all the other pairs. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us we begin in syria and the damascus suburb of eastern good where residents have been living a nightmare as government forces have unleashed waves of air strikes hundreds of people have been killed since sunday including many children the u.n. security council is scheduled to vote on a temporary ceasefire that would allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach trap civilians but russia has concerns about the resolution and that has led to a repeated delay in the vote moscow wants guarantees that rebel fighters in eastern good will respect a halt to the fighting. and after
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a fifth night of regime pounding that rebel held posture looks like this. the grieving here takes place amid the search for life. while i have all but. i knew he would go. i told his grandmother he would go. he didn't want to continue living in terror. i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. you know i wish it had been me who was killed so i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son a lot of them would go along well though. some have lost hope others cling to it. the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and the lack of medical supplies. as death rains down from above and world powers are still arguing about how to stop it.
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the special envoy for syria and stuff and the means to iraq eatery that the humanitarian situation of the civilians in eastern is appalling and therefore we are in argent need for a cease fire the stops both the are really thick heavy bombardment. and the indiscriminate mortar shelling on the mosque. security council members want to start the cease fire that would give safe passage for aid and evacuations no one needs to russia a key city an ally who want guarantees any truce will also apply to rebel fighters . let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world at least eighteen people are reported dead after two huge explosions rocked the somali capital mogadishu the blasts near the presidential palace were followed by gun battles between attackers and police suspected militants reportedly tried to force
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their way into the palace a u.n. investigation into the conflict in south sudan says there is enough evidence to prosecute at least forty senior government and rebel officers for crimes against humanity and war crimes the u.n. report gives horrific witness accounts of gang rape castration and i think by islands and says that children are not being spared and the european union leaders have been meeting in brussels to decide how to fill the multi billion euro budget shortfall left by britain after it leaves the bloc it's expected to be at least ten billion euros the leaders also need to find funding for new priorities like migration terrorism and border protection. well now we turn to some breaking news from the united states for you from washington where apparently the white house is on lockdown after a car crashed into a nearby security barrier what we're hearing at this hour is that this was the
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scene outside of the president's mansion after the incident authorities say the driver of the vehicle that hit the barrier was immediately apprehended they also say that the security perimeter around the white house was not breached. and our washington correspondent carolyn is on the story so carolina what more do we know about these reports. well we are not that match the white house is still on lockdown and to the vehicle to the barrier at the big question of the big fear of course if it is if it is if this could have been a potential attack to the to the president to the white house the driver is being taken into custody and the secrete secret service is already investigating this this man the driver they will be of course looking through his documents we don't know much more about the driver but they seem to think that there are no
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bombs in the car in the vehicle because the security team that's what we saw is already touching the vehicle they're looking inside they're looking underneath the vehicle without major security measures so risk level it seems. right now but these are the details of the last minutes we don't have much more information about that yeah and what we do know though is that this is of course not the first such incident there have been attempts like this before and we know that there is a very heavy security presence outside of the white house carolyn i know that you have been there i have been there many times before myself perhaps you can tell us a little bit more about that and whether or not the president himself might have been there today. well yes so this north part of the white house is the pennsylvania avenue one thousand six hundred that
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everybody knows and there is a security area usually tourists and journalists i was very just yesterday and they before yesterday filming a report for us forty w. so there is security but you can also walk this street down and that's also what lots of people here criticize they say that they should be there should be more security but today we have to remember that donald trump was just minutes ago in the white house with the prime minister minister of australia he had a meeting with him and they they were giving a press conference apparently the prime minister is still inside his is still in the white house who waiting him to get out any minute. any way that there is security but it's not that much and as strict as many people would like to see it and carolina correct me if i'm wrong but i believe at this point we don't know anything in terms of motive but do we know anything about the driver
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and whether or not this was intentional because you know when you see a car go into an area like this of course it it brings up memories of the weaponized of vehicles of course you know the attacks that we saw in nice in france for example also in berlin. do we know yet if if the driver was attempting to harm anyone we don't know and i mean from the pictures we can tell that he really drove against this barrier so not against people not targeting people but we don't know much more about it we just know that at the moment the lockdown is still in place ok a lockdown there at the white house as we mentioned after a car drove into a barrier carolina chinmoy with the very latest our white house correspondent carolina on the story thank you.
