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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2018 1:02am-1:31am CET

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they'll be ups and downs in the months ahead as the u.k. negotiates its way out of the e.u. but another supposedly key speech on britain's future relationship with the world's largest trading bloc proved to be a long talk and shows on detail i'm phil gayle this is the day. to be straight with people because the reality that we all need to face up some hard time. with the single markets life is going to be different in certain ways our access to each other's markets will be less than is now because the choice in u.k. . u.k. i decided to pursue bringing. the greek great progress through respect you can preprinted to. do do you know the market. community.
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means of going to be business as usual you both need to face the fact that this is a negotiation and neither of us can have exactly one thing. but i am confident that we can reach agreement we both want good access to each other's lives we want competition between us to be fair and open and we want reliable transparent means of verifying we are meeting our commitments and resolving disputes. today in london britain's prime minister is a man he laid out her roadmap to bracks it is including her vision of trade between britain european union that the u.k. leaves the block and she stressed that it would take compromise we are now approaching a crucial moment. there is no escaping the complexity of the task ahead of us we must not only negotiate our exit from an organization that touches so many important parts of our national life we must also build
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a new and last in relationship while given the certainty inherent in this negotiation preparing for every scenario yes there will be ups and downs in the months ahead as in any negotiation no one will get everything they want we will not be buffeted by the demands to talk tough or threaten to walk out just as we will not accept the councils of despair that this simply cannot be dark so my message to our friends in europe is clear we know what we want we understand your principles we have a shared interest in getting this right so let's get on with it thank you. for vets to just ask where w. correspondent barbara varies a brussels welcome the barber let us start with mrs may's a summary of what she wants out of any final deal between the u.k. and the european union. these are the five tests for the deal that we will
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negotiate implementing the decision of the british people. reaching an enduring solution protecting our security and prosperity delivering an outcome that is consistent with the kind of country we want to be and bringing our country together strengthening the precious union of all our people our proposal this was billed as a major speech breck's it i wondered did it contain any surprises or anything likely to change minds. no not really phil one is that it had been briefed before then also after the away day of the british cabinet last week at teresa mayes country seat and checkers so much had leaked that the outline of the soul things are fairly clear beforehand and already there had been reactions beforehand of some top politicians and they had said pure illusion or another commentary was this is
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the cake philosophy that means of course the now famous infamous words of boris johnson the foreign minister we can have our cake and eat it now cake philosophy has now become a fixed term indirect talks ok let's take a closer look at some of the issues here is mrs may on trade norway model where we would stay in the single market which mean having to implement new e.u. legislation automatically and in its entirety and would also mean continued free movement others have suggested we negotiate a free trade agreement similar to that which canada has recently negotiated with the e.u. existing models do not provide the best way forward for either the u.k. or the e.u. i want the broadest and deepest possible partnership covering more sectors and cooperating more fully than any free trade agreement anywhere in the world today so she's quite clear that but the european commission says that the only straight relationship available to the u.k.
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is a variation of norway or canada explain to us why. ok know why she doesn't want so that's off the table because norway is in the single market so that leaves kind of that because the problem what recently here wants to do is she wants to reinvent the wheel of international contracts because what there is internationally globally to use the work that she likes so much is are just trade deals variations on trail deals and the other version is the customs union of she doesn't want that either so we're going to have some sort of trade deal and now she wants one like it has never been before or totally new variation on a completely new model as she said so a trade deal that doesn't just regulate trade between two or three or group of countries but that also completely sort of opens the market however it opens the markets without really binding regulation without really binding the one side off
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this to to keep to the standards of the other side because this is what's behind this what britain wants to do is leave the single market and trees may send this in the speech she wants to align certain standards and rules in the u.k. in the future to european standards and rules but others that the british the british don't like so much they want to do verge from so is that possible no that can't be done again more sort of a have your cake and eat it and cherry picking at the same time well we mix metaphors but the question people will ask especially in britain is well you have a you have a kind of a deal and you have a no way deal before norway there was neither before canada there was the kind of deal so why not have a britain deal. you can't really have that particular britain deal you can certainly come up with some variation on a trade deal that is like the base of canada and then plus
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a bit on the sides like we give them certain exceptions or whatever but they see clearly you can't have something totally alien something completely new because the european union is based on rules this is a very very delicate balance off obligations rights and rules and so if you're upset that if you sort of blow the whole thing up and say ok now comes the country and we give them everything just for free what are you saying philbin to norway would do they would say ok we ditched the single market we pay for it it's expensive we want what britain has and then some other countries would come poland maybe or hungary oh who knows and they would say oh we can all get all this for free we can just step out and have the same advance just without any of the obligations of the european union it is not possible it would be suicidal on the side of the e.u. and they will not commit suicide i promise but it's always worth it worthwhile asking. let's look at firearms london as one of the world's largest financial sense
