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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin signs of a further thought between north and south korea pyongyang signed on for a joint summit in april and said it might be willing to keep up its nuclear program under the right conditions look at all the details also coming up the british police to decontaminate the site where a former russian spy was taken seriously ill he's known critical condition in the hospital after being exposed to a mystery substance. the u.n. slams me in march for its ongoing campaign of an ethnic cleansing one official says
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meehan maher is using terror and sourced starvation to drive rohingya muslims out of the country. plus another crisis forcing people to operate we have a special report on venezuelans who fled their country's economic crisis into neighboring colombia the truth about their daily struggle to survive. and football in the shadow of a gun a day that we report from yemen where the beautiful game of advise and escape from the country's ugly civil war. i'm sorry so much come because to have you with us south korea officials say the north has agreed to hold a summit in late april that would include the leaders of both countries south korea's national security director mueller had offered to cut back on its nuclear weapons program if it received security guarantees the south korean delegation has returned home a day after meeting with north korea's kim jong un in the pyongyang it was the
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first time kim met with south korean officials since taking power. and here's what south korea's top security official had to say a little earlier children in the north clearly expressed its willingness for denuclearizing the korean peninsula and clarify that there's no reason for them to retain nuclear weapons if military threats against them are removed and if the safety of its regime is guaranteed more on the story now with boche and asian affairs expert at the bertelsmann foundation that's a think tank here in berlin that had thank you very much for joining us again in our studios so north and south korea have agreed to a summit in april do you think this is real progress. i think it's definitely progress if you consider that a couple of weeks ago we were talking about a real threat of war on the korean peninsula that is no because the talking because the diplomatic process is coming back to life other than that on substance on the
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nuclear issue on the rocket tests i don't see any progress yet it's too early to tell where the south korean president lee j. and he's had a difficult position in a difficult position of balancing defensive measures but also diplomacy what do you think he is looking to get out of these talks i think is very eager to engage north korea i think they've come to the conclusion that engaging them is better than isolating them and he is in a very delicate position because washington under don't know trump has kind of taken the responsibility for security on the korean peninsula out of his head and for a long time there was a strong circles in washington who were arguing for a preemptive strike which would have horrible consequences for korea and so the south korean government really wants to get back in the driving seat and we're hearing encouraging voices from the north or the north also saying that it could be
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willing to scale back its nuclear program under certain conditions but should be skeptical of that i would be very skeptical of that they want to talk and that's what they've been doing for the last fifteen years or something they've always said that they would be willing to scale it back if they got satisfactory security guarantees and they can keep talking about there for ever and they have talked about this forever and use these talks as a cover to actually develop their weapons systems further i don't see any progress and any reason for north korea to make any concessions to time we said earlier that the u.s. essentially taken security over security essentially as in the korean peninsula what chance do you think that this diplomatic thought that we're seeing could actually lead to the u.s. and north korea getting back to the table together. i think eventually they will have direct talks it's worked north korea has been wanting to do for
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a long time the u.s. has been very hesitant but actually there have been signs under the trump administration that they would be willing to sit down and i think that's going to happen eventually again whether that brings any progress and substance i'm very skeptical about that do you think they could also sit down with kim jong il i think they would eventually i mean it happened under the clinton administration didn't lead to anything but produced good pictures and board north korea time i think the essential issue here really is that this process is very much determined by what north korea is willing to do they are setting the terms you all right there how to parchin asian affairs expert at the bertelsmann foundation here in berlin thank you very much thank you not to some other stories making news around the world japan has appointed its first female commander of a navy squadron it's a move that encouraging more women to join the country's self-defense forces radio call as zuma was inaugurated into her new role on board japan's largest warship
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should be commanding a squadron of one thousand of which only thirty are women. uncertainty is mounting in italy after sunday's election failed to establish a majority for any single party leaders of both the euro skeptic five star movement and the anti immigrant league are now vying to rule the country they're unlikely coalition partners and forming a government could take weeks of negotiation with other parties. u.s. president donald trump has said he may visit israel to attend the opening of the new american embassy in jerusalem in may the hametz came during a visit from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has been highly controversial aggravating arab allies and reversing a decades of u.s. policy. and officials in the u.s. state of florida have passed a bill to create news restrictions on rifle sales and allow some teachers to carry
