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darkness' cities are doing your. starting march tenth on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin a forensic mystery in the u.k. an x. russian spy falls critically ill police to contaminate the site where he was found unconscious after exposure to an unknown substance in the media reports say he's a former intelligence official who also spied on brush on for britain. also coming up signals of a further thought between north and south korea
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a delegation sense of jiang yang brings back the promise of an april summit between the country's two leaders. police gets through to a serious eastern ghouta five bombs cut the mission short talk to an aid organizer who says it's the worst shelling seen since the cease fire was to take effect. i'm sunni so much got a good to have you with us a british lawmaker says the mystery illness of a former spy living in the u.k. bears quote all the hallmarks of a russian attack media reports have identified him has served a script all in x. russian intelligence officer traded in a spy swap in two thousand and ten police are racing to identify the unknown substance that sick sick and scribble found unconscious on a park bench in southern city of salzburg. salisbury police have cordoned off part
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of a park where former russian spies said gay scruple and then as yet unidentified woman were found critically ill on sunday counterterrorist specialists have now been assigned to support local police the rushes on to determine exactly what unknown substance made the mill it was after dining at a local restaurant that was found violently ill on a nearby bench by a local resident and then the man starts throwing up and it was weird it wasn't like nobody was i'm freezing. but you can see that his vision for and what a story it was in leaving it was just the phone was just come poor enough as one of . the kremlin has denied any knowledge of the affair the spokesman called it a tragic situation and said moscow is willing to cooperate in the investigation but hasn't yet been asked to do so said this group was a colonel in russia's g.r.u.
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military intelligence he was arrested in russia in two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later in two thousand and ten scripts was free to support of a high level spy swap the trade included the now prominent russian agent anna chapman who tried to cozy up to u.s. power brokers. screw pub and his acquaintance are still in hospital where doctors are working against the clock to find out what has made the mill. let's get the very latest on the story now with our correspondents there that mosque in london and erin tilton in moscow good to see both but let's start with you and tell us more about what has happened to this a former russian spy and the woman that he was with on that park bench in salisbury . well we know that the police are treating this very seriously and although they are saying it's this point in time not a terrorism incident they also appear to the public to come forward with
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information and everything is sealed off basically it reminds people here in the u.k. of what happened in london with alexander litvinenko those other perilous being drawn somebody kremlin critic who was poisoned here here in london and at this point in time there is no official of official analogy or the police are not saying that it's got anything to do with russia or you know the that is something that they could link the kremlin to but of course this is what people will be wanting to find out more about you know people are speculating indeed berkut erin coming to you we saw a report a little bit about this former russian agent but what more can you tell us about. well you know paul is that he was actually over the course of thirty years an agent for the g.r.u. that's the russian military intelligence service in two thousand and four he was
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arrested and accused of being a double agent for the british secret intelligence services and those were allegations he actually admitted to it seems that seriously paul had become a double agent sometime in the ninety's he admitted to taking money in exchange for turning over information that expose the identity of several dozen russian spies working abroad and he's also said to have informed on some of his partners here directly in moscow now admitting to those crimes did land him in jail he was sentenced to thirteen years we heard there in the report i know he only ended up serving around four or five of those years he'd been sentenced in prison he was eventually exchanged in two thousand and ten part of one of the largest spy exchanges that's taken place since the cold war he was actually exchange as part of a group. involving actually where anna chapman the infamous russian sleeper agent who had been sent the u.s. was also a part of now and since then we're told that he's lived a rather quiet life in england actually issue in the spotlight and just trying to
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stay out of the public eye even as police are urging caution bereket this is an unusual case how is england reacting. well of course the newspapers and old media are full of speculation and people are thinking about alexander litvinenko who died in two thousand and six not far from where i am here in central london he was poisoned and there was a trail of polonium all across central london basically that police were able to trace he was somebody who had worked for the russian intelligence services he had done time to be a critic of the kremlin and sort asylum here in london but he was poisoned and in two thousand and six and later an inquiry ruled that he was probably ordered by the kremlin and by blood to be killed now we also know that buzz feed which is a u.k. news outlet has had an investigation recently and they said as many as fourteen
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dead here in the u.k. are linked by u.s. intelligence services to russia so speculation about a lot more interference but i have to stress that this is nothing that is official it's an investigation by media and it is speculation at this point in time what about in russia or and what's the reaction been there well so far with this latest incident we've only heard one comment come from official sources the speaker of the kremlin said that it was a tragic incident said that the criminal also had absolutely no information regarding what actually went on in england he also said that the english authorities haven't actually reached out to russia in any way shape or form in terms of cooperation in terms of the investigation however he also stressed that the group the kremlin and russian authorities would be open to working together to find whoever was behind this latest poison attempt all right our correspondents
