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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is news live. the u.n. human rights chief warns of all out destruction in syria's eastern ghouta and beyond much more on some of the month. it will be somewhere else where people. around them. are individuals were there. but can the u.n. do anything to stop the brutal conflicts when the security council meets later today. the war of words between britain and russia escalates as
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a former russian spy ice for his life after being exposed to a mystery substance and more white house may have donald trump's top economic advisor gary cohen resigns over the president's threat to ignore the dangers of a trade war and impose tariffs on steel and aluminum also coming up here in germany a court delivers a landmark birthday to a group of far right extremists a judge can sentences of up to ten years in jail to members of the so-called. branding their bombing campaign against refugee homes some political opponents terrorism we will have the latest from outside the court in the eastern city of dresden. and finally headbangers and the jobs where in indonesia to meet the teenage girls shrugging off tradition and death threats in order to rob.
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i'm sara kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us a mounting threat of further devastation in syria the un human rights chief warns the syrian government and its foreign allies are planning more destruction to follow the siege of eastern ghouta here's more of what he had to say in his annual report to the human rights council this month it is used in water which is in the words of the sector general hell on earth next month or the month after it will be somewhere else where people first an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters that was advised of hussein speaking there at the
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us annual human rights report in geneva meanwhile syrian state television saying that the government troops have advanced into eastern ghouta in an effort to slice the besieged enclave into two the brutal air and ground assaults has become one of the fiercest battles of the war more than eight hundred civilians have been killed in the regime's attempt to seize the rebel held on klav. in eastern guta death flags at every corner. the struggle for survival here is ceaseless sustained shelling on the city has led to the u.n. calling this the deadliest week for the syrian town since a cease fire was brokered at the end of last month the time and even of stuff. children have been the worst affected. this cameraman stops to rescue a severely injured infant the image too graphic to show.
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the u.n. children's fund says the situation is desperate. the first two months of this year have been especially bloody for children we have received reports of over one thousand should one who were killed and seriously injured in the horse you're young only since the year began. monday brought some reprieve aid trucks reached the embattled area for the first time since the offensive began. despite the excitement the world food program once it's far from enough. up to four hundred thousand people trapped on the inside of these people are living under siege and by that we mean there are serious shortages of medical assistance of food food insecurity is very high the un security council will hold urgent talks later today on the failure of the thirty day cease fire but with no end to the war in sight the
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people of east and go to remain in agony. and earlier we spoke with un human rights office spokeswoman robin about shamdasani from geneva and i began by asking her who's to blame for the humanitarian crisis in syria the syrian government first and foremost is to blame but the international community shares this it's been seven years now since the conflict in syria began and there has been not one step taken by the security council to show that it is resolute and concerted including this conflict to an end and in bringing the perpetrators of these greeba illusions of human rights and humanitarian law to account we're looking at pictures of destruction there they you know syrians they have endured violence on a huge scale for years now how would you assess the threats to the population how have they changed over the last year. you know when it when it really struck me
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about your coverage and here it was that you said that images of children in syria were too graphic to be shown on television let's think about that for a second when images of children are too graphic to be shown on television that tells you that something is seriously wrong these attacks that the syrian government and its allies are cleaning are to root out terrorist groups when you cannot show pictures of children on television these attacks are clearly not hitting the targets they are hitting civilians i want to drill down and talk a little bit more about one of the participants conflict. and ask for your assessment on their claims because we know that the u.n. human rights chief also dismissed syrian government claims about its campaign in eastern good to as being ridiculous what is the government saying and where do its claims breakdown in your view. the government is saying that this is.