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since the u.k. is keen not to let big outside the e.u. get in the way of that is the prime minister ok we recognize that certain aspects of trade in services are intrinsically linked to the single market and that for all market access in these areas we need to be different but we should only allow new barriers to be introduced to absolutely necessary we don't want to discriminate against e.u. service providers in the u.k. and we wouldn't want the e.u. to discriminate against u.k. service providers. this is more have your cake and eat it i am guessing the e.u. is unlikely to want to allow london to continue to dominate financial services from outside the block. financial services force that's that says services and so that is particularly tricky because there is not a trade deal in the world that does really concern over all services opening the doors for services of the other partner it's usually about the goods so that's
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a completely different thing i assume they could certain exceptions be made some sort of a particularly channel could be found however something that we need to listen to in that speech is that by the way now sentence is a maze through the passport doing right the right to sell financial products in the eurozone under the bus and said that is not going to happen so in the city there must be many unhappy people tonight but she does hope that still market access will be possible now on that you saw it depends on who you listen to some people in the big banks of course and some in business say yes we do need to still need that market access to the british financial services and others like the french president mike wrong said we can grow those overseas it just will take a little time so depends on who's going to get to decided me and let's talk about another big briefly northern ireland because of northern ireland's past night
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of the u.k. no the irish republic wants a proper border between northern ireland the republic but this is most majority of parliament depends on the north being treated exactly like the rest of the u.k. which would be outside be e.u. so this is unacceptable but did you bring anything did you bring anything in this speech that brings a solution closer. absolutely not but even british commentators had before the speech said now this issued she's just going to have to fight because this is square peg into a round hole objectively impossible it cannot be done under the under the outer under the circumstances of bricks and the conditions of break that this cannot be done so there is no solution for ireland it is a fudge barbara vessel in brussels as ever we thank you. for.
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despite fierce opposition even within the white house u.s. president donald trump has announced new types again steel and other minium imports the plan is a twenty five percent levy on steel and ten percent another million the measure has said stock markets plummeted and drew an immediate response from the e.u. it said it would react with tariffs of its own. it is donald against the world at a meeting with u.s. steel companies in the white house the president stood by his threat from next week he will impose punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminum propping up his own industry. very unfairly treated by bad policy by bad trade deals by other countries they've been horribly treated by the countries this is yet another war trump is confident of winning he defended the tariff citing national security. european union leaders will be amused and angry at the move you can treat. as
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a. threat to national security when we are allies we cooperate in nato and the problem on the steed is related to over production in other countries than in the e.u. . europe has now worried that cheap chinese steel will no longer be sold to the u.s. but could increasingly flood the european market that's why brussels is thinking about counter measures they're expected to head america where hearts for example tariffs on harley davidson motorcycles. american jeans or whiskey from tennessee and kentucky all three states are home to and french all republican politicians and trump supporters. we hope that those in the u.s. who are still trying to ensure that europe is not regarded as a craig policy enemy fire will prevail and otherwise this is a real burden on our relationship. in addition to
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retaliate three measures the e.u. has also announced it will sue the u.s. through the world trade organization. where we're living in interesting times is one of the interesting concepts professor. he's an economist at the john f. kennedy institute buttons for the university welcome d.w. to be here this talk of still seems to have sprung out of nowhere has it well the exact timing does seem absolutely arbitrary and all reports indicate that it is a really a surprise for much of the establishment treasury was out of the loop defense was out of the loop the department of state was also surprised by this everyone knows that this is in a campaign issue and something it's a promise and so one can imagine among all the things that are cooking. in the white house bubbling not getting resolved that this was
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a time when donald trump just wanted to go back to one of his greatest hits which was to his hammer at make america great again be the king of the hill in international trade and it is a thing so he's done this before that all i want to do this big big big thing big thing but this is for next week he's jus to sign this so that was maybe announcement next week do you think he will will this actually have to do. i wouldn't bet the family farm that anything will last a week in that particular white house right now chaos is reigning the intention has been declared before it's a clear and present danger for the world treating organizations and community. but what happens between now in a week in trump time. is really beyond my ability to forecast. what sort of effects would it have if it happened well it's kind of the simple
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obvious one that by taxing a commodity that you're importing the price of that commodity is going to be expensive it's going to go up in that country where the tariff is raise so domestic producers us producers of steel will be able to get away with charging higher prices vendor for and still is not something that we consumers directly consume it is an input for other goods and so the important economic question is really not so much what is the impact on steel as much as what is the impact of higher steel prices going down the value chain to everybody else who is using steel in the production of their goods but does the president have a point when he says that u.s. trade needs to be fairer and more more balance we see china being accused of dumping steel on to international markets now mr trump appears to be doing
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something about that obeyed he doesn't seem to be which i mean is directly ok it may be the way to get perspective there's going to be disputes all the time and then the issue is how do you resolve disputes and the idea for instance in the earlier days of the cold war where you had fundamentally different economic systems engaging in economic relations with each other you could not use sort of one standard for both now china has shown a great willingness and ingenuity in skating along the edges but china is also a member of this and has a vested interest now in a few well functioning smoove process of dispute resolution. donald trump seems to think dispute resolution is fine as long as donald trump determines the rules and determines the exceptions to those rules and that's just that's the hard part for the rest of the international community to swallow. good so. thank you so much