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guns in schools the move comes in response to a deadly school shooting in the state last month now britain has said it will respond appropriately and robustly to any russian involvement in the apparent point poisoning of a former spy service cripple an x. russian intelligence officer who also spied for britain was taken critically ill on sunday along with his daughter yulia police are racing to identify the unknown substance that sickened them before passers by found them unconscious in the southern city of salzburg. cells very police have cordoned off part of a park where former russian spy sergei screen and a woman identified as his daughter were found critically ill on sunday counterterrorist specialists have now been assigned to support local police the rushes to determine exactly what unknown substance made the mill it was after dining at a local restaurant that scruple was found via radio on a nearby bench by
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a local resident. and then the man starts throwing up it was weird it wasn't like nobody was on for as. you can see that he was fishing for and what he straight wasn't even is just this one was just come support of his around. the kremlin has denied any knowledge of the affair the spokesman called it a tragic situation and said moscow was willing to cooperate in the investigation but hasn't yet been asked to do so said a script was a colonel in russia's g.r.u. military intelligence he was arrested in russia in two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later in two thousand and ten scripts was free to support of a high level spy swap the trade included the now prominent russian agent anna chapman who tried to cozy up to u.s. power brokers script and his daughter are still in hospital where doctors are
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working against the clock to find out what has made them ill our correspondent there good mostest tracking this story for us from london and joins us hi barbara i there have been some developments in the story tell us more. well we now know that it was the alleged spy and his daughter were who are pretty in critical condition also they are still in hospital. trying to find out what it is that poisoned them apparently what is the substance that made them so critically ill this is of course crucial for them to find out if there is any treatment for them we also know that two police officers had also been admitted to hospital they are now apparently out of hospital and the police are also saying that that the general public is apparently not not harmed. who is.
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a former russian agent. so from all we know he is somebody that used to spy for the he used to work for the russian intelligence services but was then but was then imprisoned for spying for britain he was then in the sort of cold war style prisoner swap exchanged and was subsequently since two thousand and ten living here in the u.k. apparently from media reports and with his wife and also with his daughter now there are also new media reports who are saying that not only has his wife died fairly recently but also that his son died in the recent visit to russia i know these are unconfirmed reports but it is certainly a very very interesting case and how was britain now reacting to all of this. well the obvious comparison and what's really on people's mind is the case of
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alexander litvinenko he was somebody who also used to work for the russian intelligence services however he then became a harsh critic of the kremlin and then came here to london and had asylum here in london he was poisoned in central london. not very far from where i am at the moment and he died in two thousand and six at university college hospital which is also just around the corner were now in which which was at the time the scene of a huge media interest from all over the world there was an inquiry held into his death. and that found out that most likely vladimir putin was to be held responsible for his death which was caused by polonium at the time and indeed there was a trail of polonium all over london and this is something that a lot of london as i think can still remember. with the latest from london thank you becker. now the last twenty four hours have been the deadliest for civilians in
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the syrian rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta since the recently established un backed cease fire at least sixty eight people have been killed and several hundred wounded as government war planes resumed bombarding the enclave the russian military has now offered rebels and their families safe passage out of the area but a rebel spokesman has dismissed this calling it a policy of forced displacement on monday and aid convoy was allowed into the area but deliveries have been suspended due to continued military action. you're watching d.w. still to come me and mark is still ethnically cleansing its muslim minority door hinge or that's the verdict of a u.n. official after a tour of refugee camps in bangladesh and every penny counts the daily struggle to survive for half a million venezuelan refugees fleeing to neighboring colombia to escape growing poverty and political repression at home. but first our fears of a trade war appear to be easing off for now helena at least for now syria it's
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certainly been a volatile few days now those concerns are easing mostly down to the fact that the u.s. president is facing resistance in to his threats to implement steel that out of many of import terrorists from within the ranks of his own party and in a public confrontation house speaker paul ryan and other republican allies of the president pleaded with him on monday to rethink the measures which they fear could spark a dangerous trade war republican congressional leaders even suggested they may attempt to block those moves but trumbull he remains defiant he replied we're not backing down now all of this comes as the u.s. canada or mexico are attempting to renegotiate the north american free trade deal enough to which could also be impacted by the dispute over terrorists. the nafta partners were all smiles in mexico city but then the u.s. repeated its warning it could walk away from the longstanding free trade agreement . as president. we hope for
