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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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this is the debris news live from berlin a glimmer of hope for syria as the u.n. calls for a new cease fire a unanimous vote after days of delaying i would comes a week after. government shelling that turned into what the u.s. chief has called hell on earth also coming up. as a curtain closes on the berlin film festival actor bill maher he picks up the best director award for his friend west understand and in a surprise when romanian director dean up in t.v. takes home the golden bear for her film touch me not. as
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a winter olympics and killing chang come to a close group take a look back at the highest and lows of the games final thing. i needed to money welcome to the program the u.n. security council has voted to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria now russia agreed to back the deal at the last minute as long as no starting date for the truth will set the ceasefire is aimed at allowing desperately needed aid to reach civilians in eastern guta more than five hundred people have been killed in the rebel held area near damascus in the past week. the bombs have been running down intensely on a string good luck for an entire wake up as smoke. asheville the sky over this
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rebel held district need damascus those on the ground continue to pull victims from the rubble. they've been on the siege here for years the casualties are now spiking shop playing. survivors of being treated in a makeshift hospital. activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster and phosphorous bombs fired by the syrian regime. children to bear witness for the konitz. another missile landed but it was a small one thank god it was because the whole neighborhood would have been wiped out. and amid the bombing world powers have hesitated for days on how to find common ground to stop this bloodshed. on saturday the un security council voted unanimously to approve a resolution it demands a thirty day say five to allow humanitarian aid to rate civilians in eastern guta
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the body of the cam and michel resistance from russia today russia has belatedly decided to join the international consensus and accept the need to call for a cease fire but only after trying every possible way to avoid it. based taking both to go and they want to make sure that it is reflective of. russia is a staunch ally of syrian president bashar assad it's been providing military add to the syrian government. but while many have welcomed the news of a potential safe spot the people of syria continue to suffer. activists say minutes after the deal with struck government will planes bombed a student who taught yet again. in russia supporters of murdered opposition leader boris nemtsov march today in honor of his life and work three years ago
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today was shot dead on a bridge near the kremlin. so supporters are marching through central moscow today amid heavy security some brought flowers to the makeshift memorial of the sites where he was killed in july last year a russian court sentenced a man to twenty years in jail for assassinating the prominent kremlin critic well correspondent drugstore each joins us now by way of telephone and is at the march in moscow mere drug thanks for joining us what's the mood like where you are at the match. well first of all it's very cold in moscow down to minus fifteen centigrade sal's isn't it's a bank holiday weekend well maybe this is the reason why only approximately maybe five maybe ten thousand russians came to this rally in moscow to come i'm all right mr names of who was killed three years ago some marches chanted russia will be free and putin is war means war we want russia without putin it's.
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peaceful demonstration and the policeman they hear there's a lot of police on the streets to got the rally but they are stepping back they show some sort of respect for the protesters i think that the situation right now is under control right and me under outlets the importance of this opposition figure for stamps of three years after his assassination. well so it was a former deputy prime minister a political ally of president yeltsin in the ninety's were difficult time you know the economy went south and he was a reformer into was a reform and a fierce critic later on of mr putin he accused the president of launching an illegal war with ukraine today many russians came to pay tribute to the bravery of mr themself who was always fighting for the freedom of the press for a strong pall of and that is not always say yes to everything that comes from the kremlin today many russians came really to pay tribute to the bravery of this young
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politicians and he was someone who was really not afraid of anyone in the kremlin he always was a strong personality i've met him several times he had he was a cursed mattick figure and many people have not forgotten that. drugs are a shining us from moscow thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world china's communist party has proposed removing a two term limit on how long the president can stay in power that would mean president xi jinping could remain in office after his second term ends in twenty twenty three his already the most powerful chinese leader in decades and his ideology was and try and in the party's constitution last october. thousands of people in israel have protested government plans to deport african migrants they've been given to improve first to leave the country or face imprisonment now most are
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from sudan and eritrea the government says they're in israel illegally but they claim persecution at home. the bollywood legend should every cop who has died of a suspected heart attack in dubai the fifty four year old actress began her career at the age of four and starred in more than one hundred fifty films she was described as being the first female superstar in india's mill dominated film industry. akio largest in egypt have discovered a cemetery more than two thousand years old mia cairo thousands of relics have been found on the ground and scientists say the discovery provides key insights into the lives of the ancient egyptians. an underground discovery spectacular in both quality and quantity. forty tombs more than a thousand statues jewelry furniture numerous pottery items and mummified animals.
