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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action. on the multimedia environment series on t w. a message from the north korean leader to the united states ready and willing to meet ready and willing to talk about pursuing nuclear weapons no more tonight an offer that has stunned the world is it an offer too good to be true i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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it's also not all that shaking hands of the special envoy and his posse one by one the respected supreme leader a woman he welcomed them on their visit to pyongyang. seven pm the north has said that they're open to talking with the united states regarding nuclear is asian and normalizing ties between north korea and the united states you know how i meet with the north for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula cannot come here at the same time we should focus all our efforts to quickly effectively create defenses against north korea's nuclear and missile programs. also coming up from the plague of ebola to the plague of corruption voters in sierra leone on the eve of a national election. these so called us we've never seen they've created a perfect little chrissy wiki leak is using everybody soon every concert.
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oh we begin the day with north korea's shocking yes to possibly no nukes after rare talks between north and south korean officials the north has sent a message for the united states we are willing to meet and discuss denuclearization in exchange for security guarantees north korea is also reportedly offering to put on hoed all nuclear weapons tests during those talks a stunning turn of events u.s. president donald trump has reacted with guarded optimism but others in washington are still urging caution. we have come certainly a long way at least rhetorically with north korea would be a great thing for the world it would be a great thing for north korea would be a great thing for the financial hope springs eternal but we need to learn a lot more relative to these talks and we will spend very clear we have made a drawing of a very clear line growth korea has to agree to not possess nuclear
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capability to tell that happens that we cannot have an agreement with them and that is our position in with so we'll see what happens here and that was the director of national intelligence dan coats speaking on capitol hill today on the south korean delegation is now returned home after meeting with the north korean leader in pyongyang it was the first time kim jong un met with south korean officials since taking power. images from north korean state television president kim jong un welcome south korea's national security chief chango a young and four other special envoys from seoul kim told them he wants to write a new history of national reunification and this is what the first chapter should look like the two sides are planning a meeting for their heads of state in late april the first summit in eleven years but that's not all according to south korean sources prepared to suspend nuclear
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and missile tests while dialogue is underway and he is reported to have said there's no reason for north korea to have nuclear weapons if he gets security guarantees for his regime he also hinted at dialogue with the united states. u.s. president donald trump reacted on twitter he cited possible progress but warned it could be false hope the u.s. is he says ready to go hard in either direction but south korea's president moon j.n. reacted with caution you do know on how. we must talk to north korea in order to denuclearize the korean peninsula but at the same time so we must put maximum effort into establishing effective measures against north korean nuclear weapons and missiles only when it's hot meanwhile north korea is broadcasting these images kim and his wife hosting is guests at a banquet as if it were
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a family get together and as if there were no nuclear conflict no missile tests and no u.n. sanctions. no positive developments here if they can or cannot be taken seriously that's what we want to talk about tonight to do that i'm joined here at the big table by been hard bar she is an asian affairs expert at the bertelsmann foundation think tank here in berlin and from washington tonight on the story for us our correspondent trust in phenomena to both of you gentlemen welcome let me start with you bernhard the north could now be willing to scale back its nuclear weapons program under certain conditions that we heard about today how credible is that all. i don't think it's very credible until they actually make a specific office they have been talking about this for a lot in the past and they've offered to talk about it now but we have nothing specific and hands no that is concrete and lets us know what they are actually up
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to encourage them and we heard the u.s. president speak earlier today about this stunning offer how skeptical is washington . well president trump as we've seen is cautiously optimistic he seems to be willing to give it a shots but most of the. foreign policy hands in the administration they are much more skeptical we've seen than code's director of national intelligence who said he was very doubtful that this was really a major breakthrough and vice president mike pence stated that all options are still on the table and that of course also includes military action so the americans are basically saying we want north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and we'll believe it when we see it so let's not get carried away and on and we see
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aggressive posturing from north korea over the last year followed now by disappearing attempt to fall to jin's on the korean peninsula why do you think we're seeing this now i think is under a lot of pressure the sanctions are very hot on the country but especially on the elites who want import cause import food they want to travel north korea has been under pressure because there was a real threat of war until a couple of weeks ago of course they don't want to be in that position at some point this very very poor country will have to cash in do you think that the north korean leader do you think that he would be willing to let it go so far as you know for a war to start no because north korea would know that it could never win a war it could. caused a lot of destruction in the region but it would be the end to the regime but then
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the regime has been under a lot of pressure and they might need it it's hard to calculate what they would be doing and there's been the argument in the us that you should rather have a preemptive strike now. rather than later when then nuclear program might be even more advanced and developed in carson is there any way that the trouble ministration could say no to this offer now and we've got north korea saying possibly we're willing to talk and standing us say no to that without the us appearing to be the problem. they can and i am my it especially when i think this is just a stalling tactic by north korea as bennett said the americans think that they have only just a very short window of time in which they can act without risking that north korea by that time could reach the american mainland with a stick missile and nuclear warheads so they really want something to be done
