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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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darkness' cities. starting march tenth. this is you give the news live from berlin as world powers baker hundred die in serious eastern guta have the u.n. as another ceasefire approaches the late the security council is meeting again at this hour to try to find some way to halt the syrian government and the russian airstrikes on the rebel held areas near damascus also coming up a. desperate parents demand to know where are our daughters we'll take you to the
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town of stop she in northeastern nigeria again shock after dozens of schoolgirls go missing feared abductors find militants. and it's awards day at the berlin film packs of gold we'll take a look at the movies in the running for the golden answer programmers. imam's on a welcome to the program well we begin in syria where the government is escalating attacks on. the opposition held suburbs of damascus intense shelling for seven days has killed five hundred civilians including many children the u.n. security council is meeting this hour to try to agree a cease fire resolution after several failed attempts serious key ally russia has
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so far blocks the resolution it says it wants guarantees rappel fighters in eastern guta will hold the fighting will speak to the syria director of the save the children charity in just a moment but first this report. these are just the latest victims of the world's inaction. dragged from the rubble of the devastated district of eastern ghouta after an entire week of bombing. survivors are being treated in a makeshift hospital in the rebel held presidential area outside damascus activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster and phosphorous bombs fired by the syrian regime children to bear witness to the carnage in another missile landed but it was a small one thank god it was bigger the whole neighborhood would have been wiped out. well out of some victims receive treatment others grief.
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i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. i wish it had been me so that i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son. which some have lost hope others cling to it the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and a lack of medical supplies as death rains down from above world powers are still arguing over how to stop it. the un security council has been trying to agree on a thirty day humanitarian ceasefire but last minute amendments by russia forced the vote to be postponed to saturday sweden's un ambassador voiced his exasperated. i'm trying to facilitate and meaningful outcome of this security council so i can only protect what we're trying to do and that is to have or a solution adopted yesterday now we have not achieved i find that extremely
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frustrating given what we are faced with on the ground it's been called hell on earth but the hope is an agreement could allow some relief to the people of good. i'm joined now by sign yeah cush who is the syria director of save the children sign yet you are in close contact with aid workers in eastern how difficult is their work on the ground right now. their work is extremely difficult right now because of the bombs that continue to fall we need to let up in their bombardment so that our teams on the ground can get out so they can assess what's needed so they can do distributions of supplies that they have but right now everyone's just fearing for their lives they're living in tunnels they're living in shelters or they in basements they don't even see the light of day so doing any kind of relief work under these conditions is very difficult we're just looking at heartbreaking footage here at the moment of the situation there right now how are families and
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their children surviving you know as a family is insured in an eastern good to have been living under siege for more than five years now so they're quite in a vulnerable situation already so with this recent bombardment is just making things so much more difficult for them children are already so terrified of a cease fire allow you to do and is a cease fire even a no a cease fire in this case is not enough it's a great first start and i really hope today that the security council gets to that point however since eastern goods has under siege a cease fire doesn't mean that all of a sudden medical supplies will get in that people will be able to be evacuated for treatment that will be able to get food and that will be able to get nutrition supplies for children a cease fire doesn't automatically mean out of that and that's what eastern good to needs right now so in addition to this cease fire we need to really sustain to manage here in access to get people the support they need sun your push the syria
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director of save the children thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world multiple attacks in afghanistan have left more than twenty dead the so-called islamic state says they carry days of bombing that killed at least two in kabul diplomatic compounds it follows an attack by taliban insurgents in the west that killed at least eighteen soldiers at least two others died in separate blasts in this terrorist. rival and icicle groups have held rallies across its main head of parliamentary elections next weekend housings of supporters of the far right northern league gathered in milan. also marched in the capital of rome authorities stepped up security around the country and made fears that protests could turn violent. well fears are growing for a group of some one hundred missing young women in northeastern nigeria it's
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believed boko haram militants kidnapped them the militants attacked their school. staged on monday the next day scores of girls were missing students desperate parents are clinging to hope and calling on the government to act now to. increase reports. we are on our way to a remote town in nigeria's northeast state. has largely been spared from attacks by boko haram jihadists but that and this week when. the local school dozens of school girls and now missing. this is the hospital where some of the students were staying before the a tic right now it's deserted classes are suspended. her daughter has been missing for days she shows visitors cards from the school
