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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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i am. this is italy news line from berlin a potential breakthrough on the korean peninsula the leaders of the two koreas agreed to meet face to face in april and promises to suspend any missile tests one talks are taking place even hinting that a meeting between the u.s. and north korea could be on the table also coming up growing intrigue british police decontaminate the site where a former russian spy is taken seriously ill he's now in critical condition in the hospital after being exposed to a mystery substance. plus the united nations condemns the warring parties in syria
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the head of security council meeting on eastern or to the latest government airstrikes killing dozens in the rebel held enclave despite the cease fire. and serially own gets ready to elect a new president the country goes to the polls tomorrow where winds faces a daunting task of rebuilding the country after a devastating ebola outbreak in an economic slump. and in the champions league final solution around those three elements into a make or break clash for both clubs. the. ban. on little hockey is great to have you along everyone we begin our broadcast with a potential breakthrough on the korean peninsula in rare talks between north and south korean officials the south korean and voice says the north has agreed. to
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hold a summit in late april that would include the leaders of both countries the announcement led president trump to tweet that this could signal possible progress south korea's national security director said the north had offered to cut back on its nuclear weapons program if it receives security guarantees a south korean delegation has returned home a day after meeting with north korea's kim jong un in pyongyang it was the first time kim met with south korean officials since taking power. all right and here is what south korea's top security official had to say a little earlier. the north clearly expressed its willingness for denuclearizing the korean peninsula and clarified that there's no reason for them to retain nuclear weapons if military threats against them are removed and if the safety of its regime is guaranteed well i josh smith is a word is correspondent in seoul south korea i asked him how significant a development this was these were some of the most historic talks in recent
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memory this is the first time that such senior south korean officials met directly with cumin jiang and this signaled that there is some seriousness on both sides you know what hard progress comes out of these talks remains to be seen and many observers will be especially looking closely at what the response out of washington is right we'll talk about that in just a moment josh if north korea follows through on its offer to freeze nuclear testing what are they likely to want in return. that is the big question is this declaration that they might be willing to give up their nuclear arsenal is something that they in other forums said in the past they have said that they are only pursuing these weapons because of what they see as the threat from the united states a threat of invasion and the threat of the tens of thousands of american troops who
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are stationed here in south korea so many observers expect them to make certain demands possibly including the withdrawal of american troops from the korean peninsula which is something that neither seoul nor washington may be willing to accept now a josh pyongyang also hinted that the talks with the u.s. could also be on the table and just weeks ago there was all this rhetoric became quite heated of a possible a confrontation and now trump has reacted saying that he sees possible progress has been here before. that is something that many skeptics are pointing to this isn't the first time that north korea has stated that it's willing to talk to the first time that the united states has said that it's willing to talk whether however both sides can build enough trust to move be on the talk does remain to be seen obviously past efforts talking have not led north korea to give up its nuclear
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program at the same time they have also prevented outright war from breaking out between sides so i think everybody can and can look at these talks and see the glimmers of hope all right let's talk about that face to face meeting between the leaders of south and north korea these are two countries who have been technically at war since the fifty's are south korean support of the president's the platic efforts with the north. overall south koreans do widely support for the moon outreach to the north they are understandably not interested in any kind of conflict breaking out in which you know south korea has more to lose than almost anybody however at the same time as the years have gone by many younger generations of south koreans have less connections with the north and they are
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increasingly skeptical of the north's intention has given all of this heated rhetoric so while there is guarded optimism for sure among south koreans they are also looking for real signs of movement from the north josh smith thank you and other news britain has said it will respond appropriately and robustly to any russian involvement in the apparent poisoning of a former spy i say case cripple they is the next seven intelligence officer who also spied for britain and was taken critically ill on sunday along with his daughter police are trying to identify the unknown substance that left the pair unconscious in the southern city of salisbury. so i feel for you what the police have cordoned off the part of the saloons free park west cripple and his door to you were found critically ill on sunday. investigators are now busy trying to determine the nature of the unknown substance the two victims were exposed to.
