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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is really news live from berlin a pretention breakthrough on the korean peninsula the leaders of the two koreas agreed to the face to face in april pyongyang promises to suspend any missile tests while talks are taking place even hinting that a meeting between the u.s. and north korea could be on the table also coming up growing intrigue british police decontaminate the site where a former russian spy was taken seriously ill is now said to be in a critical condition in the hospital after being exposed to a mystery substance and the sierra leone gets set to elect
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a new president of the country goes to the polls tomorrow when the women's faces the daunting task of rebuilding the nation after a devastating eagle outbreak and economic slump. great to have you along everyone always start off with a potential breakthrough on the korean peninsula in rare talks between north and south korean officials the south korean envoy says the north has agreed to hold a summit in late april that would include the leaders of both countries you know what let president donald trump to tweet that this could possibly signal possible progress still not korea's national security director said the north had offered to cut back on its nuclear weapons program if it receives security guarantees the south korean delegation has returned home a day after meeting with north korea's kim jong un in pyongyang it was the first
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time kim met with south korean official since taking power. and here is what south korea's top security official had to say a little earlier. the north clearly expressed its willingness for denuclearizing the korean peninsula and clarify that there's no reason for them to retain nuclear weapons if military threats against them are removed and if the safety of its regime is guaranteed so this is a correspondent in seoul south korea i asked him how significant a development this is well these were some of the most historic talks in recent memory this is the first time that such senior south korean officials met directly with kim jong un and this signaled that there is some seriousness on both sides you know what hard progress comes out of these talks remains to be seen and many
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observers will be especially looking closely at what the response out of washington is right we'll talk about that in just a moment josh if north korea follows through on its offer to freeze nuclear testing what are they likely to want in return. that is the big question in this declaration that they might be willing to give up their nuclear arsenal is something that they in other forums said in the past they have said that they are only pursuing these weapons because of what they see as the threat from the united states a threat of invasion and the threat of the tens of thousands of american troops who are stationed here in south korea so many observers expect them to make certain demands possibly being the withdrawal of american troops from the korean peninsula which is something that neither seoul nor washington may be willing to accept now is josh pyongyang also hinted that the talks with the u.s.
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could also be on the table and just weeks ago there was all this rhetoric became quite heated of a possible confrontation and now trump has reacted saying that he sees possible progress has been here before. that is something that many skeptics are pointing to this isn't the first time that north korea has said it that it's willing to talk and the first time that the united states has said that it's willing to talk whether however both sides can build enough trust to move be on the talk does remain to be seen obviously past efforts talking have not led north korea to give up its nuclear program at the same time they have also prevented outright war from breaking out between the sides so i think everybody can and can look at these talks and see a glimmer of hope all right let's talk about that face to face meeting between the
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leaders of south and north korea these are two countries who have been technically at war since the fifty's are south korean support of the president the platic efforts so with the north. overall the south koreans do widely support president outreach to the north they are understandably not interested in any kind of conflict breaking out in which you know south korea has more to lose than almost anybody however at the same time as the years have gone by many younger generations of south koreans have less connections with the north and they are increasingly skeptical of the north's intentions given all of this heated rhetoric so while there is guarded optimism for sure among south koreans they are also looking for real signs of movement from the north josh smith thank you.
