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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CET

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been a busy day on germany's political scene there was plenty going on in the bundesliga as well. been a fortress this season but what that changes i'm going to come in to talk why don't you find out in the when to speak up with mark time and coming up after this break . you're watching the news thank you for watching. the d.w. media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast in language courses in the d w media center at libya center dot w dot com. keeps on about the moments but. it's all about the stories in so.
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it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in inspired by distinctive instagram hours at g.w. stories topics each week on instagram. go and welcome to the ball just like here on do have you on the program and i'm here to raise a few questions about what we saw on the bun just leave matchday twenty five for answers and hopefully some laughs i've got two splendid guests with me here in the studio first of all we've got all of us not of the great sat newspaper we've also got a bonus lee reporter jonathan crane with us here here is what's coming up on the show . i sure have lost just once in twelve outings on home turf heading into sunday
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with mighty byron munich coming to town change all it's. been good to lol build on their big win in leipzig last weekend get off of rock bottom with streaking stuttgart to be too much for the billy goats. and leave video assistant referee you have a good weekend for a change for a string of correct decisions and a green light for the world cup is something. well we are going to start things off at the top of the table by a munich were looking to bounce back in fribourg after being held at home last week against her to berlin not that the bavarians needed a win and they went into the match day sitting on a seventeen point cushion at the top of the league but when you are so used to winning you don't much like how it feels when you do anything else. the best
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striker going into this match wasn't playing for the side you'd expect newspaper santa scored ten goals in his last ten outings were private for more than eleven dusty who was rested for pickett tosca head freiburg scored first but at the wrong end to use you blocked thomas miller's first shot but he wasn't going to be denied again next sunday swallow deflecting into his own net in the twenty fifth minute. by and waited just three minutes for their second forty million man go on down it's only saw finally justifying his price tag. line extended their lead again in the fifty fifth minute to the video assistant referee judge eleven dusty's replacements on the marginally on side the goal counted. i. put the result beyond doubt scoring points for an final goal.
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neither pietersen nor levon dusky made their mark on this game it was by the second string strikeforce who had their day in the limelight. all right it is time for our sunday conversation here on the bundesliga with me this week are all of a clock and honestly go reporter jonathan crane i'm going to start with you all what does it mean that by and rested robert levin dostie rested our young robert and still came away with an easy for now when you forgot how the mightiness was also arrested him so what do you expect if you look at the value of what by and had on the bench it probably was three times the value of the team that five of cent on the pitch so it's still the best team by far so it doesn't really make a difference whether live and whether robin is on the bench or somebody else you still have. a lot saying you still have thomas. totally sold so it's
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a great scene even without live in dusty. joe that one of the interesting stories that came out of this game sort of was by the time it actually kicked off was there was a rumor this week that byron had given some thought to putting the coach of borg in charge next year is this is crazy an idea as it sounds he did deny it pretty amusing denial throughout the matter typical kristen strike fast and amusing also quite forthright because the robertson reports then said actually when you think of everyone else who's been linked with the job i'm insulted if i were to be for that as well so yeah on the face of it would be a pretty left choice because no big rich club like by and for me the polar opposite of what someone might strike stands for he's been at freiburg or his career what with the youth academy so he's used to meager resources in bringing young players through but if you buy and why don't cost a bit further and have a bit of blue sky thinking because everyone else who's been mentioned has got their
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faults tacl we may be thinking too difficult a carrot sofa for buying nagual xmen and the coachman beats him an experienced. claw and there can. be spoken for not available so why not. i like it for buy and yet we don't talk in politics you know you talk about left wing and stuff i mean this is still football and he's a great coach he has shown that for years and fight it now so why not the other question is would he actually want to go if i offered it to him would you want to leave a club you've been i've got used to all your career i don't i think that would be pretty hard to turn down anyway we've got to leave that there for a moment we got some more action from sunday down at the bottom of the table to go over. that is actually where cologne took on stood guard the billy goats went into sunday's match on a bit of a high after fighting their way to a comeback win in leipzig last week another victory and they get off the bottom of
