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tv   Doc Film - The Russian Opposition  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2018 2:15am-3:01am CET

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the scars on. the paint still tangible. the surface for good. for city edge but. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something. in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance for darkness cities after the war starting march tenth d.w. .
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ha ha ah ah. ah ah ah ah. ah ah. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah. ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah ah ah. ah ah ah ah ah ah was today the office of president isn't the coolest job. yet i shall stand for the office of presidents of the russian federation and if you do nothing. you are a bad president you have no positive programme and you are unfit to govern the country. we will challenge you in these elections and we intend to win. if a wonderful man like novell me takes office he will become a dragon with me sheriff who is sniff a pointless person takes over the country is doomed culture shrugs will throw you.
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i officially announce that i will have the most important like france and russia the office of president where the current presidency is concerned there is no viable alternative. how. could. that. that i think yes i said yes i have got them or yes must you have to kill them
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here we have the power don't tell me is it we have the power not the they're attacking us for you. i. think. that's wealth russia day celebrates the establishment in one thousand nine hundred ninety of russia as an independent country following the collapse of the soviet union. the rule of law and political freedom were to be the pillars of the new state under putin russian independence day has become more and more of an apolitical public festival i think i put in twenty seventeen opposition politician and fourteen challenger of the forthcoming elections alexei no money chose russia day in particular the nationwide anti corruption demonstrations. that i have i had with only has a positive message on you especially for young people you can already. and change
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your country are you are also to speak of heart of this man to thailand he's also a patriot and he too loves russia is off this is also his message a message about his statements i believe and that is his positive attitude spin on what is that we can change things in india but we can change the system he invites akin to the streets dozens on always on dust dust from this i think is the new approach which he represent insight into an effort it was in moscow dozens of other cities demonstrations took place in addition to the official of russia day festivities young protesters clashed with police almost everywhere. i was there i was i was. i was was i was. i i i i i i
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i i i i i i i was like i look i i i i i i was i. i i i i i i. i. i guess that makes me sick to hear that here on the receiving woman's last civil servants who claim that young people should not be interested in politics insidious of course they must be interested and play a cottage at the wall they must cut fresh air on those in california and force them to change today that could be the most important thing of all for a country town that is museum in the nivo three days later in a direct link to the annual citizens' question time with the president putin. was
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also asked about no bounding on the use demonstrations like yours but i just need access to use it within the framework of democratic process is demonstrations are always possible but it's a but i also regard it as the correct way of informing the leadership whether in russia or anywhere else of people's opinions to the west especially if they disagree with encouraged overseas which was in your gut it is one thing to organize demonstrations and another to use these protests in order to provoke see other with . in order to exacerbate the situation and attract attention but a walk at city of boston you should start see someone else to help him off the main issues or him is corruption and he wanted poutine so to speak. is against putin and against the system and doesn't have any real program and so he's not really a typical politician or even in russia oh automatically most of the parties don't
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have any program either. to believe in the gulf prison in the courtroom in the best places for me to move there they love me and photograph me i really do try to smile but it doesn't always work for alexei navalny forty one years old born in moscow lawyer blogger and founder of the anti corruption foundation a non-governmental organization which investigates corruption and embezzlement in the highest political circles in the valley has never been a deputy and his party progress has not been officially registered since twenty eleven he's been involved in sixteen court cases and given two suspended sentences along with six short sentences yeah but. i'm fighting for a new future for my family and my children would you have the same goal you like you i shall never give up to and never go to russia will be free.
