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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 9:00am-9:15am CET

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this is the news line from bradley as world powers pick up the carnage in syria eastern. divisions of the u.n. security council and a cease fire is delayed again this as the syrian regime continues to pound the rebel held area near damascus big strike hundreds have been killed and thousands injured also coming up. u.s. president donald trump announces the high seas crackdown on shipping companies linked to north korea sanctions as the heaviest ever will go live to seoul.
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and desperate parents demand to know where all go to we'll take you to the town of duck in northeastern nigeria in shock after dozens of schoolgirls go missing feared abducted by militants. plus the berlin film festival will award its top prizes at the gala ceremony later today the judging is now underway and will take a look at the films in the running for the gold and silver awards the. money welcome to the program let's begin in syria where the government is escalating attacks on the opposition held suburbs of damascus known as east and for the sixth day running intense shelling has killed almost five hundred people including many children. al the u.n.
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security council has been unable to agree on a cease fire resolution in syria and has delayed a vote until later today a temporary ceasefire would allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach trapped civilians but serious key ally russia is blocking that resolution it says it wants guarantees that rebel fighters in eastern goto will respect the holds to the fighting. these crackling bright lights have all the hallmarks of a firework display. but they were designed to devastate not to celebrate. activists say they are proof that the syrian government is firing indiscriminate cluster bombs in built up residential areas. the syrian civil defense group known as the white how much posted this footage to a social media website they say it shows they're members rescuing children from guta a rebel held district outside damascus after six straight days i told his grandmother
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he would go. he didn't want to continue living in terror. i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. you know that i wish it had been me who was killed so i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son nor the rule of the law for some have lost hope. others cling to it the work of first responders here made even harder by treacherous conditions and a lack of medical supplies. as death rains down from above world powers are still arguing about how to stop it. the u.n. security council has been trying to agree on a thirty day humanitarian ceasefire but last minute amendments by russia forced a vote to be postponed to saturday. sweden's u.n. ambassador voiced his exasperated and. i'm trying to facilitate and meaningful
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outcome of this security council so i can only protect what we're trying to do and that is to have a resolution adopted yesterday and now we have not achieved i find that extremely frustrating given what we are faced with on the ground. hopes are that agreement on a cease fire would finally allow sorely needed aid deliveries and medical evacuations. u.s. president donald trump has announced a new round of economic sanctions on north korea washington is taking aim at shipping companies from nine countries accused of illegal trading with people young the measures are intended to force north korea to relinquish its nuclear and missile programs now in a speech to the conservative political action conference trump said the new measures were the toughest yet we imposed today the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before. i was
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and frankly hopefully something positive can happen we will see but hopefully something positive can happen but that just was announced and i want to let you know we have imposed the heaviest sanctions ever imposed. for more on this for now joined by reuters correspondent john smith who is in seoul and just thanks for joining us so we've just heard the president on all tromped this save these are the toughest sanctions yet but how do they differ from past ones these latest sanctions take quite a targeted approach to some of the ships companies and other entities that the united states says is extending a lifeline to north korea last year china which is a major ally of north korea historically drastically cut much of it oil supply and other ties to north korea which is led north korea to seek other ways
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to try to get some of that much needed fuel and western intelligence agencies have repeatedly said that one of those major ways are these ships that are making risky ship to ship transfers in the ocean and those are what is targeted in these latest sanctions all right so we know the significance of targeting countries with shipping it to north korea but on friday north korea was named as a top sauce of money laundering and terrorist financing by the g seven is financial action task force so if this is true does it bend mean that sanctions on pyongyang to date haven't been effective. that is one of the major criticisms of what we haven't seen so far obviously is the government in north korea to give up its nuclear program which is ostensibly the aim of these sanctions proponents of even greater sanctions also say that some of these new sanctions amount to little more than a per beale whack a mole game targeting individual ships when sanction should really be going after
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some of these international financial networks that are still connected to the government there. we're seeing the u.s. try to further isolate pyongyang economically but north and south korea do appear to be thinking some form of common ground we saw this at the winter olympics is this going to complicate how washington then deals with kenya it does certainly set the tone now as we come to the end of the winter olympics in south korea which the government here had been hoping would lead to some kind of broader diplomatic breakthrough over the nuclear program obviously the hard part now is making that transition from sports to actual politics and this latest move by the united states makes it clear how difficult that transition will be josh smith joining us from seoul thank you thank you. fears are growing for a group of more than one hundred missing young women in northeastern nigeria now
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it's believed boko haram militants kidnapped them after attacking their school earlier this week the girls desperate parents appealing to hope and calling on their government to act now. we are on our way to a remote town in nigeria's northeastern state. has largely been spared from attacks by book jihadists but that and this week when. the local school dozens of school girls are now missing. this is the hospital where some of the students were staying before the attack right now it's deserted classes are suspended its. heat daughter has been missing for days she shows visitors cards from the school as well as a picture of her daughter. the whole family is in despair.