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targeted to you know very targeted cappie against terrorist groups now we do not deny that there are groups that are extremist and there are there are jihadist groups but if you're talking about a few hundred scientists this is an area is utilizing area with possibly four hundred thousand these who have been under siege for many years now they haven't had access to their basic necessities there's been a shortage of food medicine and we now have reports of thousands of injured civilians and these injured civilians do not have that sense to medical care and they have nowhere to the in go there is no evacuation possible they didn't even want to leave so these claims that this is you know a targeted attack against terrorist groups as the high commissioner said it is ridiculous. the signing we would like to thank you this morning for joining us to share that message as we mentioned you are the spokesperson for the u.n. human rights office we appreciate it. let's get
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a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world voters in sierra leone are electing a new president sixteen candidates are running with four seen as having a realistic chance the winner will face the difficult task of turning around an economy that has been rocked by recent crises including the devastating of coal outbreak twenty fourteen. the united states has announced more sanctions on north korea this after washington formally concluded that the country used chemical weapons to assassinate the half brother of leader kim jong il and at follow him for airport last year kim jong nam died after a nerve agent was sprayed in his face. britain's interior minister says that authorities now know more about the mystery substance that left a former russian spy and his daughter critically ill over the weekend police will reveal toxicology findings later today as they seek to determine whether there was any foul play involved in the incident this security camera footage is of keen
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interest to british counterterror thirty's it could show a couple merely taking a stroll but police are investigating anyone who was in the area around the time former russian spy. and his daughter yulia collapsed near a shopping center on sunday this alleyway connects salisbury's restaurant where the couple are reported to have dined and the park bench where they were found unconscious. days later large areas remain cordoned off investigators have extensively decontaminated several locations including the nearby hospital where they were taken police have moved to reassure the public calling the measure of routine yet the incident is anything but that. scream paul was a colonel in russia's military intelligence service he was arrested in russia in two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later in two thousand and ten he was freed as part of a high level spy exchange now screwball and his thirty three year old daughter
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yulia are fighting for their lives british foreign minister boris johnson says the case echoes the death by poisoning of former russian agent alexander litvinenko and is promising a tough response if investigators do find evidence of foreign involvement though i'm not pointing fingers because we care this is because your standpoint think as i say to governments around the world. that no attempt to take innocent life on u.k. soil will go either unsanctioned or unpunished. others are pointing fingers directly at the kremlin. and there are a man with hazmat suits walking around. the edge of terrorists and so the obvious conclusion or the obvious theory i should say is that this was a russian. organized assassination attempt russia is strongly denying any involvement in the case. just like it's difficult to evaluate the story as anything
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other than provocative media allegation intended to further exacerbate relations between our countries solution investigators have yet to provide definitive statements but already some leaders in london say treating russia in the usual way will prove difficult. you're watching t.w. news still to come on the program a german judge strikes a blow against domestic terrorism that is as he hangs heavy sentences to neo nazis who fire bombed a refugee shelter is the latest on a landmark case with our correspondent. but first gary hart is here and has the trade war already started the e.u. trade commission has put bourbon whiskey and peanut butter on as possible and to trump a tariff list kenneth bay gary hart yes it definitely seems to be heating up the situation is getting more him of all it's all and it seems that it's the exact
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scenario economists have warned about including white house economic adviser gary cohn he has become the latest high ranking white house employee to quit his post mr cohn is to step down as the director of the national economic council he has been the leading internal opponents to trump's plans to impose import tariffs on steel and he reportedly spent days trying and failing to perswade president trying to change his mind u.s. stock futures stumbled on the news. the wall street journal called him an economic policy powerhouse gary cohn was a key architect of trump's tax cut it may have been framed as economic populism but to the former head of investment bank goldman sachs it was common sense but his boss ignored cohen's had advice on another key issue about our tax plan as well we will be imposing tariffs on steel imports in tariffs on boards