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i i was in the valley has been causing a stir in russian politics for seven years now in that time he has emerged from the second row of the opposition ranks to become putin's main opponent the way well he burst on to the great russian political stage in twenty eleven when he won the parliamentary election without taking parts of the speaking. strategy consisted of getting people to vote even in the absence of their own candidates with before the election via the social media he disseminated to slogans directed at putin's interest here united russia a party of crooks and thieves and you vote for any party except united russia that was the first project which saw people take to the streets after that rally three months before the presidential elections in two thousand and twelve novelli led an authorized protest march to the central electoral commission numerous demonstrators
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were arrested and the bunny was detained for the first time for fifteen days after that putin's election campaign did not run smoothly in moscow there were numerous protests those in power promised liberal reforms and then in spring two thousand and twelve a new political cycle began in russia i only made the six twenty twelve the march of the millions as it's known took place in moscow between fifty and one hundred thousand people protested against the impending investiture of vladimir putin the police broke up the demonstration with unusual severity as a consequence russia sore the biggest political trial in its recent history seventeen protesters were found guilty most of them were given prison sentences of up to four and a half years. was a drug you want to arrest me i haven't done anything.
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was. wait a second. why you're arresting me. was that you know if you just. let it stay here i'll be staying here. i think. i will. i. will be still friends or i'll break your arm and i'll see you go to jail for it. and i. thought oh my god let me who simply wanted to put a stop to the protest movement but they said the next day the day of his investiture the entire city was cleared with it was not a single person to be seen as black escorts drove along moscow's dead streets entirely on it.
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the day after security forces spent thirteen hours searching about his apartment they seized computers tablets and hard drives some of which it appears that the crime of the century must have taken place here because one hundred sixty investigations of working on the case with moscow it seems has never seen a bigger crime what makes me particularly happy however is that the entire team of investigators has assured me that they intend to join my party for a soon as i have established one. of the mayoral elections in moscow in september twenty third turned into a full dress rehearsal for an event in his presidential campaign as opposition.
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candidate from a standing start he captured twenty seven percent of the vote and came second right behind kremlin candidate said gay so be on in never before had a member of the opposition achieved a similar result without any party support and without access to the important television channels what's more opinion posters that forecast that in the valley would caption no more than four percent of the vote but just before the election on july the eighteenth twenty thirteen valley's career suffered a decisive setback he was sentenced to five years in prison for having embezzled funds of the state controlled timber can soon get over this the entire country witnessed the mayoral candidate from moscow being arrested in the courtroom observers spoke of a politically motivated verdict. only a few hours later there were demonstrations in moscow st petersburg and other cities in the center of moscow thousands demanded lvalues release.
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your bench of judges considers it necessary to set aside the verdict of the court in cuba off and to have alexei navalny and piotr of it sealed off to be released immediately. only a day later the bunning regained his freedom. amazingly it was the public prosecutor's office that had challenge the verdict. immediate arrest. behind this was the kremlin's calculation and its conviction that in a bomb they had virtually no real electoral support that is what the polls indicated here for the kremlin which it was important to show that's not army and the opposition had no backing but the sociologists were wrong shoot this fellow and next i will vote for years. for sank you know i can be useful see you then i'll thank you with you robert. the wave of public indignation triggered
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off by the verdict against an avanti even reached the youth forum which is close to the kremlin when putin visited the forum one of the participants asked him to comment on the situation. i will not deny that i found it strange for one of the accused who had cooperated with the investigators to be given a suspended sentence of four and a half years whereas the second person you mention was sent straight to prison for five years however it is for the courts to decide what is right in this case. never mentions alexei in a valley by name observer suspect that he has no wish to increase his opponent's popularity even more. this is a political calculation bordering almost on superstition putin believes there is a certain magic to his own status as national leader here tries never to mention about me by name so as not to impair the status by giving the impression of having gauging your personal rivalry with his opponent. in line with the russian
