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this news coming to you live from burning a suspected curing gas attack on syria. health officials say they're treating these people and several others for exposure to the gas russian backed syrian forces are pounding the area with as strikes deny a chemical attack also coming up. on legal matters conservatives hold a convention to approve the chancellor's hotch force coalition deal she also
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present cupcakes when germany's possible future government one of the harshest critics is amongst them. also on the program a desperate search for more missing girls in nigeria after a week of silence the parties confront a hundred and ten girls were kidnapped from a school bus suspected book or harmonic stream and we have an exclusive report on how one family is trying to find their daughter. plus one of the challenges holiest sites closed its doors in protest we tell you why jerusalem's christian leaders have been divorced this red step. on a warm welcome to you i'm. there new reports out that's from syria that suggests curing gas was used. in an aerial bombardment health authorities in east who say
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a child has died and several others have suffered from symptoms consistent with exposure to the gas russian says these reports are mere provocation but a monitoring group says people have been treated for breathing difficulties in the rebel held district near damascus the government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons this supported attack happened just one day after the u.n. called for a humanitarian ceasefire ongoing bombing innocent hooter has killed more than five hundred civilians in just a week. joining me now is dr mohamad cut through he's an advocacy manager from the syrian american medical society he comes themselves from group in syria but is currently living in turkey welcome dr carter run they are reports of a gas attack in eastern huta what are you hearing from their. good afternoon we decided. the information from our staff in one of our
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hospitals in that they received sixteen patients with symptoms and to get us to glory. this is an attack number four and twenty eighteen just in this area it is all time number seven in syria this is the norm actually unfortunately this is expected after this a. big offensive against the world on the increase in violence in the past week especially that this area had been on the seasons five years now under the position control the regime has said armed against completely nor one can get in or out and very few aid only food can get in without any medical supplies so the area even unable to play such an attack it is still ongoing time after time without any action to stop those attacks worked as a show with medical unit what makes you show that the assad regime was behind this attack and the russian foreign minister said again louder says these claims uphill
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provocation aimed at sabotaging a cease fire. well what the patient said and that is getting him who save them and deliver them to a lot of hospital said that the. missile which was loaded with. the chlorine must mostly chlorine they'd at least they. sent him say that this is clearly it was dropped from a position don't have any air operation they they only have ground. fighters and combatants where they don't have any jets or helicopters so it should be one of the. one of the. fifty first will have or have forces there is the syrian or or one of its allies while attacking. since over a week now and this is not as i said this is not the first one can because we pons
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our report to the joint a physician we can isn't confirm those issue of chemical b. plan c. that is times by the syrian government. it's not only that they will rudeness is on the ground and he know as as american as you are the only thing that he can say is that the sentence and to get to do this especially in this besieged area where sambo's. and other bio sambo's cannot have a way to reach them to secure it is the visit as i think i have sounded certain it is the area so you know fairly certain this is a gas attack and if it is confirmed it's wanted to not be the first time as you said what are the implications of this for people living under siege in ghouta what i saw you i didn't hear what what what what are the implications of a chemical attack taking place in the east and what are because you said is under siege for yes. yup they should hear that a medical team out and shortage of many medical supplies were kept they can hardly
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say injuries and and convention we've been so how about unconventional beacons like can kill be bones are not buying or other types of weapons they are there you have been living in the seasons five years now the season and you know all very few we are in convoys can enter the area with very limited number of supplies which can support those doctors to treat us especially eighty's and war injuries and war infected people saw yesterday we lost a child issue or also there is no protection gear for the skew team nor the medical team civil of downs the medical team or secondary contaminated while they are treating the patients even capacity building is done jim would leave for them to face this no one has experience and in committee will be pawns even they build their own experience because this has been happening since ten twenty twelve and they are qualified now enough to i thiessen to defy the sentiments and the day they
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brought the call of treatment is very well for them but i'm for that senate leaders not supplies dr moment cattlemen advocacy manager from the sit in the american medical society thank you very much for talking to us. thank you yes. let me not being yuppies if it's among the stories making news around the world british police say at least four people were killed in an explosion in the city of leicester in central england several mobile injured in the blast which hit a three story building that housed an apartment and a shop authorities say there was no indication the explosion was linked to terrorism. hundreds of people gathered in seoul to protest against a visit by north korean officials the head of the delegation is accused of orchestrating the sinking of a south korean navy ship in two thousand and ten which killed forty six sailors the north korean delegation was in the country to attend sunday's olympic closing seventy seventy s income charm. to independence demonstrators have clashed with
