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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin the next russians five calls critically ill creating a forensic mystery in the u.k. police decontaminate the site where he was found unconscious suffer exposure to it on the moon soaks into media reports say he's a former intelligence official who also spied on russia for bridge and also coming up south korea's most senior delegation in a decade meets with the north korean leader kim jong phone calls live signals coming from both sides of those meetings we'll find more find out more from our
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correspondent in seoul. relief mission cuts short they finally get through to syria's eastern goods all but more airstrikes calmly and politely even as the trucks are lovely. also on the program of football under the shah the world war in yemen as the fighting rages all in kashmir players keep olympic games determined to keep their sport along. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us. police and england are retracing the steps of a former russian spy who is reported to be critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance authorities remain tight lipped about the investigation they've only confirmed that two people a man of the woman were found unconscious sunday on a park bench in the southern city of salisbury. a crime scene
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that could be straight from a bond movie. police don't hazmat suits as they decontaminate the street where the former russian spies group pal and a woman had collapsed the substance that has made them critically ill hasn't been identified. as the treating it as a major incident and have even closed a nearby restaurant as a precaution a possible i said it looked like the pan had taken drugs. on the bench there was a couple. an older guy and a younger go she was sort of let in on him it looked like she passed out maybe he was doing some strange hand movements looking up to the sky. i felt anxious and felt like i should step in but to be honest they looked so out of it i thought even if i did step in i wasn't sure how i could help emergency services rushed by those
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people to soulsby hospital where they remain in intensive care police are also guarding the former spy's home as the investigation continues. this has not been declared as a counterterrorism incident and we would urge people not to speculate however i must emphasize that we retain an open mind and we continue to review this position the focus at this moment in trying to stop what has caused these people to become critically ill we are working with partners to prioritize this diagnosis. sixty six year old cirque de st paul was granted refuge in the u.k. after spy swap in two thousand and ten. he's been sentenced in russia to thirteen years in prison for spying for britain or for the very latest let's bring in our correspondents bigot must in london and aaron tilton in
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moscow berger let's start with you or tell us what you can about what happened to the former russian spy and the woman he was with on that park bench insults vary the police haven't really released any more information but what we know is that they're treating the whole case with upmost caution and while they're saying that it's not a terrorist incident they also appealing for more information from members of the public to come forward and the general way that this case is handled with all the workers who are dealing with these are wearing protective uniform in many places within the city center in salisbury where this incident happen are cordoned off it really reminds you of the case of alexander litvinenko who was a russian spy and who was killed on british soil so so most precaution at this point in time. you know aaron in moscow what can you tell us about sergei
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script of this former russian agent who has fallen ill in salzburg. well what we know about said history policy so far is that back in two thousand and four he was arrested by the f s a b. now that's russia's state federal security service the agency that took over after the k.g.b. and they accused him of being basically a double agent for the british secret service and intelligence services he had been a member of the g.r.u. which is russia's military intelligence service and according to investigators here in russia he developed a relationship with british intelligence back in the ninety's and over the course of that relationship he had actually given information to western intelligence services about russian agents serving both abroad and even some of his partners and coworkers here in russia now when he was arrested he actually confessed to the crime and of course that led to his conviction and him serving a rather lengthy jail term we also know that in two thousand and ten he was
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exchanges part of expiry exchange with western powers and since then he's been living in basically a quiet life in england. you bigots in london how are people in england reacting to this you mentioned the litany nko case in two thousand and six are parallels being drawn. yes for sure parallels are being drawn to this case just because they are so obvious alexander litvinenko was somebody who had worked for the russian intelligence services he had then talent to be a harsh critic of the kremlin and had fled to london and had sought asylum and gotten asylum here in london however in two thousand and six he fell ill he was poisoned by polonium that he had gotten from drinking some tea with some russian acquaintances and in fact there was a whole trail of polonium that was dan discovered in london and his widow marina living in before long and hard to get an inquiry which resulted in the judge saying