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as you are aware we declared a major incident yesterday after a man and woman were taken seriously arrow in salzburg on sunday. they both remain in a critical condition and all fools and best wishes remain with their families during this difficult time. it was also eating a meal at this local restaurant the to resit in film script all violently ill on a nearby bench. and then the man starts throwing up those where it wasn't like no missile phrases. like you can see that he was fishing for and what he strike was uneven is just it's almost just common it's pronounced as around the kremlin has denied knowledge of the incident with the spokesman describing it as a tragic situation but british policy makers a suspicious linking this incident to the death of another former russian spy. all
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remember who. in two thousand and six. whatever he wrote. i can reassure them that evidence and that imply that responsibility then the american government were restored appropriately . script was a colonel in russia's military intelligence service back in two thousand and four he was arrested in russia and convicted of spying for britain two years later. in twenty ten he was freed as part of a high level spy exchange. british counterterrorist. him specialists have now taken charge of the investigation but a spokesman said they keeping an open mind about the nature of the incident. all right let's take you now to london where we can speak with bill browder he is a former banker who lived in moscow ran a successful hedge fund there but he's become a prominent crimmin critic and wrote
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a book calling himself putin's number one enemy writer believes his lawyer was murdered by russia's government a very good evening sir before we talk about this very disturbing incident can you first tell us a little bit about your experience in dealing with the russian government. yeah so i was a major investor in russia i expose corruption in retaliation i was expelled from the country my lawyer surrogate magnitsky was arrested tortured for three hundred fifty eight days and murdered in russian police custody in november of two thousand and nine and since then i've been on a mission to get justice for survey which has led to another person being murdered here in the u.k. whistleblower who came for him alexander. he dropped dead in from his house and siri which is a server area of london and one more of my colleague is a guy named carol worst who had been helping me campaign for sanctions against
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russia was poisoned twice and almost died in russia and so i've got a lot of experience dealing with these people and they are absolutely up to no good all right so very dangerous indeed let's talk now about sergei script all the former russian spy who is now in very critical condition in the u.k. what you make of suggestions that russia is behind this poisoning. well that's the obvious conclusion that one would come to based on limited information we have we don't know for sure what happened all we know is that it was an enemy of the putin regime that he was in effectively in hiding or in asylum here in the u.k. and then he collapsed along with his daughter and there are men with hazmat suits walking around solsbury and the empty terrorist police are involved and so the obvious conclusion or the obvious theory i should say is that this was a russian kremlin organized assassination attempt now of course this is early we
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don't know what's going to happen but i would say that that's the basis for which all the investigation should flow and it may be proved otherwise but at the moment that's the most likely scenario in my mind it might be a likely theory but there are so many unknowns we don't know the substances that were involved for example aren't you jumping the gun at this stage no no one was jumping any guns and so so the alternative would be done to you not to do a massive search for the compound that might have poisoned these people not to look at all the c.c.t.v. not to not to go to their house in the restaurant and all that kind of stuff and turn it over upside down that's the alternative that the the obvious course of action here is to conduct a highly intensive of their own desiccation based on the circumstances of what happened what so mind boggling about this case of course is that scripture was granted refuge in the u.k. in a spy swap almost a decade ago why would russia be getting involved all these years later.