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catalan police in barcelona while demonstrating against a visit by spain's king philippe supporters of catalonia split from spain has criticised the monarchy for allegedly failing to pay enough attention to the region and to promote political dialogue. now here in germany chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. party convention is underway conservatives will vote on the coalition agreement with the center left social democrats both parties will need to approve the deal before the new government can be formed the c.d.u. delegates are expected to support the deal by a wide margin ahead of the convention machall had named her picks for a potential new cabinet calling it a new start for the c.d.u. but half the positions are slated to be held by women and again spawn a champion of the party's right will also be part of the cabinet is considered a sharp critic of america's refugee policy. joining me
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now from the city convention is the the obvious political editor. michel are you have one of the people potentially being in the back of a new cabinet. absent in fact germany's defense missile was left on the line joins me now and you out one example together with the chancellor of the continuation of a potential new cabinet if the social democrats agree to it german chancellor also merkel took on board one of the harshest critics within the party did she have to or did she wants to she wanted to she is free to decide and she wanted to take a very different french a that set off on a set up of people into her cabinet more women younger ones old different. directions we have in the party so it was good to see that this is a broad approach to have a representation of the different tendencies we do have in the party what age is
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consent and what gender is concerned does this mark a shift more to the conservative rightist count within the own party back to that conservative group that many have criticised the shots for no longer having continued having shifted too far to the center left no i think what it shows is that our party consists self one has three roots it's the conservative one of course it's also the christian liberal and social one so these roots are each one is important and we will not be a large party of course and party but we don't do not respect all three different groups with in our party so if you look at the set up of the cabinet. on each route is we presented and this is good now what does this mean for germany's external relations also in terms of security if there is
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a continuation of the so-called ground coalition does it will stay the same or will it feel different to international partners as well because our environment changes so much and because of the security situation is as it is and of course there is the need. modernization within the economies. things will not stay as they are but we are forced to adapt to the changes around us in other words we have to modernize a lot within the economic sector mainly the topic digitalisation is the big topic we have to care for external and internal security staff it was good that we created for example the european defense union to build on that now and we have to make sure that our society is strong and keeping all different sources together therefore it is a huge investment in the coalition treated in the families with children for example because this is the basic of. now you've always been seen as someone who is
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a potential successor to german chancellor angela merkel if this doesn't vote this vote doesn't come together with the social democrats if this grand coalition doesn't come together would you potentially be part of a plan b. . the chancellor will be the one who will lead us in a potential plan b. and i have always said that is each generation there is a chance let me my age generation it is anglo-american was often the line thank you very much for the interview and it's back to the studio and everything. like that we should look if the at the see the new convention going on in berlin thank you very much and thank you also the defense minister was up on the line. ok now let's have you're watching the news coming to you live from london still coming up on the show a family tormented by what. ifs visits a nigerian family desperate to find their missing daughter kidnapped from a school they had hoped would mean
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a better future. and no hope today for christian pilgrims rushing to walk in jesus' footsteps jerusalem's church of the holy kills its doors in a river protests we'll tell you why. this of joins me now on one of the germany's best known corporations is suddenly owned in large pots by a chinese person that's right i'm talking about karma. and head of the chinese automotive company well last week mr levy announced that his company had acquired almost ten percent of the now owns more than anyone else in the world by the german government says it will scrutinize the deal saying it needed explanation. new largest shareholder. it's a rags to riches tale the son of a rice farmer genies found early shoe food is china's tenth richest man according to forbes magazine the fifty four year old started out with
