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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2018 9:15am-9:31am CET

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sponsored doping of the twenty fourteen sochi games the i.o.c. president said two positive russian drug tests in south korea had marred otherwise good behavior. and that's this hour from your live from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with well thanks for watching. byron dorgan show leipzig bring us a favorite team of sleep got all the best goals we've got all the action deep dublin is the home of german football share the experience of every match that someone does leave the room weekends here on w. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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on top of programming go on believe me show you can you tell us that our innovations magazine for in. the classroom every week and always looking to the future w dot com science and research for. its much day twenty four in the book this league at the weekend kicked off on friday it was a big day for this month bruno the idea in his very first game in charge of belzberg. and it wasn't the best start to the new wolves coach this side could only manage a one old draw on the road to fellow strugglers minds both clubs are in desperate need of points if they are to avoid the drop. there was
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plenty more action on match day twenty four with old focus on the bottom of the table bottle to avoid the drop in full swing. fireworks in the new. darby braman host how we're going to jewel that could prove decisive in this year's battle to avoid relegation. and champions league hopefuls friend for travel to stuttgart looking to keep the momentum going in there be it for a second spot for this week a time. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm pablo foley and the us one of the most fiercely contested games of the season the north between braman and hamburg was the big match on saturday the two sides are having an awful campaign with relegation a very real possibility they had a struggle to score on to have one of the worst attacks in the league this season are even worse up front going into this weekend's clash they only scored a measly eighteen goals this season the worst record in the leak so let's see if
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one of the teams could take home three valuable points. braman are still unbeaten at home underflow in cold felt while hamburg coach ben hollaback hasn't managed a single win since taking over but form goes out the window in a dobie both teams are in a relegation battle but for a long time the biggest bang came from the stands. after fifteen minutes braman zero hondas and a star and register the first shot on target which like the game was rather tight. than the visitors got close to goal but bakaly lost his footing at the decisive moment. both teams struggled to get into the game with last ditch defending and wasteful finishing keeping the score nil nil. shortly before half time the fans provided a wake up call of their own fireworks were set off in the visit to stand in the
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game was briefly stopped the second half also saw a few chances take a shot and got close with a header in the eighty second minute. then four minutes later braman finally broke the deadlock five and johansson now makes hamburger keeper this gem attain yeah well braman celebrated hamburg players protested demanding a video review and they had a case a check belfield looked to be in an offside position as the ball was struck and put pressure on the hc fun drunk who put the ball into his own net but the end goal stood and won braman the dobie they rise to fourteenth in the table while hamburg failed to win for the eleventh game running. frankfurt are set on playing in europe next season and could even end of runners up to buy a new take coach. appears to have found the right mix and the side have only lost
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once in their last eleven much as the same can be said for a start gart they. had problems finding their form leaving them in the wrong end of the table but the future has been looking brighter since coach tyson corker took over with the club unbeaten in three games to three games that he's been in charge could they put a dent in frankfurt's plans to move up the table. time for the flying high underneath but the new stuttgart wanted to continue their mini revival under coach tyson cork route and it was the hosts to open the scoring after just thirty minutes young german winger and tommy rubbing his first and disney goal i. did everything he could to clear from done you'll get a check. but it wasn't enough to keep tommy. franks through it counted through but he phoned home in resilience form. to bust in a little thought he'd managed to beat the late in the first tough guy but the goal
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was rightly ruled out for offside. plenty to chew over a tough time and the team with more bite at the start of the second half but can check couldn't quite finish here. frankfurt begun to take extreme measures to get the ball in the back of the net. but all around them was a yellow from rest but the on a shine host marco fabio had a chance to equalise with the last kick of the ball but he could only screw white a steal or picked up a well earned clean sheet i'm ecstatic with another three points on stuttgart no in twelve place looked to be safe from relegation under the unbeaten coach not that he agreed. to the moment we can't talk yet about having done enough. we have another three points that's the most important thing he's beaten a very good team to do. a bleak day for coverage but his team are still in with
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a champions league show up. now there's much more action to cover a trip to hanover and tossing time against freiburg but will start with biron the current champions are hurtling towards their sixth consecutive league title and host had to berlin on the back of eleven league wins in a row their visitors this weekend are anchored mid table the last time had actually beat by and unique was back in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven but they'll be keen to avoid a thrashing by tightening their defense forcing any attack let's take a look and see if the berliners could cause a shock. there berliners were set on taking something home from munich in spite of the threat from from the robert leaven dusky and the rest of the byron attack. they started with plenty of confidence well byron struggled to get into the game after their champions league exertions that he made to test its from range. at the other
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end of the wasted byron's best chance when clean through on goal neil neil the score at half time. after the break the league leaders picked up the pace but their fearsome attack found a worthy foe and rooney yosh done even that one just leave his top score couldn't convert his chances byron's winning run comes to an end well the capital club take a hard earned point. that he pushed our opponents in the right direction stopped them from getting the ball forward doubled up on the wings and defended set pieces well i'd give us an a. plus but coastie to hacking was hoping to end a four match losing streak when he and captain large tindall visited their former club hand over points and pride were both up for grabs here but the foals were again poor in front of goal while their hosts created few opportunities you know who was unable to convert this chance. got back where at least getting closer to
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a goal hoffman crashing a shot against the crossbar and then in the seventy second minute christophe krummel went one better he slammed the ball past for the challenge to make it one nil. no wonder strike was the perfect way to bring back a long awaited victory i've just been the most. playing well but the results aren't coming it's not easy to keep believing so this win is a sign that we're on the right track. often heim have been through a poor run of form since the start of the you. here but they took the lead against fribourg through this free kick from andre pro-marriage i keep alexander solo left with no chance but fribourg never know when they're beaten and they got a helping hand from hoffenheim captain kevin hope to needlessly filed neil's papers and in the bucks the striker stepped up and converted one of the final score i.
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know that i'm responsible for penalties so i practice hitting them in different ways during the week in the corners in the middle and then i go with whatever i feel is worked best during the week. leading woman and. peterson's twelfth goal of the season secured an important away point for fribourg but hoffenheim struggles go on. when that's time to take a look at this weekend's results so far there weren't many goals to speak of as you can see braman of course beat hamburg stuttgart beat frankfurt. oldroyd there in munich between munich and berlin hung over last two glad to know their draw against freiburg minds and votes for a point each and of course on sunday we've got two games we've got leverkusen against shellcode out the juicy affair and then life against cologne kind of course cologne pick up so much needed points and let's not forget that neither much as on
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monday monday we'll see dortmund take on now it's time to take a look at what those results mean on the table with six of the nine matches in the books no shock at the top bar in munich still up their twenty point difference with dortmund there and second frankfurt no change really just stand here glove box move up as do hoffenheim over moved and the other end of the table which is where things are really getting quite interesting we'll see if there's a bit of movement there of course no change at the very bottom for cologne hamburg and minds volves move down braman move up freiburg guard up so plenty of worrying times there for those bottom. three teams now it's time to present the play today we've got a special moment from the second division gold. drink break in his side's game against. the visitors were quick to restart. keeper. was so relaxed he grabbed his water bottle terrible timing.
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and duisburg back. had the ball back towards his goal keeper wasn't paying attention it wasn't all bad for slackened though. and his side eventually won two one i. won't be doing that again well that's all for us here. sit back and enjoy these images from the weekend's action so far for me and the rest of the team here in berlin.
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new coming in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness cities after more starting march turns on g.w. . days in berlin ten days at the international film festival the badly not. where thousands of professionals and movie buffs dive into the world of cinema.


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