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this is deja vu news lawyer from berlin and world powers take care of hundreds die in syria's eastern first ration at the u.n. security council cease fire boats is delayed again meanwhile the syrian government and russian airstrikes on the ship devastation on the rebel held area near damascus also coming up. president donald trump stocks new sanctions on north korea but he says if things don't work the u.s. will move on to face to which could be quote in very unfortunate for the world.
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and big aaron killing chang candidates who bought into poland first ever olympic gold medal and the menstrual gorge in fact. i'm out on a welcome to the program we begin in syria where the government is escalating attacks on the opposition held suburbs of damascus known as eastern gusa for the seventh day running intense shelling has now killed five hundred civilians including many children the u.n. security council has been unable to agree on a cease fire resolution in syria and has delays of votes on to later today but syria's key ally russia is blocking the resolution it says it wants guarantees rebel fighters in eastern goods there will halt the fighting will speak to the syria director of the safe that's. in just
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a moment but first this report. these are just the latest victims of the world's inaction. dragged from the rubble of devastated eastern ghouta after six straight days of bombing. survivors are being treated in a makeshift hospital in the rebel held residential area outside damascus activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster bombs dropped by the syrian regime but while some receive treatment others grieve well a lot of more but. i knew he would go. i told his grandmother he would go. he didn't want to continue living in terror. i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. yes i wish it had been me who was killed so i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son on the move. some have lost hope
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others cling to it the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and a lack of medical supplies and his death rains down from above world powers are still arguing about how to stop it. the u.n. security council has been trying to agree on a thirty day humanitarian ceasefire but last minute amendments by russia forced a vote to be postponed to saturday. sweden's u.n. ambassador voiced his exasperation. i'm trying to facilitate a meaningful outcome of this security council so i can only protect what we're trying to do and that is to have a solution adopted yesterday now we have not achieved i find that extremely frustrating given what we are faced with on the ground it's been called hell on earth but the hope is an agreement could allow some relief to the people who top.
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i'm joined now by sign yet cush who is the syria director of safe the children sanya you were in close contact with aid workers in eastern how difficult is their work on the ground right now they were it was extremely difficult right now because of the bombs that continue to fall we need to let up in the front part of it so that our teams on the ground can get out so they can assess what's needed so they can do distributions of supplies that they have but right now everyone's just fearing for their lives their linnaean and all as they're living in shelters it in basements they don't even see the light of day snow doing any kind of relief where under these conditions it's very difficult. we're just looking at heartbreaking footage here at the moment of the situation there right now how are families and their children surviving you know as a family is insured in an eastern good to have been living under siege for more
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than five years now so they're quite in a vulnerable situation already so with this recent bombardment is just making things so much more difficult for them children are already so terrified of the sounds of airplanes and and so you can imagine they're just carrying in fear right now underground and afraid to come out their resilience is really being tested right now and we can only hope that the bombardment stops soon that there's a cease fire so they can get outside and get some relief. what would a cease fire allow you to do and is a cease fire even a no a cease fire in this case is not enough it's a great first start and i really hope today that the security council gets to that point however since eastern bhutto's under siege a cease fire doesn't mean that all of a sudden medical supplies will get in that people will be able to be evacuated for treatment that will be able to get food and that will be able to get nutrition
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supplies for children a cease fire doesn't automatically mean out of that and that's what east includes her needs right now so in addition to this cease fire we need to really sustain to manage here in access to get people the support they need sanju push the syria director of save the children thank you. nazism of the other stories making news around the world. multiple attacks in afghanistan have left more than twenty dead the so-called islamic state says it carried a just two side bombing that killed at least two in kabul's diplomatic compound that followed an attack by taliban insurgents in the west that killed at least eighteen soldiers at least two others died in separate blast in the south. three bombs have exploded in the capital of myanmar as a cane states injuring a policeman bombs are rare in the capital but the state's is a hotbed of ethnic struggles for him because it's insurgents are fighting
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a decade long rebellion and it's also home to the bloody military campaign against the broken jim muslims group has claimed responsibility for the blasts. well u.s. president donald trump is turning up the heat on north korea with a new round of economic sanctions he's calling the toughest yes but if they don't work he says the u.s. will move on to phase two which he ominously described as quote very unfortunate for the worlds. pressure may in the u.s. imposes its largest range of sanctions yes. they are targeting shipping companies accused of illegal trading with north korea it's an attempt to force the regime to give up its nuclear and missile programs the us president says he's exploring all options we'll have to see of the sanctions don't work we'll have to go face to face too may be a very rough thing maybe very very unfortunate for the world that really is
