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darkness city's after war. starting march tenth. this is deja vu news live from berlin a top syrian critics' leader is arrested in prague on a warrant issued by turkish ancora says saleh muslim the former leader of the main syrian kurdish movement is a terrorist and wants to extradite him to go live to our correspondent in his hometown in syria also coming up you. know her spite in syria that's
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despite a unanimous u.n. vote for a cease fire and the bombs keep raining down on the people of eastern time. and the german chancellor names her picks for the new coalition cabinet she surrounds herself with fresh faces including a cabinet job for one of her fiercest critics. i'm michelle henery welcome the former leader of the main syrian kurdish political party known as the p y d has been arrested in prague at the behest of turkey has been seeking sell a muslim after turkish court charged him with sedition turkey launched a military offensive last month in serious afferent region against his party's armed affiliate which it perceives as terrorists celeb muslim spoke to earlier this week host sarah kelly asked him if his party had links to the p.k. k.
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a kurdish movement outlawed by turkey. well let's just ask you turkey says that the why peachey and that the people id that these are terrorist organizations. they say that they are no different from the p.k. k. which we know that many governments around the world have classified as a terrorist organization the links are strong aren't they know it's not true i mean war where you yourself though once with the p.k. know i was with them civilian and you know and so there. was an injury and remember what is it that then nothing to do with why is it them. germany's chancellor merkel and france's president and the new macron have urged russia to cooperate in maintaining a cease fire in the rebel held on clay of eastern ghouta in a conference call today they called on president putin to put maximum pressure on
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the syrian regime yesterday the un security council voted to pass a cease fire resolution but despite that vote deadly airstrikes by russian backed syrian forces continue. to rule there were supposed to be a break in the bombing and stayed the stone get as far as responders are back plucking life from the rubble it has been a long and deadly week in this rebel held enclave. and at this hospital doctors are seeing the washed of it most of their patients have grown up and the seven year war medical supplies are running out for these children any truth cannot come soon enough this is a matter of life or death every hour counts at the moment if this fire has been agreed at the u.n. security council there's no reason why it should be able to come into effect immediately. without people. with. every day more schools hospitals destroyed.
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the more fuel. for seven days the syrian regime has been bombarding this suburb of the capital trying to wipe out the rebels who control it. just a few kilometers along the road to damascus it feels like a different planet. once looked like this empty street speak to a fear of mortar shells fired from the nearby rebels. a well managed since mortar started to hit the area no one has been on the street and if you find anyone they're probably going only to do something very important or to buy stuff. in downtown damascus signs of life but let's all hope that a truce will end this war. the truce is useless i mean
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after thirty days everything will return to the way it was whatever happens it is a chance for vital supplies to reach their cities desperately hungry and it's injured. police in central england have declared a major incident after an explosion destroyed a home and a convenience store video posted on you tube shows a fire in a building and a residential street in the city of leicester four people have been reportedly taken to the hospital locally. explosion and fire destroyed a store and an apartment above it the cause has not yet been determined. german chancellor angela merkel has announced her cabinet nominees to solidify a grand coalition with the social democrats pending their final approval of that coalition merkel's choices will determine the future direction of the cd use political compass and several senior politicians in her party has been outspoken about wanting to pivot the party's politics to the right as expected merkel
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appointed yet spawn as health minister the ambitious young conservative has been an outspoken critic of hers welcoming refugee policy but the choice will appease calls for fresh talent in the party as will the appointment of you look lochner as minister for agriculture the forty five year old is known as a loyal ally of merkel another ally the current defense minister ursula found a way in will keep her position despite a series of scandals in the buddhist there here's what the chancellor had to say about her cabinet picks. for me this not particularly easy time ask involved making sure in consultation with many others that our team is shaped for the future. because if all that it combines experience with new things says and importantly that it also leads to a renewal of the cabinet months of.
