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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is a doubly newsline from germany since you can the bad diesel cost to reduce air pollution today's court ruling is a victory for environmentalist but a huge blow to the car industry on for the millions of motorists who may not be allowed to use their vehicles also on the program. full scale fighting resumes in eastern guta after a temporary truce for humanitarian workers say they have been unable to deliver aid and that no civilians were able to leave. and six year old i shall be so
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weak she cannot see her own name but she's only one of many children starving to death because of the war in yemen we'll hear from one of the doctors trying to help but forced every day to make painful decisions. and i c f from siberia has sent to europe's temperatures plunging the string weather warnings are in place in many countries especially in the east. germany's politicians including macro as you've never seen them before the seventieth birthday germany's best known puppet bear so what is the secret of their success. i'm for welcome to the program. but it's a decision that threatens to cause huge disruption one of germany's top court says rule that cities are allowed to ban diesel cars from the streets in order to
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pollution environmentally so welcome the ruling but it's a defeat for the car industry as manufacturers may not be forced to pay to improve exhaust systems it could also mean millions of diesel owners on a longer allowed to drive their cars. at the moment most vehicles may be driven in germany cities regardless of what engine they have but following today's ruling cities with high levels of air pollution could opt to outlaw all but the most modern diesel engines a clear victory for the environmental group that initiated the legal action. as the school day is a great day for clean air in germany we have fought for clean air for people in cities. for years the legal thresholds for air pollution have been surpassed in many german cities the nitrogen oxides emitted mainly by diesel cars are highly damaging to people's health the german government says the fumes are implicated in
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six thousand early deaths every year so many germans support a ban one wonderful it's about time for the city center to just be made car free that would be super for man the things immediately there dirty water. many diesel owners now fear they will no longer be able to drive in urban areas of the fifteen million diesel cars in germany the ban could affect some nine million many trucks and delivery vehicles could also be banned. in risky got there he would have to shut down right away we cannot transport our goods by street car the german government is keen to prevent driving bans angela merkel trying to calm nerves and said cities will receive help to combat air pollution that's good i insisted this applies to individual cities where more needs to be done but this really does not affect the whole of germany or all car owners in germany i think it's important to make that clear today. there's still one way to prevent driving bans auto
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manufacturers could retrofit their diesel engines to make them cleaner experts say that is possible the costs might be high but the alternative could be millions of angry customers not an attractive option for germany's carmakers either. there you saw you're going to rush reports he's head of environmental action. what this ruling means for people in polluted cities. this means clean air and bill have better quality from next months on because it'll start about in september or october of this year so for a lot of feel these. are not allowed to enter the city is this year and a big group five. eagles will be next year so that's a huge how destry has no if you do to help these people because they sold our
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us younger and it's environmentally friendly it's for climate and it's for employment and it was cheating cowan street was cheating there because the home base sold about nine million euro five you're six the. erhu liberal asian only in lab situation but not in reality in average when you are six times more poisoning facilities were allowed and this is the reason by the highest court no total stock that his last would be banned and they have to stop now and so what do you say so those people who run businesses and perhaps people who own a small older diesel vehicles who are saying well when i can't afford to buy a new car and now my business will go out and now i will go out of business. no you have to have these people because they didn't you about the quality of the cheating
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of encounters and. was very intelligent i think compromise if but your five houses have. done more munged most trance. vehicles four of the businesses are either you or five or you or six so we don't have to solve the problem. but congress really has to start immediately . to give me her interrupting you sir the just just so i'm clear you're as far as you are concerned this is the responsibility of the car industry to fix the car industry should should watch and pay pay these people money to buy new cars or to have them upgraded what should they do. both of you but unity is now look to the united states for its. two opportunities to buy back the cheating costs or to root have or and this decision today we all must have
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a much easier but unity to force industry i've got to retrofit because our daughters will. be also very intense there's discussion now in germany also of our association urging industry to repair what they are but have they have done it's part of three hours of your arm and you have to replace the. shuttle is eight hour and. it's the technical possible and they can pay i hope but the politician i got an apple the earth is moment. she is also out of the red ok she has got it here an industry friendly politic and has to fight for the people who are suffering and dying because of the poisoned arrow of these are visions ok you're going to ration from environmental action germany thank you so