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a successful completion of these talks and we would prefer through were part of agreement that proves impossible we are prepared. to your degree. for your goal is there was clear anger at trump's new tariffs and a warning that there was more than just trade at stake. in canada believes that all of these restrictive trade tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum are absolutely unacceptable. it is wrong to see trade with canada as a threat to the national security of the united states. from a stance is worrying not just trading partners but members of his own republican party like house speaker paul ryan they've pleaded with him to back down but the president is adamant. and i don't think you are going to have him no trade war
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actually i don't think it's right for if i don't think you're going to have a trade with our history. but it may be trump's idea of a tough opening gambit the art of the deal but for now his tariff threats of worried allies and corporate leaders like it and we could talk to holocaust meeting now the chief economist baron but bank hold it appears the president is adamant about his proposed terrace for imported steel and many empty think though that he could be using this to leverage about enough to deal as he has suggested in past. that is probably one of the many motives behind these tariffs the major motive is probably simply to procreate his base the angry voters who think that america can get lost glory back by rebuilding the steel industry that would only be competitive on the heavy import protect. equity markets do seem to be recovering today from the initial shock of all that talk over
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a potential trade war and shares in hong kong closing over two percent hi what's behind that do you think. we fortunately see that even among us republicans there is significant resistance against these tariffs that donald trump wants to impose while trump will probably impose at least some of these tariffs impose them on some productive stephen of the minium this resistance from republican suggests that trump is unlikely to go much further hence the risk of a trade war that loomed so large late last week seems to have receded a little but as you point out their whole trunk will likely impose some tariffs and we know then that the european union has readied simm tariffs to go back in the direction of the united states so if we end up ensuring trade or territory how damaging with that before the german industry if we have a number of ronan's of escalation after as collation after escalation that indeed
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would be damaging for the world and it would be most damaging for those countries that rely heavily on exports to the world and that of course includes a very prominently germany for germany in a way the risks in this are even greater than they are for us consumers. meeting chief economist baron burke bank thanks for your insights. the head of japanese steel make it kobe has announced his resignation the company said it falls strength in quality data for its clients all of its natural products not internal report blames cubbies internal culture and the search is now on for new ages to prevent the same thing from happening again. koby still said zealous pursuit of profit on realistic targets and an insular corporate culture all played a part in its quality control scandal and now the head of the company says he's taking responsibility and stepping down was about could right once again deeply and
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sincerely apologize for having caused so much inconvenience to so many people including our customers and our stakeholders by our and our affiliates in appropriate context. when i say. that data fraud came as a further blow to japan's corporate reputation the country's third largest still maker admitted to fake quality certificates for material sold to around seven hundred customers including some of the country's biggest manufacturers potentially putting lives at risk it was just the latest quality control scandal to hit japan. well spike over see me now and worrying flare up of sectarian violence in sri lanka that's right helen of the country has now issued a nationwide state of emergency after an outburst of violence between buddhists and the muslim minority muslim homes businesses and mosques were badly damaged by buddhist mobs in the central district of candy on monday and the government fears
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that these attacks could spread the violence came after a buddhist man was allegedly killed by a group of muslims last week. a senior u.n. official has said man mars ethnic cleansing of revenge on muslims is still ongoing that's after he visited refugee camps in bangladesh is cox's bazaar district hundreds of thousands of range of fled to bangladesh since last august when man maher forces launched a crackdown on their communities the un envoy says that despite international condemnation myanmar still using terror and forced starvation to drive for hanjour out of the country and that it's inconceivable any refugees would be able to return to me and mark in the near future. and let's bring in journalist dave baum he's been following the situation for us in me in mar dave tell us more about these latest claims from the u.n. can you confirm that the violence against the range of what the u.n. is calling asking a cleansing is still going on. yes it's very difficult to confirm this because
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journalism paid for the out nor confiscated on the month and since before the attack i saw that those were attacked iran developed in august and then landis counter the campaign and the accusations about the cleansing for the lock of hair for those of late august and the only time i have been often is on government to provide tricksy only gets to where they like to be more or less what they let me see so it's really just to confirm if the evacuations are certainly true or not so in a number of people before they would make those claims though and they've had their been any official reaction from me in march yet this is they're not going to campaign about this and they not only not our but from the very beginning they said there is no campaign to drive them out the government has said repeatedly they're
