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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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the nation well thought of programming going there in to be sure you have your show now with our innovations magazine for. every week and looking to the future dot com science and research. this is c w news live from berlin a forensic mystery in the u.k. an x. russian spy falls critically ill police decontaminate the site barry was found unconscious after exposure to an unknown absent the media were portrayed as
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a former intelligence official who also spied on brush up for print. also coming out of south korea's most senior delegation in a decade meets with the north korean leader kim jong un positive signals coming from those meetings but will take us beyond. the warning. i'm simply someone's got to go to have you with us british investigators are retracing the steps of a former russian spy who was reported to be critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance media reports identified him as a circus cripple who's lived in the u.k. since a spy swap in two thousand and ten but authorities remain tight lipped they've only confirmed that two people a man and a woman were found unconscious sunday in a park bench in the southern city of salzburg. police don't hazmat suits as they
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decontaminate the street where the former russian spies group pal and a woman had collapsed the substance that has made them critically ill hasn't been identified both or tease or treating it as a major incident and have even close to a nearby restaurant as a precaution a possible i said it looked like the pan had taken drugs. on the bench there was a couple. an older guy and a younger go she was sort of let in on him it looked like she passed out maybe he was doing some strange hand movements looking up to the sky. i felt anxious and felt like i should step in but to be honest they looked so out of it i thought even if i did step in i wasn't sure how i could help emergency services rushed those people to soulsby hospital where they remain in intensive care police are also guarding the former spy's home as the investigation continues.
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this has not been declared as a counterterrorism incident and we would urge people not to speculate however i must emphasize that we retain an open mind and we continue to review this position the focus at this moment in trying to stop what has caused these people to become critically ill and we are working with partners to prioritize historic notice. sixty six year old surrogates creep was granted refuge in the u.k. after spy swap in two thousand and ten. he's been sentenced in russia to thirteen years in prison for spying for britain let's get the very latest on the story now with our correspondents beth moss in london and erin tilton in moscow good to see both but let's start with you or tell us more about what has happened to this a former russian spy and the woman that he was with on that park bench and solsbury . well we know that the police are treating this very seriously and
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although they are saying it's this point in time not a terrorism incident they also appearing to the public to come forward with information and everything is sealed off basically it reminds people here in the u.k. of what happened in london with alexander litvinenko this other perilous being drawn somebody kremlin critic who was poisoned here here in london and at this point in time there is no official of official analogy or the police are not saying that it's got anything to do with russia or you know the that is something that they could link the kremlin to but of course this is what people will be wanting to find out more about you know people are speculating indeed berkut erin coming to you we saw a report a little bit about this former russian agent but what more can you tell us about. well you know paul is that he was actually over the course of thirty years in agent
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for the g.r.u. that's the russian military intelligence service in two thousand and four he was arrested in that used to being a double agent for the british secret intelligence services and those were allegations he actually admitted to it seems that seriously paul had become a double agent sometime in the ninety's he admitted to taking money in exchange for turning over information that expose the identity of several dozen russian spies working abroad and he's also said to have informed on some of his partners here directly in moscow now admitting to those crimes did land him in jail he was sentenced to thirteen years as we heard there in the report i know he only ended up serving around four or five of those years he'd been sentenced in prison he was eventually exchanged in two thousand and ten part of one of the largest spy exchanges that's taken place since the cold war he was actually exchange as part of a group. involving the actually where anna chapman the infamous russian sleeper
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agent who had been sent the u.s. was also a part of now and since then we're told that he's lived a rather quiet life in england actually issue in the spotlight and just trying to stay out of the public eye even as police are urging caution bereket this is an unusual case how is england reacting. well of course the newspapers and old media are full of speculation and people are thinking about alexander litvinenko who died in two thousand and six not far from where i am here in central london he was poisoned and there was a trail of polonium all across central london basically that police were able to trace he was somebody who had worked for the russian intelligence services he had done town to be a critic of the kremlin and sort asylum here in london but he was poisoned and in two thousand and six and later an inquiry ruled that he was probably ordered by the kremlin and by blood to be killed now we also know that buzz feed which is a u.k.