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well there are there are slow to do to get well motivated that work for him and all the security services they don't work for him out of love they were to work for him out of money because they get to steal a lot of money or they work for him out of fear because they are afraid once they get into it that they have any any any axe it will cause problems and so putin has to create these vicious circumstances for traders and they did that with alexander litvinenko the man who was murdered in london with polonium. back ten years ago and more than ten years ago and and and they've done that with other people all over the world there are that this is that this is the for anybody who is a trader is measured out the most harsh punishment and it doesn't matter whether they're a foreign country or russia this is the kind of thing that happens to traders bill browder former banker who lived in moscow and run ahead trunk there thank you so
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very much for weighing in thank you. oh i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. a senior u.n. official has said myanmar is the ethnic cleansing of revenge of muslims is ongoing he made the statement after a visit at refugee camps in bangladesh's cox's bazaar district hundreds of thousands of or ranger have fled to bangladesh since last august and mean more forces launched a crackdown on their communities. a bronze sculpture of karl marx has arrived in his hometown of tir to mark the german philosophers two enters the birthday of the nearly four and a half mere tossed status she was a gift from china's communist government and is the work of chinese artist ways unruh sculpture will be on display starting in may. a russian transport plane has crashed in syria killing all thirty nine people on board syrian
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state media citing the russian defense ministry says the plane crashed at russia's coming airbase in northern syria and was likely caused by a technical failure. staying with syria u.n. war crimes investigators have heavily criticised all factions in the civil war there for the bloody violence that has consumed the country the u.n. commission of inquiry says both russia and the u.s. led coalition of cost civilian that's with airstrikes it also says that syrian government forces carried out unlawful chemical attacks in rebel held eastern hotel but on close flight well we on the agenda when the u.n. security council meets tomorrow to discuss a failing truce in the region. of. eastern ghouta death clerks at every corner. of the struggle for survival here is ceaseless. sustained shelling on the city has
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led to the u.n. calling this the deadliest week for the syrian town since a cease fire was brokered at the end of last month the ordinary children have been the west affected. this cameraman stops to rescue a severely injured infant the image too graphic to show. the. work the rest of the u.n. children's fund says the situation is desperate. the first two months of this year have been especially bloody for children we have received reports of over one thousand should one who were killed and seriously injured in the horse yeah only since the year began. monday brought some reprieve aid trucks reached the embattled town for the first time since the offensive because. despite the excitement the world food program once it's far from enough. there is up to four hundred thousand people trapped on the inside of these people are living under
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siege and by that we mean there are serious shortages of medical assistance of food food insecurity is very high the u.n. security council will on wednesday hold urgent talks on the feel of the thirty day ceasefire but with no other and insights to the war the people of this town remain in a constant fight for survival that. hundreds of thousands of the syrians who have fled the country's civil war have come to germany for refuge but many still have relatives back in their war torn homeland while we met some syrians living here in berlin whose family members are trapped in the besieged areas of eastern huta yasser so harney and his friends are from east ghouta they exchange updates from their relatives in this berlin cafe their smartphones bring them the sights and the sounds of the bombardment. i
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had to shut my eyes it was she who soon it'll get even worse everyone here has extended family who suffered in the war in. two or three days underground without food or water. since the telephone network in east ghouta is unreliable relatives communicate mostly through recorded messages but sometimes they get a direct connection. for you doing my nephew. terrible uncle for you today. the army is getting closer this man's nephew deserted the syrian army and says he faces certain death if the army recaptures his village since the outbreak of the revolution seven years ago yasser saadi has been helping his besieged relatives in east ghouta by sending money whenever he can. a syrian kurd is a key link in moving money from germany to syria he insisted on meeting us in this
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park rather than in the cafes where he usually meets his customers since east ghouta has been cut off many syrians in germany have been using underground networks to support their proceeds relatives financially. the regime has made it all the streets of east and. points out everywhere. wants to give one hundred euros to his mother all siblings comes away with just fifty or seventy five because everyone manning the checkpoints once a share of the money. arab world media has tried to rally support for east ghouta. knows it's only a matter of time before the syrian army recaptures the city he hopes his family and the rest of the civilian population will survive the fighting and that there won't be massacres after the city falls to him the struggle for a free and democratic syria is all but dead now the only victory is survival.
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here washington is we sell a lot more to tell you about including. the over. there german national anthem is sung that praises amongst other things the fatherland but for how much longer we look at efforts to make it gender neutral us. but first fears of a trade war appear to be easing for now daniel was a free man donald trump says there won't be a trade war but who knows what he's thinking when he says that it's crunch time for trump has members of his own party call for clarity on new steel and out of many i'm tariffs those he said would come as soon as this week some have dismissed his comments as bluster and a bargaining tactic but for america's neighbors the timing could hardly be with us mexico and canada are outraged that trump would threaten them just as trade talks
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were making progress. the nafta partners were all smiles in mexico city but then the u.s. repeated its warning it could walk away from the longstanding free trade agreement . as president. we hope for a successful. these talks and we would prefer three way. proves impossible. for you is there was clear anger at trump's new tariffs and a warning that there was more than just trade at stake. in canada believes that all of these restrictive trade tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum are absolutely unacceptable. it is wrong to see trade with canada as a threat to the national security of the united states.