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and you're going to see a lot of good things happen and that was apparently too much for conan who reportedly spent weeks warning the president that protectionist policies would only harm u.s. interests and anger key allies or might there is literally nothing to be guy and. in the united states at all from imposing i tariffs on a stride in steel exports that's so we've made a very strong case and. we are continuing to mike attention now turns to who will take place at the podium where the president is denying rumors of a shortage of top flight candidates individuals so many people want to come in i have a choice of anybody i could take any position in the white house and i'll have a choice of the ten top people having to do with that position everybody wants to be there and they love this white house because we have energy like rarely before
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the other really as gary cohn prepares to leave the white house markets are once again on edge amid fears the president could now be free to launch a full scale trade war. now what's the fallout going to be for the european union the answer seems to be clear retaliatory tariffs on american goods like whiskey or peanut butter as we are on the table but the u.s. must learn to play by the rules of the w t o was says down the line it of the e.u.'s trade commission corresponded months caught up with him in brussels today. mr lang it wouldn't be counterproductive now to retaliate to the measures that the us will probably install on steel and aluminum i'm talking about the tariffs of course you know we should to make it clear you opinion statement against this. announced by the united states because it's not related to dumping subsidies cases is really to close a market of united states and this is another minute ruling of
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a double kyoto and therefore we need reaction from you have been taught but isn't that looking at how trump has governed how you react isn't that the spark that really would start a trade war i would not trade war but we are stick to the real sticking to the rule of. also in our countermeasures and i think the united states have to learn that this is an international. food based system and they should stick to this as well but do you think this is going to work because trump doesn't dislike small time lateral institutions he dislikes the trade system and all that it doesn't appear that this will have much success we talked a lot to him without any success you're quite right this is really the top of a lot of measures he made and at the end of the day we have to reflect if there is a need for a plan b. . was all a human understates so the e.u.'s the last guardian of the free trade system as we've known it in the last years not
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a really free tate let's say very system of course they're also safeguards and other possibilities but we need a particular system and this is a would based w. two a system it's a long thank you very much for talking to us it's not just our correspondent. from the e.u. trade committee that now you've got to be a great investor to jump on the volatile bitcoin bandwagon central banks commercial banks and politicians have always peatling warned that the crypto currency comes with considerable risk but apparently some teenagers in australia are not heeding that warning they have grown up with tech and see bitcoin and other digital currencies added as an opportunity rather than it's fresh. for dean ashton enteron it all started when he bought his first bitcoin at age fifteen so. i basically didn't really spend much money in high school. i saved it all and. my
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plan was to you know put it all interior investment for years on the university student in australia has a diverse crypto portfolio and helps others to invest although analysts around the world dissuade people and especially youngsters from trading in crypto currency he's followed by most banks in australia are even banning their customers from buying big coin with credit cards. we've grown up with tech we understand how to use the internet quickly we can really do our own race as quickly make an online opinions about things via the internet very quickly in spite of all the risks and the recent downturn more and more teenagers investing cryptocurrency they talk about it during recess that's why a brisbane high school decided to host a session for students and parents about safe online crypto trading. to be fully aware poem decisions top tips for future investors do your research take
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chances and consider the warnings. germany is coming down hard on hate crimes absolutely we have a really huge verdict to tell our viewers about because members of a far right german terror group that attacked refugee homes at the peak of the twenty fifteen refugee crisis have been handed prison sentences of between four and ten years the group seven men and one woman aged between twenty and forty have been found guilty of charges including forming a terrorist association and attempted murder the frye tell group named after the small town in saxony where they operated were handed their sentences in the last hour by a court dressed in. and our correspondent fabienne father mark is on the story he is joining us from berlin fabi on the defendants have as we've just heard received sentences between four and ten years put it into context for us how significant is
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this verdict it is quite significant because it clearly defines the these bomba techs on a refugee accommodation that's attacks on left wing politicians that these acts are clearly political terror and particularly when you see that for example local politicians have said that these are these were boyish prangs and the defense lawyers also said that this was just spontaneous you know the court made pretty clear that these deeds were well organized that there was a high level of conspiracy that this group has created a climate of fear and that they definitely attempted to kill people and that's why they had to be severely punished and they may not be alone at least in their philosophy german authorities actually monitoring several far right groups we understand they say that the number of these groups is increasing five and you
