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this is detail b.v. is coming to you live from berlin a suspected killer in gas attack in syria's eastern kuta health officials say they are treating these patients and several others for exposure to the gas russian backed syrian forces are pounding the area with airstrikes but denying a chemical attack also coming up more than one hundred girls have been kidnapped from school by suspected boko haram extremists in nigeria talks to one family trying to find their daughter. and on the americans conservatives prepared to vote
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on the coalition deal with the social democrats making also presents topics for a new younger and more female cabinet. that's in the next sixty minutes top flight player in the bundesliga shall could take on leave a clue and a crucial showdown up for grabs a top three spot in the overall standings. i am. told a very warm welcome to you i'm on the touch the new reports from syria that suggests curing gas was used in an aerial bombardment health authorities in eastern huta see a child has died and several others have suffered from symptoms consistent with exposure to the gas russia has called these reports provocations but a monitoring group says people have been treated for breathing difficulties in the rebel held district they have. because the government has repeatedly denied using
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chemical weapons this reported attack happened just one day off to the u.n. court for a cease fire ongoing bombing of in who to has killed more than five hundred civilians in a week. joining me now is dr mohamad kut-o. he's an advocacy manager from the syrian american medical society he comes himself from guta in severe but is currently living in turkey welcome at a cost to run they are reports of a gas attack and he said who tell what are you hearing from their. afternoon we should do. the information from our staffs in one of our hospitals in water they receive sixteen patients with symptoms and to get us to glory. this is a tax number four and twenty eighteen just in this area and just all time number seven in syria this is the norm actually unfortunate steve this is expected after
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this. big offensive against the world on the increase in violence in the past week especially that this area have been under systems five years now under the position control where the regime is surrounded is completely nor one can get in or out and very few aid only food can get in without any medical supplies so the area even unable to play such an attack it is still ongoing time after time without any action to stop those attacks the workers are with medical unit what makes you sure that the assad regime was behind this attack and the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says these claims are pill provocation aimed at sabotaging a cease fire. what the patient said and that is getting him who save them and deliver them to a lot of hospital said that the. missile which was loaded with was one of the chlorine most mostly chlorine data at least the. symptoms say that
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this is clearly it was dropped from position don't have any air operation they they only have ground. sides and combatants where they don't have any jets or helicopters so it should be one of the. one of the. better to first will have to have forces by then is the syrian or on one of its allies while attacking. since over a week now so you know fairly certain this is a gas attack and if that is confirmed it's wanted to not be the first time as you said what are the implications of this for people living under siege in ghouta. yup they should hear that a medical team on an shortage of many medical supplies were kept they can hardly say injuries and and convention we've been so how about unconventional beacons like
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can kill be bones are not bomb or other types of weapons they are there you have been living in the season five years now disease and you know all very few we are in convoys can enter the area with very limited number of supplies which can support those doctors to treat us especially agee's and war injuries and war people so yesterday we lost a child issue or also there is no protection gear for the team nor the medical teams develop downs the medical team were sick and they were contaminated while they are treating the patients even capacity building is done going would be for them to see is this no one has experience and in committee will be pawns even to build their own experience because this has been happening since ten twenty twelve and they are qualified know enough to at least and the defy this and items and they there they are they brought the call of treatment is very well for them but i'm
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french in italy there is not supplies dr moment cattlemen advocacy manager from the sit in american medical society thank you very much for talking to us. less articulate at some other stories making news around the want hundreds of people have protested against only against a visit by north korean officials the head of the delegation is accused of orchestrating the sinking of a south korean navy ship in two thousand and ten which killed forty six sailors the north korean delegation was in the country to attend sunday is a limp the closing ceremony in chiang. british police say at least four people were killed in an explosion in the city of leicester in central england several more were injured in the blast which hit a three story building that housed an apartment and a shop and authorities there say there is no indication the explosion was linked to terrorism. true independence demonstrators have clashed with cattle and police in barcelona while demonstrating against
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a visit by spain's king philippe supporters of catalonia a split from spain have to decide is the mana for allegedly failing to pay enough attention to the region and to promoting dialogue. at least five people have been deported killed off the severe thunderstorms spectacle central parts of the united states the storms lead to two metres and cause widespread flooding in kentucky talky and tennessee several states have declared disaster emergencies. after a week of silence the nigerian government has confirmed one hundred ten girls are still missing off an attack on a school in the country's northeast. insurgents are suspected of targeting the teenagers in the town of doxy did obvious correspondent arjun crease traveled there and spoke with one family desperate for news of their daughter.