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is from a stance is worrying not just trading partners but members of his own republican party like house speaker paul ryan they've pleaded with him to back down but the president is adamant those and i don't think you're going to have no trade war actually i don't think so different if i don't think you're going to have a trip. but it may be trump's idea of a tough opening gambit the art of the deal but for now his tariffs threats of worried allies and corporate leaders like. meanwhile at the geneva motor show comic trying to put the tower of spy whined that they've been somewhat of a distraction as the companies seek to show off this sleek new model. this folks wagon is supposed to be the car of the future the completely electric eye division has a range of six hundred fifty kilometers no steering wheel no console this car is fully autonomous it's scheduled to be on the market in twenty twenty two but then it will
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have a steering wheel. the id vision is still in its concept phase at the present the specter of punitive tariffs and a possible trade war with the us is ruining almost everyone's mood so they come in it's not that easy to ruin my mood and it just comes as a surprise for decades we've been investing in globalization we have worldwide contracts if someone is of the opinion that this is no longer the right way then we have to have a discussion about it and we had v.w. will analyze the situation and react accordingly. the north winning instead of. last year germany exported over twenty billion dollars worth of cars to the us punitive tariffs would hit german car makers hard still b.m.w. mercedes invokes wagon have u.s. factories with more than ten thousand employees. if i look at the german car industry we have invested heavily in the past years in the u.s.
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we have built up new jobs a lot of new jobs we are exploiting from germany into the u.s. almost the same amount of cars as we are exporting cars from the u.s. in other countries but in spite of all the saber rattling there is some understanding for the american side here in geneva after all the united states only imposes a two point five percent import tariff on foreign cars at the moment the e.u. on the other hand exact said ten percent import tariff on american vehicles sold in the european union auto experts think a parity in import tariffs could bring a relaxation of tensions in the transit lactic relationship. toyota. has profited from the recent diesel gate scandal last year the company's sales in europe rose dramatically almost doubling sales of hybrid cars in the e.u. now a toyota is going all in by scrapping production of diesels but just as european car companies are making a show of switching to electric as a clean
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a source of energy japanese manufacturers are turning to hydrogen. symbolically unified by a common goal many of japan's business leaders are taking part including the c.e.o.'s of tri ota honda and nissan as well as the c.e.o.'s of oil and gas companies the twelve companies plan on working together to make hydrogen the fuel of the future coinciding with the meeting toyota announced a complete stop to diesel sales in europe it's the company's reaction to the diesel emissions scandal triggered by vox wagon in twenty fifteen since then diesel technology has lost its positive image especially due to its polluting nitrogen oxide emissions so far toyota has profited from the diesel affair last year the company's sales in your approach dramatically and it almost doubled sales of hybrid cars the japanese now intend to take advantage of their expertise and market share on the hybrid front an area where toyota and honda are way ahead.
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swiss chocolate make a little pointedly say that biggest fans live in germany and britain the company so profits rise last year banks in pots to the sweet to those two nations but they weren't the only countries facing on the company's famous golden bunnies global net profits were up almost eight percent but the sixteen wild one sales hit an all time high with revenues of nearly three and a half billion euros. germany's national anthem trumpets the country's unity justice and freedom but not everyone is so united on that song no doubt although not all singing from the same song sheet it's a tune well known around the world the german national anthem it praises amongst other things the fatherland but for how much longer follow a chance said by canada some people here want to change the words to be more gender neutral well it could give the country's soccer player is
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a whole new song to to mumble. germany's national soccer team players know the words of the national anthem by heart as do the members of the german buddhist talk. but in the future will they be singing another tune. this is the ministry of family affairs equal opportunities officer christine nicholls a mailing of the s.p.d. she wants to read write the anthem slur extern make them gender neutral. then it would no longer be for the german fatherland but instead for the german homeland and instead of brotherly with heart in hand courageously with heart and hand. ok but how would it sound. oh ok no lie that.