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news outlet has had an investigation recently and they said as many as fourteen deaths here in the u.k. are linked by u.s. intelligence services to russia so speculation about a lot more interference but i have to stress that this is nothing that is official it's an investigation by media and it is speculation at this point in time what about in russia erin what's the reaction been there well so far with this latest incident we've only heard one comment come from official sources the speaker of the crow said that it was a tragic incident said that the criminal also had absolutely no information regarding what actually went on in england he also said that the english authorities haven't actually reached out to russia in any way shape or form in terms of cooperation in terms of the investigation however he also stressed that
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the group the kremlin and russian authorities would be open to working together to find whoever was behind this latest poisoning attempt all right our correspondent erin chilton in moscow in london thank you both. now to some other stories making news around the world uncertainty is mounting in italy after sunday's election failed to establish a majority for any single party leaders of both the euro skeptic five star movement and the anti immigrant league are now vying to rule the country they're unlikely coalition partners in forming a government could take weeks of negotiations with other parts. a senior u.n. official assad nian mars ethnic cleansing of broken jaw muslims was ongoing that after he visited refugee camps in bangladesh cox's bazaar district hundreds of thousands of oranges fled to bangladesh since last august when myanmar forces launched a crackdown that. japan is appointed its first female commander of
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a navy squadron it is a move aimed at encouraging more women to join the country self defense forces. was inaugurated into a new role on board japan's largest warship should be commanding us watching of one thousand of which only thirty are women. a south korean envoy has returned from talks in north korea where leader kim jong un welcomed delegates from the south for the first time since he took office in two thousand and eleven the south korean delegates visit was aimed at easing a standoff over north korea's nuclear ambitions junk state media quoted kim jong un to say he wants to advance ties with the south there has been speculation that better relations on the korean peninsula could open a path for washington and pyongyang to discuss the north's nuclear programs a correspondent jason strother has been monitoring the talks he says obstacles remain to bringing the u.s. and north korea to the same table. north korea and us are sitting very far
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apart from each other right now the trumpet ministration has said that it will not engage in negotiations with pyongyang unless the regime is committed to denuclearization meanwhile north korea has said while it's willing to hold dialogue with the u.s. it's not going to get rid of its nukes so unless some sort of compromise is reached i don't see how negotiations could go ahead right now masri like a has declared a nationwide state of emergency after a not burst of violence between buddhists and the country's muslim minority muslim homes businesses and mosques were badly damaged by my buddhist mobs in the central district of candy on monday and the government fears the attacks could spread the violence came after a buddhist man was allegedly killed by a group of muslims last week. the last twenty four hours have been the deadliest for civilians in the syrian rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta since
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the recently established un backed cease fire at least sixty eight people have been killed and several hundred wounded as government war planes resumes bombarding the enclave the russian military is now offered rebels and their family safe passage out of the area but a rebel spokesman has dismissed this policy calling it forced displacement on monday an aid convoy was allowed into the area but deliveries have been suspended due to continued military action and let's get more with on macdonald from save the children in the jordanian capital amman ellen thank you very much for joining us at the red cross says as we said it has to hold a delivery to east ghouta because of violence but at least some supplies could be delivered how significant is this. it's a positive step in that it's the first aid delivery we've seen for quite a long time but it's it's nowhere near what's needed the aid that came in yesterday is going to reach a few thousand people there are three hundred fifty thousand at least civilians in
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these to goods or who desperately need this aid. so what came in yesterday is include some food supplies that will last for a few weeks but it didn't include a lot of medical equipment and supplies medicine supplies that vitally needed for the sick children inside the area. what do we know about how children in this district have been affected by this conflict. and a lot of the children that we've spoken to. and their partners in the area working with. pretty much living underground. shelter get mines in underground basements they sometimes go to school in underground schools it's too dangerous for them to come out because of all the bombing and that there was a brief improvement for a few hours a day with in the last week with the russian announcement but it was just a couple of hours a day in the bombing has continued throughout the rest of the day the president
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continued and in the past couple of days we've seen the worst fighting and civilian deaths since. the u.n. security council. will rise to cease fire in the area which just hasn't happened so it's been getting steadily worse for children they're also very or a. child malnutrition rates that we see in eastern goods are of the worst that we've ever seen in the syria crisis. people desperately need food and medicine what does this mean in terms of aid deliveries allen is it safe enough to consider sending in more convoys. i think a lot of it will depend on what with security situation happens in the next few days at the moment there's been a. steady bombing shelling yesterday that the u.n. . convoy that went to syria had to leave early before it even unloaded a lot of the trucks because bringing in shelling started the car and started it
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really depends on whether the cease fire announcement is actually respected which serves are just hasn't been are and save the children partners in eastern groups or been providing some distributions or blanket certain. shelter kits for people who are very much displaced or near her most are part of flights and but it's very very small scale and a lot of the time very very hard to do distributions like about but it's just not possible because it's it's too dangerous and even. aid organizations are serious and trucks during the distributions are. all right alan mcdonald from the save the children joining us from the jordanian capital amman allan thank you very much and now to an unlikely tennis doubles match in california world number one roger federer and microsoft co-founder bill gates teamed up for a charity match to raise funds for federer's foundation the ip pairing and the match for africa went up against a u.s. tennis project soccer and t.v.
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host event that's in san jose. crowds were definitely crowd pleasers the roger federer foundation used the event to raise money to support children's education in . you're watching d.w. news still to come that new car glow with the geneva auto show but behind the scenes automakers fear the gloss could be coming off their business in the u.s. . will have that story for you coming right up and there's a. learn
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german with w. . any time any place.


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