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pleasure. today is the final day for campaigning before its leaders the polls in sunday's general election and the result is anything but a foregone conclusion former prime minister silvio berlusconi is a key player illegally he can't lead the government again but he could be the kingmaker of a right wing coalition and there's a sense of left alliance is led by another former prime minister meto renzi the other main contenders the anti establishment five star movement as our correspondent max hoffman reports from colombia migration has been the biggest issue. i think father and is over knows this neighborhood like no one else. he has taken me to the markets and institution in the old town palermo i'm trying to get a feel for what matters to people in this election migration seems to be at the top
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of the list. the tone of the current campaign what is very harsh about it i'm afraid that the topic of migration is being exploited from the left and from the right these people don't understand the value of migrants and migration that can bring into a country then they need it on didn't you get. this is silly has always been an island between two continents many africans that make it to europe spend a lot of time here some learn italian in charity sponsored classes like this one right next to the market hoping to be granted asylum others move on. there are approximately five hundred thousand undocumented migrants in italy and one man italians are very familiar with this calling the situation a social time bomb. that man is silvio berlusconi the former prime
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minister and billionaire eighty one years old and the centerpiece of many scandals involving among other things an under-aged call girl named ruby and tax fraud yet there is a good possibility she will be forging the next governing coalition once again it would be one leaning strongly to the right capitalizing on the current anti immigration in italy. in spite of his checkered past fellow party members think he's italy's best hope for reforms. you can lose a little time at the bank. going to school and he has extensively proven his dedication in the past he's a good businessman and he's achieved a lot for himself and his partners the strength of purpose and his passion are the reason why we civilians and i hope italians as a whole are turning back to him he is incredible man. miss the queen think you know
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you should jani and you spare i can you tell jani. and she has special ties to palermo it's here that he laid the foundation for his comeback in regional elections last year. at the market. lots of fans especially among men. when they were going to school he was in power there were more jobs. he's the perfect person it's even better that he wants an alliance with the far right my young things are good for you but i think schooling is the only one who can save us. it's like the old italian political saying if you stick around long enough you can become a saint. but father vote deals in real estate and has a different view of. primarily because of his attitude towards migrants.
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his allies are very tough and want to get rid of migrants this is a demand that's completely outside of reality. forty a lot of. my impression is reality has never seemed to be a big concern of bella's going to these especially in campaigns and especially regarding migration. a friend for that but will and he's an author and journalist is left in more than thirty years welcome to one of the big issues in this election . well as you mentioned immigration is a key button issue in this campaign a lot of that emotion and inflammatory rhetoric around it but they're also out there related topics such as the economy and unemployment tickly youth
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unemployment in the south and i think as sense of frustration and disaffection among voters and especially govt as in the south could give it a big boost to the five star movement the anti establishment party and that is likely to make a big impact in this election yeah we'll talk about five star in just a moment because one of the other big stars of this election funk put it up that way silvio berlusconi former prime minister who despite scandals two convictions and a number of ongoing investigations seems to remain popular why. well see those goalie is a very wily and skilled campaigner and he makes very good use of television which is being his profession before he was a politician for many years and he's very charming and very convincing and effective as a campaigner and he's also softened his image considerably he doesn't seem
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in the threat that he might have seen in the past and he said placing now is someone who will at swing over differences with europe and rein in lee instincts the first some of his more right wing partners in the coalition so as i mentioned he can actually stand for office himself but his pick for prime minister if his sense or right coalition wins is antonio johnny tell us about him and what we might expect from him to john the government. well there and i am is the president of the european parliament and so he's a reassuring figure for our partners in the european union as someone who will that ensure that italy yet sticks to the rules will have good diplomatic contacts in brussels and will help like mr berlusconi to rein in the anti
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european in states of the league and the far right brothers are basically party he may have a difficult task they're in now holding the coalition together because his announcement that he will be those counties count it as not being nagged greeted with enormous enthusiasm by the end of parties in the coalition. so by the five star movement that so you mentioned a little earlier as you say poll suggests that they could emerge as the single largest party even if as a coalition by bank don't end up forming a government so what is that likely role going to be after sunday if they do well. yes certainly it will be a very strange and awkward situation if the air largest party ends up in opposition and it's possible if they do extremely well and it president
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matter will invite them to see whether they can form a government whether they can do it now their parties that may have previously refused to highlight read or write and they say as well do that their protest their policies and just see who will their support them actually if no one does come to their aid and the most likely outcome will be some sort of a grand coalition ok and between the left and the right side it will it and wrote we thank you for that. well this day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online and us on twitter i bet you don't lose. a looks. to. come.
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germany's police station. and explained if i had my way. east germany would still be here. mr. bush you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . our buddy welcome to the show today we start things off with a little heavy metal here's what's coming up. maiden journey with the many talents of iron maiden from man bruce dickinson. cultural connection on this train it's not the destination it's the journey.


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