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aaron tilton in moscow and in london thank you both. now to some other stories making news around the world uncertainty is mounting in italy after sunday's election failed to establish a majority for any single party leaders of both the euro skeptic five star movement and the anti immigrant league are now vying to rule the country they're unlikely coalition partners in forming a government could take weeks of negotiations with other parties. officials in the u.s. state of florida have passed a bill to create new restrictions on rifle sales and allow teachers to carry guns in schools and the move comes in response to a deadly school shooting in the state last month walker born in the us president donald trump has said visit israel to attend the opening of the new american embassy in jerusalem and made the comments came during a visit from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu trumpets incision to recognize to resume as israel's capital has been highly controversial aggravating
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arab allies and reversing decades of u.s. policy. south korean officials say the north has agreed to hold a summit in late april that would include the leaders of both countries south korean president wednesday and north korean leader kim jong un softly as national security director said the north had offered to cut back on its nuclear weapons program if it received security guarantees the south korean delegation returned home a day after meeting with kim jong un in pyongyang the first time that kim has met in person with a south korean official since taking power well south korean president spoke earlier today about souls strategic aims. you know how we must talk to north korea in order to denuclearize the korean peninsula but at the same time we must put our maximum efforts into establishing effective measures against north korea's nuclear missile program. more on the story now with an asian affairs expert at the
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bertelsmann foundation that's a think tank here in berlin and i thank you very much for joining us again in our studios so north and south korea have agreed to a summit in april do you think this is real progress. i think it's definitely progress if you consider that a couple of weeks ago we were talking about a real threat of war on the korean peninsula that is because they're talking because the diplomatic process is coming back to life other than that on substance on the nuclear issue under rocket tests i don't see any progress yet it's too early to tell all the south korean president lee j. and he's had a difficult because he's in a difficult position of balancing defensive measures but also diplomacy what do you think he is looking to get out of these talks i think he's very eager to engage north korea i think they've come to the conclusion that engaging them is better than isolating them and he is in a very delicate position because washington under don't know trump has kind of
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taken the responsibility for security on the korean peninsula out of his hands and for a long time there were strong circles in washington who were arguing for a preemptive strike which would have horrible consequences for korea and so the south korean government really wants to get back in the driving seat and we're hearing encouraging voices from the north or the north also saying that it could be willing to scale back its nuclear program under certain conditions but should be skeptical of that i would be very skeptical of that they want to talk and that's what they've been doing for the last fifteen years or something they've always said that they would be willing to scale it back if they got satisfactory security guarantees and they can keep talking about that for ever and they have talked about this forever and use these talks as a cover to actually develop their weapon systems further i don't see any progress
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and any reason for north korea to make any concessions to time what you said earlier that the u.s. essentially taken security over security essentially as in the korean peninsula what chance do you think that this diplomatic thought that we're seeing could actually lead to the u.s. and north korea getting back to the table together. i think eventually they will have direct talks it's what north korea has been wanting to do for a long time the u.s. has been very hesitant but actually there have been signs under the trump administration that they would be willing to sit down and i think that's going to happen eventually again whether that brings any progress and substance i'm very skeptical about that do you think they could also sit down with kim jong il i think they would eventually i mean it happened under the clinton administration didn't lead to anything but produced good pictures and board north korea time i think the essential issue here really is that this process is very much determined by what
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north korea is willing to do they are setting the terms here all right there one barge an asian affairs expert at the bertelsmann foundation here in berlin thank you very much thank you now the last twenty four hours have been the deadliest for civilians in the syrian rebel held on clip of eastern ghouta since the recently established u.n. backed cease fire at least sixty eight people have been killed and several hundred wounded as government warplanes resumed bombarding the enclave the russian military is now offered rebels and their families safe passage out of the area but a rebel spokesman has dismissed this calling it a policy of forced displacement on monday an aid convoy was allowed into the area but deliveries have been suspended due to continued military action and let's get more with on mcdonalds from save the children in the jordanian capital amman allan thank you very much for joining us at the red cross says as we said it has to hold
