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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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in one year the united kingdom and the european union will officially part ways a divorce that seems divorced from any and everything except mutual misgivings tonight the battle over bricks at the deadline the bottom line in what could be a political flat lie i burnt off in berlin this is the day. remember when we had bricks it means bricks it seemed for you see if we want to succeed with this negotiation and i want to succeed we must speed up. the day we read white and blue bricks and we will bring back control of all the walls all borders and all money and now we have ambitious managed divergence no
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hostility between northern ireland and on and this is a u.p.a. government that is prepared to put in jeopardy the good friday agreement being capable of delivering a coherent and decisive plan for brics it is true for we must be ready and we are preparing for all situations russia. also coming up on the day a cyber attack on german government computers russian hackers are the suspects and there is a connection to the twenty sixteen us presidential election more on that coming up in about ten minutes. we begin the day watching the calendar and the clock tomorrow will be the first day of march twenty eighth seen in march twenty ninth seen the united kingdom will officially end its membership in the european union and just one short year of the separation known as brags that is scheduled to take place and event with no president here in europe and with no guarantee that it will happen as
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planned and to schedule well today the european union published a one hundred twenty page rough draft report on the progress of breaks in negotiations now if this were a report card breaks it would be nowhere near the honor roll they used breaks that negotiator today criticizing britain for dragging its feet warning that time is running out take a listen. soon you will see that if we wish to make a success of these negotiations and die signally do we must pick up the pace. live on the thirtieth of notch twenty nineteen in thirteen months in thirteen months the u.k. will no longer be a member state of the european union says. that is what they wanted and on that day we need to have all denies that its withdrawal in an orderly fashion. so in london the prime minister and the members of parliament continue to bicker over
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snow when seemingly willing to own up to the fact that breaks it still means something that's hard to define or agree upon why is it so difficult this late in the game let me pull in my guests tonight david charter here to my right he's a journalist with the times and author of several definitive books on bragg's it's good to have you back on the show david and joining us from brussels tonight our correspondent barbara to both of you welcome barbara let me start with you mr barn you made clear today that a final divorce agreement is anything but clear has he been saying this all along i mean it kind of shocked people. it shouldn't have shocked people if they have really watched the negotiations and the progress or non progress that talks have made particularly since december when we reached the point in brussels where there was a certain political eagerness to say ok let's move on let's just sort of wipe some things away or put them aside maybe i should say and say ok we have
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a rough agreement on the divorce and now we're going to sort of write this down and fill in the details since then there has been no negotiations in brussels other than legal eagles sitting together on the technical level and saying could we put the sentence here of that comma there and so this is what we have at this point in time very late in the game is no divorce agreement that is agreed and no transition agreement that's part of it i mean just watching the reaction to it in london they really did see why they were caught off guard and how is it possible for the u.k. and the e.u. to how can these shocker surprise huge other in these negotiations are they talking all the time. the talks go on between officials but one thing that's really annoying the brussel side and michelle bono has referred to it in recent days is that david davis the lead minister for britain has not been spending that much time in brussels this year as barbara alluded to in ninety's going round different e.u.
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capitals giving speeches and meeting his fellow ministers to try and really drum up support from other countries for the british positions having said that the british positions are not that clear we as barbara alluded to again we only achieved some principles in december that allowed the impression of momentum to get time get to the next phase but britain then handed over responsibility to the european union to write down the legally of of of what december meant and that has sprung some surprises and it has also left out something the british thought they'd agreed which was there would be no de facto ball. between northern ireland and the rest of great britain yeah i'd like to focus on what has become the biggest bricks and blockade if you will the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland here listen and show you if you could bring your attention over here to the big ball we're going to talk about this thanks to ireland and the u.k.