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they haven't. no i don't know why should we change the anthem or the lyrics i wonder and i would not agree with that it's august me and first on them it should so i like it the way it is it's traditional it's so this is twenty eighteen it's ok to question these things and start these kinds of debates and i'm totally for it but if you and what about the chancellor a german government spokesman says fundamental is very happy with the anthem as it is. art you're watching the other uses still have a long way to tell you about including a special report from sierra leone where voters are getting ready to elect a new president we gauge the mood in the country before polls open tomorrow and a sucker list the violence in the yemen a special report on the young people keeping their dreams alive as
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a civil war rages around them. that a whole lot more coming up in just a few. the formation of a government september two thousand and seventeen after germany's parliamentary elections consultation talks exploration talks negotiations and problem of a dozen all talk and no government for months. interviews with the key players and insiders reconstruct the course of events straight up to the s.p.l. vote. in the labyrinth of power in forty five minutes d.w. . fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women who like to have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two
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stories topping each week on instagram. great to have you back with us you're watching the news on little rock n roll and these are our main headlines right now north korea's kim jong un has agreed to meet his south korean counterpart at a summit next month yang said it could also halt its testing of nuclear weapons if certain conditions were met us present agreement as quote possible progress. a former russian spy is reported to be critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance in england the reports have identified him as a surrogate screwball an ex intelligence officer convicted of treason in russia twelve years ago. voters in sierra leone go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new president sixteen candidates are vying for the top job with four seen as having a realistic chance including front runners from the incumbent all peoples progress
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and the opposition people's party or whoever wins will face the tough task of turning around a country whose economy has been rocked by recent crises including the devastating ebola outbreak of twenty fourteen or west africa correspondent major increase filed this report from mccain the home of outgoing president ernest koroma. there's certainly choice in these elections it's a total of sixteen candidates are vying for the presidency. not that that's any comfort for does memories he's frustrated with his government but also says there's no real alternative. he is the change. so for me. we first met rees four years ago during the ebola outbreak he was working as
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a volunteer heading up a red cross burial team. it was a high risk and it placed great stress on his personal life. up to now had to give. the government promise to recognise reese and his colleagues efforts by granting them special payments once the epidemic was over so far though they've received nothing according to the country's auditor general at least fourteen million dollars in aid have simply disappeared an example of corruption corruption is a key theme in the election campaign to. they're so close we've never seen they've created a perfect place to proceed with a leak is using everybody soon every contract let me give you an example. it is
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only in my country that you spend five kilometer road in the middle of the country in the middle of the main city five kilometers yes by the four with twins you didn't do that but the ruling party's presidential candidates america mara is more relaxed on the subject. any country in the world is gross and it depends on the money to do of corruption but to understand shows gives corrupt activities that is corrupt presidents and. a lot of efforts in strengthening the fight against. the winds are going to deal with. tomorrow was minister for foreign affairs until last year when he was nominated for the presidential race by the country's current leader ernest koroma koroma has ruled for ten years and now has to step down. the governing body a.b.c. is mainly trying to sell its successes infrastructural projects idea and the home base of the party they enjoy a comfortable majority but in other parts of the country people are not so happy
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about the situation. including desmond reads like many others he believes the election will be won by the main opposition party or even the governing party itself and either way reece is certain he won't get adequate recognition for all his hard work during the in boulder crisis he does have some hope though that one day more funds will be invested in the country's health system instead of being siphoned off through corruption. and we can talk now to our very own age increase show you saw there reporting he is in court do in the north of sierra leone a very good evening adrian what jumped out at me in your reporting is that the ruling party's candidate who you spoke to seemed to shrug off corruption problems outline for us how big of a problem is corruption in sierra leone. well it is certainly an issue and a lot of opposition parties obviously heavily criticised the government for not
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acting enough on the issues of corruption some of the opposition parties actually suggest new steps that should be taken for example strengthening the local anti corruption off already but they say there's been so many scandals in the past years the whole system here became much worse for example they talked of the ebola fund where more than fourteen million u.s. dollar so we're not accounted for but there's also some infrastructure projects like the chinese built airport that the government commissioned for three hundred million u.s. dollars and despite its number numerous studies who suggest that this is going to be a white elephant a project that is not going to be used the president or the presidential candidates off the a.p.c. of the governing party to me made the impression that it's not a big deal for him the corruption inside the country however he said under his watch he's also trying to testify the fight against corruption for example he wants to establish anti corruption courts where cases can be tried faster than before.