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only going after militants not civilian they are these accusations that i did a survey where i've been soldiers of things wrong but they say they are having those but again it is asked to be completely different than out of the national press nationally that there has been a widespread al i'm driving over him throughout human rights groups having. massive numbers of killing again races burning down gore's friend villages there are satellite photos that show large numbers of and ability ground but the governor saying that. will bring the does down in an attempt to try to frame the military you're getting there are narratives dave greene for us in yangon dave we're going to have to leave it there thank you very much. and we apologize for the quality of that call now colombia is facing one of the world's biggest and least talked about
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migration crises more than half a million venezuelans have crossed the colombian border sleeping a political crisis and poverty at home colombia's government has tightened the border and warn venezuelan immigrants could destabilize the country doubly so failure harmes at the sent us this report from both the. last you know was is one of the busiest bus stations in bogota every day dozens of venezuelans gather hate each talk or simply enjoy each other's company most came to bogota on their own leaving family and friends back our. but then when you have what you little boys twins that are four years old just imagine that staying in venezuela would have meant letting us all starve i suffer from hypertension and it wasn't easy to get my medication in. the mail and now sells candy inside the so
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called trans millennial buses which you can jump on and off with just a single ticket that yes i'm another venezuelan who came to this country to try and move on i know this is annoying for you because there are lots of us here majella is trying to sell enough of these chocolate bars to pay for her boys birthday party back home so she won't be able to be there herself. and she isn't the only one selling chocolate and all that is twenty years old and arrived in colombia a month ago he feels embarrassed but needs to some at least two boxes of chocolate a day to make ends meet. i work for an entire year to gather the money to come here i was studying computer engineering but i had to migrate because of the situation. i'm here trying to help my parents from what i hear and i send them at least thirty thousand colombian pesos a week. that's about ten dollars in venice well
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a lot of money but here in colombia you can barely feed a family for a day the locals working outside the official system are finding it hard to share their customers with hundreds of new competitors. my income is not the same anymore we used to make seventy eighty thousand that we barely make sir. he or twenty we have to find something else. the colombian economy has struggled over the last four years with oil prices dropping on the international market this has led to rising unemployment and ever more people working outside the system. and depending on how you look at it about fifty percent of the colombian labor market is informal that is outside the official sector. where venezuelans are coming in. with different types of informal businesses. especially on the streets and with entertainment activities.
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they do jobs that don't require special permission or bureaucratic processes this is how do you like in the financial sector or commercial business the. no one knows exactly how many of the venezuelans he have planned to stay some say about one hundred thousand into colombia every month that could mean over a million by the end of the year and this means not only instability for the unprepared colombian economy but also the threat of a major humanitarian crisis. to refugees in germany now hundreds of thousands of syrians fled civil war in their country and came to germany to find refuge many still have relatives back in their war torn homeland we met some syrians living here in berlin whose family members are stuck in the besieged areas of eastern. yasser so harney and his friends are from east ghouta they exchange
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updates from their relatives in this berlin cafe their smartphones bring them the sights and the sounds of the bombardment. i know. i had to shut my eyes it was she soon it'll get even worse everyone here has extended family who suffered in the war. two or three days underground without food or water . since the telephone network in east ghouta is unreliable relatives communicate mostly through recorded messages but sometimes they get a direct connection. for you doing my nephew. terrible uncle for you today the army is getting closer this man's nephew deserted the syrian army and says he faces certain death if the army recaptures his village since the outbreak of the revolution seven years ago yasser saadi has been helping his besieged relatives in the scooter by sending money whenever he can.
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a syrian kurds is a key link in moving money from germany into syria he insisted on meeting us in this park rather than in the cafes where he usually meets his customers since east ghouta has been cut off many syrians in germany have been using underground networks to support their proceeds relatives financially. the regime has made it all the streets of eastern ghouta points out everywhere. wants to give one hundred euros to his mother all siblings comes away with just fifty or seventy five because everyone manning the checkpoints once a share of the money. arab world media has tried to rally support for east ghouta. knows it's only a matter of time before the syrian army recaptures the city he hopes his family and the rest of the civilian population will survive the fighting and that there won't be massacres after the city falls to him the struggle for
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a free and democratic syria is all but dead now the only victory is survival. more news in sports coming up in the next thirty minutes. a village becomes a bordello in the spanish community of luxury care and prostitution is a flourishing trade. the reason is sex tourism from neighboring france. the locals are demanding stringent laws against this corner profession. borderline business six for sale in leisure cannot. chew suck in forty five minutes on d w. hijacking the news.