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they came to come for their loved ones but the relatives of the family themselves console. god help us christ wonders. you know inside the family home. shows a picture of his missing daughter ayesha she's just seventeen years old. her sister was the last person to see her. them one day and we were both sitting outside the school's mosque. then we suddenly saw her around five and had shot. my sister said we should grab our fingers and run we held onto each other's hands but at some stage i lost sight of her while we were running.
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the school is now deserted the few belongings lie scatters on the ground. this is the school where the siblings i should have sat where divided when they tried to run away during the attack since then the school is deserted classes are suspend its and nobody knows where i currently is. the parents have compiled a list of the names of the missing schoolgirls. eye witnesses have told. them that boko haram drove the girls out of town on a truck. totally disappointed by the action of the government. i mean is that a sample of the security situation in the in the town. three weeks ago. so this. would do. better in get them also at that moment
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where only sort. and then. come as a result of that the state's commissioner of education rejects any responsibility he says it's impossible to place soldiers on guard at all schools under his charge but he's concerned that parents in the region might stop sending their children to school the school for one week. i don't think it will open that school after the one we have given because the patterns i develop code to fit they may not be willing to ask their wants to go back to the school after one week that is already a setback so the terrorists could achieve their targets. by that. was younger daughter doesn't want to go back. she says she's too afraid will her father continue to send his children to school the. get into that.
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in their. prayers and faith hope the family do not lose hope that their daughter i will soon return continue her education and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. that report by the. crease still to come on did. the dispute between the church and israel that led to the closure of one christianity's holiest site. but first some jail in politics shows that michael city of party is preparing to vote on the coalition deal with the said the left social democrats they're expected to supported remit by a wide margin the social democrats are voting next weekend early up my name to breaks for the new cabinet most of the candidates are younger and they were more women she also named one of her fiercest critics. it has become
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a tradition at c.d.u. conventions to applaud party leader and chancellor angela merkel after his speech as long as possible this time the delegates managed to clap for little more than four minutes considerably shorter than in recent years this reflects the growing dissatisfaction with merkel's policy and the disappointing result of the last national elections and she's aware of that is and this result is not at all but we were hoping for we all fought hard and we were all disappointed we need to do better the next time. doesn't have any smoke you got the substance. but many delegates whether this can be done with a new grand coalition together with the social democrats have reached agreement has been criticized especially by the conservative wing within the christian democrats but merkel defended the agreement as the cd you have managed to make its mark. on you know stuff displayed so the headlines show that this agreement wants to give
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the right answers on the most urgent matters and a storm the right conclusions from the election results a new start for europe a new momentum for germany and more solidarity within our society and. prior to the convention merkel had presented her picks for a potential new cabinet which will include one of her harshest critics the thirty seven year old m.p.g. and span half of all posts for the c.d.u. will be held by women these decisions helped to silence most of the critical voices . let's get there they've got to know what this gives the whole thing today really could be so i'm very satisfied. it's a new team it reflects the seaview i did it's interesting for people to mention but still most of the party's applause today went to two ministers who will no longer be in office interior minister told most of its year and health minister how much good the message to
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a party leader. the america was clear the party may follow her but it's not quite convinced. joining me now from the city you could mention is dede obvious political editor michelle of course now hi michelle a you have one of the people but to potentially be in just a new cabinet. absolutely in fact journalists offenses that was left on the line joins me now and you out one example together with the chancellor of the continuation of a potential new cabinet if the social democrats agree to it german chancellor also merkel took on board one of the harshest critics within the party did she have to or did she want she wanted to she is free to decide and she wanted to take a very different frenchie a that set off a set up of people into her cabinet more women or younger ones old to friends directions we have in the party so it was good to see that this is a broad approach to have
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a representation of the different tendencies we do have in the party what age is consent and what gender is concerned does this mark a sifter more to the conservative rightist count within their own party back to that conservative group that many have criticised the shots for no longer having continued having shifted too far to the said to let them know i think what it shows is that our party consists self has three roots it's the conservative one of course it's also the christian liberal and social one so with these roots are each one is important and we will not be a large party a party and party we don't do not respect all three different groups with in our party so if you look at the set up of the cabinet. of each root is we present to them this is good now what does this mean for germany's. so no relations also in
