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tv   Reporter - The SPD Coalition Backlash  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 8:02am-8:16am CET

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but always on the move. mostly today and to the future. driving on w. . coventry night is urging his fellow social democrats to vote no to forming a grand coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. who has been very insistent parties the c.s.u. right now could not very well be using chancellor's most powerful opponent merkel is in favor of a reviewed coalition. the social democrats are in a fix right now. party leader martin short's resigned earlier this month and the
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years p.d.p. is lower in the polls than ever germany and all of europe are asking crew knots opposition campaign six each. and. every environment in the area i know my. interest in. the uk at the beginning of another long day cannot force us to collect his thoughts. later he'll hit the road to try to convince more s.p.d. members to vote against the grand coalition. could not just traveling throughout germany today he's in the town of bishops' time near frankfurt. lots of s.p.d. members want to have their say and there's a big crowd here today. it was tonight
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the leader of the party's youth organization who launched the debate. about. our election manifestos no longer sound like s.p.d. principles but a compromise tailored to a grand coalition we know we have few options if we want to get into government we can only do it with the conservatives. and that is why we limit ourselves in developing new ideas. it is clear that we've given up and are not willing to come up with real solutions to current issue of say that. we have reduced our thinking to suit the grand coalition. with. the s.p.d. was part of a grand coalition from twenty thirteen to twenty seventeen the party had to make concessions then to live in last autumn selections the s.p.d. took only twenty point five percent of the vote its worst result in post-war history many party members demand renewal but can that even happen in
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a grand coalition. where they make promises but we don't keep them. will cave in just like we did in the last coalition. but based on my experience we can't get much done if we're an opposition party. right from the start i was opposed to another coalition but now i've noticed that local party members tend to favor it or they say the coalition plan on contains a lot of policies that are important to the social democrats. might find it hard to counter those arguments. either. in north rhine-westphalia we've had a c.d.u. liberal coalition for a year now they did things that leave them open to criticism by the s.p.d. . like a. public transport discounts for people on welfare. but the s.p.d.
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that actually fell three points in the polls despite the fact that they attacked numerous policies. ten percent of the people who voted for the s.p.d. there last time around would not do so today so does being in opposition really accomplish anything. twenty four thousand people have recently joined the s.p.d. it's not clear whether they really identify with the passing or just talk to them to a good school grand coalition. i've been an ass pretty member for six weeks now. so they didn't vote as speed in the last federal election and i wouldn't vote for them if they joined a grand coalition. i'm here today to thank kevin and his organization for all their work. thank.
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heaven you know that is a twenty eight euro's political science student from berlin he's earned today should wide respect for standing up to the s.p.d. leaders it's like david versus goliath. thanks for everything. the only new party member you've got a lot of courage and i really have my battles and i think you're on the right track but this is one of those do it all. but what might happen if the s.p.d. does vote against forming a coalition the parties popularity might drop even lower than some polls now show. fifteen at least i know that people are worried about the sixteen percent but when i see that the s.p.d. election results are falling from the mid thirty's to twenty point five percent since uncle americal took office that's a much bigger problem for me than opinion with the flat ninety percent figure.
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represents what people think of our performance in the last coalition government sent in september let's listen in up of the people can no longer identifies the s.p.d. as profound within a grand coalition. and that at a time when we have seven parties in the border states. could not head for the railway station. his next stop is the town of overalls and a few kilometers away. here the s.p.d. took a mere seventeen point five percent of the vote in the last federal election so party members are understandably quite nervous four hundred people are here today. they have to wait while their names are checked against the official membership list. and it was a bit negative into is looking forward to the discussion even though he's already
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made up his mind he's in favor of the coalition. and the mission is this the as it is just as far as i'm concerned it's the only realistic option we have in what would happen if we vote against it but rudest would do it and i think you could then just forget the s.p.d. for the next twenty years the good in our party can do this for at least the balance wasn't up there and these people are here to debate the party's future but many also want to see kevin tonight. is game in their part of understanding their theme i'd like to get to know him a little better i think you should i as an outgoing dynamic and eloquent young man in oakland based on what i've seen so far. that's intimacy and he's an interesting god. so i'll follow the debate now and then decide how i'm going to vote. this is going to give a choice kevin here to. the congress today coup national debate tossed in she felt
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good and bad s.p.d. deputy chairman and a coalition supporter. if europe is to succeed it must do better this one over there are concerns that if we don't form this coalition we won't be able to push through much needed reforms. avoids gloves many of our policies have been included in the coalition agreement so i believe that we can now form another grand coalition accord and even though that's not what we wanted at the start of the unforgivably or diminished given. a lot of the people here don't care about the coalition agreement they want to debate fundamental values and renewing the party. i cannot believe that if the s.p.d. joins the coalition its profile will become even less clearly defined. that
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. i'm against a coalition has come as a local it's just one compromise after another isn't it we've fallen so far already and i hate to think where we will be when the coalition comes to an end we might be glad to make the five percent to stay in parliament but center if the party members do vote no new national elections are likely possibly in october the opinion polls make that a daunting prospect for many grassroots members but not. just more votes in our view mclean we have no control over the possibility of new elections but a party that is afraid of new elections and come present its policies effectively might as well just give up the current because no one will vote for them anyway we have to be more confident of vehicles things like visits with golf. journalists weren't allowed to film the debate. but during the meeting there was sharp criticism of the party leadership and its backroom decisions.
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and many s.p.d. members want more of a say and crew not picked up on this. but it's not clear whether he'll succeed we saw of would of course it during the advance average age of s.p.d. members. i think we can predict that the majority will take a conservative approach. and vote in favor of the coalition for through. this has been the longest period it's ever taken to form a new government in post-war germany and the rest of the world is watching even to journalists from china here to cover the debate the s.p. these allies in other european countries are said to have called on the party to form a coalition. but kevin tonight is still against the idea. that i would if it wasn't us to go speedy must want other social democratic parties and europe to become stronger again see it in france the netherlands for example those parties of fallen
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to single digit levels of ice on opposite sides by him and always after they've been part of governments where policies had little to do with social democracy. itself it's a tool not a if and that's a clear sign that after twelve years of uncle america and eight years in coalition governments we should not pursue this past so. i don't understand you nuts last stop of the day the hall is packed the s.p.d. is germany's oldest political party right now it has four hundred sixty thousand members that have until march the second to cast their votes what will you not do if they say yes to a coalition commission for the use of guns i and the s.p.d. youth organization will stay loyal to our party destiny but i believe that he yes first it will make it more difficult to renew the party following this night and others disagree still we will do all we can to contribute to the renewal process and to demand our place in it. for them to know kevin to know it has already
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