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more i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china church if people are told lives that's enough and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidations and i wonder is that where work headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me on the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being crazy or from balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i were good enough. to stop the stars he made a plea to still. a newcomer represented. me strip architect of east
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germany's police state. in decline. if i had my way i east germany would still be. master over. there were you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . welcome back you're watching d w do our top stories north korea's kim jong un agrees to me to southern counterpart at a summit next month pyongyang says it could also hold its testing of nuclear weapons of certain conditions are met. and a former russian spy is reported to be critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance in england media reports have identified him as the surveys fifty and x. intelligence officer convicted of treason in russia twelve years ago. now the german government is expected to extend its military deployment in afghanistan tomorrow
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increasing the number of troops by a third to one thousand three hundred but a new report paints a bleak picture of the security situation in the country the report says the threat level has worsened and attacks on the taliban of the so-called islamic state have increased as a result the german army is currently only able to carry out about house of its planned training of local afghan security forces well germany's foreign ministers in my gabriele says more troops are needed if the bonus there is to successfully carry out its training mission. we are committed to training afghan security forces but in order for that to happen across all levels and not just to the more abstract leadership level we need the security of on trainers to be guaranteed. given to us that side darfur. we need more troops to guarantee the safety of our own so get used to. i can and if
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then to extend that training beyond the leadership level if you'll miss even that all spirits are not that would. sandra page doesn't has covered afghanistan for many years and she joins us for more on the story hi sandra tell us more about this official report that is now painting a very bleak picture of the situation in afghanistan i would say it inserts a long time missing dose of honesty into the whole debate you know there were times up to two thousand and fourteen where we had almost yearly status report it was quote progress report but ever since you know the end of the combat mission in december two thousand and fourteen and things went down the drain literally enough on the stand the government has avoided the woods progress report and this indeed paints a rather bleak picture is saying look if we don't up our investment in afghanistan also militarily we may as well lose the little that we have achieved ever since the
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mission began after the september eleventh attacks in two thousand and one. been there for a little over sixteen years now what is the mission of german troops there now i mean if you read this report it's really about reducing the violence stabilizing the country and combating terrorism it doesn't really indicate that the main aims should be to build a sustainable democracy it's really about it's well a combat mission that ended it and now when you hear the foreign minister saying look you know we don't have enough soldiers to train the afghan security forces which is the main purpose of the military mission at the moment i think that the low incest a lot about how big the situation really is because if you have military advisers in the country those military advisers have so-called god the an angel it's protecting them why because there could be attacks from afghan security forces that is the enemy from within and also depending on who are they going to train is it
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just the general officers or are they also going down the rings where i think help us most needed is there at all an exit strategy for german troops serving in afghanistan. well if you read this report twenty six pages they don't really indicate an exit strategy what they're really saying is we need to hold on to the status quo because otherwise what we might see is even more modest migration from afghanistan which we of course also feel here in germany we have about two hundred fifty thousand africans in germany at the moment and about fifteen thousand of them are supposed to be sent back right i mean how is the government then justifying this and at the same time saying the security situation there is so dire well that's a very interesting piece in this report saying what are the main reasons for migration according to this report it's economic insecurity yes you know the economy has really taken a hard hit when about one hundred thousand soldiers where reduced at the end of the combat mission but i would say it is really the security situation that is driving
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people out that is named as number two but of course you can't deport migrants which come for economic reasons it's much much harder to send people back who come from a war torn country according to me that is exactly what afghanistan is not quite so clear if you read this report that's the one word that they are really avoiding right a report that might be raising more questions than answers they're. just men with us here in studio thank you very much for your analysis. you're watching news still to come the i t v berlin the world's leading travel trade show kicks off on wednesday over tourism is one of the hot topics that will be discussed karen homesick will be here from our culture desk with details. but first some high octane business news with helena sumi thank you very much now the auto industry likes to celebrate itself at the geneva motor show this year is no different with sales expected to rise but after the federal administrative court he in germany's
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decision to allow diesel bans in city centers manufacturers and now fearing that diesel the diesel appeal will continue to decline new unused diesel cars can be brought on sale with high discounts and while the industry is investing billions in alternative transport electric vehicles have only been on the market a short time. this is how folks fog and imagines a future radically different diesel free and completely electric the luxury sedan is the full for model to mark the corporate brands new direction in twenty twenty five to fully autonomous id vision will be able to drive seven hundred kilometers on just a single charge no steering will required. that is billed as widely as and continues to be a cornerstone of our strategy in the next five in ten years or maybe in fifteen years for the long stretches diesel will stay. in the on the abuse of.
