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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the international olympic committee list since doping ban on russia move comes after the remaining tests of the country's athletes said the show in china winter olympics turned up negative so does this draw a line under moscow's massive state run doping scandal. also coming up on the program russian hackers or let's to attack germany's defense and foreign ministry is installing the packers are said to belong to the same group that attacked the democratic national committee ahead of the two thousand and sixteen u.s.
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election. and fears grow in germany over the welfare of the tens of thousands of homeless people forced to live outside as temperatures plunge to record low voice. hello i'm terry marchant good to have you with its the international olympic committee has confirmed to d.w. that russia's olympic ben has been lifted with quote immediate effect the news comes just two days after russian athletes returned from competing as neutrals at the john shank winter olympics in south korea two russian athletes failed drug tests at the games but the ban was automatically deducted after no further positive tests russia was banned after revelations of state sponsored doping at the sochi games in two thousand and fourteen. well for more on this development let's bring
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in jonathan crane from d.w. sports hey jonathan does this decision come as a surprise to be honest terry not really i think when the i.o.c. decided on sunday that it wasn't going to lift the ban for now to have russian athletes marching on their own flag of the closing ceremony it was always going to be a temporary thing because they did say that if they were not for the drug tests failed start test then russia would be reinstated and i think they would have reinstated russia for the closing ceremony if it hadn't been for the two failed tests that you mentioned there a cutter and a bobsled because ever since the i.o.c. decided in december that they would allow one hundred sixty eight russian athletes to compete as neutrals at the challenger lympics it's always kind of already paved the way for this decision to bring russia back in from the cold ok so you've got a bunch of russian athletes competing in pilling chang and they're apparently cleaning is that really enough for the international olympic committee to say ok
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russia doesn't have a state sponsored doping program anymore from the outset the i think he has tried to balance punishing an entire country russia with allowing clean athletes to participate and that was really at the heart of that decision for the i.c. in december but you have to remember that this state sponsored. scandal revelations about that had been dragging on for years it overshadowed the build up to the reality that overshadowed the build up to p.r. machine we had three investigations two from wada one from the i.o.c. into state sponsored and it was any when we had the mclaren report the second of days while the investigations aided by the whistleblower grigory were chunk of the really revealed the scale of it all thirty sports one thousand athletes apparently involved in this program we had about holes in the war pools being swept clean ones and the ones really really big program and undermines the i.c. said the integrity of the sports ok but they have now said that the ban is lifted.
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what's been the reaction so far the reaction is still filtering through in fact when we spoke to the i.c. trying to get this. they still couldn't really confirm it they weren't in a position to confirm it immediately it was russia there was saying look the ban has now been lifted i think a lot of people are going to be unhappy about this a lot of advocates a clean sport because they will say well for starters russia should have been allowed to compete at the winter olympics and they should've been a blanket ban and the speed at which this is happening russia has been brought back in from the cold far too quickly for that the russians are concerned i mean they've welcomed the decision today we've had an immediate reaction from them they felt hard done by from the from the very start i was about to hit the russian olympic committee is very pleased that they've put a few difficult months behind them. and there's an issue with that issue today's decision of the i.o.c. is one of the most important for us because the russian olympic committee is once again completely reinstated in its rights and is now a completely full fledged member of the olympic family. and
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as far as what happens next terry the winter olympics the pair of winter olympics take place in march on the international parity paralympic committee has still cuts a ban on russian i think they would only have about thirty thirty five competing as neutrals. that's the athletics federation also still has a ban on russia so russian athletes won't be competing in the indoor championships in birmingham next month what happens next all depends on what russia does next whether they actually accept state sponsored involvement in this type of program because until now they've just blamed a few individuals that's the crucial question for them now very interesting jonathan krane from d.w. sports thanks. a cyber hacking group has infiltrated germany's foreign and defense ministries and stolen sensitive data sources say a hacking group with alleged links to the russian government has broken into the government network the attacks were apparently discovered in december but only
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became public today there's been no official comment on the incident. or for more let's bring in our political correspondent fabienne fund a mark fabiani the german news agency the d.p.a. is quoting unnamed security sources who say the foreign ministry and the ministry of defense have been the targets of cyber attacks what sort of attacks are we talking about here and have they been confirmed they haven't been confirmed yet officially but they are two quite reliable sources as you mentioned already deep a one of them quoting a security official so i think we can take this as a matter of fact apparently the government system was attacked were was placed on the government servers in the government network and also data was stolen from these networks from basically the inner core of data
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intelligence in germany and this tag was already discovered in december but got public only today now that d.p.a. a news agency story suggests that a group calling itself a a p t twenty eight was behind the attack what do we know about this group. well a.p.t stands for advanced persistent threat and these are groups intelligence authorities believe that there are some one hundred fifty around the world and all these groups are. particularly well equipped when it comes to time money and know how and because they have these three sources. authorities believe that most of these hacker groups are either state actors or at least supported by states to offer to support these structures with all these resources with eight hundred twenty eight and particularly western authorities believe that this russian