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having said that of course that kim jong un is playing this game very well and he is first goal was to make north korea defect to nuclear power and he has achieved the second step was to reach out to south korea to drive of which between the south koreans and the americans and i think he achieved that's a some extent because the south koreans of course don't want an american attack while they are trying to reach some kind of rup rushmore and now he is reaching out to the americans again i would say to buy time basically and of course the russians the chinese also the japanese the europeans might not be in favor of military action right now when there seems to be a chance for a peaceful solution so well played by kim jong un. even if the u.s. and north korea if they were to hold talks how whitely would a compromise be. it's very difficult to see
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because the americans really don't want north korea to be in a position where they can reach the united states with ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads and they want to north korea to shed its nuclear arms and i think north korea will always think that it's best guarantee against an overthrow from the outside from the americans those nuclear weapons so personally i don't have the fantasy to see where a compromise could light you i mean it's the a good point. if we look at all of the players here i mean the one who stands out in my opinion is the south korean president move i mean if there is a success story that we can talk about so far is it his success story i think it is because his problem has been that control of his security on the korean peninsula
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has been taken out of his hands by the trump administration and the trump administration has been discussing for a while that they would be willing to go to war and the victims of that would be mostly the people in south korea so opening these talks is a way back for the south korean president moon to get control over security in his own country so to say ok and yes or no talks between the u.s. and north korea do you think they're going to have to eventually they will look after a good very hard bargain with the bevels men foundation here at the big table and carson phenomena on the story for us tonight from washington to both of you gentlemen thank you very much thank you. well tonight britain says it will respond appropriately and were bus lead to any russian involvement in the apparent poisoning of a former spy sergei scribble an ex russian intelligence officer who also spying for britain was found unconscious on sunday along with his daughter on
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a public bench in the southern city of salzburg they had been exposed to an unknown substance and police released this video from c.c.t.v. which may shows cripple and his daughter walking last sunday the video was taken in an alleyway connecting a restaurant and the bench where the two were found collapse. the field where you were police have cordoned off the part of the song's republic where scrip oh and his duty union was found critically ill on sunday. investigators are now busy trying to determine the nature of the unknown substance the two victims were exposed to. aware we declared a major incident yesterday after a man and woman were taken seriously arrow in soulsby on sunday. they both remain in a critical condition and all fools and best wishes remain with the families during
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this difficult time. it was to eating a meal at this local restaurant that a resident found script all violently ill on a nearby bench. and then the man starts throwing up those wait it wasn't like no missiles freeze up. but you can see that he was fishing for and what he start was uneven is just the former is just common knowledge is around the kremlin has denied knowledge of the incident with the spokesman describing it as a tragic situation but british policy makers a suspicious linking this incident to the death of another former russian spy are. all remember who make. the death. into gaza. right it would be wrong to investigate i can reassure the. evidence and.
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then the american government will respond appropriately. script was a conlan russia's military intelligence service back in two thousand and four he was arrested in russia and convicted of spying for britain two years later. in twenty ten he was freed as part of a high level spying exchange. british counter-terrorism specialists have now taken charge of the investigation but a spokesman said to keeping an open mind about the nature of the incident. well i'm joined tonight from london by maximillian hess a political risk analyst for europe eurasia and that includes the former soviet union mr has welcome to the day if it does turn out that both sergei skip all and his daughter have been targeted with this highly exotic and practically undetectable poise it how probable would you say it is that this is
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a russian job. well i would say right now obviously initial suspicions will fall upon moscow the incident involving i was on the think on more than a decade ago in britain is not the only suspicious such incident that's occurred in europe or even in the united states however in britain there have been a number of such incidents most prominently to suspect the poisoning of another former russian intelligence agent in the policing and there are even been a number in austria and vienna connected to chechen groups that formally fought against the government there so suspicions will certainly fall on moscow that obviously if there was a poison used there is extensive knowledge research on the russian use of such poisons and such assassinations but i would say given the timing even though if it were moscow they would not acknowledge it there it's certainly being done at
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a timing to send a message i believe if russia was behind it yeah i mean assuming that there is russian involvement here me how do you explain the time being sergey script moved to the u.k. in twenty ten so you know why why attack him now. well there are those in russia who who argue that or others or who look at russia who argue that this is actually cast doubt upon potential russian involvement there are some who argue that president putin could potentially seek to alter or improve the relationship with the west after the presidential elections due to be held in just over a week in russia however i think my thinking at this point is that having seen president putin's state of the union speech the other week in which he prominently made headlines by announcing new nuclear technologies although again there are questions about how serious some of those claims are whether they have gone as far as he announced but i think that doing that really sent a signal that said our foreign policy will not be changed regardless of current
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events in the west and if russia was behind this given the huge fallout that happened after that your neck ok so even though not nearly as much after a number of others it would certainly be another single that russia continued plans to continue on a hard line for foreign policy in this next time you have it it's a good point if you go back and look at what happened after the poisoning of the the u.k. took steps to demonstrate to russia that there is a cost to this since then u.k. relations with russia have deteriorated substantially i mean what could the impact of this incident be on relations between russia and the u.k. . i think it will largely be shaped by the wider international community given issues going on with brags that at the same time britain may be hesitant to be seen as taking certain aggressive foreign policy actions boris johnson warned
