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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2018 5:15am-5:30am CET

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i think people are really looking for any meaning journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. but it is myself i work at the government. the mother is hiv positive. she was infected at birth. and she probably won't live to the age of five. the program during the ns to prevent a mother to child transmission of a child was a german aids foundation is supporting the project in mozambique give a baby a future make a donation saying a life. we make up over three quarters of our food hundred sixty five we are concerned with service or.
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do you want to shape the continent's future. to be part of growing african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa george. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm pablo for us much day twenty four is practically finished and there's just one game remaining on monday night but on sunday we had two big games joining in the studio to discuss all this weekend's news we have former goalkeeper from the bundesliga and points of view from around the world not functional. our very own bill this nigger a forger sitting in the red corner that's all over me about what thanks for joining us guys so let's see what's coming up in the show. old ruggles buyer
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laverick who's supposed to shelter in a crash that could prove crucial in their quest to secure a champions league spot. and leipsic host in cologne the red bulls right to crush the billy goat his dreams of dragging themselves up the bundesliga table and into six. now the early game on sunday pitted two teams against each other battling for a champions league spot next season leverkusen and shelter the host spire have been tough to pique to beat on home turf and they hold a better record against the royal blues in recent encounters the hosts of also had no problem scoring this season to have been impressing since the beginning of the cause. payne twenty eight hundred has been a little weaker even much the fair was predicted. to ambitious teams battling for the champions league play because in coach heiko hair lish looked skeptical at
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the start of the match he may have suspected the visitors were poised to pounce along and veto books the other beat panicky artist red sauce. one deal for shaka in the eleventh minute. the austrian made it look easy and served up a perfect finish. laverick goes in needed some time to bounce back liam bailey with a good chance after twenty minutes. both teams went all out labor couzens dominic or going a bit too far here a second yellow card and the hosts were a man down oh ok after the restart shaka dug in at the back and threatened on the counter attack and lay no preventing brayley and below from adding to the score but it was only a matter of time after a red sauce fouled him below in the box substitute not be able ben talib stepped up to the spot to make it to nil. shaka celebrated
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a win on the road while laverick was in continued to struggle on their own turf they've lost three home games in the second half of the season. well it's time for our sunday chat here on the bundesliga and i'm going to start with our guest. it was an impressive win really was so you know what i want to ask is what do you make of the team to tesco i think that this could gave them something which was missing the last stability you know it's a team which is no very well organized for me one of the best organized team that if. they don't concede many goals they don't give him any chances and up front very very efficient they don't need many chances to score so very very difficult to break down that have changed since he's managed system under yeah i think he hasn't faced things. that being said i do have this feeling of it was the moment of the kind of the best storm on the best of a bad bunch you know no one's really making a solid claim for the top four positions at the moment aside from buying of course
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and on top of that i think shanker going to have disrupted season come destruction some a story coming up losing gorecki another player losing on a free possibly much mire as well lots of rumors about him. to death scott has improve things i think shock is still a long way to go to be considered a the title candidates or just a solid top four solid champions league that just went well the other stay with you because you know and have been pretty impressive this season but something just went drastically wrong today. wasn't their best game know what was their problem what was the issue i think honestly public that i was just not that guy out and it was necessary too much to worry about inside phones i think it was just not there. with bush to all of the skill that he pulled out for the first. then caught a silly tackle tonight to get a second booking you know and make life really difficult and then the penalty at the end as well just they were getting the rub of the green is what it came down to
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it was my own. trying to do a piece of skill sort of outside the shelter box it was nothing particularly special by his standards but just a basic skill and tripped over the ball to me just summed up later cases die so i think they'll bounce back but they have to be a bit careful as we had their home form has been pretty poor in recent weeks so they've got to make sure that doesn't turn into a big problem we should be saying the same thing let's really tori but i think it's probably looking at the quality of the young pleased to have for me breweries second best team of the burn unit but young lots of experience is missing they don't have the edge really you know to win the big games because well lots of kids still in the team look for example of bailey for me on of the blazers the biggest potential in the breeze to go in europe but today he had an off day as well so happens even to the bad. guys don't go anywhere it's time to take a look at sunday's other game with bottom of the table cologne traveling to leipsic and the billy goats are of course in dire need of points and in fact