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constitution alexei no bunny was allowed to contest the narrow election in september twenty third team he would later challenge the verdict against him at the european court of human rights and win since the court's decisions are also binding for russia the verdict was suspended subject to review but early in twenty seventeen the court in kid off just another judgment which reinforced the contested verdict five years imprisonment to be suspended the bunny has thus been legally convicted and according to russian law can no longer be elected president undeterred however he embarked on his presidential election campaign. one of the great strengths of his campaign is that he's able to draw young people at times in the streets and that is a massive challenge for the kremlin after all in order to stay in power. the
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kremlin and led to me a putin learning from the mistakes made by terry regimes and amongst other things this is revealed in the way they see violence towards demonstrators the problem is that excessive use of violence towards young people has a hugely negative effect in defiance of all political logic if the sympathy of all the generations then shifts at the side of the demonstrators because. initially when a bunny's election strategy consisted of a stablish ing election campaign staffs throughout the country in the end they numbered more than eighty one of his troops to be is on march the twentieth twenty seventy and assailant sprayed anti septic green dye into his face the main feature of the powerful solution being that it is hard to wash off in twenty seventeen leading opposition politicians and prominent journalists alone were subject to five such attacks. within the standing before you as alexei to
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tell you which only a russian citizen who lives in moscow in a prefab estates in marino has come here to p.-six to talk about the fight against corruption and about the fact that the putin regime is robbing you what's up the shortly before these events of on these anti corruption foundation published an almost hour long video on you tube reporting to show that dimitri medvedev has an astronomical fortune and luxury properties abroad in the only claims that the russian prime minister who is generally known for his liberal modernization course heads a complex system of corruption but the most of it is this within just twenty four hours the video had recorded over one million hits but those in power ignore the accusations of corruption in the valley reacted by calling for nationwide protests his core had a widespread impact people all over russia took to the streets more than ten thousand in moscow alone the internet was full. of news of the actions but russian
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television showed nothing so the anticorruption fund began its own transmissions from blood of all stock to kaliningrad people talk to the streets in places where protests have been virtually unknown you know what though he has been confronted with corruption in russia but raise your hands. the conspicuous number of pupils and students on this particular day and so on around the accused from all sides of utilizing children for his dangerous political game. was. i. was one of only arrived at the demonstrations in moscow he was immediately arrested for a while protesters managed to block the police vehicle he was in. in the capital there were clashes. i was.
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in his mind i have no idea who will see this video camera but i would like to say hello to everyone and tell them how proud i am of everyone who took part in today's action of the incident but there's kind of minus moscow so we're not talking about just the moscow and st petersburg phenomenon and as he is one of the first standing through crowd funding and great enthusiasm you have organized staffs on a broad basis in the provinces guns pliable who are also enthusiastic and seeing gaijin political campaigning for him india that you and he know has an impact on the provinces michel in the regional capitals and in other major provincial cities in a year one but it's a nationwide phenomenon achieve not only by the social networks but also through the people committed to you and take to the streets and also organizing this electoral appearances on the spot in of center of icons of twitter for organised. vanny has set himself the goal of politically revitalizing the provinces which have traditionally been. neglected
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a plan that is unique in recent russian history in twenty seventeen he opened campaign offices in eighty three cities and according to his own figures succeeded in attracting nearly two hundred thousand volunteers. time and again the bunny stressed the transparency of his funding and affirmed that the three and a half million euros for his electoral campaign come from crowd funding. in september twenty seventh teen embarked on his campaign tour traveling modestly he planned rallies in twenty seven cities this involved covering a total distance of sixty three thousand kilometers is tour started in moments of the port city in the northwest of the country located inside the arctic circle moments because a population of around three hundred thousand twenty seven year old violetta group is now about these campaign manager in moments an l g b t activist she has organize some official events for freedom and human rights as
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a result she's already been attacked several times on how much longer are we going to be scared i'm afraid you. i'm delighted to be taking part in an election campaign with people who aren't as good. as your marvelous it is vital to start all with a successful rally like that you. just want the people of what i've reached the stage where nothing you can intimidate me anymore they can break my arms or my legs they can cripple me naturally i don't want. but i'm also afraid of pain and i want to change in any way you want your culture isn't it is painful or measure the losses in the afternoon that really have i'm tired of living like this since i'd rather have two broken arms than you live like this.