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a delivery to east ghouta because of violence but at least some supplies could be delivered how significant is this. it's a positive step in that it's the first aid delivery we've seen for quite a long time but it's it's now when they what's needed is the aid that came in yesterday is going to reach a few thousand people there are three hundred fifty thousand at least civilians in these to goods or who desperately need this aid so what came in yesterday is include some food supplies that will last for a few weeks but it didn't include a lot of medical equipment and supplies medicine supplies that vitally needed for the sick children inside the area what do we know about how children in this district have been affected by this conflict. and a lot of the children that we've spoken to. and. even in the area working with. pretty much living underground. shelter get mines and underground basements they
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sometimes go to school in underground schools it's too dangerous for them to come out because of all the bombing and then there was a brief improvement for a few hours a day with the last week with the russian announcement but it was just a couple of hours a day in the bombing has continued throughout the rest of the day the fighting the continued and in the past couple of days we've seen the worst fighting in civilian deaths since. the u.n. security council authorizes the. privacies fire in the area which just hasn't happened so it's been getting steadily worse for children they're all sorry were the child malnutrition rates that we see in eastern goods are of the worst that we've ever seen in the syria crisis. people desperately need food and medicine what does this mean in terms of aid deliveries allen is it safe enough to consider sending in more convoys. i think
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a lot of it will depend on what the security situation happens in the next few days at the moment there's been a. steady bombing shelling yesterday the u.n. . convoy that went to have to leave early before it even unloaded a lot of the trucks because bringing in shelling started again so it really depends on whether the cease fire announcement is actually respected which so far just hasn't been. said the children partners in the groups are providing some distributions or blanket certain shelter kits for people who are very displaced or near term us part of fighting but it's very very small scale and a lot of it's on very very hard to do distributions like that but it's just not possible because it's too dangerous and even aid organizations offices and trucks during the distributions are. right alan mcdonald from the save the children
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joining us from the jordanian capital amman allan thank you very much hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled civil war in their country and come to germany to find refuge many still have relatives back in their war torn homeland we met some syrians living here in berlin whose family members are stuck in the siege to areas of eastern ghouta yasser so harney and his friends are from east ghouta the exchange updates from their relatives in this berlin cafe their smartphones bring them the sights and the sounds of the bombardment. i had to shut my eyes it was she horrible soon it will get even worse everyone here has extended family who suffered in the war. they stuck two or three days underground without food or water. since the telephone network in east ghouta is unreliable relatives communicate mostly through recorded
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messages but sometimes they get a direct connection. for you doing my nephew. terrible uncle for you today the army is getting closer this man's nephew deserted the syrian army and says he faces certain death if the army recaptures his village since the outbreak of the revolution seven years ago yasser saadi has been helping his besieged relatives in the scooter by sending money whenever he can. a syrian kurd is a key link in moving money from germany to syria he insisted on meeting us in this park rather than in the cafes where he usually meets his customers since east ghouta has been cut off many syrians in germany have been using underground networks to support their besieged relatives financially. the regime has told the streets of eastern ghouta points out everywhere where the ones to give one
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hundred euros to his mother all siblings comes away with just fifty or seventy five because everyone manning the checkpoints once a share of the money. arab world media has tried to rally support for east ghouta but he knows it's only a matter of time before the syrian army recaptures the city he hopes his family and the rest of the civilian population will survive the fighting and that there won't be massacres after the city falls to him the struggle for a free and democratic syria is all but dead now the only victory is survival. now donald trump's talk of tariffs is drawing fire from his own party gak transferrin what can be seen as a public confrontation house speaker paul ryan and other republican allies of president donald trump pleaded with him monday to back away from his threatened international terrorists which they fear could spark a dangerous trade war republican congressional leaders even suggested they may
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attempt to block the tariffs but strong remains adamant and retorted we're not backing down all this comes as the u.s. kind of mexico are attempting to renegotiate the nafta trade deal which could also be impacted over the decision by the dispute over tariffs. the nafta partners were all smiles in mexico city but then the u.s. repeated its warning it could walk away from the longstanding free trade agreement . talks and we would. go there was clear anger at trump's new tariffs and a warning that there was more than just trade at stake. in canada believes that all of these restrictive trade tariffs on canadian steel and
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aluminum are absolutely unacceptable. it is wrong to see trade with canada as a threat to the national security of the united states. from a stance is worrying not just trading partners but members of his own republican party like house speaker paul ryan they have pleaded with him to back down but the president is adamant. and i don't think you are going to have him no trade war actually i don't think china and his tweet on monday suggested what the president had in mind to stop one trump offer to drop the tariffs in exchange for a new nafta deal while canada needed to import more u.s. foods and mexico had to clamp down on drug gangs. it may be trumps idea of a tough opening gambit the art of the deal but for now his tariff threats of worried allies and corporate leaders.