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as well as a picture of her daughter. the whole family is in despair. we looked everywhere in and around town for girls riding on a truck that drove out of the city. parents have put together the names of one hundred five missing girls the government hasn't released any official numbers or any information on where the girls could be. been given no information about her children first the governor tells us they've been rescued but then he comes back and says no one will be rescued. the town of still in a state of shock and waiting for the government to act on its promise of a rescue mission. u.s. presidents donald trump is turning off the haze on north korea with
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a new round of economic sanctions he's calling the toughest to gas but if they don't work he says the u.s. will move on to phase two which he described as quote very unfortunate for the world. pressure may. as the u.s. imposes its largest range of sanctions yeah but they are targeting shipping companies accused of illegal treating with north korea it's an attempt to force the regime to give up its nuclear and missile programs the u.s. president says he's exploring all options we'll have to see of the sanctions don't work we'll have to go face to face too may be a very rough thing maybe very very unfortunate for the world it really is a rogue nation if we can make a deal it'll be a great thing and if we can't something will have to happen with the increasing threats of military intervention weapons experts warn sanctions alone won't solve
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the crisis they see their nuclear weapons program as a guarantee of their security against what they fear which is an american military attack and they are going to be willing to sacrifice economic activity in order to maintain their nuclear program. it's been six months since trump threatened fire and fury like the world has never seen now the international community is waiting to find out what chance phase two you will involve striking a deal or escalating tensions even further. football now and the early saturday games are in the bike so let's take a look at the results so far on my state twenty four time jerry with a fry break cloud by the better of hanover still beat frank first and by in munich it's that the points with hass have kicking off soon braman battle hamburg on sunday leverkusen lock horns with a shell and live sick take on kono now on monday time and face outspoken on friday
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nice minds that involves back. travel to mines led by new coach bruno the dia friday clash and they had multiple opportunities to put the game away but mines had other i.d.'s the words used to make them go next to the games first go into the box at the six minute mark is this came from william one nil to evolve spirit and india was fired and minuses she nori equalized for the home side. failed to keep their silly game winner and the school. and its award say at the bread in film festival the brady not i and everybody is watching to find days which movie will win the prestigious goals and bare for the latest we're going to cross over night to my colleagues down at the red carpet
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that's my schrader and rocks for a while guys ten days countless hours of movies some good some bad what were your personal worst moments on your personal highlight. can see right behind us right carpet now the stars of various films of shown here and the elite of the international film industry are all coming here now to attend the awards ceremony which going to kick off in about just over an hour's time and don't be fooled you're seeing these women coming in here in these strapless dress is very glamorous but it is below zero i do they really. want to have the film journalists don't suffer. but you asked about highlights and low as we're talking about this just before the program personally my highlight can write the beginning of the festival open with wes anderson's stop motion animation film i love dogs and that for me was just incredible tree and it's a beautiful movie. delightful little story about
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a boy trying to rescue his dog as i say stop motion animation features on me. voice talent bryan cranston bill murray just whether garraway a beautiful funny quirky movie also really really just beautiful i mean these these handmade puppets that that he designed for the film just a wonderful film have you wagging my tail to the entire cold bitter ten days of the belly dogs but i definitely can recommend isle of dogs as well probably a good kid kid film another film that has a name you know for kids that has a child at the center of it is via me a daughter of mine which takes place in sardinia which i'm now dreaming about with the sound of the warmth there in the wonderful landscapes beautifully acted film beautifully put together directed by the sporty who is there some rumors that she might be one of the ones to win best director now is a lot of emphasis on the female directors in the competition sections i can definitely recommend feeling especially if you are a mother who has a daughter yes definitely and i say could be one of the picks for the awards in
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just over an hour's time if i had to pick a really low light for me that had to be just a day or so ago there was a documentary of that screen here songwriter about. not a fan of the guy not a fan of this documentary it's a fly on the wall thing but it basically comes off as a bad home movie about a pop star who i really have seen too much already and if i had to go like there's a swedish film called the real estate which i can't even really tell you what it's really bizarre apparently it's about an older woman reclaiming her youth or whatever but it actually just features long scenes of people talking about swedish real estate yeah skip and basically basically we've been warned by a straight or scot roxboro thank you so much for your enchanting up day. and you are watching do you need thank you for joining and thank you and i'm going to be back again at the top of the hour.
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