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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is the day of the news lies from berlin and i to them are all hopes for syria as the u.n. calls for a news cease fire unanimous vote after days of the delay it comes after a week of government shelling that turned to terror and to block the u.n. chief called hell on earth also coming off. church closed on sunday jerusalem talk christian shrine shuts its doors in a dispute with israeli authorities will go there to find x. y. . and will the newly formed german government take a turn towards the right of the talk of the town in berlin as chancellor angela
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merkel is that to announce her cabinet picks. i mounted on a welcome to the program. well the u.n. security council has voted to approve a resolution demanding a thirty day humanitarian cease fire in syria agreed to back the deal at the last minute as long as no starting date for the truce was sash and the ceasefire is aimed at allowing desperately needed aid to reach the billions in eastern more than five hundred people have been killed in the rebel held area near damascus in the past week. the bombs have been running down intensely on a string good out for an entire wake up as smoke and ash fill the sky over this rebel held district me. damascus those on the ground continued to pull victims from
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the rubble. they know the sage here for years but casualties are now spiking shot plane. survivors of being treated in a makeshift hospital. activists say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster and phosphorous bombs fired by the syrian regime. children to bear witness to the konitz. and amid the. house have hesitated for days on how to find common ground to stop this bloodshed. on saturday the un security council voted unanimously to approve a resolution it demands a thirty i say fire to allow humanitarian access and accept the need to call for a cease fire but only after trying every possible way to avoid it.
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based taking. and we want to make sure that it is reflective. russia is a staunch ally of syrian president bashar assad it's been providing military add to the syrian government. but while many have welcomed the news of a potential safe spot the people of syria continue to suffer. activists say minutes after the deal was struck government will planes bombed a sin guta yet again. because of the other stories making news around the world. a top syrian kurdish leader has been arrested in prague on a turkish arrest warrant that a muslim is the former head of the y p d party the turkish government says it wants him extradited as is the militia in northern syria. china's communist party has proposed removing a two term limits on how long the president can stay in power that would mean
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president xi jinping could remain in office after his term ends in twenty twenty three he's already the most powerful chinese leader in decades its ideology was enshrined in the party's constitution last october. thousands of russians have marched in moscow to mark the third anniversary of opposition leader bars themselves murder of five chechen men have been convicted of his assassination force it remains unclear who orders the killing. the bollywood's mentioned three dead poor has died of a suspected heart attack and by the fifty four year old actress began her career at the age of four and starred in more than one hundred fifty movies she was described as being the first female superstar in india's male dominated industry. of the place where christians believe jesus was crucified and buried has closed amid a rather with israeli authorities the church of the holy sector kirshner's its doors
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on sunday its leaders are protesting legislation that would tax church assets and lead the states to seize church property they called a priest a dentist attack against christians in the holy land no word was given on how long the coaster will last. and joins now by andrea called man she's a journalist a catholic news agency k n a in jerusalem andrea millions of pilgrims make their way to this church every year why is the church being closed and what kind of an impact is it going to have. so the church leaders decided to chirk to close the chariots in order to protest the current moves of the israeli government which are try to tax church property leaves and on the other hand it's a discussed
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a lot of projects which would allow the state to confiscate lend that was sold by churches to private investors and the impact of that is that one has to say the church does not have a huge political role in this land in this country and the only thing they can do is close holy sites and the homes of poker is definitely the most important christian holy site in the country so it's a strong statement and sign off the churches in protest towards israel. how are people reacting to that news. so this afternoon when many people who groups were surprised by the church's move it was not long before hand so even tourist guides was surprised people gathered in front of the church on the plaza and it was a lot of disappointment by pilgrims who came forward to see this place people's alongside the walls and prayed there because it was not
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a they were not able to get into the chariot but there was no anger as far as i could see whatsoever kind of tension people were just disappointed. but had a kind of understanding for the local christians have christian leader is responsible for the site are talking about a systematic campaign of abuse what do you make of that. well the fact is that we have a kind of traditional. agreement which just so that the so-called status quo which exist have certain rights and privileges which is for example one of them is the church is to not pay taxes on that property. this is one of the. old rites of the churches so the thing is that now. is really groups the israeli government tries to change the status quo but the you needed to remove