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terms of security if there is a continuation of the so-called ground or coalition does it all stay the same or will it feel different to international partners as well because our environment changes so much and because of the security situation is as it is and of course there is the need for modernization within the economy. things will not stay as they are but we are forced to adapt to the changes around us in other words we have to modernize a lot within the economic sector mainly the topic digitalisation is the big topic we have to care for external internal security therefore it was good that we created for example the european defense union to build on that now and we have to make sure that our society was forced chunn and things of all different forces together therefore it is a huge investment and with pollution treaty in the families with children for
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example because this is the basic of. now you've always been seen as someone who is a potential successor to german chancellor angela merkel if this doesn't vote this vote doesn't come together with the social democrats if this grand coalition doesn't come together would you potentially be part of a plan b. . the chancellor will be the one who will lead us in a potential plan b. and i have always said that in each generation there is a chance let me my generation it is anglo-american was up on the line thank you very much for the interview and it's back to the studio and everything. like that michel look at the at the c.d.u. convention going on. time now for business news and a chinese comic us to can a big stake in jelly's don't know monica and rita not everybody is too pleased about that the german government certainly says it will scrutinize a decision by chinese automotive company gili to buy a nine point seven percent stake in diana. german food is currently in germany on
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what some call a charm offensive that chinese investment in german companies is often met with skepticism so who is leash to follow and what might he have planned for diana let's meet the man. it's a rags to riches tale the son of a rice farmer genies found early shoe food is china's tenth richest man according to forbes magazine the fifty four year old started out with a refrigerator pants factory in the one nine hundred eighty s. back then though the sector was strictly state run inevitably also richie's shut these factories down but by then lee had already made a small fortune and so he simply switched industries producing first motor bikes and then cars as lee himself said all you needed for a car were four wheels and two sofas an insight that for several years reflected the quality of his vehicles but just two decades later chile was selling around one
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point two million cars a year in china making it the nation's narges to independent carmaker in two thousand and ten lead bought up struggling automaker volvo from ford the ford money into the swedish plants and then with great success brought volvo on to the chinese market since then lee hsu fu has held a central position among international carmakers and now he's invested in dima acquiring just under ten percent of the luxury car company the state of q wait until now the largest shareholder has been bumped into position to with six point eight percent followed by rent. the rest is divided up among small investors. lease says he's not reducing his commitment to volvo he says buying the stake in dima allows him to focus on the technologies of the twenty first century electro mobility and driverless cars huge challenges that no manufacturer can tackle alone
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. especially given the invaders from outside describes google and other companies encroaching on the auto industry. with g.d. plans to benefit from german technological know how it's an. overriding aim is to get to become companies to join forces in an effort to stand up to the coming on scene a lot from silicon valley. for more on diners new major stakeholder i'm joined by custom styled law professor in strategic management and we're a business school in the united kingdom good to have you with us so we just heard jeannie will hold thank you almost ten percent in diamond being the major stakeholder that way how much power does that put into the hands of the chinese group. oh certainly some you know if you're on ten percent of an organization if you're the largest shareholder you have
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a word but you still invest so it doesn't necessarily translate into the kind of relationship that they vision and important to note here is that already has in established partnership with buy three chair is the beijing automotive industry holding and that's a government owned entity here so i don't seem to g.e. essentially can do something that will displace the chinese government and somehow threaten death relationship but that's of course interesting having a major chinese stakeholder and a corporation with a chinese government run a company where does that leave a dime does that fit into its overall strategy. no it does not mean that the chinese market is tremendously important and it will become only more important in the years to come so to have a strong connection to have market absolutely makes sense yet the partnership they have originally had to do also has restrictions to market access to it requires you
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to have partnerships now being a partner of the of the largest car company which is government owned or with their probably does come with certain advantages and in a way to also can help them to navigate the potential relationship. and see how did two different partners can be used in an appropriate manner potentially fending off advances that are on wanted from g.d. and talking off fending off unwanted advances we also heard a report that he should foods says basically he wants to got the car industry like volvo like diamond against their inroads made by silicon valley but is that in dinah's interest or could they be interesting corporations with google with apple that now are difficult. so again you know it actually doesn't prevent potential work with these companies and i think the sesame certainly correct that car companies are warrior some of the technology companies from
