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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CET

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it's actually just standing in the wings the top match the lights in taken thought meant these two sides have been fierce rivals as the bulls and to believe last season so find out how the game panned out on the w.'s the bundesliga right after the break. and also from the new stand up with a figure coming up shortly thank you for watching. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. given freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. to star stars he made of plain clothes though she. represented. believe me architect of east germany's police station.
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didn't explain to me if i had my way. east germany would still be delish me mr. bush you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . just ten rounds left this season no time just roll it's time to get a bulldog urgency is the name of the game on friday night and some downright frosty conditions in madrid gloc off the home side seemed to heed that message early they went into the break up to no but then it was the visiting coach slowed down confident to shuffle the pack to struck the second half and braman plays like a team on a mission. the northerners got two goals certainly much deserved points. well
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the action continued on saturday with the european chase and the race to beat the drop heating up let's take a look at what we've got on the consciously. lovesick we're hoping to charge back into champions league contention when dortmund came to town with the red bulls make a season sweep against the black and yellow. bandana hamburg devotedly is only team to never go down in another struggle to hold on to that claim but you know opponents months they've got relegation worries of their own. welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm matt hermann we're going to start off in leipzig where two of the teams remaining europa league teams went head to head now both of them are actually battling to make it back where they started this season the champions league for leipzig the mission is clear after two straight losses
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what they need is a win for dortmund things are a bit more complicated they are picking up points but they're not convincing much of anybody while they're doing it the shots go but have been struggling mightily to create chances which may come back to haunt them in a tight european race. as players to and live six roughhousing who till one titles together in their native austria now the old friends are rivals the stakes were high but somebody should have told the visitors manuella his lack of touch let in team over for the game's first chance nine minutes. equal to the shots. dortmund were also a threat andre sure the lady amaechi but you i but the goal was ruled out for offside soon after a near repeat scenario this time i'd go to always was on target the officials denying dortmund again up the other end not b.k.
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to time his pass better for junk and i was down one nil to the hosts after twenty nine minutes dortmund wasted no time in hitting back though i would send royce through on goal no upside this time royce rounding the keeper and slotting home. the friends level at half time. the game got scrappy after the break. but she why he with the best chance of the second half but the cross from diode and the touch from the chelsea loney were both lacking that cutting edge like six broad or more attacking threat the wingers trust sailing agonizingly why and so it ended one all a result that helps neither side if nothing else and old friendship remains intact . all right much more action to cover including a couple of teams who are looking to profit from that last result i'm tracked
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frankfurt they were in action against hanover with a chance to go level with dortmund if they got a win and shelter were hoping to do one better the royal blues would leapfrog archrivals dortmund into second place if they could take down hair to berlin on saturday history very much on their side. that's evelyn have a terrible record shocker they've lost every one of their last nine visits to get some care. but the capital city club had the better of the early exchanges and somehow money is not to go ahead. if only this gilt edged opportunity had fallen to a strike not defend nicholas stark. the hosts show them how to do it on thirty seven minutes a sleek move was finished off by mark opiates january a rival for the events this is so fast every time he has started.