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much for joining day w. you're part of. so this is a story with a big ramifications across the business industry as not just business have an industry well you know i mean i get us late into the thank you very much well business definitely has a focus on many of the industries and of the implications in general as you said it in germany is fighting off high emission levels as we just saw but other countries have also problems with their quality and more and more authorities around the world are introducing different measures to improve local conditions let's take a look at some of them last january also placed a one day ban on most diesel cars traffic was down thirty percent even though there were many exceptions diesel trucks taxis police cars and other vehicles where except so they could drive on the streets of also but it's not the only european country in paris for example they already announced that they will ban or they already banned diesel cars made before the year two thousand which produced more pollution than other models and starting in twenty twenty all diesel cars will be
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banned from the streets of paris and that's not all the mayor of london has announced he'll also ban diesel cars in twenty twenty and meanwhile cities like madrid athens or even mexico city in mexico have announced that they will do the same five years later in an effort to curb nitrogen oxides and other talk science in their cities so as you can imagine it's not the best time to buy a diesel car here in germany right now while some celebrate this decisions authors are worried about the immediate consequences for their businesses some even rely on diesel cars to make a living here are two sides of a controversial discussion. used car dealer. is only too aware of the diesel problem his yard is full of cars waiting for by is. the difference between them or is it one type sells well the other doesn't. as i met you last year prices have been falling dramatic that will give all to make as
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a real shock diesels with the fastest selling models not so long ago they use less fuel and get to. relief one in three cars on german roads is a diesel. but now they could be banned from city centers when air pollution there breaches legal limits. the industry is struggling hard to salvage what he can of german comic his reputation. thus this is a leave me i don't like any of that for. all i don't like all these generalization . but i can also tell you all the tests carried out so far by the german automobile club or anyone else of the five cars with the lowest nitrogen oxide emissions. five german cars in the fridge torture parts hard. german comic is posing as white knights a not very persuasive argument that will probably leave customers cold who's going
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to buy a diesel if there's no guarantee it can be driven anywhere any time the bill for years of sloppy engineering and emissions cheating dwarfs any illicit gains that were made to german and foreign carmakers alike. all right let's dig a little bit deeper into the subject which is a complex one for that i'm now joined by my colleague from the business desk to my lound to see it now you've been covering this topic as we all have been for many many months now let's start with the point of view of the consumer because as we see this decision i do wonder do consumers in germany really want to get rid of diesel cars i think for most consumers things like air quality respiratory health are very important at the end of the day we all have to breathe but how that city achieved is a where you see a divergence of opinion about what of course as he said affect the lives of lots of people we have fifteen million diesel cars on the road about two million trucks so commuters are worried small businesses are worried about disruptions the supply
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chain and city officials of course will have a major enforcement. on their hands they'll also have to create exceptions for things like ambulances and. fire trucks now if it's any comfort to them this is probably going to be a relatively long winded process this is going to take months if cities of course have to update their air quality regulations and then come up with a plan nobody's going to start pulling off diesel cars off the roads immediately but it could happen now let's talk about the other side the side of the industry because we saw diesel cars in germany are extremely popular and that's no coincidence the car makers behind them have pushed the technology despite the criticisms what reactions can we expect now well the reactions have been pretty much what you would expect a thus far. that it can't comprehend that just that decision and that it creates a lot of uncertainty but what they can try to do is offset some of that uncertainty and tell the motorists how they plan on making their lives easier for example of
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they'll have to respond to renewal bring huge calls for hardware fits now car makers have refused to do this in the past because of the cost it could cost anywhere upwards of thirteen hundred euros for a single car if you expand that to the entire fleet we're looking at maybe fourteen to fifteen billion euros in terms of cost they might come up with a better buyback scheme to allow customers to trade in their old these olds. conditions are favorable to the motorists now they'll probably also have to offer more models that bridge the gap from here to mass electric vehicle adoption by for example offering more hybrids with more electrical components and more importantly they can offer to pay for all those fixes what they'll actually end up doing of course is still up in the air but this is an opportunity for them to surprise you well let's see if they really surprise but we're talking about the fact that people will have to change their car somewhere or another eventually what does this ruling mean for all those confused diesel drivers i'm actually surprised they're not more