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a rogue nation if we can make a deal it'll be a great thing and if we can't something will have to happen with the increasing threats of military intervention weapons experts warn sanctions alone won't solve the crisis they see their nuclear weapons program as a guarantee of their security against what they fear which is an american military attack they're going to be willing to sacrifice economic activity in order to maintain their nuclear program. it's been six months since trump threatened fire and fury like the world has never seen now the international community is waiting to find out what chance phase two will involve striking a deal or escalating tensions even further. the winter olympics and china wrap up on sunday with a number of finals still to come as well as a big decision about the russians joining me now in studio to discuss all the day's
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events craft parenting press thank you for joining us now saturday and sunday are left of the games couple of finals and also we also have the big error event in men's snowboarding talking about the us that's right can it is a bastard to talk one of the debut of the big air snowboarding event and his last word was one to watch here he is right now the trick that he's performing to call it a lack of speed backside sixteen. twenty a whole lot to get out there he picked up his eleventh goal he picked up canada's eleventh gold medal so that was a nice accomplishment there if an american man picked up silver only twenty years old you call that his move bloody dracula ok you've got all the lingering interesting names here for the sport but it's nice because it made his debut and it's one quite nice event to watch even if you don't know about snowboarding great tricks to see i absolutely a great spectacle for all to enjoy and now olympic history was also made with this
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lady behind us here after the decks right what's especially bad debts czech republic so only twenty two years old this she won two one in alpine skiing and snowboarding today she was picked up gold in snowboarding the parallel giant slalom there she is now on the right side of your screen so it's a head to head race and it's interesting you know she was discouraged from pursuing two different disciplines she won gold in the alpine skiing last week and before this event here she had to channel her snowboarding self as she put it in she does come from a winning history her grandfather picked up two winter olympic medals and ice hockey way back in the day and to celebrate no party for heard all she's actually going to prepare for the next upcoming snowboarding events the world cup in other events competitions i'm coming down the road so what a major overachiever but amazing story amazing story now the i.o.c.
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is meeting behind closed doors today to make a decision on russia who whether or not they're going to be allowed to carry their flag tomorrow in the closing ceremonies do you think that they will be well it doesn't look good right now you have to factor in the curler alexander crucial netsky he had his bronze medals stripped in the mixed event and the bobsledder the debt the debt sir gave she failed the doping test it so and she only finished twelfth you know. those are two strikes against russia they did make a plea with the i.o.c. . a figure skater made a plea as long as well as their delegation chief but canada spoke out trish smith the president of the canadian olympic committee doesn't think russia should have an opportunity she did speak to the press and here's what she had to say. i don't believe that the olympics should be used for political purpose and we don't think that our state should have to be put in that position that if it go to go to
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the closing ceremonies that somehow they're saying something about the world rather than just having their olympic experience which should be positive and it's about everyone being together. and really quickly and sunday morning they're expected to wait until tomorrow morning to make a decision so they're going to weigh in to the last minute so we have to wait and see if there will be waiting with bated breath to craft harrington thank you so much for joining us and keeping us up to date as as mine. well judges that the vast of all are still deliberating but i got a letter or any later today they will have decided who gets the golden and the silver bear awards for this year's best films well nineteen pictures are in the running and the stakes are high last year's winner has been nominated for a best foreign language felon oscar here's a look at some of the movies that have made a splash. the stars on the red carpet have been at the heart of the berlin ali for
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ten days. but now all eyes are on these six experts the international jury around president tom tech they only have a few hours left now to decide who gets the bears. this film from the philippines has the not for many critics season of the devil is a tale of torture and of the marcos dictatorship it's four hours long it's in black and white and it's a musical some it's art for others a provocation. everyone seems to be talking about this man actor france rudolph ski of his in two films which are in the running for an award he might win a silver bear for best actor for his performance in a film based on an a sig is novel transit a story about flight from the nazis. a prize for the hardest film to watch would
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surely go to the makers of the toya a film about the mass murder by a right wing extremist on the norwegian island of the same name. survivors of the massacre were at the press conference and said why they had found the film so important. action to show was the right thing serious and can beat. this is take it in a serious form and as you just don't. film fans at the berlin ali also put in an award winning performance they bought hundreds of thousands of tickets cementing the berlin ali's reputation as the largest film festival in the world that's open to the public. and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you the u.n. security council has postponed a vote on the ceasefire in syria until later today this syrian government continues
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its barred wind of the opposition held suburbs of damascus known as eastern ghouta five hundred civilian houses been killed in the last six days including many children. you're watching dealing in these times for joining us is back again at the top of the. dortmund leipzig the biggest favor team sleeve got all the best golds we've got all the action double is the home of judgment but all share the experience every match they're. going to sleep every weekend here told you. a news analyst. she gets the answer. it's. called shape.


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