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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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pastor. bush you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . tonight north korea with a stunning offer to the united states ready to talk and ready to talk no news it comes as the leaders of the two koreas agreed to meet face to face in april. promises to suspend any missile tests while talks are taking place and it hints that a meeting between the u.s.
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and north korea could also be on the table also coming rowing intrigue tonight british police decontaminate the signs were a former russian spy collapsed after being exposed to a mystery substance he's now in critical condition. i burned off it's good to have you with as we start with a shocking offer from north korea to the united states ready to meet and ready to talk about getting rid of nuclear weapons it comes after talks between north and south korean officials the north has agreed to hold a summit in late april that would include both leaders of both countries the announcement led president to tweet that this could possibly signal progress and show a serious effort by all parties so. korea's national security director said the north
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had offered to cut back on its nuclear weapons program if it received security guarantees the south korean delegation has returned home a day after meeting with the north korean leader in pyongyang it was the first time that kim jong un met with south korean officials since taking power here's what south korea's top security official had to say. the north clearly expressed its willingness for denuclearizing the korean peninsula and clarify that there's no reason for them to retain nuclear weapons if military threats against them are removed and if the safety of its regime is guaranteed. artless good washington now and bring in our correspondent carson phenomena he's on the story for us this evening good evening to you car stood so john yang hinting that talks with the u.s. could be on the table how skeptical is washington about this all.
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very skeptical the director of national intelligence dan coats told senators in the u.s. congress today that he was very doubtful that this was really a major breakthrough and vice president mike pence in the statements all options are on the table and our posture towards the regime will not change until we see credible very fireball and concrete steps towards the nuclear zation which in my view will most not happen because if we can judge from the behavior of the regime in pyongyang in recent years for them nuclear weapons are kind of a lifeline and insurance against a u.s. attack a u.s. military intervention so why should they give up those weapons now that they apparently have them and we know that there is deep mutual suspicion between north korea and the u.s. is there any way that the trump administration could say no to talks with north
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korea without the u.s. appearing to be the problem. well the trump ministration of course could do that and they might if they think that this. was not serious that north korea is just playing for time but having said that kili kim jong un the north korean dictator is playing this game very well and he's playing his cards very well his first goal was to establish north korea as a defacto nuclear power and he apparently has achieved that the north koreans might still have some problems to put nuclear warheads on long range missiles but they've made enough progress to make south korea and other neighbors in the region really concerned and keen now to stabilize the situation step two was to reach out to south korea and by this try to drive a venture between the u.s. and south korea because the south koreans of course don't want american military
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action while the talks are going on and step three now is to offer talks to the americans and as you said it might look bad for america if they start something on the military. while talks are going on a while neighbors like china think there is a chance for a peaceful solution so well played by kim jong un and even if the u.s. and north korea were to hold talks how widely carsten would a compromise be. well i can't really see a compromise because basically the regime in north korea has made it clear over years and years that it sees nuclear weapons and long range missiles as its best guarantee against the attempt to overthrow its regime in north korea so once again why should they give that up now my assessment is that north korea is
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rather playing for time trying to outlast the current administration and maybe done play another game with the next u.s. president care washington correspondent course in the nominal the story for us tonight carson thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a senior u.n. official has said meehan mars ethnic cleansing of rohingya muslims is ongoing he made this statement after he visited refugee camps in bangladesh's conses bazaar district hundreds of thousands of have fled to bangladesh since last august when me and maher forces launched a crackdown on their communities a russian transport plane has killed as crashed in syria killing all thirty nine people on board syrian state media citing the russian defense ministry says the plane crashed at russia's. air base in northern syria and was likely
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calls by a technical. staying with syria u.n. war crimes investigators have heavily criticized all factions in the civil war there for the bloody violence that has consumed the country a u.n. commission of inquiry says that both russia and a u.s. led coalition have caused civilian deaths with air strikes it also says that syrian government forces carried out unlawful chemical attacks in the rebel held eastern guta district you know that claims plight will be on the agenda when the u.n. security council meets tomorrow to discuss a failing truce in the reach. what was it like easton guta death lurks at every corner. of the struggle for survival here is ceaseless. sustained shelling on the city has