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a refrigerator parts factory in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then though the sector was strictly state run inevitably also routines shut least factory down but by then lee had already made a small fortune and so he simply switched industries producing first motor bikes and then cars as lee himself said all you needed for a car were four wheels and two sofas an insight that for several years reflected the quality of his vehicles but just two decades later chile was selling around one point two million cars a year in china making it the nation's knowledge as to independents car maker in two thousand and ten bought up struggling automaker volvo from ford he floored money into the swedish plants and then with great success brought a volvo on to the chinese market since then lee hsu fu has held a central position among international car makers and now he's invested in dima
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acquiring just under ten percent of the luxury car company the state of q wait until now the largest shareholder has been bumped into position to with six point eight percent followed by rent. the rest is divided up among small investors. leases he's not reducing his commitment to vote he says buying the stake in dimler allows him to focus on the technologies of the twenty first century electro made billeted and driverless cars huge challenges that no manufacturer can tackle alone . especially given the invaders from outside describes google and other companies encroaching on the auto industry. with g.d. plans to benefit from german technological know how it says it's overriding aim is to get to become companies to join forces in an effort to stand up to the coming onslaught from silicon valley. taking on the invaders from outside sounds like
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a bold strategy daniel khobar markets man in frankfurt are investors on board with that strategy. of course i want to talk about the share price of that it seems that this is certainly not the care your case shares of time that are among the biggest losers here today at the blue chip index that's investors there are a divider if i can tell you on the one hand they're liking the idea of a long time and a vest also the announcement that they want to build a strategy also when it comes through autonomous driving for example an email billeted but here they have some doubts also because of there's still this question mark if now the chinese investors will maybe even have a seat in the supervisory board which means of course lots of influence at their h.q. after time up and what may have to these concerns is that the government has already announced it will take a close look at this deal and the potential impact. yeah exactly that's what we're
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hearing from acting economy minister. supra she was saying that there is resist question if those people could be on the supervisory board we also have to remember that the company from china is also investors at volvo so this would be a direct competitor for example when it comes to produce buses and also our trucks we are also hearing that folks at volvo in sweden are not amused that they have already announced today that there will be a change in the supervisory board on volvo exactly because of this issue then your corporate porting from frank for daniel thank you so much. the company owned by disgraced phil moral horror we wind steen says it will now declare insolvency after failing to find a buyer harvey weinstein founded the company in new york with his brother in two thousand and five then last fall reports of wide stephens alleged harassment of women stars hit the headlines and now dozens of other women have come forth with
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similar stores business partners pulled out of the company as the group. maintains his innocence. specter of now and the still unknown fate of more than one hundred girls in nigeria that's right we come to that as well because still but first we have a after a week of silence the nigerian government has confirmed one hundred ten girls are still missing after an attack on a school in the country's northeast insurgents a suspected of targeting the teenagers in the town of daraa detail because one of the increase traveled there and spoke with one family desperate for news of their daughter. they came to comfort their loved ones but the relatives of the dow family themselves in concept. god help us crisis one distraught and.
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you know inside the family home. shows a picture of his missing daughter ayesha she's just seventeen years old. her sister was the last person to see her. both sitting outside the school's mosque. then we suddenly saw her around five and heard shots. my sister said we should grab our fingers and run we held onto each other's hands but at some stage i lost sight of her while we were running. the school is now deserted a few belongings lie skechers on the ground. this is the school
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where the siblings i should have sat where divided when they tried to run away during the attack since then the school is deserted classes are suspended its and nobody knows where i currently is. down was younger daughter doesn't want to go back. she says she's too afraid will her father continue to send his children to school was i don't have to get into that. the government is not much close and i discourage about sending. prayers and faith help the family to not lose hope that their daughter i shall will soon return continue her education and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. in that report but. one of the holiest sites in christianity has closed its doors to visitors amid a growing dispute between church leaders and israeli authorities the church of the
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holy seven is where christians believe jesus was buried and resurrected childes leaders in jerusalem say they've closed it to protest against new taxation policies and a proposed new property law which they are calling a land grab by the israeli state yes will. barring access to christianity's holiest site this wrist step with the necessary act of protest church leaders. in front of the churches shut the doors but they denounced a new bill being considered by israeli lawmakers calling it a further attempt to weaken christianity in jerusalem. the systematic of all folk music to christians reaching out its feet it. is to be not the races. that are the properties of fish it was there was brought the political future playing out on these walls