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that probably alexander litvinenko was killed because blood near putin ordered that however that was an inquiry nobody ever went to jail buzz feed news which is a u.k. news outlet also has had a recent investigation and they link as much as fourteen death here in the u.k. they linked to russian interference where they had established that u.s. intelligence services had treated some of these death off russian citizens in the u.k. or some of the english citizens as suspicious but nothing happened so a lot of speculation about russian interference but at the moment this is only speculation the police has not released anything to this matter ok so a lot of speculation in england about possible russian involvement what's reaction to the story in russia. well so far the official reaction has been rather
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muted in the last hour we've seen a statement by the kremlin where they described the incident in england as a tragic incident but they said they can't actually comment on the events as they've all unfolded so far they've basically said that they they haven't actually been approached by in the in either for help so right now they're taking a very wait and see approach ok until last and biggest mass in london thank you both very much now smaller stories making news around the world today officials in the u.s. state of florida have passed a bill to create new restrictions on rifle sales and allow some teachers to carry guns in schools move comes in response to the deadly school shooting in the state last month. and a senior u.n. official has said myanmar's ethnic cleansing of range of muslims was ongoing after he visited refugee camps in bangladesh is called zoar district hundreds of
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thousands are hinges have fled to bangladesh since last august when myanmar forces launched a crackdown on their commute is. another step towards improved relations on the korean peninsula north korean leader kim jong un has welcomed delegates from the south to kenya and for the first time since he took office in two thousand and eleven north korea released the images of the country's leader with south korean negotiators on yanks state media quoted him joe as saying he wants to advance ties with the south the visit is aimed at easing a standoff over north korea's nuclear ambitions un has described the visit as a positive move secretary general has knocked. it's for so encouraged i think by the trip today to pyongyang the direct talks. that are taking place. we have to see what the outcome is obviously the focus needs to
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remain on the denuclearize asia and the peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula i think over more let's bring in our our correspondent in seoul jason strother jason tell us more about this meeting between kim jong un and the south korean delegation what are the two sides saying about. well we don't know the specifics yet the south korean envoy will return here to seoul later today and hopefully have a press briefing to let us know what was discussed up in pyongyang but if we are to trust north korean media the talks went smashingly the case c.n.a. north korea's central news agency said that kim jong un ruler kim jong un and the south korean envoys have reached. an agreement on how to move a potential summit between kim and south korean president moon j.n. ahead the dispatch from north korean media said that ruler kim gave some on the
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spot guidance to the south korean envoys and they're working out the details though will have to wait and see until these envoys get back home to get a little bit more more clear information but we're hearing reports jason that a full fledged diplomatic summit could soon be organized between the north and south has that now become a more likely prospect. well you know ever since president moon came into the presidency a little less than a year ago he has called for better relations with north korea e.-s. said that he'd be willing to meet with ruler kim jong il. when he was in the plighted film young last month by can jungle sister kim yell jiang doring the opening ceremony of the winter olympics movement took a step back and says that some conditions would have to be met first and those are the conditions we can't presume are being worked out right now in north
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korea and the south wants the north to talk directly to the u.s. about easing tensions what are the prospects of that happening. right well you know both north korea and us are sitting very far apart from each other right now the trumpet ministration has said that it will not engage in negotiations with pyongyang unless the regime is committed to denuclearization meanwhile north korea has said while it's willing to hold dialogue with the u.s. it's not going to get rid of its nukes so unless some sort of compromise is reached i don't see how negotiations could go ahead right now jason briefly the north korean u.s. north korean monitoring group called thirty eight north says it's detected signs of renewed activity at north korea's main nuclear reactor what can you tell us about
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that what does that mean. well it's hard to say i mean the report from thirty eight north said it detected by a commercial satellite imagery of smoke coming out of the young beyond a five megawatt reactor although some other indicators of. plutonium production were not present such as the melting of ice in the facility of the young beyond so it's still too early to tell if it's. jason thanks so much correspondent jason strother there talking to us from seoul u.s. president donald trump says he may visit israel to attend the opening of the new american embassy in jerusalem in may trump was speaking during talks with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house the two went out of their way to make a show of unity. a friendly welcome for the israeli prime minister in washington from a u.s.