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that if russian involvement did there was evidence of that that british officials could potentially like caught the world cup to be held there this year he did however quickly state that that would not include the national football team however so i think it may also be that now is the time given the uncertainties elsewhere in british foreign policy that president trump in that states chose not to enact sanctions legally mandated by congress at the end of january i think it may actually be a time where at least initially russia if it was behind it again if may see this as a time where it can take action without significant repercussions. yeah it's interesting you say that we heard today and yesterday that russia has said that it is willing to cooperate with u.k. investigators in this new case what do you make of that well that's
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statement came from the presidential spokesperson russia who is very much a political actors as well and part of the messaging agenda they will of course say that but if we look back at that look at the ankle case where not only they refused any real cooperation they made the suspects politicians with their unity in the state duma russia does not a trend it's isms anyway regardless of whether they have you or not so that's really. unlikely i believe i mean do you think that was maybe a little bit of window dressing that's not to even be taken seriously. i think that's a very apt description we know that president putin we know that he feels a certain way when it comes to double spies i mean he considers them to be guilty of treason and theat he's not alone in that sentiment is it possible that others in
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russia could be behind this incident well they certainly. if this incident was carried out as an assassination of former intelligence officer suspicion will fall on the intelligence agencies there that means that they do have extensive ties with organized crime networks who have been instrumental ised to carry out. objectives of russian foreign policy particularly we've seen that it's in the ukraine particularly frequently i would mention just very briefly there are other tensions not just the headline tensions over ukraine over hacking that states between russia and the west and there is some talk that if this is fascinating was blamed on russia it would be a sign of sort of changing rules in the spying game that you know to go after a spy who is traded or a former spy was traded in a swap that would be quite as collations what we've seen for example with regards to that in ankara who is actively working against russian interests with with
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a number of european intelligence agencies in time it is in this case that there are at least not the same public knowledge that any such activity was being carried out makes me and has a political risk analyst joining us tonight from london thank you very much we appreciate your time. well images of an ebola outbreak that left thousands dead maybe the last time that you can recall sierra leone making global headlines ebola is just one of the issues that will be on voters' minds in sierra leone when they go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new president sixteen candidates are buying for the top job including front runners from the incumbent all people's congress and the opposition people's party whoever wins will face the tough task of turning around the country whose economy has been
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rocked by recent crises including that devastating ebola outbreak in two thousand and fourteen our west african correspondent adrian krege files this report tonight from mckinney home of the outgoing president ernest bai koroma. there's certainly a choice in these elections a total of sixteen candidates are vying for the presidency. not that that's any comfort for desmond reese he's frustrated with his government but also says there's no real alternative. he is the change. is that you would reach so for me i don't see. we first met rees four years ago during the cold outbreak he was working as a volunteer heading up a red cross burial team. it was
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a high risk and it placed great stress on his personal life. up to now had to get my family to go. to light today because. the government promised to recognise reese and his colleagues efforts by. granting them special payments once the epidemic was over so far though they've received nothing according to the country's auditor general at least fourteen million dollars in aid have simply disappeared an example of corruption corruption is a key theme in the election campaign two. we've never seen they've created a. leak is using every ministry in every culture let me give you an example. it is only in my country that you expect. in the middle of the country in the middle of the main city. but the ruling
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party's presidential candidates america mar is more relaxed on the subject. any country. it depends on the monday today of corruption. activities that is corrupt president's. efforts mean. to do with. tomorrow was minister for foreign affairs until last year when he was nominated for the presidential race by the country's current leader ernest koroma koroma has ruled for ten years and now has to step down. the governing body a.b.c. is mainly trying to sell its excesses and infrastructural projects that he and the home base of the party they enjoy a comfortable majority but in other parts of the country people are not so happy about the situation. including desmond reads like many others he believes the
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election will be won by the main opposition party or even the governing party itself and either way reece is certain he won't get adequate recognition for all his hard work during the in bhola crisis he does have some hope though that one day more funds will be invested in the country's health system instead of being siphoned off through corruption. are take a look this is a historic discovery the world's oldest known message in a bottle has been found washed up on a remote beach in western australia its origins have been traced to germany where more than a century ago thousands of bottles were flung into the ocean as part of experiments for studying currents in the hopes of up to mines in shipping routes the message found in the bottle was dated from eight hundred eighty six a resident of the city of perth stumbled upon the bottle while picking up garbage on the beach. one man's junk is another man's treasure art the
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day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us at twitter you see the handles right there in remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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this is d w newsline from berlin tonight a stunning offer from north korea to the u.s. ready to talk about no nukes and think it was president reacts with guarded optimism we have come certainly a long wait at least rhetorically with north korea would be a great thing for the world it would be a great thing for north korea would be a great thing for the financial. that comes out of the leaders of the two koreas agreed to meet face to face this coming april also coming up growing intrigue british.


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