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angry and surprise are not marching the straits or driving their diesels on the streets but if the. on how a bag would be enforced if they are indeed imposed it also depends on what sort of diesel car you drive now if you bought your car after september twenty fifteen when the latest zero six standards came into force then you might actually be able to keep driving your car you'll probably receive like a logo or a seal to put it on your car in order to identify it as a less polluting vehicle but if your car belongs to an older standard than hopefully you'll get a retro fit hopefully for free or a trade in the worst case you'll be stuck with a lemon that you can't resell and can't drive and cities that has to know them alone will keep following the story with you a complicated one for consumers for sure thanks very much. and we'll have more business stories for you later in the show till then it's back to the. thank you now russia is accusing rebels in their perceived claims of eastern ghouta in syria
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of launching attacks during what was supposed to be a truce russia call for what it called call what it termed a humanitarian five or was which was due to start today after a un ceasefire failed to take hold but humanitarian workers say they were unable to deliver a juror in such a short window. today the skies over eastern ghouta were supposed to fall silent but a five hour humanitarian pause brought little relief to besieged residents in the rebel held on klav strikes reported during a pause and observers say that syrian government warplanes resumed their bombing as soon as it ended. when we pray to god for help what kind of ceasefire is this without attacks and barrel bombs. humanitarian corridors set up to allow residents to leave and aid to enter went largely unused rebels claim people are refusing to leave on buses out of fear of being captured by government forces. and i bought
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a movie and we're meant to pick up the wounded from eastern guta and take them to the clinic in the suburbs of damascus on humanitarian grounds. but if they're much syria's ally russia accused the rebels of preventing people from leaving and blamed them for failing to uphold the truce ordered by president vladimir putin. that the militants are intensively shelling the a not a single civilian escape to the humanitarian corridor or to going to do it. moscow's plan falls short of the thirty day cease fire which was passed by the united nations but it's yet to take effect a group still waiting to deliver desperately needed supplies so imagine. that you have. a military base there that we can't imagine it's really getting big for. the residents of eastern goosen. can do little to clear up the rubble and hope to mars polis brings real relief. ok international's middle east
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a regional coordinator is matson media see joins us from amman in jordan welcome to d.w. what are you hearing about the situation in eastern tutor. so basically after nine days of unprecedented level of facilities people are tired they're hungry they're free and we have seen hundreds of people that have perished in the bombing campaign . and we know off around twenty four have facilities that have been bombed deliberately. and basically we had seen after that announcement of the un security council we had seen like a brief love there was a calmer night or partners were telling us in the morning that people were emerging from the shelters they were cleaning the roads to give space for the ambulances to go through there are trying to get food and water but then late in the day around lunchtime the bombing started again and then people went underground and into the
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basement again. it's important to remember that this was not a cease fire that was that was agreed but these series of temporary five causes what kind of humanitarian groups achieve during five. i mean one was agreed to cite the u.n. security council resolution said as should be a. cease fire however there was a bank door that there's a prescribed groups inside he's huzzah that are kind of excluded from that agreement and that's why these five for our troops is really really very. very little time to bring in humanitarian assistance care has been able through one of our partners today to distribute a little bit of wheat flour. to some of the people that were able to come through the distribution point but only a sleeve wasn't even five hours today it was even after three hours the bombing
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started again so yeah it's not enough given the current situation so do you believe the united nations is doing enough about the situation i mean we're calling for the implementation of the u.n. security council resolution decision. there is of course there is gar interests that sit on the security council that have influence on the warring parties so at the moment definitely we are very much frustrated with the efforts by the u.n. and with the lack of implementation of a decision as was taken on saturday so if another decision is taken another series of cease fire was. agreed upon a people likely to trust that. i mean at the moment it's really i mean we have seen that in an airport earlier you know if you open these humanitarian
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corridors. people will be very much on it would be unlikely for them to you know to come out from the shelters and try to cross what are active front lines and in an ongoing war so all people would be very much reluctant and has a tend to take their families to take the children to take the head of the lees through an active conflict zone that has really been relentless for the last ninety days killing hundreds and injuring would could could be more than a thousand people well so in the millions from international funk you. because there are some of the other stories making news around the world a check court has ordered the release of syrian kurdish leader muslim refusing turkey's request for his extradition check with orses detained him over the weekend that anchor his request salim was then denies to his play that he was involved in attacks carried out on its territory. prosecutors in south korea are demanding