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britain has said it will respond appropriately and robustly to any russian involvement in the apparent poisoning of a former spy service cripple an ex russian intelligence officer who also spied for britain let's take uncritically ill on sunday along with his daughter yulia police are racing to identify the unknown substance that made them so sick before passers by found them unconscious in the southern city of salisbury. solsbury police have cordoned off part of a park where former russian spies sergei sleep and a woman identified as his daughter were found critically ill on sunday counterterrorist specialists have now been assigned to support local police the rushes on to determine exactly what unknown substance made the mill it was after dining at a local restaurant that was found violently ill on a nearby bench by a local resident. and then the man starts throwing up it was weird it wasn't like nobody was home for his. like you can see that he was fishing for and what
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a story it was and leaving it was just this one was just come spring of his around . the kremlin has denied any knowledge of the affair the spokesman called it a tragic situation and said moscow was willing to cooperate in the investigation but hasn't yet been asked to do so said a script was a colonel in russia's g.r.u. military intelligence he was arrested in russia in two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later in two thousand and ten script was free just part of a high level spy swap. the trade included the now prominent russian agent anna chapman who tried to cozy up to u.s. power brokers spree paul and his daughter are still in hospital where doctors are working against the clock to find out what has made them ill all right let's take
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you now to london where we can speak with bill browder he is a former banker who lived in moscow ran a successful hedge fund there but he's become a prominent kremlin critic and wrote a book calling himself putin's number one enemy to believe his lawyer was murdered by russia's government a very good evening sir before we talk about this very disturbing incident can you first tell us a little bit about your experience in dealing with the russian government. yes so i was a major investor in russia i expose corruption in retaliation i was expelled from the country my lawyer sergei magnitsky was arrested tortured for three hundred fifty eight days and murdered in russian police custody in november of two thousand and nine and since then i've been on a mission to get justice for survey which has led to another person being murdered here in the u.k. a whistleblower came for him alexander. he dropped dead in from his house and
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surgery which is a server area of london and one more of my colleague is a guy name one hundred carroll worse a who had been helping me campaign for sanctions against russia was poisoned twice and almost died in russia and so i've got a lot of experience dealing with these people and they are absolutely up to no good all right so very dangerous indeed let's talk now about sergei script all the former russian spy who is now in very critical condition in the u.k. what you make of suggestions that russia is behind this poisoning. well that's the obvious conclusion that one would come to based on limited information we have we don't know for sure what happened all we know is that it was an enemy of the putin regime that he was in effectively in hiding or in asylum here in the u.k. and then he collapsed along with his daughter and there are men with hazmat suits walking around solsbury and the empty terrorist police are involved and so the
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obvious conclusion or the obvious theory i should say is that this was a russian kremlin organized assassination attempt now of course this is early we don't know what's going to happen but i would say that that's the basis for which all the investigation should flow and it may be proved otherwise but at the moment that's the most likely scenario in my mind it might be a likely theory but there are so many i'm known we don't know the substances that were involved for example aren't you jumping the gun at this stage no no no one was jumping any guns and so so the alternative would be done to you not to do a massive search for the compound that might have poisoned these people not to look at all the c.c.t.v. not to not to go to their house and the restaurant and all that kind of stuff and turn it over upside down that's the alternative that the the obvious course of action here is to conduct a highly intensive of their own best a geisha and based on the circumstances of what happened what so mind boggling
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about this case of course is that scripture was granted refuge in the u.k. in a spy swap almost a decade ago why would russia be getting involved all these years later. well they're slow to do anything that they plan to do but the one thing you should stand about putin is that he kills traders and it's very important for him to do that because he's got a lot of people who are not particularly well motivated to work for him and all the security services they don't work for him out of love they were either work for him out of money because they get to steal a lot of money or they work for him out of fear because they are afraid once they get into with it that any any any exit will cause problems and so putin has to create these vicious circumstances for traders and they did that with alexander litvinenko the man who was murdered in london with polonium. back ten years ago and more than ten years ago and and and they've done that with other people all
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over the world there that this is that this is the for anybody who is a traitor is measured out the most harsh punishment and it doesn't matter whether they're a foreign country or russia this is the kind of thing that happens to traders bill browder former banker who lived in moscow and run ahead front there thank you so very much for weighing in thank you all right in other news voters in sierra leone go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new president after a close race so they'll be picking front runners from the incumbent all people's congress and the opposition people's party well whoever wins will face the tough task of turning around a country whose economy has been rocked by recent crises including the devastating in bull outbreak of twenty fourteen our west africa correspondent adrian krishna this report. there's certainly choice in these elections a total of sixteen candidates are vying for the presidency. not that that's any
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comfort for does memorise he's frustrated with his government but also says there's no real alternative. he is the change. so for me. we first met rees four years ago during the outbreak he was working as a volunteer having a red cross burial team. it was a high risk and have placed great stress on his personal lives. up to now had. the government promised to recognize reese and his colleagues efforts by granting them special payments once the epidemic was over so far though they've received
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nothing according to the country's auditor general at least fourteen million dollars in aid have simply disappeared an example of corruption corruption is a key theme in the election campaign to. they're so close we've never seen they've created a perfect place to proceed with illegals using every ministry in every contract let me give you an example. it is only in my country that you spend five kilometer road in the middle of the country in the middle of the main city five kilometers he expanded for over twenty million dollars but the ruling party's presidential candidates america mara is more relaxed on the subject. any country in the world. it depends on the monday today of corruption but good to understand shows gives corrupt activities that is corrupt persons and. a lot of efforts in strengthening the fight against. the winds are going to deal with. the morrow was minister for
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foreign affairs until last year when he was nominated for the presidential race by the country's current leader ernest koroma koroma has ruled for ten years and now has to step down as the governing body a.p.c. is mainly trying to sell its excesses in infrastructural projects idea and the home base of the body they enjoy a comfortable majority but in other parts of the country people are not so happy about the situation. including desmond reads like many others he believes the election will be won by the main opposition party or even the governing party itself and either way reece is certain he won't get adequate recognition for all his hard work during the in boulder crisis he does have some hope though that one day more funds will be invested in the country's health system instead of being siphoned off through corruption. he increased reporting there now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a senior u.n.