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president to seize i to argue with him on the middle east and believes the chances for peace a good what better if we could make peace between israel and the palestinians and i can tell you we're working very hard on doing that and i think we have a very good chance and the biggest difficulty that anybody's have you look over twenty five years nobody could get past number one. they couldn't get past that we've taken it off the table so this gives us a real opportunity to do peace but troops move to relocate the u.s. embassy to jerusalem has a groove a two tensions with palestinians and many others in the region reacting angrily to last december's decision. in the oval office netanyahu praised the move and repeated his view that iran is the greatest threat to regional security iran has not given up its nuclear ambitions it is came out of this nuclear deal in bolton
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and rich is practicing aggression that we were including on our own borders. and i think we we have to stop this country the chance to israel good to america iran must be stopped that is a common try. to mix between the two leaders focussed on concerns of iran's activities in syria and on trump's push to change or abandon the twenty fifty nuclear deal with tehran. you're watching the news still to come aid trucks drop what they can in eastern good to have a for the bombs start to fall under the thousands of lives remain at risk and just the syrian regime's relentless assault. football under the shadow of the gun in yemen we report on a sport struggling to survive amid the country's civil war. well don't trust talk of terrorists is drawing fire from his own republican party get hot that's
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true terry in a rather public confrontation says house speaker paul ryan and other republican allies of president donald trump pleaded with him monday to back away from his threatened international tariffs which they fear could spark a dangerous trade war republican congressional leaders even suggested they may attempt to block the tax from remains adamant and it's always that we're not backing down all that comes as the u.s. canada and mexico attempt to renegotiate the nuff the trade deal and one off drums bragging points the rallying stock market has been in retreat after is latest threats against the u.s. navy. the nafta partners were all smiles in mexico city but then the u.s. repeated its warning it could walk away from the longstanding free trade agreement . as president. we hope for a successful completion these talks and we would prefer three way. that proves impossible we are. basis. for
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going because there was clear anger at trump's new tariffs and a warning that there was more than just trade at stake. and canada believes that all of these restrictive trade tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum are absolutely unacceptable. it is wrong to see trade with canada as a threat to the national security of the united states. from a stance is worrying not just trading partners but members of his own republican party like house speaker paul ryan they've pleaded with him to back down but the president is adamant. and i don't think you have to have no trade war actually i don't think so you're going to i don't think you're going to have a trade i think. it may be trump's idea of a tough opening gambit the art of the deal but for now his tariff threats of
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worried allies and corporate leaders like. oh no trade war says the president are less of a quick check on what markets are thinking and that means we're going to bottle financial force on it and frankly it's the hope that republicans can convince trump to back off. i think there is hope but when you look at the car shares it seems at least to suggest that because you remember the car shares went down yesterday when use of this possible trade war when when trump's tweets on a card tariffs became known or when the market first had a chance to react to it and now they're making up more than they lost yesterday and they're making up for past losses as well and the leaders of the pack if you will today in the german market time were a v.w. and b.m.w. gaining strongly but one trader said it's not really just a hope that trump won't start into
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a trade war and impose tariffs. some people here think that that was just bluster and throwing fog around anyways but i think the public confrontation by people like paul ryan with so much influence i think that serves to ease up a little bit of the nervousness here in germany with respect to the german manufacturers talking about german affection as one big japanese manufacturers announced it will stop selling diesel cars here in the u.s. what's behind this. yes you have to see that toyota hasn't sold that many diesel cars recently it says that it's the low customer demand that it's leading it to do this it doesn't directly say well we don't like the diesel technology we're phasing it out and because of possible restrictions in germany to driving into dozens of cities that's a worry that the german car makers have toyota isn't pulling this card but it says
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that recently it's only sold about a ten percent diesel passenger cars and hold onto your hat forty one percent hybrids which is a combination of electric power and gasoline combustion engines and the rest gasoline but they're not phasing out the diesel production period they're continuing it and they're pickups like the high lux. pickup for example or the land cruisers these are big heavy cars sometimes polling big heavy trailers with big heavy stuff on it and they're the diesel makes sense because it's got pulling power and it's economical for these heavy heavy things. really boston front for thank you . the head of japanese still make a coby announced his resignation on tuesday after the firm submitted full strength and quality data for products shipped to hundreds of clients worldwide heroic i was his resignation was a further blow to japan's oprah's reputation of
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a similar quality control scandals that hit industrial titans ranging from nissen to mitsubishi fake qualities of a kids issued by colby affected materials sold to some of japan's biggest manufacturers including comic has to go to honda must as well as bullet train operators jr tokai and jr west. three feet and we're going to syria now and an aid mission forced to turn back terrorist that's right very unfortunate instant there war monitors say at least sixty eight civilians were killed in eastern guta on monday the worst day of shelling there since the russia backed daily cease fire was to take effect last week even the actual red cross says the bombardment forced a convoy kerry aide into eastern gidget to withdraw as mentioned syrian government troops have rapidly moved to seize more ground as the bloody assault continues four hundred thousand people remain trapped in the embattled and play.