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a thirty year jail term for former president park geun pay and a landmark corruption case as park was impeached for corruption last march and he's facing more than a dozen criminal charges he's been held in custody for almost a year. greece's economy and development minister has resigned demetrius papa to me true house stepped down just a day after his wife left the government this followed a public outcry when it was revealed that the wealthy couple have been claiming a substantial government rent subsidy while greeks while greeks continue to suffer under strict austerity measures. the frontrunner in colombia's upcoming presidential elections gustavo petro has of alleged voting is at risk of massive fraud be claims a decision not to digitize the results from the country's polling stations makes fraud more likely colombians will vote in the presidential primary on the eleventh of march. teaches the united states have taken to social media to respond to
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president trump suggestion that arming them would prevent school shootings to use a social media editor called nason can tell us more welcome oh. let's. where did this where did they will this how did this campaign begin you know i really did start with president trump announcing his plan and essentially what he wants is to arm approximately twenty percent of the country's teachers so that would actually mean seven hundred thousand teachers with a gun in their classroom that's a large number and this of course comes after the recent school shooting in our in florida we can actually hear the president's plan. in his own words take a look i think a concealed permit for having teachers and letting people know that there are people in the building with a gun you want to have in my opinion you want to have the shootings because if people like ours they're not going to walk into a school if twenty percent of the teachers have guns maybe ten percent or maybe forty percent and what i'd recommend doing is the people that do carry we give them
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a bonus we give them a little bit of a bonus. even suggesting that teachers get paid a little bit more for having a gun in the classroom two teachers decided to respond to that plan and it's fair to say that they're not big fans of it these are two women in the u.s. and they are teachers and they are committed to responding to trump and you can see them here this is olivia baird there on the left she's a middle school teacher in kansas and brittany wheaton in utah they were actually inspired because a friend of theirs teaches at stoneman douglas high school there in florida where that school shooting took place they created a hash tag bill called armin me with that they're asking to be armed however not with guns but with supplies that they say will help them do their job better as teachers. just give us better school equipment and this is really so noble yet i mean these two teachers now there are thousands tens of thousands of teachers that are using this hash tag responding to trauma and they have suggestions for
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exactly what perhaps other supplies they might need besides guns and take a look this is just a sample of of the many many teachers that are using this hash tag on social media many are holding up signs using that army with hash tag and they're asking for more school supplies for example many others asking for perhaps a smaller class size and other improvements like better pay or just simple things for the classroom and this is one of the most powerful pictures coming from a teacher and services go she's holding up a gun but that's actually a glue gun she says the only gun she wants in her classroom would be a glue gun these teachers pulling out look no in the u.s. many teachers in the schools they just don't have the financial resources for the basics school supplies books let alone guns what have organizations had to say about the president's call to arms perhaps no surprise the n.r.a. the national rifle association they're on board with this plan they love it.
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besides the individual teachers educational groups are also again. did in fact take a look at this statement coming from one educational group this is the president of the american federation of teachers randi weingarten and she wrote how would arming teachers even work would kindergarten teachers be carrying guns in holsters is every classroom now going to have a gun closet will that be locked anyone who pushes arming teachers doesn't understand teachers and doesn't understand our schools of course gun control is a long running debates in the us but this seems to be one of the most unpopular plans that's been come up with seemingly unanimous against statement from all teachers across the u.s. is a big hash tag very few teachers in support of this plan ok carl nuts one thank you so much now a rare cold front is known as the beast from the east continues to wreak havoc across europe it said temperatures plummeting again today causing headaches for adults getting to work and delight for children who have the day off school. the
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beast from the east continues to stalk its way across europe freezing rivers blocking roads and causing general disruption across the continent and britain heavy snowfall in parts of the country caused some schools to close and the country's met office to issue travel warnings. in southern italy snow paralyzed traffic and train services schools were closed in naples so youngsters could enjoy a rare snowball fight in the shower with a custom a little. indulgence and west in croatia record snowfall of one hundred eighty two centimeters coast huge snow drifts burying hoses and roads forcing rescue services to evacuate the stranded locals. for them it has been quite a shock. nothing like this in living memory i've been living here a long time but i don't remember it ever snowing like this it has always been within
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the average of half a metre maybe a metre. further east sofia was resplendent in white but flights in and out of the bulgarian capital were cancelled while the blanket of snow left thousands in the west of the country without power. that led to schools being closed perfect for the city's young sledging enthusiasm. watching d.w. live from boston and still to come the children facing death from starvation because of the war in yemen and the doctor doing all she can to help them. i'm a big dog in a small german community over a church bell bearing a swastika. should they be using it to call worshippers to press. well how about our more of the day's world news it is just about.