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earlier i spoke to david mccullough and asked her if chancellor merkel's new cabinet picks will lead to any real changes in policy. well we can certainly expect a different kind of tone and what she did is she brought in someone who is completely unknown really on the broader political scene and your car to check she's an m.p. who comes from the same region as you and smart who's this very prominent critic of german chancellor angela merkel who is now taken over or is set to take over the health ministry and if this coalition comes together because that's by no means certain in the end the social democrat party those grassroots will get to vote on this but if it does this means somebody who's an open critic of merkel taking over from hammond who for many years has been a very close ally of the epitome of loyalty within her own party and this shows really that there isn't just a change of tone really there but that merkel feels she has to react to criticism
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and she has to open the door to those in the party critics who've so in the past of taking the party further towards the left than many conservatives feel comfortable with and mckillop let's talk about foreign policy can we expect a new direction here or is it a bit of the same old same old. well let's put it this way the social democrats would be able to nominate the prime minister currently that's it my god will who's embroiled in a deep battle within his with his own party whether he can keep that job it's unlikely that he will be able to one thing is to show that both the social democrats and the c.d.u. party avuncular machall both have a rather broad consensus that there needs to be a first commitment to europe that's also the first chapter in the coalition agreement that's on the table and that will be voted on by c.d.u. delegates meeting here in berlin on monday morning and they are expected to vote
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for the resoundingly yes to this their more question marks over how the social democrats will in the end vote on this because the grassroots get to have a vote there but on the whole there is a positive sign from this potential new government also a change among them a call in france who wants to take europe forward she wants to really make headway also on the eurozone moving closer together he's likely to have moved backing now with this new government where the social democrats are strengthened within that continuing potentially continuing coalition. thank you very much. in russia supporters of murdered opposition leader boris nemtsov marched on sunday and honor of his life and work three years ago today members of a shot dead on a bridge near the kremlin his supporters are marching through central moscow today amid heavy security some brought flowers to the makeshift memorial site where he
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was killed in july last year or russian courts that disadvantage twenty years in jail for assassinating the prominent kremlin critic. china's communist party has proposed removing from the country's constitution a two year term a two term limit on how long the president can stay in power that means president xi jinping could remain in office after his second term ends in two thousand and twenty three and perhaps indefinitely he's already the most powerful chinese leader since dong since taking office more than five years ago he has overseen a radical shake up of the party and an anti-corruption drive she's ideology was enshrined in the party's constitution last october. at least two people were killed and democratic republic of congo on sunday and dozens more injured when security forces cracked down on church law demonstrations against president joseph kabila can realize been in power since two thousand and one his elected mandate expired in
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two thousand and sixteen but no elections have been held since brutal violence has been on the rise in the country and people are increasingly desperate for peace. this is one of many refugee camps in eastern congo. he said cumbia arrived here recently he says he was the last to escape his village alive rebels burned everything when they got killed people with machetes. roughly five million congolese have fled their homes some made their way to other parts of the country others to neighboring countries so that they beheaded people cut open their bellies left them to die. rebel groups in eastern and central congo are often responsible for these attacks but state security forces have also been blamed observers accuse the government of inciting violence to stop elections from taking
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place president joseph kabila turned ended in twenty sixteen but he's been refusing to hold elections ever since the catholic church has long tried to act as a mediator between government and the opposition and now priests are becoming political players that was clear at a memorial service for one man killed in a protest in february. the people of congo will no longer take lives of violence and mediocrity. protests against could be less government continue people say they want peace. the place where christians believe jesus was truce a fight and buried as close to him at a rally with israeli authorities the church of the holy supper call shut its doors sunday its leaders are protests and legislation that would tax church assets and allow the state to seize church property they called it an unprecedented attack against christians in the holy land no word was given and how long the closure will last. bollywood is mourning the loss of his first female superstar
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should have a kapoor died suddenly at the age of fifty four she is considered a legend in indian cinema and reportedly suffered a heart attack after attending a wedding with her family known for promoting strong women in her films bollywood fans are remembering the impact she had through her work. she was the actress known by one name sridevi was a pioneer in indian cinema she wasn't just a leading lady she starred in her own films a first for bollywood thank you sridevi was known for playing independent women strong characters who were anything but submissive. at the age of four she began acting in films multi-lingual and versa tieless she became one of bollywood's biggest drug cards adored by hundreds of millions of people. in two thousand and thirteen she was honored by india's president for her contribution to the film
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industry she reportedly died of cardiac arrest while in dubai for her nephew's wedding her death comes as a huge shock to her fans and peers. use them in a town that was not the time for her to leave us. she would have celebrated fifty fifth birthday and oldest. brawl curious to know what happened to jewish and it's a great mosque for the entire film industry. as. she did his last film was called mom she is survived by a husband and two daughters her eldest is set to follow in her footsteps with her debut film due for release this summer. the bundesliga show with pablo follow ileus is coming up with all the goals from the weekend so far could leave a cousin or shaka take a step towards securing a champions league spot next season find out in just a few minutes. this is detail the news live from berlin join us again at the top of
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