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silicon valley will eat their lunch so to speak if you look back some years quite a few when microsoft was starting to develop software for i.b.m. and i.b.m. saw it you know fine we can just have microsoft do that eventually it was microsoft to dominate it rod to do in i.b.m. and i think that's sort of along the border for the car industry where they don't want to have technology companies dominating what has been done in d. industry and has become supply us so i think the assessment is essentially correct that car companies want to have an alternative to working or depending on silicon valley firms right christiane start a professor in strategic management and worry business school thank you so much. one of the holiest sites in christianity has closed its doors to visitors amid
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a growing dispute between church leaders and israeli authorities the church of the hoodie said the good is that many christians believe jesus was buried and resurrected church leaders in jerusalem say they've closed it in protest of new taxation policies and a proposed new property law decoding the legislation a land grab my the israeli state. for more on the standoff i have with me xan who is honest specialist on israel and i did religious and ethics affairs correspondent welcome to both a few let me start with you on this the church leaders in jerusalem very angry what lies at the heart of this dispute is initially this is being cast as a battle for ethnic purity of tourism this at least how the church how the church authorities are presenting it that this sun attack. on the christian presence in the city and it has been actually quite a bust take a set of assertions the fact of the matter is that much of this actually make this
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beaut between the church party your. church orthodox church and the government has to do with two things one is the fact that. are going to say sions business associated with the church in jerusalem are not tied so not only churches are free of tax place of worship and education for stocks but also business us to state it but they're going to say from the city wants to change this the other thing is that there's been a sale severely under-valued sale of real estate by the churches in the jerusalem are yet other cities in in israel for again for very very low prices and nobody really knows where these properties are going so a lot of the people buying seem to be in fiscal paradise is part of that actually to essentially make this more transparent perhaps not with the best of instrument and shiny how do you see it why have deduced from city officials decided to act now and could have changed the status quo which is existed and lift for you as well
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they feel like they have no other choice like martin was saying this is a very i mean the facade is you know is a religious. disagreement but we have behind it a lot of money involved and the fact is we don't know all the actors in the field we know that what we know is that we see systematic efforts of mostly of the orthodox churches to sell property which. he's in the heart of the israeli capital we're talking about a lot of land sold to unknown buyers and this is very much a great source for great concern for the israeli government and they're trying to find ways to find any solution i think without trying to escalate i mean the israeli authorities are trying to escalate this crisis in order to get to church to talk to them and find ways to retrieve control and of what's happening to the capital to most states that are in the heart of the israeli city so we have a very emotional standoff now a much and we hope to see that the they want the church leaders to start talking
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about this how do you see this dispute being result from the religious perspective but i mean i think that there is a very clear problem which is a problem that sort of transcends israel this approach that americans have this wrong that made a lot of american countries and african countries have tax exemption for religious organizations is something that is sustained by the idea that religion should be freely practice it's also a question as to whether that can actually be turned into a commercial operation which in many many cases it happens so i think that this will be a matter of negotiation it is interesting however that this three religious groups that are completely opposed are now essentially in unison and in a brief clip from you how do you see it being resolved well i think the church would like also to find any way to come from eyes with israel as long as they can find ways to secure their profits which is an important part of how the church still operates these days they will find ways to resolve it that nobody wants to go any further they use high rhetorical in order to find practical down on the ground solutions shani was honest and god thank you very much for shedding light on this
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issue in jerusalem you're watching news still lots more coming up to stay with us if you can coming live to you from but i have lots more coming up after a short break see that. the oil industry's dirty secret. for over sixty years old companies have been aware of their role in climate change. believe the figure it into their projections for. top secret documents offer proof of corporations covering up climate change. in forty five minutes on g.w. . you're going to unofficial estimates more than one point
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two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already at all but why return to vast. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. thing witness global news that matters. made for mines. birth. home use of species. worth saving and. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and therefore station.