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your spending time and certainly you've talked to so many people there did you get an indication who might be coming out on top. most likely it's going to be a very tight race between the governing party the a.p.c. and the major opposition parties the s l p p these are the two parties who have been power in sierra leone since independence but for the first time it is quite likely that a third strong force will come up another third strong opposition party and for a party to win the presidency directly they're going to need fifty five percent of the votes at least so it is very likely that in the few weeks time we will see a runoff here in sierra leone's and adrian how crucial is this election for the country. it is very important the country had this massive abler disaster in two thousand and fourteen that changed everything here more than
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four thousand people died during the break and also the economy went completely upside down there was a double digit growth before then it came to a double digit decline of the economy the mining sector that is so important in the region where i am right now for example completely collapsed so if these elections are going to go through things which most people believe they will then this will be another major milestone for the country in terms of recovery. to increase reporting from sierra leone thank you. now could africa so-called resource curse the striking again danny and so are the results which makes the world go round all oil poor management of oil resources in uganda could lead to conflicts that's what activists are warning that the country has discovered an estimated six and a half a billion barrels of the black stuff but in the race to exploit it residents near the site say the authorities are exploiting them as well. this is
7:38 pm
in a sense to me about his last harvest on his four acre farm in western uganda. the government plans to build an oil refinery here and to make way for that to development to me as he has to leave. the government has promised him a new house and a piece of land to farm somewhere else but the twenty six year old is not content. we do not get a chance to negotiate with the government so it just went on the. values it said so when we tried to complain they told us according to the chief governmental value of what he did was that. the refinery project has affected over ninety other families in an area of about twenty five square kilometers some have already been complicity and restored. the government says it has taken due diligence
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the government is taking a lot of care in taking for the sector. a lot of studies and the taken before decisions are made you know that taking been studies the country makes it a point to benchmark with what has happened in other parts of the water. uganda's president jordan was seventy has promised that revenues from the black gold will be used effectively to build the economy and better services for ugandans. but activists are skeptical. police still have corruption in the government well you know money is a frame here with this aid and other forms of probably into dealings. that feed into the politics but also into the bureaucracy so that when oil money starts
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flowing it's not used to develop social services to provide infrastructure to develop the tourism. but ended up in private pockets. uganda's oil is estimated at about six point five billion barrels and production is expected to begin in less than five years. to exploit the resource uganda has lay sensed for in forms from the united kingdom france and china. while the government insists it is a playing good practices campaign as a consigned that if they look pretty of natural resource is not well managed it can lead to an wrist and back to europe now ryanair passengers could be in for more turbulence after the airline warned of upcoming disruptions to flights c.e.o. michael o'leary averted widespread strikes last year recognizing pilots' unions for the first time now he's revealed ongoing discussions could disturb services for the
7:41 pm
east in some a period. ryanair has finally had to change heading on stuff relations recognizing pilot unions as a last resort in the face of massive strike threats but it looks as if the implementation hasn't been quite as smooth as both sides when fight chief executive michael o'leary said on tuesday that little headway had been made in countries such as island it's just still a walk in progress usually our policy is we recognise unions when a majority of our people want us to recognise that moment came in december twenty seventeen but clearly a majority got pilots wanted us to recognise unions so we recognise unions and we start that process the airline has also just plans for boeing's latest generation seven three seven the max two hundred ryanair has one hundred options on the at cross i know you larry said he expects to take up pretty much all of them. and now the shape of tourism to come we're going to travel back over to layla and here down
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the well one of the world's leading trade travel trade shows that kicks off on wednesday right here in berlin with some one hundred eighty countries in town for moving their products pitching the next hot destinations and discussing the trends in issues of global tourism is facing and luckily we've got karen helm start here to talk to us about talk to us a little bit about the main themes of this year's because of the the main phrase words are most definitely sustainability and responsibility as people are really waking up to the fact on a grand scale that obviously if tourism is to continue as we know it then we have to take care of all those book list sites that we want to visit so chancellor angela merkel was opening the show tonight at a ceremony that for the very first time was apparently going to be carbon neutral so that's kind of interesting but following on that obviously over tourism is the topic that's getting more and more attention all the time and as you know there were a lot of protests in europe all across the continent last year over the negative effects of tourism on locals we've talked about venice before which has now banned