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we looked everywhere in and around town and couldn't find her. have kidnapped. most parents believe that boko haram took their children witnesses say they saw girls riding on a truck that drove out of the city that parents have put together the names of one hundred five missing girls the government hasn't released any official numbers or any information on where the girls could be. we've been given no information about her children first the governor tells us they've been rescued then he comes back and says no one will be rescued. the town of she is still in a state of shock and waiting for the government to act on its promise of a rescue mission. judges of the berlin film festival are still deliberating
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but at a gala ceremony later today they will have decided who gets the gold and the silver bell was for this year's best films one thousand pictures are in the running and the stakes are high last year's winner has been nominated for best foreign language film oscar but here's a look at some of the movies that have made a splash this year. the stars on the red carpet have been at the heart of the berlin ali for ten days. but now all eyes are on these six experts the international jewry around president tongue. they only have a few hours left now to decide who gets the bears. this film from the philippines has the nod from many critics season of the devil is a tale of torture and of the marcos to take the ship it's four hours long it's in black and white and it's a musical some it's art for others
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a provocation. everyone seems to be talking about this man actor france rudolph ski appears in two films which are in the running for an award he might win a silver bear for best actor for his performance in a film based on an a sig is novel transit a story about flight from the nazis. a price for the hardest film to watch would surely go to the makers of new toy or a film about the mass murder by a right wing extremist on the norwegian island of the same name survivors of the massacre were at the press conference and said why they had found the film so important. caption to show why rove who. can beat. this is a tourist for was to stand against. film fans at the berlin ali also put in an award winning performance they bought
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hundreds of thousands of tickets cementing the berlin ali's reputation as the largest film festival in the world that's open to the public. wall's bug with their new coach who travel two minds to kick off match day twenty four on friday night now the visitors had multiple opportunities to put the game away but mines had other ideas the wolves just recolor netted the game's first goal from the center of the box of the six minute mark the assist came from william one the zero. and both spoke coach was fired up but then mine's as your she nor removed took. didn't stop the match came in just before the break and equalized for the home side goals bug fields to convert and made to game winner and the score remained. one of the great darby's in the bundesliga takes
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place on saturday with flame and hosting north and rivals hamburg but the days when these sides were fighting for the for the title are long gone play man i hope bring just about the top zone and hamburg a second last be is about just one thing survival. against the darbies against braman always special for hamburg but there precarious position in the table makes this game even more exciting. for the bench it is not just the position in the table you never want to lose a job. that's the way we're going to approach this game. hamburg haven't won in ten matches. last weekend's two one defeat to laver coups and was the latest setback. a loss against braman would see them lose even more ground in the relegation battle. hamburg know just how important this game is.
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using us on sides we see this is a great chance to set things straight a bit and get back on track and you could call it. but braman are also well aware that a win over a direct rival of the bottom of the table would give them a huge boost in the fight for survival they're expecting a real battle. we'll have really hard tackles and a high intensity game every player will run to the max on both sides but i'm definitely not expecting an unfair match. saturday's dobby is a crunch game for both sides their families lose they can expect a strong reaction from their friends. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you the u.n. security council has postponed a vote on a ceasefire in syria until later today this is the syrian government continues its bombardment of the opposition held suburbs of damascus known as east and hundreds
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have been killed in the last six days including many children. that's when you stop i'll be back at the top of the hour with more thank you for joining. us. the scars on. the pain still tangible. forgot. your city's edge but. they have survived do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but.


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