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are the latest developments in the terror of disused well he boss is standing by in frankfurt only is there hope that republicans can convince trump to back off. i think there is great hope with people like paul ryan the speaker of the house weighing in and also lindsey graham being quoted he's a very influential republican senator from the state of south carolina. has a huge factory there and lindsey graham says they're the biggest exporters from the states of cars period more than general motors or ford or chrysler for example and he would see china winning if tariffs were were imposed and the united states losing the market here is taking it in its stride today the general market in europe practically wherever you look is going up some by quite a large margin and car shares here in germany for example are also leaping up partly because of their own use of the w.
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for example elaborating a little bit more on a possible spin off of their truck and bus division at chrysler doing the same with their auto supply division magnets he never really people also liking that so car shares despite all this talk despite all the fear actually doing quite well today solar shares to you has announced it will stop selling diesel cars in europe altogether what's behind this. and this must have something to do with threatening driving restrictions and dozens of german cities but so you know that self puts it down to low customer interest there are only ten percent of people customers who want to diesel in the last little while a number that has come down drastically while the demand for hybrids that is a combination of gasoline engine and electric power has gone way up but their big cars pickups and s.u.v.s will continue to have diesel options because of the torque as car people say that pulling power that you need for big big things like that. in
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front of it thank you very much it's the. thing with cars then the car into. three lives to celebrate itself at the gent geneva motor show and this year is no different with sales expected to rise but after the jump to germany's federal administrative court reasoned verdict that cities are free to ban diesel cars at certain times when the factors are now fearing that diesel appeal will decline further un use diesel cars can be bought on sale with high discounts and while the industry is investing billions in turn into transport electric vehicles are not yet a real attentive. this is how folks are going to imagine the future radically different diesel free and completely electric the luxury sedan is the full the model to mark the corporate brand new direction in twenty twenty five to fully autonomous id vision will be able to drive seven hundred kilometers on just
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a single charge no steering will required. that is billed as why isn't continues to be a cornerstone of our strategy in the next five in ten years or maybe in fifteen years for the long stretches diesel will stay. in the on the use of the long range but a pretty good. porsche has it easy to stretch got some quickly abandoned diesel cars from that program now the company is focusing on only two things racing cars for the road like the nine one one g t r rest with a five hundred twenty horsepower petrol engine all electric cars the brand is trying to woo the deep pocketed customers of american electric pioneer tesla. isn't so important for porsche in two thousand and seventeen percent of the vote of about twelve percent of all white. for future we will throughout the world will
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have. millions of diesel cars are still on the streets of europe the emissions conversation could cost billions of euros. does the industry should be well advised to look into the background of an imminent driving ban and the customer losses it could bring i would suggest developing a policy for any modifications needed so the customers are not left shouldering the costs of those who align so here we are not. for years diesel has been a billion dollar business in the e.u. but as the geneva motor show makes clear its dominance in europe could be about to end. that's all. business has been out for eleven update for you in the next hour now to an unlikely tennis doubles match that's right ahead unlikely indeed a world number one roger federer and microsoft co-founder bill gates teamed up for a charity match to raise funds for federer's foundation the v.i.p.
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pairing in the match for africa went up against u.s. tennis pro jack sock and t.v. host of bennett got three in san jose some rallies were definitely a crowd pleasers the roger federer foundation used the event to raise money just for children's education in africa. now belgium isn't renowned for being a powerhouse and when winter sports but the european country did produce a medalist at the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics speed skater bart swings was received by can sleep on monday swings who was accompanied by his coach yell sprite play second in the men's mass started benton chang and got to show the king his silver medal in the world palace in brussels that rare medal win was just the sixth and belgium's history and their first since way back in one thousand nine hundred eight. you're watching g.w. will be back at the top of the hour with much more news.
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stop the stars he made a plan to stop. representing. nearly shmita architect of east germany's police station. and explained if i had my way. east germany would still be here englishman sterkel such. as what you know. starting march thirteenth d w. welcome to tomorrow today this week we're looking at the power of music you'll see how it can make learning math easier. and how helpful it is in treating elderly patients with dementia. as an encore the secret lives of fireflies why do
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