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actually did some reporting on this i'd like to play that reporting and then get your reaction there after this is more on the growth of extremism in germany. mid february in the german town of heilbronn a seventy year old man suddenly attacks three refugees with a knife. for german investigators yet another example of right wing extremist crowd . has become violent and the federal criminal police has issued explicit warnings about a lone wolf fanatics but also about organized neo nazi structures for example as we have seen with the final group of. like a clef now has been researching right wing radicalism for years she documents new developments in a sort of almanac of right wing violence she's noticed an increase willingness on the part of german extremists to commit acts of violence. we're seeing that the extreme right wing scene is to
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a large extent calmed i'm nearly every region home ends up with the discovery of weapons or explosives in the. spring stuff when the authorities believe there are around twenty three thousand right wing extremists in germany about half are potentially violent some are organized within right wing extremist parties such as the n p d but there is also some overlap with the a.f.p. or alternative for germany. after the political a.s.d. politicians and representatives have no problem whatsoever going along with matches where militant new nazis. often zif to the grave and actively promote them in some cases neo nazis even. that the f.d.a. is now the main opposition party in the german parliament its embrace members with more extremist views germany's right wing scene is growing and with it concerns
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about hate crimes. so the philosophies are on the rise but fabienne how organized are these groups and what counter measures are germany's authorities taking. when you look at these extremely violent groups today with the group this was the second verdict on the terrorist right wing terrorist group and with another one with another trial of course still to be seen probably within this year against the so-called national socialist underground and it's you a group that has killed ten people in germany but then there's also those lonely acting people and political parties that sometimes play rather i just logical road . but then of course the question how to deal with all these groups intelligence services are surveilling these groups particularly those very extreme groups
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there's also police work and then there's of course all the initiatives in terms of programs and political work educational work in order to to get this ground fareed ground of right wing extremists and baathist. and found out marked with the very latest on the story fabienne thanks. turning now to indonesia and a heavy metal band ready to make some noise there head banging riffs hardly news a to the heirs of many in the muslim majority country and there's another twist to this story because the band's members are all female hate mail death threats they haven't stopped these teenagers from hitting this stage let's have a listen now to the band called v.o.b. . this is not your typical heavy metal band
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these are job wearing girls call themselves v.o.b. short for voice of b.c. pro or just noisy voice that we've put on that may be on the bullet at the moment but i do know that they're recording their first album in jakarta. this song is called school revolution. and it means a lot to lead singer fear the cornea you must live. when i record the song i sing it with all i've caught the lyrics are about how i got picked on at school because i'm different i'm not afraid to speak my mind many people think i'm weird and i exciter and this song i let loose feeling site. the band members are sixteen and seventeen years old in indonesia many girls this age are already married but these three are obsessed with making music. while i used to be really shy while i still am but i'm
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a lot more confident now i can play bass guitar and they aren't many people my age who can do that and. to. hear does city and we are excited they're about to get on a plane for the first time they're going with their assistant and manager to a music festival in bali. but this. year it will listen and. then we'll be a great experience for us. there riced a famous like something from a hollywood film three years ago they founded the band at school in a rural town now they're making t.v. appearances recording an album jetting to bali for three days it's a completely new world for the three girls from humble beginnings and it's both scary. and exciting. for me.
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at first their parents didn't allow them to make music heavy metal is not exactly what conservative muslim parents want their daughters to do but the girls didn't give up. my parents are still worried but by now they realize that we're successful that's why they allowed me to come on this trip although they did tell me to be careful. my parents said be good and don't forget to pray. after landing in bali the girls rush to the sound check. they say they need to let off steam just like all teenagers music is their way of showing their different and rebelling. belief on a large scale in the event the music. i play me love in this is the minims and
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i want to see it in the bucket with the and find it it is my duty. and first the cover songs written by other bands but now they compose their own music. to. get on with their songs speak fight the pru can school system discrimination and equality our generation cares about these subjects many of our friends escape through casual sex and drugs and we have music i need. to do it yet. i don't see this. on stage these three shy teenagers transform into rock n roll professionals.