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according to sociologists young russians tend to be a political surveys carried out by the independent voter institute indicate that of all age groups the percentage of putin supporters is biggest among the youth and a bunny campaign in twenty seventeen also corrected this assumption sixteen year old sam young global ski goes to school in validity of all stuck he was sent to see the headmaster for wearing a bunny pin in school the head told him that the secret service had his eye on him semi and was threatened with expulsion and having the police record against his name. if you were a fellow vladivostok movie was the last week that emotional made nationwide headlines by recording a conversation with a schoolboy going to anyone here and some of. the conversation was recently in goligoski and here is that school boy who was supposed to be suspended
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. for simeon would be easy to speak into the mike but trying to say a few words. you should never be afraid of anything i did. but you by chance alessi by sure. i was expecting a speech but you said what was most important never be afraid of anything or anybody and there's nothing to add to that who was country is it anyway who's the yes it was the one i. mean. the face of the. old people played a big deal and bloody me a semyonov drives a minibus in astrakhan of the caspian sea. every day he shows
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his passages films made by the foundation on the fight against corruption. enough of now melanie i think he let's talk instead let's say not only is an interesting character he's currently on sort of the whole of russia telling people what really is and what he's planned people understand him or they believe him and support him if we all support him he'll become a president like. you back then we also supported putin was see you backed the wrong person actually double what you have that we've at least got one hope left alexei may god protect him if the reason well i can say my friend is that since ninety ninety one we believe that a lot of people almost how many deputies have spoken here already so what star warn you thumbtack then we have the rams two hundred euros well i was still learning that today rice well i got my own thoughts but i mean there. was a lesson for all of me said is even less you should believe in any one word when we
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make an effort we vote for him but they continue to rubbish just like they always have done our. hero moves to if they keep rubbing everyone hard would it be worthwhile trying something else and who were right so we're bracing please wait for what i'm sure in other words after all is my rally is not. political scientists find it hard to pigeonhole the phony he's described sometimes as a liberal sometimes as a nationalist and even as the kremlin's man but irrespective of how his opponents see him there is one question they all ask why is no bunny still at liberty his supporters however see him as a feel this lone funny to define the system they're not interested in slanting their idol into some precise political category and it is this partly fanatical exultation that season avani criticised as a leader figure like putting your feet up with a last guy role advice about how about the train mr out-i. who was once you and let
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them keep on thieving and yet here i was over the past. where behind you. thanks a lot but i i'll try believes you and puts its hopes in you. hear more when a civil servant has no answer to the question of where he has found twenty million rubles to buy a house when he only earns one million what are we going to do with him what will instigate proceedings that works everywhere and it will work with us and i promise you that i will approve that lower my first day as president is that what you need . to. tell. you miss chancellor abounding i'll be right with you. if. the major channels ignored me so just before the demonstrations on russia day
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present accent object interviewed him on the critical pay t.v. channel t.v. . as it is. who are you does your criticism come from the left to the right which of your views are liberal and which are right wing conservative tell us please because it's really interests me on through and i could be one of your potential very much as you know i still intend to stand my south but i think it's exciting to get to know you when your opponent is large amir putin for when everything is clear he tells people i'm for the crimea and i do even like to hold the election on the anniversary of the incorporation of the crimea because that is the greatest achievement of my presidency do you also have a clear position on this accord on some of the things they taught you at the political science faculty were totally wrong there is just no simple answer to crime really a problem manager. there were in europe this was over the limits and your subject
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editor in chief of the lifestyle magazine physio blogger presenter and according to forbes magazine in tenth place on the list of russians dolls she is the daughter of celebrated democrat anatoly sobchak who in the one nine hundred ninety s. was mayor of st petersburg and helped put into getting power subject played an active role in the demonstrations in twenty eleven along with. others she belongs to the opposition and favors a parliamentary system with limited presidential powers and we have an idea that my name is that phineas which i am thirty six years old and this like every other citizen of russia i have the right to stand for the office of president i have decided to exercise this right that yeah her right in her campaign sent me a song jack is calling on people to vote against everyone and offers herself is