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the table for the first time since week two but you know should gar they've been on a tear ever since ty full corporate took over as coach. it all started so well for beleaguered cologne they grabbed the lead after just seven minutes through cloudy o.-p. sato. the thirty nine year old peruvian netting is one hundred and ninety second bundesliga go. she took up her on the ropes until the end of the first half when suddenly they made one lone mario gomez with the goal after colognes defenders still there like statues. almost immediately afterwards it was to want to start got gomez again after some time of the go keeping from a distraught tivo gone. colognes already brittle confidence was shot andrea's back maybe three one after the break cologne were heading for their fourth
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home game in a row with their so when. a late free kick for milosz joe heats only gave the billy goat false hope the many revival of a few weeks ago is long gone. the second tier beckons to stephan bruton becks team. well the match day twenty five conversation continues i'm back with jonathan crane and bates at reporter cannot let us start our discussion with a look at the table and they are twenty points clear at the top who shall they swap places with dortmund but otherwise the top six are unchanged look at their stuttgart they have moved into the top half further down the table things are still very very tight. and votes for their in a dog fight over the playoff spot and the one bit of daylight we see is between the
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rest of the league and cologne to hamburg they are marooned on a desert island they are sorely lacking coconuts they are wasting away jonathan i'm going to start with you they are on fire as i just mentioned they are now in the top. off the table i think europe might be entering the conversation at this point do we just get tired from cork it all wrong on the face yes i mean god only behind byron in the form tell you that at the moment i think that's the thirteen point five games on the corporate he's tightened up the defense which is a good thing but i think it's a bit of a red herring because three of those victories won their wins matches that could have gone either way it's a fine line isn't it and when you think back to how does both he also had a good run and then it just it just went wrong i have to say to you every tell me is coming a bit of a revelation the starting from out right expect last season on loan in the third division three assists today seems like a brilliant signing so if nothing else that is a positive if you start picking the right players sometimes results go your way.
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let's talk about cologne at least briefly we seem to talk about them in their troubles just about every week here but you know they let another chance to get a win over a bottom half side slip through their fingers they surely can't have much left in the tank now no but what did you expect i mean they had six points of the first half of the season did you really believe they can make it and finished sixteen or even fifteen no way they would have had to play a twenty eight or twenty nine points second leg of the season which would easily qualify them if they do the whole year for at least european spot like they did last year twenty eight points like she had twenty eight points last season the second look where they finished so it was an illusion from a seventeen on the eighteen on woods no chance that they would stay and i think that last chance today they had to beat they blew it they you know they have another one next week and then one of the last they threw away before halftime i
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think at hamburg both do brand hollaback of kind of how to infer him since he was appointed for the big bad taking the knife in but he's really out of his depth for me twenty three days. without a win as a coach holla back if you include this time invert spoke before you know i think i needed someone with a bit of a spark someone who could bring a bit of magic to the table i'm afraid even houdini would be able to get one of our going to this one all right are you brought up you know cologne and hamburg actually cologne in hamburg you know speaking of v.a.r. both of these teams had goals correctly disallowed this weekend there was also a correct disallowed you know rejection of a penalty it was a dive by hand over player against so there are gets a lot of bad press they've got some things right this weekend we also had you know . the. proving the next step towards moving they are in the world cup this has got to be a really good weekend for vale i think it's nice actually very good p.r.
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for a change because i'm in favor for if the technology is that i think it should be used and you know who amongst us doesn't want to see a game where bad decisions happen and i think most of the time they are just get it right let's not forget everyone needs to remember this that still a human decision it's not like oh well i'm technology where it's a yes or no it still is a human decision and i do feel most of the time when people are complaining about via whether it's the fans or it's a coach is a handy excuse because most of the complaints rightfully when the decision was still right i want to get your thoughts on one thing i mean whether or not the decision to right or wrong one of the things that bothers me is the lack of communication the fans in the stadium are being left in the dark they don't know why a goal is being disallowed they don't know why a penalty is being given or not given this is a problem absolutely if you feel like standing on the platform waiting for your train and. they don't give you any information you're just stuck there and you don't know when you're trying you know you need to try to let you know that there
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will be one so when are late and that's how the fans feel they don't know anything what's going on the decision making process is not. open to them and that's the problem all right well i hope. you guys are not in the dark after this conversation on the bus thanks. jonathan crane this the next somalia but. what keeps us in shape what makes us see kentucky do we still come from. my name is dr carlson because i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. next on g.w. for. reducing waste and make more money.
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