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today is the final day of competition at the berlin international film festival and my colleague charlotte chel simple and maya shader are standing by with the latest action on the red carpet and you know no surprise guys european films are really popular at this film festival and we had a german one preparing today tell us a little bit more about it. that's how we saw the last entry into the belinelli competition section it was called in the isles and it's a really sweet small film just sort of a low key love story about what it's like to work in a supermarket in east germany yeah that's right it's actually a very needing film and also it stands fans low cost he is a huge hit with us i have to say and also here is the bad as well he's starring in another film in the competition believe it or not that's who you and that's a film called transit where he plays a refugee and then as well he's won the bet in shooting star wars which means that
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ballin out it decided that he is one to watch and he got a big deal he's a big deal we don't want to give away too much they check out his performance in this report. this is not an action movie. and it's an unlikely place for a love story in the aisles takes us to a discount superstore in a small town where there's a new guy working the drink section. of. christian hardly says a word but his coworker bruno takes a liking to him as does the unhappily married mother on from the candy department he's sweet on her two. plus an angle a pound. you know. doesn't go up into what.
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one might say on goes on sick leave and falls into a deep depression and has checkered past threatens to catch up with him she is rising star francois gubs q. leads this portrait of an eastern german working class life and i tell a very cautious and it's gone. ok so that want to parent me gets your vote guys but we know that tomorrow the golden bears that is the top prize will be handed out there at the film festival and i understand that four films in the competition are from women directors how likely is it that those a whip. yeah that's right i think we both agree that though they were all really strong films the last one from a female director was green this morning we had the world premiere thousand film called mug or face for those of you who don't speak flying out that it was a parish director and i think i think we both thought it was
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a pretty funny film and believe it or not it's about a guy who has a horrific accident and then ends up having to have a face transplant and it tells the story of how he he deals with it in a very sensitive very funny waiting i liked it a lot more than i thought it was it's also very interesting cinematography and another one that had it was a very interesting film to me also by a female director was called touch me not and this was a very interesting look at the range of human sexuality. there's quite a lot of that having. basically all you need to know about this film is that it opens with a very close up shot of male genitalia and then the film goes from there so you can imagine what the rest is like if you're looking for a bit more of a p.g. film i think the one that we can really recommend is a film called new issue of my that's an italian director there's a lot of this period and actually i really do think that that is in for a shock and grief at the golden bear it's a stunning film it tells a picture of what it's like to be
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a mother two very different portraits of motherhood it's very complex very deep very moving i can't recommend this film enough beautiful really well acted as well and i mean how much does it make you want to go to sardinia oh a lot you had beautiful beautiful filming shots when it's a freezing cold and ballet and i think you can feel like in the air in the band just. you know you guys only have one more day out there on the red carpet tomorrow we will find out who the winners are charlotte there with the very latest thank you . to the winter olympics in pianka chang now and germany has stunned canada to reach the men's ice hockey final in a thrilling match germany got off to a flying start against the defending champions taking a three now lead canada battled their way back into the game to make it four three with just minutes ago but germany held on for the historic win and will now play
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the russian team of this final it was stolen eight years ago but now a painting by nineteenth century impressionist edward degas has turned up once again on a bus experts saying that the course singers is the real thing it was stolen from a museum and more say in two thousand and nine customs officials discovered it during a random search of a boss at a highway service station no one on board claimed it and no one was arrested the painting is believed to be worth around one million euros. you're up to date now on deja vue news you can join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our website and follow us on twitter either at the death of your views my handle is at sarah kelly t.v. thank you so much for watching cup see dancing.
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every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word the courage to. recoat is in germany to learn german and why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course because german mating seems.


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