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tv   Kino - Special 68th Berlin Film Festival  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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it's in the dell jones. you're watching news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa
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on the road. stories of those people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series from. d.w. dot com africa on the move. loued. move. move. ten days of burden on the premiers parties and media frenzy over fans have enjoyed a host of stars on the red carpet and around four hundred films nineteen of them
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were vying for those cover to silver and gold and welcome to kino and our barely know round up now choosing between these very diverse films was the tough task faced by the international jury headed up by german director tom take for style i'm now to see which films and acting performances with a favorite. for gordon or for best. they go live in there for the missing girls to. touch me not consume them learns fiction and reality the surprise of the evening including for its director gina pinsky yeah we were not expecting to see those centers on laura who wants to have a comes a fear of intimacy. if you save. touch me not has shocked many with its frankness as thought provoking as it is sexually charged where the heart if. it is
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a half feet. touch me not pushes limits in many respects. for best director or goes to west for books it's the first animated film ever to open the belly gnarly in its gangs of dogs exiled to a japanese island fight for their territory a quirky fable about intolerance rancid banana peels and pickled in a sardine bones about broken egg shells and old smashed up with maggots all over it ok it's worth it. to. get out of here and don't come back. to see the bear for best actor goes to on to new version in the french productions a prayer twenty three year old partial plays thomas who's trying to kick drug addiction in a religious halfway house and grappling with face. was.
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you know done. this. you see move. to tell the world your job in the first thought is pretty good you're into the culture. you can't fuck up or but the most of us because the. best after us. on the. task of us. going from part of why plays are withdrawn gay woman cheetah when her partner is put in jail she's suddenly on her own it's a tale emancipation of. bill tucker let's welcome people in our life. they're miserable. to live with. the
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woman. in her screen debut bruce place with captivating vulnerability. i dedicate this award to the fighting women of my country. morris in the mirror of the knee to movement strong women have swept the boards both on and off camera at the ballerina certainly no coincidence. and here we are at the german film stand at the european film market it's been a good year for the local film industry as witnessed by four german films in competition one of our favorites was three days in cuba wrong in which mary boleyn make it's quite remarkable performance as germany's tragic film diva romy schneider . she always knew how to make an entrance in one thousand nine hundred one granted an interview each with german reporter from the magazine stand and
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celebrity photographer for bet live back a friend of hers live go up a. little. later you. the real michelle you eggs remembers those three days in cuba hall as though they were yesterday katie is then with. in the film directed by emily things played by whole bad good stick you know exist taken aback by how cynical he seems to come see him. humble. magazine reporters weren't exactly the cuddly type it was a real snake pit for everyone wanted to get ahead and to have a snack the biggest got ahead. commission night it was easy prey. to fall memorable dependent on booze and pills broke struggling to gain recognition in germany for more than her time is the future empress elizabeth of
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austria cissy when she was a teenager. found that. emily had discussed her family are tough was inspired by this interview which really took place to create a chamber piece that has extraordinary psychological intensity and shooting it in black and white was a brilliant idea because it suggests intimacy a suggestion it also to live as on board. director emily out have also opted for black and white in order to reproduce the atmosphere of whole bet leibovitz photographs. the builders in the pictures of so unfiltered so honest they don't show whole night of the star the legend they show her without makeup in all her sadness but for the zest for life to.
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want a stream to that is how it was i don't remember there being any color in. by that he means that home each night his depression was all pervasive and he's also referring to the black and white way in which he interviewed her looking back he says those days all help him realize something. of that even when you think you're decent you often aunts and when you realize this then you can learn how to behave better in future. from that soprano. three d. . whole is a glimpse not just into the troubled soul of funny. but if others too the film is a reenactment of a celebrity interview but it's also far more than that. and here i am now with my german colleague cats just off on book and it is our great pleasure to welcome the three time oscar nominee a us actor willem dafoe you. were in concord relations her on
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receiving a golden bear for lifetime achievement here what does it mean to you to get this prize from the police not only say it's a great honor i have a long history with the other nominee also i have a long history with women so all i feel very at home here it's this place is special to me so to be recognized for you know we're contributing something. it makes me feel useful you've played a wide variety of roles lead to all supporting roles here cameos on some more how do you choose your roles and how do you choose the projects that you get involved in it's intuitive. it has a lot to do with the director and the situation i look at the whole project because i maintain that you don't really know what a role is until you do it. and look very much to the people understand that you
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were a little skeptical about playing jesus christ and i would then feel so skeptical it was more about. the process would be very particular because we have so many ideas of who jesus is that i had to cleanse myself of those and try to. start from zero one film which really blow me away and it's one of my favorite favorite movie of us was platoon you play the sergeant elias and it has one of the. most important dying scenes in in movie history so was it fully improvised store i'm not at all it was but it was a very simple action i mean run for your life you know i knew already explosions were i had no cruelty me i was in the middle of the jungle with many extras behind me i had to make my own explosions on my body and i knew where the
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explosions were so it was really a very simple action but it's an action that we can all relate to running for your life being chased by five hundred people shooting at you know you now picked up by . escorting actor oscar nomination for your role as poppy the motel manager in the projects what was the appeal of this project i knew we would be filming in the actual location where the story takes place so we'd also be. the story that we're telling is about a world that exists of basically the hidden homeless people living long term temporarily in this budget motel in the shadow of disneyland i've seen just the picture there without a beard and you know where the period for your next grows from the next story you know. so what do you write i play a lighthouse keeper i want to look as old as i can and it's eighty ninety so or
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a beard is appropriate for the period yes all the things that you still want to achieve with your film what do you still have are some ambitions oh i'm still ambitious i'm still curious i still. you know you chase these moments where you're clear and when you sort of melt in the material to have that kind of presence and that kind of really be connected to the material and disappear into the material without exception. so that's something that's a life's work thank you very much for joining. us. this is peer into. thank you. know it's. a roller coaster of emotions with some films that shook us to the core and all those that work for the soul for more of the winners take a look at our full festival coverage online join us next time. by from berlin.
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journalists discuss the topic of the week. political parties are increasingly setting the agenda in european politics so how should traditional mainstream politics respond especially given the. melting away find out coming up.
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next. among the oscar nominees these europeans have the best chance. in the category best actor in a leading role of. british actors daniel day lewis and gary oldman. and. our film expert scott ross perot says both have a very good chance it's. a. during our series your romance. sixty minutes on d w. can find full details take you seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up women strong. superheroes smart women smart talks smart state religion brain creasing read dangerous times for w. and for my. peeps in about the moments
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before. it's all about the stories inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram or. at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. following a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of burlington germany's two biggest political parties currently trying to forge a new coalition government the problem is that i'm going to marcos conservatives on the social democrats both suffered historic losses in last september.


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