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led to the u.n. calling this the deadliest week for the syrian town since a cease fire was brokered at the end of last month i don't want to know your children have been the worst affected. by this cameraman stops to rescue a severely injured in front of the image to graphic to show. you are better than you when children's fund says the situation is desperate. the first two months of these here have been especially bloody for chipman we have received reports of over one thousand should one who were killed and seriously injured in the horse yeah on the scenes the year began. monday brought some reprieve aid trucks reached the embattled town for the first time since the offensive began . despite the excitement the world food program once it's far from enough. is up to four hundred thousand people trapped on the inside these people are living
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under siege and by that we mean there are serious shortages of medical assistance of food food insecurity is very high the u.n. security council on wednesday hold urgent talks on the feel of the thirty day ceasefire but with no having and insights to the war the people of this town remain in a constant fight for survival. for tonight britain says it will respond appropriately and robustly to any russian involvement in the apparent poisoning of a former spawn sergei scribble an ex russian intelligence officer who also spied for britain was found unconscious on sunday along with his daughter police are trying to identify the unknown substance that left the pair critically ill in the southern english city of sells beer. so i feel for you what the police have cordoned off the part of the song's free park west cripple and his door to you were
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found critically ill on sunday. investigators are now busy trying to determine the nature of the unknown substance the two victims were exposed to. as you are aware we declared a major incident yesterday after a man and woman were taken seriously ill in salzburg on sunday. they both remain in a critical condition and all fools and best wishes remain with the families during this difficult time. it was also eating a meal at this local restaurant that a resident film script all violently ill on a nearby bench. and then the man starts throwing up those weird wasn't like no new in some phrases. like you can see that he was fishing for not what he start wasn't even it was just the voters just common knowledge was around the kremlin has denied knowledge of the incident with the spokesman describing it as
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a tragic situation but british policy makers a suspicious linking this incident to the death of another former russian spy. all remember her. death. in two thousand and. one it would be wrong and. i can reassure them that your evidence and. then the american government will record appropriately. script was a colonel in russia's military intelligence service back in two thousand and four he was arrested in russia and convicted of spying for britain two years later. in twenty ten he was freed as part of a high level spy exchange. british counter-terrorism specialists have now taken charge of the investigation but a spokesman said they keeping an open mind about the nature of the incident. well
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to yemen now and one unusual casualty of the country's bitter civil war the country's soccer league shut down after fighting broke out there three years ago but professional players are too passionate to hang up their boots completely even in the midst of the fighting. a friendly match in the backyard of the national museum in the yemeni city of aden the professional players from. taking on an amateur third division side this dusty patch of land is all a long established club has left the stadium has been partly destroyed and is now in a restricted military area and occupied by soldiers. the league in yemen stopped operating when the war broke out. the only chance professional players get to play football is in friendly's like this. the guys are not as fit as they used to be because we
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don't train regularly and because we have no competitive games. at the end of. the only train three or four times a month and the club only pays them pocket money they struggle to make ends meet just like the majority of people in yemen. and basically unemployed i was able to live well from football but that's all gone now i don't have enough anymore it's really tough for me and i have to think about doing something else to earn money maybe i'll join the army. there are many different factions operating in southern yemen with different goals . some want a separate state in the south. others are fighting who the rebels in the north. the country is divided. and football is divided to.
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also because you see. there is only informal contacts with people in the north of the country. especially in those areas that are controlled by the who three rebels. i'm on holiday. but we still have a joint national team. works. but the national team has not played in yemen for years because of the security situation. it has to play all its matches abroad. shops in aden is one of the lucky sides to still have a stadium. and fans still watch the games. even if they are only friendly.
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initiating i'm so happy to watch the games here i feel great to be here with the young guys and to support them but. humans professional league may no longer exist but the people's love of football remains so many in yemen football provides a much needed escape from the brutal reality of civil war. all the back of the top of the hour with more world news followed by good to see you this. dortmund shall get like to get your favorite teams all the best goals we've got i should focus on what is legal right here. t w is the whole of german football shares period for every man in. the band is legal every weekend here on w.


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