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results of people you cannot protect the force to create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. global goes to a multimedia environment series on t.w. . you're watching the dubbing is coming to you live from berlin i'm touching up pleasure to have your company the top story proposal out of syria indicate that chlorine gas was used in an airstrike by russian backed government forces had the parties in the one child has died and several other people are being treated for exposure to the gas russia has denied a chemical attack. turkey's president john has come under fire for his behavior at a political event this weekend the rally was designed to promote stickies ongoing
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military operations against kurdish forces in syria but it's ended up getting press for a different reason a social media editor has been following this story for us and joins. we now welcome khalid this sounds a bit bizarre what happened now i mean it is a bit bizarre that as you mention president everyone really pushing and promoting turkey's military offensive but many say this really did go a step too far people in turkey not so happy with what happened here and we can just bring it to the scene here to everyone was speaking at a meeting of his a.k.p. party over the weekend when he apparently spotted a young girl in the crowd who was dressed in a military uniform he brought her on stage as an example of national unity and support for the military but what happened next has sparked a controversy take a look at this. we should have now everyone's speech with a little girl we can take along. soldiers don't cry.
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we will honor your death if you fall. even. so essentially there you see everyone praising this this young girl as a potential martyr in this military campaign the girls believed to be about four or five years old and you can see i mean she was crying from the very start clearly just very uncomfortable with that whole thing absolutely this highly controversial how people responded to it god i mean if you look at social media it's interesting because you know everyone has so much support in the country but we're not able to find much support on social media or for what he did many people there saying this just just crossed the line in terms of bringing a young girl into this this campaign many sentiments in fact even calling this a ken to child abuse and using
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a child to support kind of this political measure this this military campaign. you know on the opposition to everyone and even among supporters it seems to be fairly similar although one interesting thing i mean we are seeing the pro-government. basically newspapers spinning this a little bit they even say one quoting that the little girl got really excited and that's why her eyes filled with tears but overall not really so much agreement for what everyone is doing there that's if you lot of people have been tweeting about this is of course you're keeping track of all of the afternoon has more for us in need to show up on from a social media desk thank you very much for being us that story. turning now to china where censors have cracked down on criticism expressed on social media of a plan to allow president xi jinping to stay in power indefinitely censors blocked sites and removed satirical posts on the development the communist party announced a move to lift restrictions on term limits for the president on sunday. would she
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jingping first term in office coming to an end and he second all but cost in stone he may never have to retire after all with china's parliament likely to scrap the limit on presidential terms the sixty four year old is the most powerful figure in the country's political system controlling both the party and the military she has used the last five years to expand china's presence on the global stage while casting himself as a major world leader on the streets of shanghai the news of an indefinite she presidency was largely welcomed. it doesn't matter how many terms she jing pings days in office it will be a good thing for us if he can lead us to achieve national prosperity. but. i think many policies such as deepening reforms in china need more continuity
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i believe a stable leadership is good for the implementation of different policies. but the ruling communist party is planned to keep she in office has also encountered some opposition china's foreign ministry which usually only comments on diplomatic matters found it necessary to push back on the criticism. i suggest that everyone should try to understand the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics in a positive way i hope that everyone will acknowledge the voice of the chinese people. some voices have been silenced the government has blocked articles criticizing the move and instead published pieces that praised the party. joining me now live from beijing is clifford coonan from the irish times hi kay foote first of all what lies behind this proposed constitutional amendment which eliminates presidential tone limits well this is another stage and.