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a suitable candidate for those who are dissatisfied with the lack of political competitiveness critics accuse her of sabotaging of money through her candidacy and thus helping the kremlin but she promises to withdraw if no valley is officially permitted to stand him self however very few believe this. you. know i would like to ask the daughter of one of the co-founders of the european university in st petersburg to step onto the stage. although like all opposition candidates at the start of the campaign send your subject also wanted to take part in opposition rallies but when one opportunity presented itself in st petersburg because of disturbances and can't calls she scarcely managed to even finish a short speech after that the team decided against street campaigning. better here we would see you say near each other what you have to say to the criticism that you are a project of the kremlin by them. actually i should i reacts to law is my actions
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speak for themselves so much every away from question but i'm going to tell ya what i'm getting at actually said you saw jack announced a candidate the moment novell need was arrested yet again and was thus cut off from political events. as a candidate against everyone she is invited on to one of the country's major political programs and gives a whole raft of keynote press statements. as a media professional she's in her element and that p.r. manager is doing a great job the dramatic composition and technical execution of her campaign perfect. how crazy is that then the yeah the first time a siberian frost my first time in minus forty that is just crazy but there's the trees we have for cos and must be fruit back into our political life so must the freedom we have lost truth freedom education fair elections
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independent tribunals and best event in people that has worked for bring us peace. thank you. so as not to search for words you can short sentences as a rule that sounds really good and carries weight so it's seen as a truck why are you running for president. because this is a chance for change i think this is important not to lose a chance to think that's very important. and ok vitaly split off is a political technologist and an advisor to subjects campaign special fields of the internet you communication channels and working with the youngest voters. the forty
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one year old from fellow whose is a political globetrotter has been previously worked for barack obama in his election campaign in the united states and later. they have a change change which. you mention alex in of on the he has said that it is fairly loathsome kremlin game that goes by the title of let's put a liberal lossing stall up for the elections in order to distract attention i mean this is a lot of criticism you're facing and you have said that you would reduce draw your candidacy if in of on the is allowed to to run i spoke with an avanti and i hope he will agree with me that if he won't be allowed to go to the elections which i think he should be allowed and i will be really fighting for this but if no what is our second option just stay at home and don't go to the election it's not an option . some people will like a number as a model while others will prefer
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a premium but out task is to bring forth people for whom the fight for a leading political role where is an important elements of their own future planning. suddenly people say it is no longer the perennial putin in the someone i recognize from having seen them in the flesh or all the television or some other person who is not someone else they seem to be battling seriously for this office is sure. so i can do that as well. as any a subject has come to the central electoral commission to register as a candidate every candidate is scrutinized by analysts already accused of manipulating the elections since it decides who is allowed to stand. of the sixty four applicants for the twenty eighteen elections only seventeen have been registered as candidates changing their documents the commission will announce the
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final number of candidates for the one who still has a decision already been taken you will know after today's meeting you're good but there's no point in discussing it especially as the decision will be arrived at in the meeting off and secondly that the decision affects cvs i'm sorry but there are formal criteria that cannot be avoided if an offer really formal procedure for more and legal reach here isn't supposed to control george but you know that these hurdles were created deliberately to prevent us from standing. still it's possible that the hurdles are intentional but the fact is that they exist. so here's today's date december the twenty fifth. then the twenty fifth yes it's just a little bit early but now the plan doesn't work. and the most important moment. alexina valley's campaign two ended in kaliningrad on december the tenth. and all
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a galaxy if with the coordinators on the spot. twenty two year old was suspended from the university because of his political activities talked the matter to court and. was reinstated twenty year old grew up in difficult family circumstances regarded as highly talented he's applied for a bursary to study at harvard and in the real arrest a lot of people today know what i mean about only refusing the hype and then head off and will be left to face the music. was good people this rally has not been approved by the municipality or know nothing of the girls yet friends or you know bill never thought i'd like saying the only arrives marker you are here on lawfully what if we're taking a walk through the municipality of the city of kaliningrad and i want to know but alexei navalny will be here in just a few minutes time just a few minutes more and he'll be with us you know but if in the mine if you're going