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a win would level them with hamburg who sit second from bottom in the bundesliga table but they faced an uphill battle against the lights inside hell bent on finishing the season second in the table after losing last weekend against frankfurt the red bulls were determined to get back on track colognes fortunes are being turned upside down in this season but the billy goats fans were still here in numbers on a freezing night and light sick. coffee and winter clothes were the order of the day and like sixty of them a look when with a shot against the post was done with a finish. for him or a thought he'd equalize for cologne i thought the goal was ruled out for offside and leipsic took a one nil lead into the break. looked like he thought things were over at half time but the visitors came out with fire in their bellies advance on. his debut goal for cologne to equalise on seventy one minutes. six minutes later
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cologne sensationally took the lead through subliminal to button could. outstanding work on the right by marcel fisa court took advantage. couldn't find a reply and went wild at the final whistle no wonder as they cut the gap in the relegation playoff spot to seven points. and it was cologne coach defining who to turn to dish out the consolation well we have plenty more to discuss and lots of going to start with you mean the champions league spots are really hotly contested this season who are you backing to make the top four. so. nobody else more we're going to get it's still early days. to go ali said it perfectly older teams up there are much too inconsistent they drop points against easy opponents nobody really knows where they stand at the moment so i think we have to wait three four maybe five movie to really see who would be of the from number two
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up to number nine everything is possible but if we really if we take a look at the bundesliga table read the top half it's incredibly interesting if you see like we have to ignore byron munich because look at their friends there it's almost like barmy to get a league of their own and then the rest so dortmund frankfurt leverkusen life. it's who are you predicting what's your crystal ball. it is a really difficult one to go so many teams packed in there together i would probably backdoor i just think they've got enough in the tank to make it through if they're one of those champions league places at least. three of the teams that you just mentioned that frank is not the lives of all losing this weekend and it really does sum up the kind of situation near or in and around the champions league places at the moment i think shall certainly see a big step forward with that result today they might now be the favorites for a champions league place off to the top two you know beating a direct rival for a champions league place but it really is quite
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a mixed bag and i think that's absolutely right that we're going to have to see what happens over the next few weeks if i was a gambling man i'd probably say obvious leipzig but it's been unfortunately quite a long time since i won a bet public so i wouldn't put any not all right i was one but i mean we really do ok we almost we took buyer night of the equation there but really we do need to tell that part is any team actually capable of will even look forward to next season which i don't think is a bit mad to say in february. but really can any team actually end their dominance to be honest at the moment no two dominant this quote is too big and for me the most interesting thing is to see who would be next to the minute you would weaken as a mistake like honest on the. or do they get the right manager like for example you point is was that is the most interesting part because if they have a guy who leads them like it is right no they at the moment you can be do. agreements yeah absolutely i mean it would take probably
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a disastrous coaching appointment as it says they do have a couple of squad as he says well i think we know that you know robin rivera it looks like they could be ducking out in the summer in the linked with. bodog when it's a day so clearly they're already preparing to depart is there. and solve those problems but i think other teams as well don't have probably the best kind of set up. at the moment but they've got a lot of questions surrounding the will still be there next season or is he just of kind of placeholder at the moment is going to be a long term solution on the young leaving or chelsea going to take him back to london you know there's so many questions i don't see it but i thought i would love to be surprised. that we won't have to wait too long to find out but we really should look at the other end of the table because of course that's also incredibly exciting and interesting we've been discussing it take a look at the bottom of the table there guys obviously no movement on the bottom but look cologne and hamburg are now on equal points and there really is a battle going on down there as to who will end up being relegated this season
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let's do you think there's actually any hope for hamburg and. there is always hope . seven points to be realistic. as well as cologne they play for position number sixteen so we have a next week a very very big game hamburg plays against minds if i'm back that would win this game i think the clock in hamburg to stop ticking and on the other hand cologne had a mess even today so i think the momentum is definitely include side briefly who added the youth of those teams are you worried about that and who are battling for for survival vostok and minds from a that's a really have to worry i think how the incline and probably down by the mines are really going to cattle so will the horse we've got ten days left till the end of the season it's going to be a real real exciting affair i think and you know that guys as always thanks so much for all your comments it's always been and always great to hear from a man with so much experience in the boat as they go around the world on all their
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speed on the need to at least for the next person thanks so much full time for the bundesliga like to thank our guests so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin aunt elsie does and. twenty one of the ways we should turn days in ten days at the international film festival the ballet not thousands of professionals and movie buffs dive into the world of cinema. we'll bring you all the highlights. to leave the festival problem and look back at the two thousand and eighteen but in. an award winning film cuts both and controversial. mine and enhancing this monster piece and marion jones maria brown. much of the origins of this film. and
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starting february twenty seventh. ten days in berlin ten days at the international film festival the bally not where thousands of professionals and movie buffs dive into the world of cinema.


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