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asserting his authority in china and showing that years now the most powerful leader since probably since the founding fathers china. don't. so if this is a move designed to bulls decision things position so apart from of one party state you could end up having a one man rule in the country well that's right he's focusing all power on himself and this is one of the reasons that there was some concern today. we saw some satirical bows as was mentioned in the in the report some people have compared it to the kindle city and in north korea which has now been running there for three or three decades as are three generations and so there are some concerns about too much power being concentrated in one person that said she didn't think it's still very popular here particularly because of the anti corruption campaign and so while
3:37 pm
there are some reservations he still remains a very popular figure of course some of his supporters are arguing that in a extending his still limited would in fact bring a bit of stability in the short down to china but as you indicated there are some critical voices and we have reports which is that they have been silenced what more can you tell us about this. well i think i think what people are concerned about as always when too much power is concentrated on earth and you have issues but what happens if something happens to them if they die you know the leadership vacuum. china for many years had problems with succession issues about how to move from one generation of leaders to the next. and this is these six terms of leadership group those after the cultural revolution which was it's chaos in china so people are worried that if things should slip if the economy should start to fail for example or to slow down. there would be the possibility of major instability given that there isn't
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a succession plan outlined now so i think this is one of the main source of the concern radcliffe is couldn't in beijing thank you very much for that. and i do apologize for the quality of that line to beijing a foreign ministers have agreed to press sanctions against me and ma with the killing of muslims now the sanctions are expected to target individuals with travel bans and asset freezes nearly seven hundred thousand rohingya fled to bangor this last year following a military crackdown last week human rights groups said man must government was using bulldozers to raise the villages of the rohingya before and after a satellite images showed that dozens of empty villages had been completely wiped out observers have expressed concern that crucial evidence of crimes against the writing is being destroyed that many of the seven hundred thousand rohingya who fled to bangor this for me and ma are expected to return over the next two years
3:39 pm
did obvious kate brady spoke to you i've been a member of the advisory commission on the rakhine state led by the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan she asked him how the safety of the returning a hanger can be guaranteed. challenges but i've been on the grol as a member of the freed movement and. i know that reconciliation process. movement i think we can revive the spirit of tolerance that once they have had they were living together for hundreds of years so due to some instigation of things happen so if we can make an effort especially regarding defeat movement i think we will be able to settle the problem and say that you and human rights chief previously accused me of carrying out what he described a textbook example of ethnic cleansing to what extent does mia ma accept
3:40 pm
responsibility for the persecution well it's up to the authority to decide but as a simple citizen i think things are very complicated and information trickling in so we cannot see what this actually happening as commission we have submitted a report saying that something is wrong and we need some inquiry so independent. and cory should be done and the state council had set and invited the diplomatic mission station in to go and visit there and talk with the people there that things the fundamental problems still unresolved no real reconciliation process and also have no class status particularly with regards to that citizenship rights. why is it that man makana accept them as citizens well i think it's not
3:41 pm
a very fair question because that after verification they'll be giving according to the ability they've been there for hundreds of years some of them. have co-existed with. and we were living very well together all we need to do is to revive the spirit again what do you hope to see now in terms of support for the reintegration from the international community well in fact we have reached a bilateral agreement with the bangladesh government and it is going on slowly but surely but international community community needs to have some more understanding and need to have some correct information so that they will be able to give us a positive support. so that was i when a member of the right kind of visor commission talked to my colleague brady time now for business of monica and smartphones are getting smarter but is that enough
3:42 pm
to win over customers there is room for doubt rita certainly of the mobile world congress which kicked off in barcelona with the global smartphone sales declining at the end of last year the big question it seems is how to woo customers for its part market leaders some some believe the answer is beefing up its new flagship model. samsung is focusing on cameras its new galaxy s nine and the slightly larger s nine plus might not look a whole lot different from their previous answers but the pictures they take in low light are less grainy. and there's a new super slow motion feature it takes nine hundred sixty images per second and is able to capture even the fastest moving objects samsung says that could even attract professional photographers but it at mit's most of the improvements are under the hood. is it is
3:43 pm
a huge amount of innovation that you do not see in this divorce because we've we've kept the best design of a phone out there that we introduced last year that we've designed around that best looking phones and then there are the animated emoji is that something apple already introduced on its i phone ten users can create three dimensional avatars that match their clothing in facial expressions the new galaxy is cheaper than the i phone ten still they cost around eight hundred fifty and nine hundred fifty euros when they go on sale in europe next month samsung has this show to itself a fast growing chinese rival huawei won't be unveiling any phones in barcelona just tablets and laptops but even without having to share the spotlight the s. nine is refinements might not be enough to wow consumers after a year of flat smartphone sales.