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after weeks of waiting a glimmer of hope for the second moon did of eastern ghouta for the first time since the start of one of the war's deadliest assaults aid trucks of fun they've been let in but the united nations say syrian authorities have stripped crucial life saving medical supplies from the convoy. and confident a convoy isn't sufficient supplies for seventy thousand people were reduced to under twenty eight thousand people. some are seen and witnessed by some. the crippling siege has left civilians stranded as syrian forces expand their assault undeterred by the international outcry the un backed ceasefire has been largely ignored as president bashar al assad's forces advance into the last major rebel held territory near damascus didn't. come up with a need and a i see no conflict between the truce and the military operations all
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recent advances occurred during the cease fire as i said it is possible to achieve our humanitarian objectives while striking the terrorists we then have to continue our operations while the knowing civilians to leave government controlled areas. but hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the enclave unmade pleas for an end to the brutal bombardment despite an agreement for peace with a delivery there have been reports of shelling new the crossing into ghouta. now to yemen another country ravaged by civil war for more than three years sport has also become a casualty of the call like a football league shut down after fighting broke out but as correspondent all of a run up made the difficult journey into yemen he found professionals whose passion for the game keep them off the field even in the midst of war. a
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friendly match in the backyard of the national museum in the yemeni city of aden the professional players from. taking on an amateur third division side. this dusty patch of land is all a long established club has left the stadium has been partly destroyed and is now in a restricted military area and occupied by soldiers. the league in yemen stopped operating when the war broke out. the only chance professional players get to play football is in friendly's like this. guys are not as fit as they used to be because we don't train regularly and because they have no competitive games. they only train three or four times a month and the club only pays them pocket money they struggle to make ends meet just like the majority of people in yemen. and basically unemployed i was
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able to live well from football but that's all gone now i don't have enough anymore it's really tough for me and i have to think about doing something else to earn money maybe i'll join the army. there are many different factions operating in southern yemen with different goals . some want to separate state in the south. others are fighting who the rebels in the north. the country is divided. and football is divided too. also because you see. there is only informal contacts with people in the north of the country. or especially in those areas that are controlled by the who
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thing rebels. i'm on holiday him out of our. shell shocked but we still have a joint national team to help out the robot here and it is at least works. most of the value of those i know. but the national team has not played in yemen for years because of the security situation. it has to play all its matches abroad. shops and hayden is one of the lucky sides to still have a stadium. and fans still watch the games. even if they are only friendly's. initiating i'm so happy to watch the games i feel great to be here with the young guys and to support them all. humans professional league may no longer exist but the people's love of football remains so many in yemen football provides a much needed escape from the brutal reality of civil war.
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and just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today at the news a former russian spy is critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance in england sergei strip and a woman were found unconscious on a park bench st paul was convicted of treason and russia twelve years. and north korean leader kim jong un says he is committed to improving relations with south korea kim met with a ten member delegation in assumption cognac it's the first time officials from the seoul have met with him since he took power and twenty unless. you're watching the news we have another full bulletin for you with the top of next hour and of course all our stories online at e.w. dot com thanks for trying.
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world. like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action over a global one is the multimedia environment series on w. well consider three thousand today we meet three young indonesian women who are crazy about heavy metal. we check out a kenyan movie about the power of the imagination. and we learn about the brutal domestic violence that's still far too common in india.


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