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biggers vocals and loud guitars he job heavy metal it's the opposite of submissiveness the band wants to be role models for girls they see islam and heavy metal can go hand in hand. keep rockin girls will be right back there watching. the formation of a government september two thousand and seventeen after germany's parliamentary elections consultation talks exploration talks negotiations and follows of a dozen all talk no government for months. interviews with the key players and insiders reconstruct the course of events straight up to the s.p.d. vote. in the labyrinth of power in forty five minutes on d w.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america so i realized really early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of those. items let's all work at the w. e w's program guide. the highlights. the whole. dot com highlights. go to stay in good shape return in ten days
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here and you can leave this school and mazing think it's backpack if you want to know what's inside it's busy don't let. you have to turn the radio most favorite homelands into. coffee mccomb a neat little bit a chance to do. so. good luck. welcome back you were news i'm sarah kelly in berlin and our top story is the u.n. has slammed to the syrian government for risking hundreds of thousands of lives to target a few hundred fighters in eastern good stuff more than eight hundred civilians have died in recent fighting in the rebel held enclave. let's get more on that now with anna sophia branwen a little interesting wrinkle to the story because as we've seen there syria's brutal civil war is escalating but despite this apparently some politicians who are
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here in germany from the party the alternative for germany we know that they're relatively right when they say that these people have no need to a pipe for asylum within the country that they've apparently actually gone to syria tell us a little bit more about that because they've been posting about that on social media that's right there currently seven if the politicians on the ground in syria on a private trip and they say they want to paint a realistic picture of what life and syria is really like and they're actually doing that on social media with images let's take a look here's a tweet be can pull it up by if the petition doctored just young blacks he posted images of the delegation taking a quote wonderful straw in damascus where you met so many friendly and open people who are really happy about our visit everything is totally relaxed here he says in a another tweet he says normal every day in the modern shops as you can see on the photos women with and without head scarves it's hard to believe that tens of
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thousands of syrian men and now in germany and they even want to bring their families over he tweets and his images actually paint a very positive picture of syria here he even recommends people to go that himself she says damascus is worth a trip people here are very polite and the food is delicious but of course they're not just strolling. around today also meeting important people like a comment by dream has the grand mufti of syria as you can see in the street by member frank powers of mine of course this group is only about ten kilometers away from. where the war is really raging and you just heard civilians have been killed . so two very different images that we have actually been receiving here how has the trip given that been received very controversial especially here in germany and particularly of this meeting with the grand mufti has caught has caused quite the outrage and that's because he actually of the grand mufti threatens the west to send jihadists to europe if they intervene in syria and in lebanon and
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a lot of socially opposed views actually posting this video where he threatens the well let's take a look in iraq we. were sunni so you could go right. up what do you. think you would. think. that space would be the man that he is the petition has just met with and another big complaint is that they actually as i said there in not in use language where the situation is much more dramatic but they are in relatively safe damascus and so a lot of social media users are concerned that they're trying to downplay the situation in syria but of course it's also quite a few german social media users who are really supportive and who say this is great that the day is actually on the ground that they're trying to figure out the situation for themselves rather than believing reports that are coming out of the region how have syrians themselves reacted to the most of them actually living in
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germany or so most of the reaction we've seen come from syrians in germany like a guy who actually has a facebook page where he teaches refugees about daily life and germany and he post a very emotional story let's take a look his name is and he said that when i was when i saw that the f.t.'s. damascus today i've got this feeling again that i didn't have for five years the same feeling i had because of the bombs the military planes and the killing of my friend this feeling is called insecurity and it took me a long time to forget it and later he set a new dark history is being written in germany right now so did allegation will be in syria until friday they plan on going to aleppo next and will be taking track will be looking at what they're posting and we'll see how the story develops and just remind everyone you know they want to declare the country safe so that people cannot get a status because otherwise it would have the right to that refugee status that they have that. it's totally safe i want to go back you know very honest with you