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interests line. that's kind of. the trip like playing seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks. taking landscapes. from little extra. coaching to school seventeen thousand troops to cut off the. field something nice for him i ask him for jurors or dealing with an economic killed many civilians i mean i should come including my father one day and i was a student and i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind soft.
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global ideals a multimedia environment series on d. w. . this is d w news live from baghdad on phil gayle these are our top stories at this hour germany's top administrative court has ruled in favor of allowing cities to batten heavily polluted diesel vehicles environmentally safe thousands of people a year die prematurely as a result of not having dioxide emissions from diesel exhaust some. top models are groups say s. strikes have hit syria's rebel held eastern ghouta region during what was supposed to be a five hour daily truce of the syrian government denies any such attack meanwhile brushless ministry has said gravel shelling has blocked the planned evacuation route for civilians which rebels have denied. to yemen and now the poorest country in the middle east is caught up in a struggle for regional dominance between saudi arabia which backs a yemeni government and iran which backs the who three rebels the colorful. to
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dates back to a failed transition of power after the arab spring uprising president so hard they struggled with various issues including al qaeda attacks food insecurity and high unemployment but the rebels took advantage of this political instability and over several years gained control of various provinces according to the un yemen is on the brink of a famine with millions of yemen is dependent on humanitarian aid the next report follows one doctor trying to ease the plight of children caught up in the conflict i should warn you the report contains some very disturbing images. it's the start of a long and busy day for pediatrician a shrug of the how to today she'll be making house calls in the countryside. but first a father is waiting anxiously at the central clinic in what data with his emaciated daughter shrugs occupation requires her to remain optimistic but she's frustrated
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during the three years of fighting the number of undernourished children has risen dramatically for her the suffering is unbearable especially when the children are brought to the hospital when it might already be too late. don't cry my dear don't cry don't be afraid. doctors hope to save the child's life with an infusion of liquid nutrition when asked what her name is the six year old cannot answer she is too weak to talk. to her father says a name as i shot the girl doesn't utter a single word during the examination. will try to help her but the effectiveness of her work depends entirely on adequate deliveries of medicine actually reaching yemen. a shrug drives to the harbor area of data to find out what kind of relief aid has been delivered this time but when she arrives she can hardly believe her
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eyes. the united nations sent this ship. asks the harbor workers if they know why such a small ship was sent but they say they don't know the reason. why the cafe benefit is not enough unicef sent that ship we need unicef for medications for food to combat the malnutrition among children cholera diphtheria can unicef only lease ships this small it's not supposed to be enough for twenty seven million people. a day does however is the largest and therefore the most important port in the who the rebel held area it's under constant attack by the saudi led coalition but a shrug says the bombardments of civilian homes nearby is a worse crime than. this district is close to a military base says the airport is nearby that's why it is continually bombed
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including the university's medical faculty. to. ash walk drives to a village south of hard data the war is also hitting people in the countryside hard the few aid deliveries that do arrive really make it out of the city that's why the doctor makes these trips. the town of adam now is near the coast the fisherman who live here are very poor i shrug my heart i'm his able to help them because of her relatively good income when she arrives she can see how grateful the people are she's almost their only contacts to the outside world the war's effects are highly visible here. the children are terribly undernourished. poor i could give my child milk every two days but i haven't gotten anything for
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two months now. is there the parents are grateful to our swag for treating the children for free and give her a gift of him it's a small gesture that allows these poor people to maintain their dignity ashworth has made it her mission to help people but this is becoming increasingly difficult she sees no end to the war and has made a professional decision. the health of the children is deteriorating because they are not getting adequate treatment and i decided that if we can't provide food supplies to adults we have to at least there in teach the children that because they need nourishment more urgently. that's why she's come to this village bringing only powdered milk ashwell believes it's the children who must survive because they are humans only hope. south africa's new president cyril robert poses has announced his new cabinet amongst the big changes is the return of none not knowing