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official has said meehan mars ethnic cleansing of revenge of muslims is ongoing all that after he visited to refugee camps in bangladesh has cox's bazaar district hundreds of thousands of virginia fled to bangladesh. as last august when me and maher forces launched a crackdown on their communities. a russian transport plane has crashed in syria killing all thirty two people on board syrian state media citing the a russian defense ministry says the plane crashed at russia's i mean air base in northern syria and was likely caused by a technical fault. the last twenty four hours have been the deadliest for civilians in the syrian rebel held on clay from eastern who top says the recently established un backed cease fire at least sixty eight people have been killed and several hundred wounded as government war planes resumed bombarding the enclave usually russian military has now offered rebels and their families safe passage out of the
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area but a rebel spokesman has dismissed this calling it a policy of forced displacement on monday an aid convoy was allowed into the area but deliveries have been suspended due to continued military hostilities. all right and for more on this we're now joined by says you maliki is the country representative of in syria for the u.n. refugee agency and is based in damascus a very good evening sir you were part of that aid and envoy and eastern hotel yesterday how much of your supplies did you manage to bring to the civilians there so we have a total of twenty steps with trucks of supplies. food nutrition and health supplies and we have off for haiti if bought in in the country that they can go in. and get it becomes that stop shooting at the quota which was i mean were
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they don't you have some time five six seven hours but to offload. the the. truck. we rented until late last night and we have nine hours of ice this is not one place we have to offload supplies in different locations inside while they're going off loading there was a lot of intermittent fire. the rockets were not going we were at two or three and. it's getting very dangerous and spreading out and for the safety of our stop inequality forward we had to shift and we came back with an address that you could not offload. the past twenty four hours and going by what you were describing as well have been the deadliest for civilians in the center who tessa's the while stillborn ceasefire are people still hopeful that a truce might still happen and they are the
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every hopeful will stand but they also ensure there at the destruction is everywhere it's over crowding people anything in basements in small or basement rooms fifteen to twenty to a row there's no space for children to to sleep and it's on hygiene a situation there are no ventilation there's the water there's no food you can see is that the children coming off of these basement when we were out in a very bad situation and they emptied asking why is that this fight against the stock and the state will come out save us with a quarter dollars that are there and they have two million issues that they would like us to look into to want to get that big passage through she meditated a court order to say that they will snipers they were reportedly snipers inside which are preventing them from crossing that minuteman accord or and secondly that once the situation calms down that they would be able to the children are the ones
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who are suffering the most in that crisis. leak country representatives in syria for the un refugee agency based in damascus thank you sir for spending time with us . you're watching it every news we still have a lot more to tell you about including the old german national anthem a song that praises amongst other things the fatherland but for how long we look at efforts to make good cheer their gender neutral. but first helena and the fate of diesel is on car makers mark i've certainly got a lot to get to grips with at the moment but nevertheless later at the geneva motor show the car industry is still celebrating itself this year is no different sales are expected to rise but off to the federal administrative court ruling here in germany which permitted diesel bans in city centers of course money factor is all
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fearing that the appeal of diesel will continue to decline new unused diesel cars can be bought on sale with high discounts and while the industry's investing billions in alternative transport electric vehicles have only been on the market for a short while. this is how folks fog and imagines a future radically different diesel free and completely electric the luxury sedan is the full the model to mark the corporate brands new direction in twenty twenty five to fully autonomous id vision will be able to drive seven hundred kilometers on just a single charge no steering will required. that is billed as why it is and continues to be a cornerstone of our strategy in the next five in ten years or maybe in fifteen years for the long stretches diesel will stay. in the on the abuse of the long range but a pretty good. story a. porsche has it easy to stretch