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brandon biggs so much for joining us now with more about this. find out to sri lanka where buddhist mobs have been defying a state of emergency launching fresh attacks on muslim targets in the country the flashpoint of the violence has been the region around the central city of candy hundreds of police and soldiers have been deployed to stem the violence which has been ongoing for days authorities have also blocked access to social media in some areas official saying that at least one hundred fifty homes shops vehicles belong to muslims have been set ablaze. and for more let's bring in alan keenan senior sri lanka analyst for the international crisis group he joins us now from colombo welcome to you alan what is behind this flare up of religious violence in trade long would you say it is many things behind it there's some deep seated prejudice misinformation fears of muslims i mean easing of the. there is
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inaction by the state for political reasons various sorts and there is an inability initially i think refusal on the inability of the police and the army to really handle things. but it's quite dangerous and it's really going to question the possibility of sri lanka progressing. towards a more stable democratic political system and we've also we've heard that authorities have shut down social media and the country can you confirm that what more can you tell us. yet it appears to be the case i'm not sure it's the wisest strategy because while it cuts off the ability of. the militants who are behind the violence and the mobs in the street to communicate with each other and to plan attacks which they were doing it also prevents some journalists it prevents activists it prevents the people who sells seek to use the same media to protect themselves to communicate where they can go for safety much better i think would be
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for the government to actually look at what's on social media see who's posting you know violent threats planning violent actions in gauge city of legal activities identify them locate them and arrest them but this government is still fusing to to take that kind of targeted rational approach why this region what makes candy the focal point of this unrest. was just it's probably chance i mean there was an incident a few weeks ago where unfortunately a muslim muslim men beat up and ultimately killed a single the man who died just on sunday or saturday night so this particular round of violence is in reaction to that and then exploited by national level militant groups who send their people in to that area but it's also because it's a predominant it's one of the most heavily muslim areas of the country there's muslim houses and shops throughout the towns in the country. you mentioned the
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response of the government can you tell us a little bit more about that and how it's being received by the people. well i think the government has been in chaos and turmoil since the local government elections about a month ago in which the opposition led by the former president. president mahinda rajapaksa did extremely well and the government has been sort of fighting among themselves and uncertain about what to do since that and in the midst of this comes this violence which i think they would have had trouble dealing with already because of concerns or political concerns to be not seen as favoring the muslims or saying so i think in jail the government government leaders are willing to enforce the law equally across all communities i think these sorts of these sorts of.
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this kind of violence and instability it brings will be a recurrent recurrent theme in sri lanka as it has been for decades alan keenan senior sri lanka analyst for the international crisis group thank you so much for joining us you're welcome. you're watching t.v. uni and still to come on the program one nine hundred sixty eight as seen through the lens of german photographer legend the late robert novak that's the theme of a cute exhibition in germany and do the views very own people love us from our culture that's what we here with all of those details. but first it's a gary hart where we're talking about a popular holiday destination that some people know quite well. actually we know it quite well. and it's more popular than ever actually four hundred sixty million visitors from abroad came to germany you guessed it last new record and even if you have been one of them i bet you missed the best bits because germany has so much
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more to offer them berlin be a fests and the black forest from the very end to the baltic coast this country is full of hidden gems quirky attractions and drive us landscapes it's off the beaten track where you find what i'll call the real germany in this state of mecklenburg fulfillment for example the official partner of the i.t.v. tourism which opens in berlin today have a lot of. summer time on eastern germany's baltic coast. and in the winter hardly a soul in sight next lindbergh for plumbing where nearly two hundred thousand people depend on tourism wants to attract more visitors with creative accommodations like these sleep barrels at a campground in inda. or the equally unusual dock in hostile environment where you can spend the night in a refitted cargo container. more and more guests are checking in even in the wintertime. absolutely i love it. everything's
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fine yeah i think it's great. the hostel which opened a year ago has already won a tourism prize. but we've made a statement with our architecture and that attracts young people who might not otherwise have had violin on their itinerary. hotel operators on the baltic coast can't guarantee sunshine instead they offer activities for bad weather like dawkins indoor bouldering gym it's one of a number of new attractions in mecklenburg call upon one another one is the darwin am at the rustic zoo described as a living museum of evolution. it includes a hall featuring orangutans and other primates in their natural setting. a large part of the thirty million euros it cost was covered by funding from the state of medicine book for fun and the zoo has plans to expand still further.