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that the finance ministry the country's business community considered there a safe pair of hands when he was last imposed on the jacob zuma and zuma sacked him the south african rand collapsed of foreign currency currency exchanges as appointment has already been welcomed by business representatives present rather poza has also named david president another former finance minister pravin gordhan is the head big public enterprise department. i'll turn this to joins us from johannesburg welcome to day w i what do people expect of the new older finance minister. there is excitement here from a lot of people as you have thought it's a day when in there was the minister of finance the markets were the trusted investors just a team in when. or when because the markets in
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a lot of money or less why do we think the markets so he's retained this is really returned confidence and when the announcement was made that rand did live and play and. fifty four cents to the dollar showing that really the markets we're coming in i think it's a positive development in south africa's walking that. slowly go back to where it was when i was still design is now ok so this new administration has been busy today parliament passed a motion that opens the way to change the country's balance of land ownership most of the land currently owned by white people how would today's decision change that it is going to be a very big decision because it is you know the motion also commended that. we put in place so that you have a committee that's going to look into concession part of it. taking live without compensation definitely means that so that's the goal david from the cut in process
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with farmers have been persuaded to sell their land which means if the government in mclean then is going to take it and give it to the people that is very bad consequences if we look at what happened in zimbabwe as above a trade and there was a shortage of food to the economy went down the farmers went out of the country so it is a move that will see south africa changing quite a lot in lot of things went might happen in the process and if they're not careful in doing that this is what brooks above would want to do is now but other people saying a lot of is in the hands of a few people so it should be done right in johannesburg fact here. then you have. now uganda is picking a battle with the united states have you are gators can tell us more thank you
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rochelle it's a tough one because it's about the local imports and of course also the economy an end to the import of used clothing in uganda is in balance following threats of trade sanctions by the united states east african countries want to stop importing used apparel to promote local manufacturing but criticism from the u.s. has left regional leaders with few options. what has rushed to me to demand for shoes. at this factory on the outskirts of uganda's capital the new target is to produce at least eight thousand pairs. the owner sees growth here has been shadowed by perceptions largely attributed to imported used shoes they use and sure this imported shoes the effect that so much because most people here in uganda they believe something from outside is genuine and something locally here the media
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is not a general so at the end of the day we end up by customers going to buy the imported . shoes and leaving ours here but however recent people have come to appreciate our shoes. government wants to promote local manufacturers like the through banning the import of used clothes and shoes but that plan might not work the united states in media exporter of used has criticized uganda strategy saying that it could violate by larger trade and as threatened to retaliate by blocking imports from participating african countries. i think the issue should be where to move was the protection can we agree with the americans with the other partners that we deal with in the international arena but for them to seek to impose use of the stuff on african market using the stuff on the east african market using the stuff on
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their guns on the market when they can actually serve in this market last hand stuff i think is unfilled in. uganda's plan is part of the wider east african trade block strategy agreed upon by countries like rhonda and tanzania. with the exception of kenya regional leaders wanted to phase out importation of secondhand garments by twenty nineteen. the u.s. warns that a trade war might lead to loss of three hundred fifty thousand jobs in african countries at the same time some experts say that to the barn alone might not even be enough to boost local tax day. whenever you see something used to be there is an element of damping and in that respect. i mean you cannot compete in a very you know be in business where you have
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a lot of stuff so you know where you dump ends the textile sector so that's on the other side but what is africa doing talking from want to get exciting the street and this really has to be looked at internally not from the external side because even before you look at external pressures you have to look at what you're being domestically in terms of you know the kind of support you extending to the point that sector. uganda says' it remains committed to the regional industrialization vision as it continues to engage its international trade partners according to u.s. government figures the east african sick in her clothing and footwear industry is worth about two hundred and thirty million dollars. when crops fail farmers livelihoods are at risk more than twelve thousand indian farm workers took their own lives in twenty fourteen according to the latest official statistics the top reason for the deaths crop failures and you company is hoping to reduce the