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to want to think they were two cracking games on sched you know on sunday jonathan crane from the sports desk is with me and welcome to you jonathan and both games because you're about trying to get a psychological edge of your rivals we need to talk more about this the first let's have an if the days early game pitted play this goes in again shock of both sides of the exceeded expectations in this campaign and this show done was done to be a good. two ambitious teams battling for the champions league laver cozen coach heiko hare lish looked skeptical at the start of the match he may have suspected the visitors were poised to pounce a long ball and get zero book style of beat panicky artist red sauce. one deal for shaka in the eleventh minute. the austrian made it look easy and served up a perfect finish. laverick goes in needed some time to bounce back liam bailey with a good chance after twenty minutes. both teams went all out laver cozens dominic
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cor going a bit too far here a second red card and the hosts were man down. after the restart shaka dug in at the back and threatened on the counter-attack band play no preventing bailey and below from adding to the score but it was only a matter of time after a red sauce fouled him below in the box substitute not be able been talib stepped up to the spot to make it to nil by shaka celebrated a win on the road while liverpool is in continued to struggle on their own turf they've lost three home games in the second half of the season. so this isn't a crucial win for shall go chill he's the right man for the job you're talking about germany today he sent me going about things the right way when he was appointed i think a lot of people went to desk who because he's an unknown for a large degree south of course the club with a lot of expectation for
3:46 pm
a massive club they want big names but to test it was a pragmatist nice comment quietly done things and ways not afraid to experiment is realise that it's not all about tactics that's about players and it's nice to bring out the best of some of the players who had maybe been on the fringes maybe whose careers that hit the buffers a bit and he's not afraid to take games for opponents we saw that in they've accused in on sunday fantastic wins then obviously helps by. three points it was just three points for shocker it's also about three points that laver couzin didn't get exactly talking about leaving what is about them that they came short against as i said it never helps when you play more than half the match then he also doesn't help when you can see the off to just eleven minutes if you start this morning that really feels like later cusanus struggled since the wins a pretty good bit inconsistent and that's was the problem when you have a few weeks not playing it on such a great run before christmas twelve games i think it was on base and then they lose that momentum and i think they found it quite hard to get that back their team
3:47 pm
scores a lot of goals and got a lot of attacking players on bailey. our u.t.m. brands problems when they don't scroll and they don't get their nose in front then they struggle with defensively a bit vulnerable and i think that's what we've been seeing at the moment ok let looking at the other match of the evening huge shock in a cologne beat leipzig two one on sunday is it too late to stable delegation and what does it mean for leipzig colognes people yes i think it is too late for them unfortunately are not taking anything away from their fabulous way and i think you can see some of the goals now with the still eight points just to safety with just ten games that this is a need for when the season armories and i think they've improved a bit after the burdens break they don't really have enough quality as polite sake i mean we're going to see the goals they conceded here they really did this they missed a chance to get a second and once they go into the lead they were just for the games bad it could've been three or four after half time and unfortunately they threw it away calling from that delighted obviously but like me discovering how hard the second
3:48 pm
season is and never cut this back by red bull they're not really outspent their rivals and not by any stretch they've stretched the faith in the younger players and i think they're finding now that they're missing a few in a few experience styles when some of the key players like nabby case are out and it's not about giving up the momentum of course in which they have have to show that they can in the second half but what about brucia dortmund they're taking an. and there was no dog went out on a road yet they are on a roll and they've lost four competitive games or has gone the other side they've gone two games without a goal i think they're missing their top score alfredsson bogus and he's a he's injured at the moment in many ways outspoken been a surprise package of the season many people tipped them to go down i think it's not repeat i came to fourth and don't have really improved and that's hysterical he's tightened up their defense that man that's why you can see in the pictures that he's coming to replace america by me and really small and signing for him for development but one thing to watch out for tonight i'm richard wright is found
3:49 pm
protests at the same job in france times of boycott the day and others who were going to be there not happy with the match is now being played on a monday night we obviously can't generate t.v. revenue but the fans are saying look it's difficult for us to get to these not just after work after we're going to monday yeah jonathan crean thank you very much for bringing us up to give it all that's happening in the bundesliga and i'm a big partial to dortmund so i hope they do well thank you very much. ok moving away from the boost again with northern europe in the grip of subzero winter temperatures you could be forgiven for not wanting to go outside but swimmers in russia's border see exclave of god didn't get that memo in very recent temperatures to compete in minus ten degrees celsius weather in outdoor pools over the weekend people is young and old took part in what some might call crazy but the russians call it a fun way to stay healthy. in june this year women in saudi