3:42 pm
visitors tell us what they've seen in their travels europe is big the world is big on and we use that in play here in rough stuck with us not with a darwin am with created something unique a link between museum and zoo and we want to move on from there for. the varied activities on offer the historic can see epic cities and architectural highlights like staring castle which now houses the state parliament attract lots of german visitors and twenty seventeen mecklenburg for palmer and rex up more than thirty million overnight stays but there was little tourism from abroad. as well german tourists have always played a major role for us and until now there wasn't much international demand in part due to transportation issues and so forth so we have a lot of catching up to do we want the i t. be the biggest international tourism trade fair to be
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a platform that will provide. i'd an impetus so as. the state of mecklenburg for cameron is earmarking hundreds of millions of euros for further investment into as the hope is that in the coming years the beaches cities and hotels will fill up even in winter. at goldman sachs the braggs it move seems to be starting the investment firm has put more than a dozen u.k. based banking sales and trading stuff on notice to move to frankfurt as a braces for the divorce between britain and the european union the bank wants to minimize disruption to its clients among those moving to germany's financial capital or members of its london based derivatives and debt capital markets team holding two reuters some of already signed new german employment contracts. well i don't like being on the list except i would love being on this one each year us magazine folds puts together a ranking of the richest people in the world this year the top spot is occupied by
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amazon founder jeff bezos phases wealth has almost doubled in the past year to two hundred and twelve billion dollars thanks to the stellar rise of amazon stock and second place an old acquaintance previous from ground zero and microsoft founder bill gates has accumulated an estimated wealth of ninety billion u.s. dollars forbes there are now over two thousand two hundred billion as in the world and that's a new read called. terry of the sports now and phil is from soccer stampin sleek england tottenham host italy is eventis tonight with a glorious chance for the london club to progress to the champions league quarter finals and jonathan crane is with us here in the studio to talk a little bit more about this leg tell us more yes tottenham are dead and buried at one point in the first like against events isn't sure and to no down they came back
3:45 pm
made it through and that gives them a slight advantage going into the second back to nice in london but we don't have to take your word for it jonathan we actually have a look at this match up let's have a quick look and then look at your reaction there. partly thanks to harry cane tottenham came back from italy with two away goals. that could prove crucial in tonight's clash with a champions league quarter final berth on the law and. boasting attacking talent such as cain christiane eriksson and hyung men so on. confident that they can step up to the task. we nobody will know when to play. but we had a brief brief team. people. do love the challenge and to worry so much the challenge are there will be tottenham spigots european challenge in quite some time this is only the third ever appearance in the champions league
3:46 pm
event this on the other hand have made the final in two of the last three seasons. despite pedigree being on their side coach message million alegria is wary of his inexperienced opponents. you could if you set up by the bats of it though be more space on the pitch and they'll be more chances created but the important thing for us is to be very careful in defense. spurs the favorites thanks to their two away goals but they will have to overcome events is experience if they are to progress. so jonathan crane tell us what you think about this because you know european powerhouse like eventis they're not going to really let. a powerhouse indeed they won this competition twice beaten finalists into the past three seasons so they'll be looking to go one better this time around trying to make comparison actually relative novices now where you know you've been just incredible form
3:47 pm
domestically the very top one point since november we know how strong they are in defense they are really going to have to go for it tonight because you mentioned the wake of that effectively gives tottenham an extra goal so you brant just again need to attack and they could be with. star striker gonzalo question marks over his fitness he has been pos fit so he might stop but whether he can last the whole ninety minutes is is another thing so i'm also an incredible run of form at the moment they're obese and in seventeen matches and they know they didn't concede the goetia night they have three what else tonight manchester city manchester city playing tonight they have a comfortable for the lead in the expect them to rest a lot of key players if not around i think it would be the biggest shock in the history of this competition of course manchester city have invested very heavily in a bid to win the champions league for the first time what about last night the other finalist for last year we had a. champions. the a before so they are still on track for
3:48 pm