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began with attempts by jerusalem authorities to collect tax on commercial properties owned by the church. sunday's protest centers on a new land law which would allow the state to confiscate property the church recently sold to private developers. the bill's proponents say it's needed to protect residents and accuse church leaders of self interest. we see this is a very cynical move from the church where we're talking about something affecting their pockets and nothing else and them wanting to turn this into religious conflict using terms like persecution visitors to the church of the holy sepulcher were left disappointed on sunday thousands each year traveled to see the place where christians believe jesus body was buried. it's a bit of it that i wanted to go because they're my grandma you really can't get that went to a year to go inside and to check and you know as
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a tourist of legitimate is not possible i'm going to have on you because you know nobody was going to be close and i came to jerusalem only to save ourselves which is like there's a lot of christians also. i mean the protesters really lawmakers postponed a planned vote on the new land bill. but christian authorities say the church will remain closed indefinitely until then this is as close as worshipers will get. so for more on this turned off i have with me shawnee dishonest specialist on israel and also from did a religious i think i think affairs correspondent welcome to both of you let me start with you martin as you can see church leaders of very angry in jerusalem what lies at the heart of this dispute well my impression is that money is what lies at the heart of this is spewed it's really not so much an ideological issue or a religious issue as it's been painted obviously this are very troubled political
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times so religion is being used i think it was claimed to actually bring two different sets of regulations sort of into question one is actually taxation issue in the municipality of jerusalem and the other one is a law concerning broke already that was property of the church but has been transferred to other hands and show me why did authorities in judaism decide to kind of bring about this change and the status quo which is what full for decades and centuries so they feel like they have no other choice they feel status quo is actually broken by the church because the lease for the land is still go on going for twenty thirty more years and they felt like they will have more time to respond to negotiate with the church to find ways to keep the land we have more than thousand families israeli families living in the heart of israeli capital and know what happened is that was the church sold that property they're talking about israel is talking about at length grabbed by unknown factors you know many of these
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buyers are unknown to israelis we don't know what's going to happen to the heart of the israeli capital they feel like they've been left with no other choice basically so that is that they don't seem to be any easy solutions to this problem how do you see this dispute affecting jerusalem which is such a special place in the what holy to three people from three religions i think by burly should let you. talk to i mean well if you look at this crisis for itself i don't think it's going to escalate much more i think both sides wanted to make it to this end point in order to be able to take one step back and try to see ok how do we solve it now which for israel ideally would be find ways to buy the land from the church instead of anybody else taking hold hellhole of it and the church would you know in return would get all the taxation of regulation removed but if we're talking about diplomacy then we could have used much more of it before and maybe now in order to mediate this conflict this is what's lacking and i think this is a headache this comes at a very very broad very wrong political type sort of most of the argument seems to
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be quite sensible i mean they are trying to tax tells and businesses not churches themselves it's a political blunder quite clearly we're not at the time in which is kind of the can be welcome and do you think that this too it is of a risk to religious leaders do that they actually shot at a place of worship to visitors do you think it will actually achieve the goal that it the religious leaders wanted to well not quite talk to the legislative process i mean surely might be better but what i can certainly say is that the most surprising thing is that these are three communities there are millions there are thugs in the catholics that actually have physical fights inside the church of the holy suppose so nothing has actually been able to bring these three communities together other than these two moves by these early australian government who manage to do that when we talk about how many you know do they need to really fear the law that it's being offered now and these are the classes i think not it seems to be very. very problematic very much discriminating against only minority one of the minorities of israel the christian public it seems like it's not going to last but
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it's mostly a way to leverage you know to get the church talk and negotiate and seems like it might be working right shannon is honest and martin got thank you both very much for shedding some light on of a complex issue in jerusalem thank you for. you're watching the news coming to a live from but then a recount the top story that we're following for you reports out of syria indicate that chlorine gas was used in an airstrike by russia back government forces. and seven other people are being treated for exposure to the gas russia has denied a chemical attack has taken place. and. conservatives are voting today to grant finally proof of the country's proposed. mechanism also move to. own party. outspoken critic to join her possibly government. coming up and then.
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