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impact by providing farmers with a stable income our reporter christian woman spoke to some of them. just below i took out a loan from the bank for the second time. i used it to invest in my car. but the rains have destroyed all of them. humiliated so much that i cannot read i thought i felt that if i died well at least then my wife and children would receive some help from the government so i attempted suicide by consuming pesticide. india's farmers the suffering under the effects of climate change extreme weather such as heat waves droughts floods destroying crops across the country pushing the livelihoods of millions in jeopardy one farmer got me to say in every
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forty two minutes in india that's super disturbing because i think that's the. how do you put it that's the sign of our hopelessness. despair and. why would any father warn their kids to come and fight me if this see their fellow farmers moving into that kind of a hopeless and. katie a startup from hyderabad he's hoping to give these small holders a future providing reliable crop yields despite the uncertain climate the company has developed a cheap modular green house in open field if you was fifteen metres of water to grow one kilogram of vegetable inside the green nose you require just one leader that's one aspect farmers find a great value with this green knows grow more with less water apart from the
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greenhouse katie office of the services farmers in the region can get advice on taking out a loan or own choosing the right fertiliser or seeds the aim is to make harvests more reliable. the yield here is higher in outdoor farming it's very low if this were growing outdoors where the crops would have been destroyed already by the rains. it would have been a total loss. the company has set up fifty such greenhouses so far demand is high. now katie needs the infrastructure to give farmers from across the country access to that business model. some corporate news now and in a surprise move u.s. cable giant comcast has challenge tycoon rupert murdoch it says it's out bidding
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him offering more than twenty five billion euros to buy the european pay t.v. group sky murdoch who already owns forty nine percent of sky had already agreed to buy the rest but british regulators feared his company twenty first century fox could become too powerful comcast says fox would be a perfect fit and it's now reportedly teamed up with this nie which has its eye on some fox as it has come down two months after this nice said it ain't to buy box by itself. and speaking of disney walt disney chief executive robert iger has announced a two billion euro investment to expand the company's french theme park disneyland paris the news came just after a meeting between uyghur and french president manuel mccall the development will include three new areas and will be rolled out in faces starting in twenty twenty one there will also be new attractions and live entertainment experiences uyghur
7:47 pm
says the expansion plan is one of the most ambitious development projects at disneyland paris since it was opened in one thousand nine hundred two. and saw from the business desk back to full for a story that is also a little bit magic your enjoyment of the world you could say that i think you have a yeah a discovery in a small german town that has set off something of a local political crisis a church bell bearing a swastika as wrong for about eighteen years in. bad church tower most people didn't know anything about it well now they do and locals are divided over whether it should be preserved or removed. out of sight out of mind since one thousand nine hundred thirty four a bell limb blazoned with a swastika and the words everything for the fatherland has been charming from the church of sent jacob's belfry. since german television reported on the bells several months ago the town has come under pressure to remove it or put it in
7:48 pm
a museum but now the local council has decided to keep the bell this despite fears it could become a pilgrimage site for neo nazis. in a museum that would really attract people like that that come to take selfies in front of the swastika that can't happen here in. the churches longtime organised secret peters says that for years she knew nothing about the hitler bell she says she was appalled when she found out about it see existence that. this bell is dedicated to a mass murderer who caused in measurable human suffering all across europe and this delicate as the faithful to worship. distances. when the story first broke many people were shocked by the affection some people have for the bell. to make such
7:49 pm
a lovely sound it's not the bells fault again with the bell that's history. i believe it's one of only three bells in the country that carries this inscription and that's something to be proud of. this statement ultimately caused roland to resign as mayor his words were condemned by the central council of jews in germany and he quit to avoid being removed from his party he was replaced by give or velika a retired pastor who ran on the promise that he would keep the bell having gained national notoriety far right protestors turned out to rally to keep it as have opponents calling for the bill to be removed the event jelly called church of the pilot or night has offered to pay for the bell to be replaced however the town council says these funds could be better used to renovate the church.