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porsche has it easy to stretch got some quickly abandoned diesel cars from that program now the company is focusing on only two things racing cars for the road like the nine one one g t r rest with a five hundred twenty horsepower petrol engine all electric cars to brandish trying to woo the deep pocketed customers of american electric pioneer tesla. fuel isn't so important for. two thousand and seventeen percent of these of about twelve percent of all white. for future we will throughout the world will help. millions of diesel cars still on the streets of europe the emissions conversation could cost billions of euros. the club would as the industry should be well advised to look into the background of an imminent driving ban and the customer losses it could bring i would suggest developing
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a policy for any modifications needed so the customers are not left shouldering the cost of a lion so here. for years diesel has been a billion dollar business in the e.u. but as the geneva motor show makes clear its dominance in europe could be about to end. and our correspondent do. it at the geneva motor show for us good to see that you know that we just heard in that report that diesel dominance is about to edit what a comic is telling you of all they worried. well really it depends on who you ask now for the most part german carmakers are still seeing the praises of diesel which is unsurprising considering how much they've continued to invest in the technology even up to down now just as an example late last year birthday he spends invested a fresh three billion euros in developing new these all tech there are unlikely to
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go any kind of return of investment now others like porsche mentioned there on the report now they've actually adopted a more noncommittal approach they're dropping these old slipper now but they've also told me that they may or may not release a diesel cayenne in the future so they're both there is to say wait and see and other carmakers as such have also said that they would drop diesels from their line of completely like reportedly for chrysler and as we heard today to yoda yes to some commie kids staying a little bit coy you did mention toyota announcing it's completely withdraw from the european diesel market how is that being regarded how's it going down. well that actually wouldn't be so controversial considering that these old sales have been waning but you have to bear in mind that toyota has a financial relationship with the d u h d u h of course is the environmental activist organization that was the driving force behind these all driving bans in germany so if i could lined up for you d.u.h.
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has accepted money from toyota. says that it's dropping its these all bans after driving bans have been made illegal in germany so when i want to tell you oh to earlier with this line of questioning they said no those things are not at all connected that any money that i had ever given to you age in the past was the result of an environmental studies they commissioned they had paid consultancy fees and out their decision to drop these all was mostly consumer driven so they say that but it still raise some eyebrows around here. in geneva on the story for us. as ever. passengers could be in for more turbulence off the airline warned of upcoming disruptions to flight c.e.o. michael o'leary averted widespread strikes last year recognizing pilots' unions for the first time but today he revealed the ongoing discussions could disturb services for the east and still a period. ryanair has finally had to change heading on stuff relations
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recognizing pilot unions as a last resort in the face of massive strike threats but it looks as if the implementation hasn't been quite as smooth as both sides would have hoped chief executive michael o'leary said on tuesday that little headway had been made in countries such as island to put the system can progress usually our policy is we recognize unions when a majority of our people want us to recognize unions that moment came in december twenty seventh didn't but clearly a majority of our pilots wanted us to recognize unions so we recognize unions and we started that process the airline has also just plans for boeing's latest generation seven three seven the max two hundred ryanair has one hundred options on the at cross i know you he says he expects to take up pretty much all of them. the i t v berlin is world's leading travel trade show it kicks off on wednesday with some one hundred eighty countries in town to promote their products and talk
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about the many trends and issues global tourism is facing and we have our culture editor karen helps out with us here in studio to talk about this karen up what are the big themes this year the main buzzwords are definitely sustainability and responsibility as people are really up to the fact that obviously the tourism industry can't continue to function as it does if we don't take good care of all those places that are on our bucket list so chancellor angela merkel is going to be actually kicking off this figure later this evening with a ceremony that for the very first time is going to be carbon neutral and definitely the oh it follows that over tourism is one of the issues that's getting more and more attention as you know there were an awful lot of protests all across the e.u. last year. over negative the negative effects of tourism on local populations but also on local infrastructure we've talked about venice before we can have a look at some pictures which has now been. and the giant cruise ships from docking in the city center there is the size limit now many locals there of course were
3:43 pm
saying that they were not only causing massive pollution but also damaging the very necessary historical infrastructure and. respect is a big part of their recent official tourism campaigns even though one could see it from that on the wall there no less than a city's upon law in majorca in barcelona for instance other places where tensions have been very very high between the locals and tourists huge demonstrations last year garbage is an issue long lineups high prices pollution water scarcity so these are problems that we're seeing in many cities across europe amsterdam is another example dubrovnik in croatia and even berlin you know and some of these places are actually starting to crack down on on accommodations when things gotten so bad. it's it's interesting because a lot of people are eager to blame it on their b. and b. which is obviously not the right thing to do it's very much a combination even though accommodation availability and pricing and budget airlines as we know are all factors in this issue but i think one of the major
3:44 pm
factors is simply the increased mobility of so many countries that haven't that weren't traveling this much in the past i'm thinking obviously of the chinese the ease and freedom with which we can travel within the e.u. the increased wealth of the middle classes these are of course all good things they lead to a number of changes that another group that is increasingly mobile is for instance young muslims from within the e.u. but also from companies countries like saudi arabia indonesia malaysia and even turkey and that means that the industry the tourism industry is actually expecting a boom in what we call specialized islamic tourism and a number of local providers here in europe are actually trying to tap into that market. the chateau dates from the eighteenth century but the idea of. muslim convert. formally isabel is getting a room's ready tremont in the direction of mecca holy qur'an in pride of place.