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daniel caligiuri and franco the sound so involved in the build up have to keep the room a year stein was not amused shout to win for the third time in a row and stone calls for the champions league. and shocked frankfurt could also be heading for the champions league an unlikely prospect at the start of the campaign against hanover a go from danny de coster was enough to settle matters his first goal in the bonus league kind of his defense gave him all the time in the world the goal should not have counted though it turns out it wasn't a corner but the video assistant referee stayed quiet on the arm of the v.a.r. did get involved the referee on the field blew for a penalty for hanover. but with the help of the video assistant to some action down at the bottom might stay or peril a close perilously close to the drop down in sixteenth place a fine mess that they're in with them they've gone down before and they've lived to
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tell the tale their opponents hamburger on the other hand have never ever ever been down a fact that club never ever ever misses an opportunity to let us know they went into the match day seven points from safety though and saturday's game was one of their last chances to pick up three points against a fellow relegation candidate but would they take that chance. staring relegation in the face coach benz hollaback took his team wanted to date boot camp in midweek for the parents' minds also in danger this was a veritable six pointer to have started with the necessary urgency that it cost it rattled the crossbar minds grateful for the fingertips of florida on his been his league debut. hamburg then had a goal chalked tossed by v.a.r. on the day it was approved for the world cup hostage thought he scored replay showing this time the technology did stephanie get it right. into the second half
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and hamberger afforded a lifeline. dismissed after picking up a second yellow for the foul in the box. batman cost eight steps up but it wasn't looking like his day with more magic from minds. despite their dominance hamburg can make the extra man camps hollaback still looking for his first win his coach. is it's one point isn't enough but in the end you don't know we still have nine games left we mustn't give up. that's little comfort to be as angry fans that he was clear thanks for nothing. well we've got two more games to come on saturday let's get down to them that are now sport hoffenheim we're looking to start march off right after picking up just one win in all of january and february meanwhile involves coach bruno love india
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face one of his many former clubs unfortunately it's one he's never managed to defeat since leaving back in two thousand and nine but you know laver to isn't that club they were coming off their own lackluster february bruno's luck turnaround. new month new story labor who isn't headed into the match with history in their favor why are happy being held scoreless against the wall since two thousand and two. the visitors have the lion's share of possession from the get go and we're putting balls back on the pressure thirty one minutes in a might see million arnold book i have it down in the box penalty clear as day. look at solaria stepped up to back his goal of the season and extend leverkusen scoring streak against balls. in the second half they extended their lead score a term provide in the seventy eight minutes a lawyer setting up william bunce the oncoming had no charms.
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drop in byers concentration so at mimic miti pull one back for the host just a minute later but leverkusen take all three points and start the month of march on a high while doing a lot of ideas wait for a win against leverkusen continues. down in alex but things were considerably more straightforward hoffenheim dominates of play and a comment it's put in a man of the match performance scoring the opener for the guests in the thirty eight minutes. and then he sets out thursday night brief a hopeless second after the break. i three points for the visitors as they back their first win on the road since november. right now you see in the highlights let's look at the weekend's results so far in black and white we got that stalemate between leipzig and dortmund shall close one nil defeat of hair to berlin i tracked did the same to
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hanover also won now hamburg and might spoke failed to score leverkusen got that big away when involved for hoffenheim also winning on the road in our sport on friday braman and my. they ended up level and saturday sunday rather sees cologne play host to stuttgart and byron heading to fribourg now let's see what all of those results mean on the table high atop the league buy in munich seventeen points clear with a game in hand shaka now in second followed by two teams level on forty two points dortmund and i'm tough leverkusen and leipzig rounding out the top six now down in the bottom half actually nothing at all has changed no movement at least as yet might they are now level on points with both poor but still behind them on goal difference hamburg and cologne they are looking. for oblivion all right now it
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is time for the play of the day voted for you on twitter and the winner with sixty one percent of vote is usually on bonds the leverkusen whinger exchanged passes with his teammate because of mario before. flipping it over the keep watch this. putting his team on the twenty one year old fifth strike of the season would prove to be the winning goal of the match as well as the truck might be on drugs we're broke like i am that is all for us here at the bundesliga sit back and enjoy these images from the weekend's action so far from me and the rest of the team here in berlin the next mario.
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euro max this week's highlights. goals of the shore here beauty makes twenty seven miss germany contests. victorious roger federer sportsman of the year. uninhibited flamenco star and chance with dazzling choreography. to deal with. this system community in the last american country of syria. of eighty thousand. you know it's his from the town of truth in saxony germany. but the. bone.
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through the legacy of the missionaries from the arabian church who came here to do good. radiance of serene. sixty minutes. moving up in fine for the case taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up women's tone. the first year. or two looks smaller stations alleging grain creasing lean dangerous time budget for mom. climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. globalization. biodiversity species monster fishing exploitation. human rights displacement.
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of the global and current world local large. global three thousand. hardly welcome to your remarks highlights a look back at the best of european lifestyle and culture of this week here's what's coming up.


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