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joining the european union plus the good friday agreement there is now a border only in name of the irony is that by northern ireland leaving the european union the border with the republic of ireland will automatically change what both sides say they want to avoid is a return to a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland but there have been the checks or controls on that front tier for two decades will today barney a proposed a back up plan keep it in northern ireland in the e.u.'s customs union or that would leave things unchanged from what they are today guaranteeing the free passage of people and goods so where's the border well the e.u.'s plan could potentially put it out to see the irish sea with northern ireland behind a hard border between the e.u. and the u.k. kind of like being in political limbo british prime minister theresa may has made
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it clear that is a line too far. the draft legal tax commissioner published good if implemented it undermined the u.k. common market and threaten the constitution integrity of the u.k. by creating a customs and regulator reported on the irish sea and no u.k. prime minister could ever agree to it. no u.k. prime minister could ever agree to a david is she going to regret those words one day she may have to swallow those words eventually but the reason that she has to take a hard line position today and would like to stick to that hardline position is because of the small group of democratic unionist and pays that she will eyes upon in parliament to keep her majority since the election last year when she lost her majority in parliament and they are resolutely opposed to having that as you describe this de facto border between the northern ireland and the mainland great
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britain and that's a very difficult hurdle to overcome because anything any movement that she makes towards the e.u. position now and she could well lose the support of the democratic unionist and i might add a number of m.p.'s and iran back benches and that would really be the end of her job being with her career as prime minister lee do you see david do you see a solution that all sides could agree upon. i don't see it at the moment the british side have said that they will come forward with technological proposals boris johnson the foreign minister referred to the idea that the congestion charge in london is able to watch people coming drivers motorists coming in and out of london to charge them the thief driving in london and they thought that this was the basis of a potential agreement but of course the congestion charge cameras are not able to look inside the vehicles and see if they're bringing counterfeit goods across the
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border or what are all goods that break the agreement so it's easy for you it's not really an. analogous situation i don't think the british side have got the solution yet they've got just a few months to come up with it yeah take a listen to what the british foreign secretary what boris johnson what he said this morning after a morning run about what the e.u. is trying to do with the irish border so it will move is that. the issue of an overall the border is being used quite well politically to try to keep the u.k. in the customs union that you think the markets are we can't really mean that's what's going on. is that the case barbara i mean is brussels trying to hold northern ireland hostage as our esteemed jogger planes. i think it isn't because even though the divorce the fight about this divorce may have reached the point where one party system or the other ok i'm going to rip out
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the kitchen sink sink and throw it sort of through the window if you won't see reason about how to divide up the cabinets but. mischa bony the e.u. negotiator has several times said this is a stopgap this thing about northern ireland and ireland and the border being in the irish sea that we wrote down into this legal text you just have to and that really means it's a ploy in a sense it means to sort of wake up the people in london and to come up with a viable solution that of course is not the border between westminster and camden or something fanciful that boris johnson comes up with and it's not numberplate recognition this is going to be an open border and that's not possible some solution reasonable and practical solution has to be found and it is all to do it is part of the british task to do this and so far nothing from london it's a conundrum it's the question of the square peg into the round hole but yet have to
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be solved and what about you know does shock therapy the barbs talking about your david i mean we know the prime minister theresa may she's expected to give a speech on friday and i've read that she's expected to suggest the northern ireland maintain sheered and different regulations right so you know have your cake and eat it too she could do that i think she will try and do that because it's kind of funny to hear the boris johnson position that the e.u. is trying to use the obvious border to keep britain in the e.u. because the british side is trying to use the border question as a blueprint perhaps for the bigger relationship because after all if we if we can work out a fluid very open easy border between the parts of britain that the only. britain has a land border with the e.u. why can't we do that for britain and france all the rest of the eat it why can't we
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have this easy fluid border that the british want to have in an open dynamic trading relationship with the e.u. you think this is border engine earring going on here that we're seeing it's a battle over a very particular and quite complicated subject that we've discussed and i but it's crucial to the bigger picture of how the the great britain eventually ends up having a relationship with the european union and the british want that to be as fluid and as open as possible and that they haven't really accepted the e.u. position which is no you're leaving our customs union on our single market and you've got you've got to then accept that will be a border where you're going to have to make customs declaration for example and may your vehicles may be pulled over for checks. what do you say brussels seems willing to redraw borders if it comes down to it is that true of all its. you mean in the sense friend that it's going to draw borders around the european union twenty seven