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those giant cruise ships from. docking in the city's center and locals of course were saying they were causing massive pollution but also damaging historical infrastructure and so respect is a big part of their recent official tourism campaign has vanished it is upon my to majorca and barcelona other places where tensions were really really high between tourists and locals big demonstrations last year garbage is an issue the lineups high prices water scarcity pollution the problem that we're seeing in many places in europe amsterdam deprived nikki even here in berlin and some communities are actually cracking down on apartment rentals talk about apartment rentals peer to peer apartment rentals because that era b. and b. of course being the main one how much has a company like and be a big contributor to this problem you really can't nail it down to one one company obviously even though accommodation availability and and those low prices are a factor as our budget airlines all of these things do contribute but the major factor i think is simply that so many more people are traveling in larger numbers
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from companies that didn't try countries that didn't travel before and thank you for instance of china. there's obviously the ease and freedom with which we move around here in the e.u. that has contributed the middle class with it with a great increase of wealth are now spending it on travel. and another group that's interesting some of the things that happen because another group that's increasingly is for instance young muslims from within the e.u. but also from countries like saudi arabia turkey malaysia indonesia and that means that the industries actually also expecting a boon a boom in the land make a sort of specialized islamic tourism in a number of people on the ground in europe are looking to tap into that market. ch√Ęteau dates from the eighteenth century but the idea is new muslim convert. formally isabel is getting a room's ready in the direction of mecca holy qur'an in pride of place.
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i got the idea of opening a how loud b. and b. because of all the tension in france about the muslim headscarf. once a muslim family was turned away from a b. and b. because the mother was wearing one so that's what motivated me. is a computer engineer from paris his wife and children will be joining him at the chateau their experience of known tourism has not always been easy. meals can be difficult when it's not how we can only fish there's nothing wrong with fish but it's nice to have a little meat from time to time we've never had any trouble but people do sometimes look at as a bit funny because my wife was a headscarf. next year. runs a muslim friendly travel agency he says that to have them is growing fast
7:46 pm
there will be about two billion muslims in the world by twenty thirty and twenty thirteen people looking for the most unfriendly holidays represented six percent of the global tours a market that number has already risen a lot this year is expected to be about twenty percent. by twenty thirty half of all tourists will be muslim. venture news company offers holidays with single sex wing pools and same sex beaches for some destinations but he rejects the idea that how little tourism divides muslims from non muslims on the country he says. it allows them to get to know the western way of life and explore non muslim countries like britain and the united states. back out of the shot so is taking it easy for him having a holiday is not about cutting his family off from non muslim holiday makers.
7:47 pm
and it's good that it's not only for muslims here were treated the same as everyone else that's what we're after. muslim friendly is good he says no muslim only. interesting are tapping into a niche there describe to us who is the typical traveler i don't think you can really describe a typical one because that's i mentioned earlier they're coming from really such a wide range of countries but for many practicing muslims the really really important thing is obviously to be able to find food and to be able to have a place to pray. so we you know stick to ones would also not want alcohol and maybe sort of separate quarters in the swimming pool and whatnot but we're seeing a lot of new websites that are catering to some of these needs for instance crescent rating as one of them or holiday trip is there is a new one that's kind of like trip advisor for muslims so it and this is the app you can see here it helps travelers to locate the nearest mosque for instance or
7:48 pm
restaurants to keep one track of prayer times and also race destinations and homes in terms of how they cater to muslim needs and how muslim friendly they are in effect so how well tourism a really big topic it's going to be addressed at the i t b. coming up in the next couple of days so that's a topic i think we'll be keeping an eye on. and we can tell you more and there will be lots more on the website over the next awesome thank you so much greatly appreciate it karen. all right we're going to go to yemen now where one unusual casualty of the country's bitter civil war the country's soccer league shut down after fighting broke out three years ago but it's correspond all over around the reports professional players there are too passionate to hang up their boots completely even in the midst of the fighting. a friendly match in the backyard of the national museum in the yemeni city of aden the professional players from. taking on an amateur third division side. this dusty patch of land is old the long
7:49 pm