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and baboons they were the creatures sacred to the god thought ceremoniously buried in their thousands. sauce was believed to be one of the creators of the world and the god of wisdom this is where he was honored it's only the beginning i think we need these five more missions. this was going to. should open to tourists once the excavations are over with egypt currently facing economic crisis austerities hope this discovery will attract more visitors to the country with the underground cemetery is more than two thousand years old these underground burial chambers were reserved for priests and dignitaries while the pharaoh's final resting place was in the capital at the time alexandria. the curtain is set to come down on the twentieth and all the film festival after
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glittering awards ceremony remain in direct. clinch to the golden bear for touch me not a film that some critics loved but others panned and wes anderson snapped up the best award for best director for the festival's opening film i love dogs. the golden hour. the golden bear fruit in. goes to. touch me not by of. the passing of thanks. how do you know when c.v.s. film follows the emotions of people who try to fulfill their desire for intimacy in unexpected ways the director invited the cast which includes nonprofessional actors onto the stage some were overwhelmed by the moment. the hot. t.w. charlotte chosen pill and bias waiter were on the red carpet when one big.
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it was a female director who took home the golden back not bad for her first feature film but it was a controversial pick president ontic first said he knew that that would be the case but ultimately the jury wanted to pick an entry that showed not what film can do but what it can do in the future the second place silver bear went to the polish film og also a female director of film that explores the male identity. but. wasn't shy about her and she. so have the i'm the female. yeah. i'm not the one that won the silver bear for best actress for her performance in the era since as a lesbian who's partner has to go to prison for their deaths. she took.
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french newcomer anthony bars all took best actor for his role in the prayer about a young man trying to kick his drug habit. canine saturation is refiled of dogs a futuristic animated film opened the balun alley bill murray accepted the silver bear for best director on wes anderson's behalf i never thought you know i would go to work as a dog and come home with i. the closing ceremony is just winding down and have been some incredible highs and lows of this one tony and picks and joining me now to discuss that is jonathan crane
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from austin thanks for joining us. but the one thing we didn't see a week at the closing ceremony was the russian flag why was that that's because the just the i.c. voted today to uphold the ban russians and then paid no of course that stemmed from state sponsored doping that was uncovered at the sochi olympics in twenty fourteen a unanimous decision we can see that a show of hands at the i.o.c. meeting now that resulted in the kind of political compromise this one hundred sixty eight russian athletes were competing as neutrals at these games under the olympic track but there was always this carrot dangling for them at the end whether they would actually be able to have their own flag closing ceremony now whether the whispers were positive that the russian athletes were behaving themselves abiding by the ban and then of course we had to doping violations towards the end of the games by russian athletes so i think that's really why the i.o.c.
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changed tack but if we don't see any more violations it's probably unlikely now with the games pretty much over then the russian reinstatement will happen and that won't please people for who are for clean sport because they say that this is happened very quickly and it sends out the wrong message so the focus seems to be on russian affiliates especially on the final day they did manage to taint a gold medal in the men's hockey how did that go if they did a string hockey final and even the olympic athletes in russia second gold of these games way down on sort she we can see here germany were just fifty five seconds away from the gold medal when that happened and the equaliser three apiece which led to some overtime and then there was the stepparent actually run over the high stick and on the power play russia breaking german hearts it been such a brilliant tournament really. they settle now for the silver medal still much better than they had done in previous attempts in fact the previous best was a bronze medal as west germany in one nine hundred seventy six but it's the
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russians to celebrate they were actually singing their own anthem over the olympics out of the million said she was that's right i don't think i see will be too happy about that because if a russian this is a win a gold medal i have to tell you i witnessed the heartbreak from german fans been there watching this match but certainly not the same news in the bobsled is it yes by then using the pope's lay this is the four man bobsled germany really getting amongst the matter was here the first team down we can see that led by a knicker vall so they traditionally when since the leads lots of support there lots of time support because then the south koreans went down i really doubt she is for them and they actually surprise the times it was a dead heat both teams traditionally in gold medals and then the team of the german team piloted by francesco frees rick crossing the line more than a half a second ahead so gold and silver for germany and that reason it was enough to put
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them at the top of the medal sable ok jonathan crane thank you so much for that update and of course more will be coming to you at the top of the hour with my colleague o'donnell but for me it of kimani good bye and thank you for watching. your sport t.v. even smarter d.w. course want to see. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what's on find out more like a dot com smart t.v. . they make a commitment. they find solutions. date and stronger.


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