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to the side of britain yes indeed because what david is talking has been talking about now is this it's an illusion that's what the e.u. says it exists nowhere in the world no one the world to be a friction is trade as between neighboring countries for nothing you are even a sort of customs union or you are either in some sort of other arrangement but neither one of those exist as far as you opinion is concerned it cannot exist because the certain rules have to be kept certain routes that are keeping the other twenty seven within the boundaries of the european union and so we have a border will be drawn and what brussels says to this point to this problem is there will be no friction is trade and of course we know there will be no cherry picking you can pick out the goodies from the european union those that you want and leave the rest the way in for instance pay no money into the kitty so those are the rules that have been put down in brussels and to treason may well have not much
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joy from her speech on friday because already in advance everybody here said this is an illusion it's going to be fascinating to see what she says on friday and i think this is the first show where we've really tackled the subject of border engine yuri thanks to mr charter here david shorter barbie's with both of you thank you very much we appreciate it. still to come on the day russian mercenaries in syria and why no one wants to talk about. in the run up to the presidential elections news about the death of russian soldiers it's inconvenient for the government here it's not clear when and if the man in syria will return. but tonight the german government says its computers are secure again after a cyber attack reportedly carried out by you suspected russian hacking group known as a p t twenty eight it's the same group suspected of meddling in the twenty sixteen us presidential election the hackers reportedly breached germany's foreign and
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defense ministries and stole sensitive data the government will not say when the attack took place but sources tell us that the infiltration occurred last december parliament's digital agenda committee will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow here in berlin. we want to bring in now our political correspondent all over sell it he's on the story for us tonight good evening to you all over so we've got the german government confirming that federal i systems were attacked do we know any more about this what sort of attacks are we talking about that's right the interior ministry confirmed the set tax they say they were isolated and brought under control right now the foreign ministry is concerned as well by these hack her attacks these attacks might have started up to a year ago they were then discovered in december but only published to date it's unclear right now how big the damage really is but what we do know is
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that malware was installed on the government service and apparently data valuable and sensitive will stolen and we know that german media are reporting tonight that a group called a p t twenty eight was behind the attack what do we know about this group. well these so-called a.p.t groups are among the most professionally operating hacking groups worldwide and security experts believe that there are about one hundred fifty of these groups active and they are highly professional very well equipped with money personnel and with know how to kill or and for that reason experts believe that they're run or supported by state actors simply because they could not be that well equipped otherwise now with regards to that group you mentioned a p t twenty eight this hacker group is also known as fancy bear and that
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my drawing a bell because they're also held accountable for an alleged attack on the servers off the democratic party in the run up to the us presidential elections in two thousand and sixteen the german government also things there they're responsible for an attack on the server of the german blondest just a year before that in two thousand and fifteen so we might have russia behind these attacks here and we know that german intelligence has warned repeatedly that this type of attack. is probable or could likely happen i want to get back there to what may have been compromised or stolen do we know what kind of data may be missing. we're talking about data networks that are used not only by these mentioned ministries but by the various german ministries also by the german chancellor rhee by the german parliament the bonus talk and other important all thore decent they could logically host potentially sensitive data and information
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and these a.p.t hacking groups are by the way not interested in money or any kind of financial resources what they're after is politically valuable information now all four years are of course trying to find out what exactly happened what will still and what went missing here but the biggest fear of course is that the whole data network all of the german government is concerned all right our political correspondent all over salad on the story tonight on this cyber attack here in germany all over thank you very much. well how much longer can it go on like this that is the question aid workers are posing tonight after yet another failed attempt to stop the fighting in syria's eastern ghouta area aid workers say that civilians are now too afraid to even board buses which are supposed to evacuate them from the besieged on clay. the so-called humanitarian
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coated or in eastern guta has yet seemingly empty of actual humans i'm still insist on ready to treat the wounded and provisions that aid stations are apparently plentiful. blob shows who want to leave can do so after a month or twenty days or they can stay even for two years because there is a school and everything they need is here they get new supplies every sixty days. but people seem too scared to risk the journey airstrikes were reported during the first five hour ceasefire and observers say that syrian government warplanes resumed their bombing almost as soon as it ended but russian president vladimir putin claims that one group did make it through. one of those we used to we have managed to get out quite a big group of those who wanted to leave from there but the second group that was prepared could not leave because the militants just did not give them an opportunity to do that. putin's face haunts these ghostly aid stations he blamed