3:50 pm
arabia will finally be allowed to drive cars but what is lesser known is writes the saudi women have been expanding albeit extremely slowly for decades a new documentary called a silent revolution features interviews with a vicious saudi women of all ages talking about their hopes their dreams and their struggles is the work of two females on the filmmakers done your. alley and done yet nothing of the first women in saudi arabia to be allowed to own a production company without a manager. and talk about the film i have with me. of robin of this celebrated disprove me a kid in the german capital not in saudi arabia why well i mean as we know for thirty five years cinemas haven't been allowed in saudi arabia the ban has been lifted as of last december but they haven't really got going couple of screenings
3:51 pm
have happened in the kingdom since the ban was lifted but just of kids animation films the m o g movie and captain underpants one of my favorites of course. but there's no clear date exactly when they're going to have but they are going to open this year this is part of the modernization by the the crown prince mohammed bin solomon a as you mentioned turning to the movie makers they were actually quite pleased it was premiere at the boat in film festival because of the publicity of course the fact that the film is also weighing the people of the west to give them a different picture of saudi women that they might be used to anyway let's have a look at a bit of the movie. a silent revolution is the story of saudi women from all walks of life. athletes journalists scientists educators and artists. voices most in the world haven't heard
3:52 pm
before. this is the story the untold story of the saudi women that has been going on silently for years and years and years and that's why the name of our film is a silent revolution is because these strong amazing women were quietly making little changes that. culminated in the big change that's happening now in saudi arabia. the film looks at the struggle of women to move ahead in the kingdom. my generation the generation before me and after me somebody led somebody lost their reputation somebody lost an opportunity to have a good life because we had to get over again those rates that are given to our children today. as well as the background to some of the obstacles faced by women there. however when i sit with the experts that are trying to create
3:53 pm
opportunities for women johns there's always this thing the job has to be suitable for women. the women interviewed have high hopes for the next generation. the shooter is brilliant they're fantastic with us i mean i think they have the greatest future that could ever happen in the arab world the future is yours no one can stop the we'll take the fun and revolution is a sign of progress in a country where women's rights still have a very long way to go. as are the conclusion of the film is very bad that it's all about. education one of the women. says that education is something that no one can take away from us which is true once you've got an education nobody can take it i deal with you if you would just look at us says i mean you know right so women are highly restricted in saudi arabia so what we've
3:54 pm
seen in this documentary is that of these ghosts the thais version of what's this silent revolution taking place could be did occur to me as i watched the entire film yes i mean not we were seeing very educated. wealthy perhaps women talking we were seeing the other side perhaps but it least it's something i mean i would like to take a positive attitude because. made by a film company run by women this is one of the most conservative states in the well being we're talking about a state where it doesn't matter women to draw if you're going to i know in june when you know so you know at least some sort of progress. made you know like as you said let's put a positive spin on it another positive spin of course is going to be a jazz festival it was a jazz fest ok but we had we have pictures it was staged. intercontinental hotel and featured number of bands including charlie nash and who
3:55 pm
we people might not know here but from lebanese a much loved performer in the region. local saudi musicians perform and some of them it was the first time they had performed in that country in public which was quite interesting and also seen in the audience shakara women well actually women in the audience as well so i was really pleased that is a positive thing to happen in saudi arabia at robin move from moscow to dislike you very much for being in that story to us. you're watching the job news has a recap of the top story that they are following for you reports out of syria indicate chlorine gas was used in an airstrike by and russia backed government forces as authorities in eastern hutto say one child has died and seven other people are being treated for exposure to the gas russia has denied a chemical attack and. that's it for me on that that she must so we're standing by
3:56 pm
she'll have more news for you in a few minutes to stay with us if you can buy. food .
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this is d.w. news live from berlin russia orders a daily break in the bombing of eastern ghouta in syria they say the aim is to allow civilians to leave but for now the form goes on with more than five hundred feared killed in the last week including many children. and in germany chancellor angela merkel's conservatives say yes to a coalition deal with the social democrats merkel also presents her picks for a new younger and more female cabinet.


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