established club has left the stadium has been partly destroyed and is now in a restricted military area and occupied by soldiers. the league in yemen stopped operating when the war broke out. the only chance professional players get to play football is in friendly's like this. guys are not as fit as they used to be because we don't train regularly and because we have no competitive games. you can only train three or four times a month and the club only pays them pocket money they struggle to make ends meet just like the majority of people in yemen. i'm basically unemployed i was able to live well from football but that's all gone now i don't have enough anymore it's really tough for me and i have to think about doing something else to earn
7:50 pm
money maybe i'll join the army. there are many different factions operating in southern yemen with different goals . some want to separate state in the south. others are fighting who think rebels in the north. the country is divided. and football is divided two. also because you see. only informal contacts with people in the north of the country. with her where she might especially in those areas that are controlled by the who three rebels. on holiday him. shit was stuck up but we still have a joint national team to help out the robot here and this is our letter mr works out. to something that was out there. but the national team has not played in yemen
7:51 pm
for years because of the security situation. it has to play all its matches abroad . and in aden is one of the lucky sights to still have a stadium. and fans still watch the games. even if they are only friendly's the. finishing line is still happy to watch the games i feel great to be here with the young guys and to support them. humans professional league may no longer exist but the people's love of football remains so many in yemen football provides a much needed escape from the brutal reality of civil war. and staying with soccer johnson crane is here from the sports channels and there's a big national and up today in the champions league talking about the heat there is
7:52 pm
paris signs around against ramage there now and history have got it all to do if they want to get through to the quarter finals no need to they need to do the overtime the three one deficit they've got to say without name all the star player because he's in brazil that he's still recovering from the first injury had an operation there this week all right let's take a look at his piece she is still optimistic about the chances. two hundred twenty two million euros worth of talent hobbling around on crutches nameless foot injury was not what p.s.g. needed before taking on the mighty real madrid brazilian will be forced to watch the last sixteen tie from back home in person of the brazilian dani alves the man who encouraged neymar to come to paris says his side still have enough quality to win them over those of us you've got two options you can sit there and cry about it or get up and make it happen. course we're much stronger with name. but without him we're still strong because we have other good players.
7:53 pm
p.s.g. have loaded their team with stars in their bid for champions league glory how they love the same records rayo the spaniards have won twelve titles including two in a row i want to see than. mine you know this because we all know that after the game one of the two sides will be having itself time but that's football. investment from qatar has so far failed to bring piers g. european football's biggest prize it's gone out to spanish opposition in three of the past five seasons and will need to pull together to stop that happening again with. our eye jonathan how tough of the game is going to be for fish i think the old start against them is one thing going into the game with a two goal deficit is another being without your star massive blow to lose neymar he might not play for p.s.g. now for the rest of the season one small consolation kilian him back pay the other
7:54 pm
big name arrival of a p.s.g. this season is fit he is in the starting eleven i think i'll be kicking themselves that three weeks ago imagery of the game was evenly poised they threw it away. right at the end so we need to do now is draw inspiration from what happened to them last season they were formula up over boss and i don't know going into the second leg suffered a humiliating six one defeat and to see the architects of that was yes neymar how they need and tonight they will they will need and how important is a good champions league run for rio hugely important too given that really this competition is the only realistic chance of silverware this season then forget the thirteen points behind with boss alone or in the honestly already been done south of the cup in the course of finals i think that i'm not one back to back champions league titles he did probably been out the door already say it's not he's going to be significant for both coaches i think whoever loses could soon be out of a job i am ray of course brought in to deliver that champions league title for
7:55 pm
p.s.g. huge investment for them one quick thing to tell you about last night p.s.t. fans outside the realm of how banging drums setting off fireworks emery said he needed a twelve not a ten quite intended that said. oh boy i promise to be an exciting match thank you so much john i think greatly appreciate it already before i let you go when i remind you of our main headline this hour. north korea's kim jong un has agreed to meet his south korean count. part at a summit next month sean young said it could also suspend its testing of nuclear weapons if certain conditions were met u.s. president donald trump you know the agreement as quote possible progress. all right now does it for me on the rock and roll in on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us the news continues at the top of the hour.
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d w news live from berlin tonight north korea with a stunning offered to the united states ready to talk and ready to talk no nukes it comes as the leaders of the two koreas agreed to meet face to face in april. promises to suspend any missile tests while talks are taking place and it hints that a meeting between the u.s. and north korea could also be on the table also coming growing intrigue to know i just policing decontaminate those signs were a former russian.


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