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organization the hacker organization that was behind hacking in the u.s. elections are in the front run of the reactions and there's also german authorities believe that they are responsible for an attack on the german bundesliga already in two thousand and fifteen so the trip trace goes to russia there. thank you so much t w political correspondent probably in front of mark. to afghanistan and the taliban have rejected an offer for peace talks from up and president ghani the offer came during a conference aimed at bringing stability to the region it's part of his attempts to end an insurgency the began after the u.s. led ouster of the taliban in twenty two thousand and one the taliban did not take part in the conference he offered the militant group the possibility of political recognition if it accepted his peace offer and the afghan constitution taliban said it was useless to hold peace talks until foreign forces including americans left
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the country. well russian president vladimir putin says russia has managed to evacuate what he called quite quite a big group of sebelius from the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta in syria during a temporary truce now if confirmed it would be the first time civilians there have been able to leave the besieged enclave using a humanitarian corridor or set up by russian aide workers however have said most civilians are too afraid to leave. the skies over east and bhutto were supposed to fall silent but a five hour humanitarian pause brought little relief to be seized residents in the rebel held enclave strikes were reported during the pause and observers say that syrian government warplanes resumed their bombing as soon as it ended. up when we pray to god for help what kind of ceasefire is this without attacks and barrel bombs. humanitarian corridors set up to allow residents to leave an aide to
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enter went largely unused rebels claim people are refusing to leave on buses out of fear of being captured by government forces. and i bought a family are meant to pick up the wounded from eastern guta and take them to the clinic in the suburbs of damascus on humanitarian grounds. the only of the much syria's ally russia accused the rebels of preventing people from leaving and blame them for failing to uphold the truce ordered by president putin. but that's not how the u.s. state department sees it. russia is certainly not hearing to the cease fire they're not adhering to the cease fire because they continue to sponsor him back but shar all assad's government that is tragic as a result of that we are seeing innocent civilians and you've all seen the video many of you are parents you have seen the children who are suffering and dying you've seen the innocent people doing that aid groups are still waiting to deliver desperately needed supplies so imagine. that you have aid being
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able to be there so that we can imagine it's really getting across the big for the people inside the residence of eastern are going to use a brief lull in the fighting to clear the rubble and hope the next pause brings real relief. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today at least ten people have been killed in sectarian violence in northern nigeria local. reportedly fled a conflict between christian farmers and muslim herders the army says its soldiers killed ten herdsmen who were responsible for an attack on a village on tuesday. most of blocky slovakian journalist. who was murdered along with his fiance on sunday was working on a story about links between the italian mafia and people close to his country's prime minister that story was published today in the wake of the murders slovakia's culture minister announced he's resigning. in mumbai the funeral has been
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held for iconic bollywood actress shred the couple or thousands of fans gathered to say farewell best skaters say betty it's true that he lost consciousness and drowned in a hotel in dubai over the weekend. and three astronauts have touched down safely in kazakhstan after almost six months aboard the international space station two americans and one russian were among the crew whose mission included research and equipment maintenance work a crew to replace the three men is due to lift off on march twenty first. well across europe temperatures have dropped to record lows over the last few days the extreme weather is causing problems here in germany for the thousands of homeless people forced to live outside humanitarian groups are doing their best to help. the cooled front hit fast and hard setting records thirty point five degrees below zero
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on germany's tallest mountain that soup. but low lying areas are also chilly in munich that coldest night of this winter with minus ten degrees. outreach organizations have been on the lookout for homeless people at risk of freezing president about intimate to at these temperatures under these conditions it's crazy. there are around fifty thousand homeless people in germany and temperatures like these can kill four people have already died in the cold these volunteers are handing out hot meals. yes it's great that someone has come and brought hot food having something warm in your belly is always good when it's cold out like. the red cross is also helping they offer places to sleep in a tent and a place to get warm people cheer up as they warm up. could
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be. used to. the deep freeze has the entire country and its grip. ice breakers prevent rivers from freezing solid. and motorists need a bit more patience on the snowy roads. however some creatures have no problem whatsoever with the ice cold weather the siberian tigers at the hamburg zoo even forty below doesn't faze them their thick fur coats keep old man winter at being. you're watching the news still to come tens of thousands of young people in southeastern europe are studying hard at home only to pack their bags after graduation and head abroad in search of jokes well let's look at the impact of that
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freight train. car watching did every news coming to you from berlin we have another full bulletin of international news coming up at the top of the next hour of course you get all our stories online around the clock d.w. dot com thanks watch. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self you know road and radio. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest and friend food. managed by from.


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