7:50 pm
one of call fall off. the off of the game one event. can you do you recognize me that i was talking about yes i'm going to map the left of it. in germantown valve's but it's an institution in this country and today it celebrates its seventieth anniversary robin merrill desk is it welcome a pop in case to us that's. a puppet's cabinet puppet cabinet so right seventy years they've been going at it but there was a false stuff a few years earlier yeah i mean what happened was a man called. actually started a puppet theatre with his wife and his two daughters in the middle of the second world war in one hundred forty three i mean they start he started it to sort of try and keep his family spirits up and his neighbors and friends and they actually call
7:51 pm
puppets themselves out of wood and they built this pope and kissed this cabinet that sort of was the stage that fitted in between a door frame if you rush in the size of a dolly is this unfortunately got destroyed in a far off allied bombing right and so that was the end of that really but it really off to the war in one hundred forty eight at the same time he persuaded the city authorities and. to give them some premises and that's when they really started the puppet it's a proper exactly seventy years ago. behind these doors lies a very special place. kings who by their subjects on screen giants dragons it's a world filled with little. strings. cloth glue and some wood is all the marionette making needs. to use the front head
7:52 pm
string a lot of it runs over the middle and index fingers we have to have flexible wrists so we don't have to change hands after every move. i guess we've got special profiteers hands with this in. close marshall is the third generation member of his family to run the theater he says the stories come to life in the audience his imagination when they can see their own images that's why the narrative has to unfold slowly. the alcs spoke of literally puppet chest held its premiere not long after the second mode war in february nine hundred forty eight in a former hospital. the show was put in but it's one that still down there today. the whole family was involved valdez daughter hannah laura carved her first pop at age thirteen his wife rosa the questions.
7:53 pm
over six thousand of the marionettes were crafted by klaus marshall's mother had a lawyer and during her lifetime work is the treasure trove of the theater. bermondsey you fucked up if you asked her when she got the idea she'd say from the street car. in one nine hundred fifty three the theater gained nationwide prominence with their television debut. in this and what it's got is not the only. one currently in it's. just seventy years the marionettes have been in chanting young and old alike it's a world made of ward and strings and lots of imagination it is.
7:54 pm
others or ice quite enjoyed it but it wasn't just children's theatre they were political theater and evil yeah there was i mean the specially better break better albrecht is actually outs books most famous sonny comes from a broken violin but a brick composed lots of offers life threatening opera and indeed one of the great actresses of the back in the nineteen twenty she did was not to lenny and she actually lay strong after the program to begun she asked them to do their own puppet for which they did anyway and all these profits are created by the emission marsh out of family because the marshall name was a married name and they still run it so they stay the same family and the puppets the famous on t.v. here but also in film on the big screen the other two films were made here in germany two full fledged feature films but also they managed to make it to hollywood warner brothers took the profits there they are in a film called the rats tie always starring roles taken by the puppets but they were
7:55 pm
actually assisted by a few. humans as well there was seinfeld's jerry stiller if you know him also an actress to beverly d'angelo who is a national lampoon there she is there's beverly and lauren as well they were in the movie as well so yeah they made it to hollywood you hausberg of pop it. open. well the robin met it was well thank you just time to remind you the top stories at this hour germany's top ministers of course has ruled in favor of allowing cities to ban heavily polluting these all vehicles environmentalist's a thousand people a year die prematurely as a result of much of the dioxide emissions from diesel exhaust. that set you up to date more at the top of the hour or of course on the website that's t w dot com our day. the be
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a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something of. a new beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible and what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness the city's after war. starting march tenth on t w.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin no end to the fighting in syria a brief truce in eastern collapses after just a few hours leading to a resumption of violence in the rubble. and u.s. lashes out at russia for its involvement but the real losers tonight the civilians who have received no way and remain trapped also coming up is it the deaths of diesel environmentalists celebrate a court ruling in germany giving cities the right to ban diesel cars from their streets.


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