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rebel groups on the grown for not respecting the ceasefire but france today said that the syrian government was to blame. the syrian regime didn't feel worried about it and more worries continuing to teach and large scale military operations with dramatic consequences on the civilian population of eastern. needless to say in concrete by alicia and resolution twenty four what. the u.n. has been in talks with russia aimed at accelerating a teams to the resolution on all sade's perhaps then some of the people whose lives have been shattered by the conflict and start to stream down these empty roads to get the aid they so desperately need. at the end of last year russian president vladimir putin announced that he would start withdrawing troops from syria no russian airstrikes like those from the mean air base in the country's north now they played an important role in turning the tide in favor of syrian government forces we still don't know how many russian troops served in syria
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according to the defense ministry it could be around fifty thousand soldiers but the number of russians fighting in syria is probably much higher that studer russian mercenaries who are fighting alongside pro syrian forces our correspondent emily sure when traveled to a small town in the ural mountains people there say local men joined a private military force. it's about as far as you can get from syria and yet here in the russian town of kid there all the people are waiting for news about seven locals who reportedly went to fight in syria they allegedly worked as mercenaries which is illegal in russia the topic is sensitive many people here say they know nothing about the man. who in fact we are repeatedly met with rejection and kid but this building is home to the mother of one of the fighters she had agreed to speak to us about her son but
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canceled the interview after being told her son had been killed in. a local gives us the address of the wife of another mercenary when we tried to speak to her she insists she is someone else but she also warns none of us is going to talk to you. just like the relatives of the mercenaries the russian government has largely kept silent about them and even denied their existence the foreign ministry took over a week to respond after a recent airstrike reportedly killed up to two hundred russians and. reports of the deaths of dozens and hundreds of russian citizens is a classic case of dissent from ation according to preliminary data we could be talking about the death of five people presumably russian citizens as a result of an armed clash the causes of which we are currently investigating and i see. analyst yon but i need ski thinks the russian government is using mercenary groups to keep official military losses low. which you want to look at because this
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strategy is beneficial for the russian government because it can show it's doing its job just like the americans and the british russia can say those aren't our soldiers no soldiers have died but yet we don't know who these people are what you ask who are sent from there but. in the run up to the presidential elections news about the death of russian soldiers is inconvenient for the government here even from kid they're all over this small town in the year olds seven men reportedly joined a private russian military company to fight in syria the town's population is just over two thousand although no relatives wanted to talk on camera other residents were willing to speak about the man but he. he was a good boy he wasn't a thug who didn't care about anything he was a good boy maybe he wanted to earn money towards an apartment there's not much work
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here but. yeah them will go. by you i think the government is behind all of this it's not like these guys just decided to go there themselves that just went someone must have sent them. but. it's not clear when and if the man in syria will return ticket they're all there for now the town and the government are both keeping their silence. earlier we spoke to paul hogan a leading russian military analyst and we asked him whether the kremlin was involved in recruiting and training these military contractors. officially not but there been credible reports that before going to syria they are had there is a training camp in the north caucasus and it is actually a military training camp of russian special forces and in syria they are of course have a kind of separate line of command they are their patron apparently is mr pretty
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garson who's the known and the kremlin courtis putin's cook there are some some actually there are some problems between the regular military and these contractors from time to time but more or less they're doing the same job and it's clear that they're on their patronage from people close to putin's but right down apparently everyone is more or less a happy with the kind of ambiguity that exists right now and the plausible deniability when the russian government and authorities can say we don't know anything about them these are some kind of volunteers. well the day is almost gone the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either i d w news or white to me off the t.v. and for you to use that hash tag the day remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see of the never bought.
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into the conflict zone the government of sudan is often accused of being one of the world's greatest violates it is a human rights just as often it denies the charges the man who conveys many of those denials is the country's foreign minister ibrahim gundogan chris my guest here in munich does he give anyone the belief.
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difficult. to measure us want. to think of. the trip by plane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks taking landscapes. from the total experience of. touching the stones seventeen times in church to cut off the peace movement doubloon. where i come from we have to fight for a free press. i was born and raised to me telling the painter she protests one to the shadow and a few newspapers on official information as attorneys i have walked off the streets many can trust and their problems are almost the same fourteen the social
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inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and. we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human scene the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and. the government of sudan is often accused of being one of the world's greatest violators of human rights and justice often denies the charges the man who conveys many of those denials is the country's foreign minister ibrahim gun dog who is my guest here in munich does he care if anyone believes him.


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