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so. it is a kind of difficult situation because of christians because it is. hundreds of years old tradition. woods for sure from the christian side is perceived as a breach of agreements. andrea called man in jerusalem thank you for speaking to us . thank you. had german chancellor angela merkel is set to announce her cabinet picks today to cement defy a grand coalition with the social democrats merkel's pics will determine the future direction of the city's political compass and several senior politicians in her party have been outspoken about wanting to pivot the party's politics to the rice merkel is tips to appoint stan as the health minister that's the thirty seven year old who is the outspoken critic of her welcoming refugee policy and the choice would signal
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a shift to the rice and it could also appease calls for fresh talent in the party as would the replacement of you your collection there as the minister for agriculture now the forty five year old is known as a loyal ally of markel and the face of another ally the current defense minister ursula on the lion is also on certain the chancellor may allow her to keep her position despite a series of gaffes in the bundeswehr on july and has been tipped by the way as successor to merkel. well for more on this now we're going to cross over to. the used political correspondent at the c.d.u. headquarters in barely berlin standing by for us now merkel is tipped to give an outspoken critic stand a job in her cabinet why would she be doing that. because she
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has to prove that she is hearing loud and clear those voices of criticism that i'm asked after those elections is just remind ourselves this elections will be four months ago with the c.d.u. did come through as the strongest party but that was by no means a victory with also significant losses at the ballot box and that's really where the criticism starters now we're at the point where she will name who she would send into a cabinet of course subject to that vote eventually by the social democrat ruth who she wants to form another continuation of the current so-called grand coalition would. is currently state secretary in the finance ministry previously and the choice now peter out maya is the current finance minister we just saw him coming in now we also saw your clerk know who you mentioned he was seen as a fresh face who in the past wasn't shy of criticizing uncle americal but on the
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whole is seen as very loyal to her and this comes a day before the c.d.u. will to morrow vote on this grand coalition agreement and also on the new secretary general and could it come cabin boy whose name we're still practicing who is pretty certain to be elected to mourn who's also seen as somebody who is out there to renew the party because that's basically what the party base has called for renewal within the christian democrats ok and what about the choice signal signaling and. to the right to think it's doing the us. well this is pretty much the first thing we heard from and it would come probable that the christian democrats would not position themselves further to the right and this certainly is the balance that's going to mcauliffe his keen to get right in her cabinet to signal that she has her loyal people still around her like all the love for fall in
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the law and the defense minister and the same time let soon one of her fiercest critics in the name of spawn so that she is no longer ignoring criticism from within her own party ranks so she's taking the criticism on board that is the helicopter standing by for us there the c.d.u. headquarters thank you. well the curtain is set to come down on the twenty eighteen burning out a film festival after a glittering awards ceremony last night of romanian director pin t.v. clinched the golden bear for touch me last i felt at some critics loved but others found disturbing and wes anderson snapped up the award for best director for the festival's opening movie i left docs for gordon. brown's. the golden bear for the miss goes to. touch me not my idea
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thanks thanks thanks. dean it's been two years filming for was the emotions of people who try to fulfill their desire for intimacy in unexpected ways the director invited the cast which includes nonprofessional actors onto the stage some were overwhelmed by the moment. the heartbeat. d.w. charlotte chosen pill bias waiter were on the red carpet. women won big at this year's bell and it was a female director who took home the golden bat not bad for her first feature film but it was a controversial pick carey president said he knew that that would be the case but ultimately the jury wanted to pick an entry that showed not what film can do but what it can do in the future the second place silver bear went to the polish film og also a female director to film that explores the male identity. but. wasn't
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shy about her and she. so have the i mean if you made the next or yeah. one that won the silver bear for best actress for her performance in the era since as a lesbian who's partner has to go to prison for their deaths. to keep the. french newcomer i'm tony blair's all took best actor for his role in the prayer about a young man trying to kick his drug habit but. that's it for now you are watching detail the news and you can join us again at the top of the hour for more or you can also check out our web site that detail that you dot com or. cancer was.


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