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to. get a low everyone. great weather isn't it. you're going to show me your home terms. by the end of the tour there were more and more signs that no valleys chances of being registered as a candidate were extremely slim he failed to draw millions of russians onto the streets which was going to force the kremlin into talks the latest polls by the way of honor institute showed that despite the media blockade he would still capture two percent of the votes. but this is kind of grave is not the right. liberty much is great isn't it. still of the day when we share a man who will. do what is wrong with you or thank you grandma ok true but
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the key question. is whether people in the province's have their own political representation of lawyers here. and whether this representation has. efficient authority to take genuine decisions yes. i heard a radio program about russia in which experts claimed it was vital for the country to have not one but ten you know what i did know and then they said you know when will we have democracy. democracy the fact is though that this office will always be seized by the strongest of the strong. but and all the others would be doomed to a day or. would they remain sheep welcome. i mean since seven hundred forty two participants have voted in favor of. those against mil abstentions. current wretched nations friends we have
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a candidate for the office of president of the russian federation was. alexei others all events developing. of the. most political scientists in russia believe that no bunny used a western campaign model and is thus a kind of foreigner on the russian political stage european experience on the other hand assert that he does not fit into any framework they are familiar with especially as in contrast to the classic liberal opposition in russia he avoids any contact with the west. funded by the certainly not a liberal he doesn't fit into our western pakistan of the opposition at all and always having to be liberals and that is why he is so successful as there is in the liberal opposition would not try to have some two percent of both basically remain marginal here is someone who stands for russia and for
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a patriotic russia great russia for a strong russia but for russia without substantiating and without corruption of course and what i would perhaps also say that oligarchs living in the. robin says on december the twenty fourth twenty seventeen no boundary was nominated as an independent presidential candidate it was more of a symbolic act nevertheless as required by electoral law in each town at least five hundred people turned up in the evening a valley went to the central electoral commission to hand in the necessary papers for nomination but that's merely the first step towards being registered as a candidate. it is impossible for our candidacy not to be approved and i lecture with that just wouldn't be an election right i mean. confirmation that i am not standing against my own will. on december the twenty
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fifth the central electoral commission came to a decision on the registration of candidates of only was present in person. in front of you as a draft resolution on the rejection of the independent candidate alexei and not tell you that nominated by an initiative agree my need your vote socialist i was in favor. against who are you abstaining or are you not present saying to speak look at basically not present find the hound twelve are in favor and you know that i would like to give alexia natale avenge the floor the winner. as expected the non approval of nirvana's registration was justified by the kirov listen. yet in a similar situation in twenty thirteen the electoral commission had come to a different conclusion. new blue i do not like the electoral commission or the robots to me at least they seem to be alive you can touch them they have
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a healthy complection send their well nourished they are an independent body when you know i understand what is going on in their heads i see the difficult situation there in you once in a lifetime people can do something meaningful. despite all the emotionality of his appearance the outcome was probably won't live on the expected he still insists that elections without him elections without a genuine opposition are an elton out kremlin orchestration only a few minutes after the decision was announced he activated plan b. this involves keeping the election turnout as low as possible to undermine the democratic legitimacy of putin's fourth term of office where as from today we're on the electoral strife and while we're voters in russia to participate and agitated against this absurd procedure which is described as an election right at the same time we want to organize election controls to deny them the chance to rig the vote
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which of course they will try to do a good many things so it's a question of when i'm up and skip the fourth of i was a bit skeptical about election boycotts because in the end you let the others vote so to speak for the money ok so you try to deal it is a minority election. and it also keeps him in the picture although he is no longer a. possibly election battle despite conference. continues to provoke the system by calling on pick among so i'll fall off a nice device would be so to do putin is also standing as an independent candidate which means that he aspires to the status of president of all russians means no one can compete against him unless he is in the opposition leader who wants to abolish the regime or will be the next president of all russian sub going to five putin himself younger there will not status per se does not provide for any competition of fifty.
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