3:45 pm
i got the idea of opening a how loud b. and b. because of all the tension in france about the muslim headscarf. once a muslim family was turned away from a b. and b. because the mother was wearing one so that's what motivated me. here is a computer engineer from paris his wife and children will be joining him at the chateau their experience of known tourism has not always been easy. meals can be difficult when it's not we can only fish there's nothing wrong with fish but it's nice to have a little meat from time to time we've never had any trouble but people do sometimes look at us a bit funny because my wife was a headscarf. necessary. runs a muslim friendly travel agency he says that to have them is growing fast
3:46 pm
there will be about two billion muslims in the world by twenty thirty and twenty thirteen people looking for the most unfriendly holidays represented six percent of the global tours a market that number has already risen a lot this year is expected to be about twenty percent lobel tourism by twenty thirty half of all tourists will be muslim. venture news company offers holidays with single sex wing pools and same sex beaches for some destinations but he rejects the idea that how well tourism divides muslims from non muslims on the country he says. it allows them to get to know the western way of life and explore non muslim countries like britain and the united states. back out of the shot so is taking it easy for him having a holiday is not about cutting his family off from known muslim holiday makers.
3:47 pm
scout that isn't true it's good that it's not only for muslims here were treated the same as everyone else parents won't wear off the. muslim friendly is good he says no muslim only. karen is there a typical hello traveller and you know what do they share there and what are they looking for i would say there isn't really a typical one because obviously they're coming from such a wide range of countries as indicated earlier but for many practicing muslims it's really simply a matter is mostly as basic as as being able to find food and also to be able to find a place to pray in peace so we're seeing the creation of a number of new websites for instance like crescent rating is one of them that's been around for a little bit longer or trip is another one that's relatively new that's kind of like a trip advisor but for muslims there's also the hello trip app that you can see here now this helps travelers to locate the nearest mosque or for instance a hot restaurant keeps them on track for their various prayer times and there's
3:48 pm
also a function that well it will ring destinations and hotels in terms of how muslim friendly they are and how much they cater to muslim needs so it helps them save a lot of time obviously on their trips. and this is and is a topic that is going to be specifically addressed at the i t v so it's something that will definitely keep an eye on because the market is obviously. expanding that's when you look at certain u.s. bans travel bans that will be meaning that muslim travelers to the u.s. will be automatically declining all right more on the i to be on our website dot com definitely going to be a lot over the next few days four days our culture can help so thank you very much . to yemen now and one unusual casualty of the country's bitter civil war the country's football league shut down after fighting broke out three years ago but as correspondent all of a ramps reports of professional players there are too passionate to hang up their boots completely even in the midst of the fighting. a friendly match in the
3:49 pm
backyard of the national museum in the yemeni city of aden the professional players from. taking on an amateur third division side. this dusty patch of land is all a long established club has left the stadium has been partly destroyed and is now in a restricted military area and occupied by soldiers. the league in yemen stopped operating when the war broke out. the only chance professional players get to play football is in friendly's like this. the left of you guys are not as fit as they used to be because we don't train regularly and because they have no competitive games. they only train three or four times a month and the club only pays them pocket money they struggle to make ends meet just like the majority of people in yemen. i'm basically unemployed i was
3:50 pm
able to live well from football but that's all gone now i don't have enough anymore it's really tough for me and i have to think about doing something else to earn money maybe i'll join the army. there are many different factions operating in southern yemen with different goals . some want to separate state in the south. others are fighting who the rebels in the north. the country is divided. and football is divided to. also. see. only informal contacts with people in the north of the country. or especially in those areas that are controlled by the who's the rebels.