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got some quickly abandoned diesel cars from that program now the company is focusing on only two things racing cars for the road like the nine eleven g t three r us with a five hundred twenty horsepower engine all electric cars the branch trying to woo the deep pocketed customers of american a lecture a pioneer tesla. you know isn't so important for porsche in two thousand and seventeen percent of these of about twelve percent of old white and for future we will see what the what will happen millions of diesel cars still on the streets of europe the emissions conversation could cost billions of euros. the club would us the industry would be well advised to look into the background of an imminent driving ban and the customer losses it could bring i would suggest developing a policy for any modifications needed so the customers are not left shouldering the
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costs of their line so here we are not was doing and. for years diesel has been a billion dollar business in the e.u. but as the geneva motor show makes clear its dominance in europe could be about to end. so let's go over to our financial correspondent who is in frankfurt covering this for us toyota fear chrysler they're forging ahead this saying bye bye to diesel tell us more about their plans. that's right toyota is really quick about it it says it wants to say goodbye this year and worldwide not just in europe as it was partly being reported and the reason toyota gives is that its customers are simply not interested anymore it's not getting the orders to the sales for diesel cars less than ten percent in two thousand and seventeen while the percentage of hybrid cars has gone up and up most of the cars are still
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a gasoline engine cars by the numbers but forty one percent are now hybrid that is cars like the prius for example which many people may know being used as taxis in some countries and it's a gasoline engine wedded to an electric motor and it saves a lot of gas and comparison to a normal normal gasoline engine but toyota isn't being quite as consequential heavy pickups or as you these will continue to have a diesel offer field chrysler it's going to say goodbye to the diesel sometime soon as well it wants to be substantially less dependent on the diesel fuel chrysler says and when you briefly i mean it's got a lot on their plate in terms of trade tariffs as well and they're also radically changing their business model something. that's right they're spinning off divisions they're pleasing investors the way they're making the whole groups more palatable and that investors have
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a chance to look at individual divisions more intensely and maybe trade the shares at chrysler has announced that it's or insiders say that it's about to announce to that it's spinning off its magnetic mirali electronics subsidiary auto supplying business and v.w. c.e.o. mathias millet said indeed almost confirming speculation that one is thinking very hard about spinning off the truck and bust the vision. soon frank but thank you. shares in turkish airlines have fall into a five month low ofter the company posted disappointing quarterly figures turkey's national carrier made a profit of around three hundred million euros last quarter that's about twelve percent less than analysts had expected the poor results were driven by higher than expected costs and last year turkish airlines rose to number four in the ranking of the top global airline it's. back a bit too late in our efforts to change a very famous song oh you bet is that soon well known around the world
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a german national anthem it praises amongst other things the fatherland but for how long follower trends said by canada some people here want to change the words to be more gender neutral it would give the country's soccer players our whole new song to mumble. germany's national soccer team players know the words of the national anthem by heart as do the members of the german going to stock. but in the future will they be singing another tune. this is the ministry of family affairs equal opportunities officer kristina pulls a mailing of the s.p.d. she wants to read write the ask them sneer extern make them gender neutral. and then it would no longer be for the german fatherland but instead for the german homeland and instead of brotherly with heart in hand courageously with heart and
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hand. ok but how would it sound. earth flight had. they hadn't cooed. no i don't know why should we change the anthem or the lyrics i wonder and i would not agree with that august me . and them it is i like the way it is it's traditional it in this so this is twenty eight teams it's ok to question these things and start these kinds of debates and i'm totally for it. you know if you and not about the chancellor the german government spokesman says fundamental is a very happy with the anthem as it is. and that does it for us thanks for watching . play.
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cut. cut cut for the artistry. the. edge of the seat drama. clinton joy and jubilation cut the budget all closely cut going to going to. below. the kids jobs and
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heavy metal preschool girls from indonesia are living their dream against all odds . they sing about the problems faced by young people the low blows but they also want to show how contemporary and open islam can be. our topic in honor of international women's day on. sixty minutes. squinting. discovers the misinterpret the pain still touchable. suffering for god. for c.b.s. edge by yes. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something a thing in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance now to darkness cities after war starting march tenth on t w . c.


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