3:51 pm
but we still have a joint national team. works. but the national team has not played in yemen for years because of the security situation. it has to play all its matches abroad. and hayden is one of the lucky sides to still have a stadium. and fans still watch the games. even if they are only friendly's. initiating finals so happy to watch the games here i feel great to be here with your young guys and to support them. humans professional league may no longer exist but the people's love of football remains for many in football provides a much needed escape from the brutal reality of civil war. staying with
3:52 pm
football in russia is holding a number of events to mark one hundred days before the start of the world cup in moscow an open air concert is being held for the six thousand world cup and here is russia's hosting the tournament for the first time it will take place in twelve stadiums across eleven host cities the country's preparations for the showpiece event are largely running to plan but the bill has been overshadowed by concerns over fan violence and security. and tilton is on the scene at the soccer festival in moscow to mark one hundred days to the world cup hi erin so one hundred days to go how excited are russians about hosting the world cup. well we're actually just out here at the the and at this festival for the volunteers are all made the world cup oswal is just getting ready to kick off right now there on six volunteer or six thousand volunteers here i should say and believe judging by the volume around here you can really tell while it may be freezing out
3:53 pm
. here in the ice skating rink football fever is finally starting to come to russia now i started talk to a lot of football fans here and they're all saying they're ready for the world cup they said we don't know the olympics we don't the concept of last year bring on the world cup. how prepared is russia in terms of infrastructure are the stadiums ready . for us on the vast majority of stadiums do appear to be ready to several of the major stadiums here in moscow and throughout the country and you have to remember last year they were already tested the confit cup so least in terms of the infrastructure russia definitely seems you're a parent now from some of the other stadiums we've been hearing from regional leaders that they say they're around ninety to ninety five percent yes the russian government it's all up in the final finishing touches on the infrastructure ahead of the world cup and they mentioned there are a some concerns about fan violence and security tell us more about that.
3:54 pm
i mean we saw one also from the german government today warning of possible islamist terror during the world cup but you have to remember the threat of this in a silence is something that russia has been dealing with since the mid ninety's and government officials say they have that in control and that's at least if you will based on this share a lot of police they're planning on there rolling out for the world cup but we don't have specific numbers we do know is that at least college students are around the country have been warned they need to evacuate their dorms because they're actually going to put riot police in the they need that much of living space to take care of them in regard to fan violence we have seen social media tweets indicating that some russian hooligans would like to mix it up with some international fans however we've been hearing from other organizations that the government is a gauge in a crackdown we've heard reports of the federal security service the f.s.b. actually paying visits to known hooligans and basically warning them away from making trouble during the during the world cup and we've also heard at least one
3:55 pm
member in order. of a fan organization saying they wish it would go would already be over so they can just get about business as usual and not necessarily be in the spotlight of all the security service attention. erin tilton up the soccer festival in moscow as russia gears up for one hundred days till the world cup thank you erin. now to a real life hollywood crime oscar winning actress frances mcdormand has been reunited with her statuette after it was stolen at an after show party by this man take a look at what your baby might say about this tonight. california terry bryant posted this video with the oscar trophy on his facebook page he boasted about taking the award while attending the governor's ball after the academy awards he's now been arrested and charged with a. thanks for watching v.w. news don't forget you can go to our web site d.o.b.
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dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock or follow us on twitter our handle after d w news little rock will have an update of your headlines coming up in a few minutes. village
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becomes a bordello in the spanish community of large don't care at prostitution is a flourishing trade. the reason sex tourism from neighboring france. the locals are demanding stringent laws against this scorned profession. borderline business sex for sale on camera. shows up in fifteen minutes on the job with. the fast pace of life in the
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for her go. for c.b.s. news. they have survived today also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who. decided to create something . new a new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to exist for a little beyond the flows once a really difficult complicated difficult forgiveness reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your. darkest cities a culture war claims starting march tenth on t w.
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playing the odd place. this is you know we do is live from girl in a pretension breakthrough on the korean peninsula to the leaders of the two koreas agree to meet face to face in april john young promises to suspend any missile tests while talks are taking place even hinting that a meeting between the u.s. and north korea could be on the table also coming up a good whirlwind intrigue british police decontaminate these sites where a former russian spy was taken seriously ill is now in critical condition in the hospital after being exposed to a mystery some.


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