a historic street in a row because they had a three one lead over paris century mark going into the second leg they won two one on the night hostile reception you can see that red mist in the park a prince the very vocal but that man christiane and rinaldo that he had this is true champions league goal in a row equaling another record of stopping him is that you can see how happy he is and then he caught. a variety with sens hole for a second yellow and he had himself to blame it was all given with the referee didn't look very happy that as a funny then did level the p.s.g. to to give them some some hope that customary scored a second on the night for a while and that really did put the time out of reach we have to talk a little bit about p.s.g. because money can't buy you love it can accompany success either i mean lots of questions now going to be awestruck by the. way the coach was hired to take the club to the next level to win the champions league but arguably did not really made any progress under him they spent four hundred million euros in the summer on new
3:49 pm
play. name and i want to name. three so you can blame that to some extent but most of the problems we take the for. example one of the world's best midfielders but he's not really mature in his time appears g.'s petulance there and you've got the older players the veterans dani alves. they really didn't look at the races and if you compare to manchester city another club that's been funded by so-called or oil money domestically they're both running away with that leagues but in europe that gold pots we have to talk about byron of course to have by munich not playing this week they actually played their second leg on wednesday in fact here now see have a formal read also have a five nobody to get special task so i think we can write that tired i think by munich definitely going to be in the course of time so much action to break down here jonathan crane big you so much for doing that for us from sports desk
3:50 pm
leadership you're welcome. hugh well now four time olympic champion mo farah is claiming that he was racially harassed by security staff at a german airport he posted on instagram in the aftermath of what he said was undue touching as he went through security and as he spoke to his camera phone farah was approached by another security officer have a look. you'll you'll caressingly. oh yes he was there with me there's a there's a gate you don't need to please me as you look he's pushing your gaze pushing we don't need to push the thirty four year old was traveling from munich to ethiopia and in a statement farah said that he felt that the incidents were racially motivated airport officials say that they are investigating allegations. this is the ground.
3:51 pm
time now for culture news with david leavitt's and photojournalist can shape the way that we see the world for more than half a century people here in germany saw the world through the eyes of and the lens is a photographer robert. a new exact submission honoring his work is now upon us isn't it david so tell us a little bit more because you know he passed away back in twenty four chain why are people still fascinated with his pictures well he was a photographer who really captivated generations and he did that with pictures of big celebrities but also big social changes big political changes they were happening all over the globe he was working on assignment for magazine but it wasn't just what he was photographing he really put something of his personality through in all of his photographs he had this constant smile he actually called it his birth defect that disarms people or got them to look into the camera and sort of surrender themselves to him so a very useful skill i know that you use it a lot in interviews. i know he said you shot your name in there so there's an
3:52 pm
exhibition of work to actually focus on one year in particular a year of upheaval one nine hundred sixty eight it's exactly fifty years ago now and let's have a look. they called him easy going bald it's one hundred sixty eight and here photojournalist robert laverick is in the picture for a change in the shots taken by avengers actress diana rigg this is labor shot of her and fellow actor. in west berlin student chants echoed in the streets. later layback would say he was not really involved in the year of upheaval a new exhibition shows the photographer was always on the go but very much in the thick of it at the prague spring for example he captured the atmosphere before the tanks rolled into czechoslovakia in autumn one nine hundred sixty eight robert lay
3:53 pm
back took the shots of german student leader. talking at a university in prague lay back bumped into dutschke and his wife gretchen quite by chance and joined them on a city tour just eight days before an assassination attempt on two in berlin. saw the vase those kinds these are a shame that none of these pictures made it into stand magazine. the shooting of dutch can meant that the story had moved on events made those pictures out of date . would not. nine hundred sixty eight told in powerful photojournalism the year of worldwide protest robert laverick was not interested in ideology and party politics people were more important to him and the contents moment twelve months twenty four photo reports many of these pictures never published before. one
3:54 pm
thousand nine hundred sixty eight a year in which many hopes were buried at the funeral of robert kennedy the us politician was gunned down five years after the murder of his brother joe on a staffer talk shows us reality but he just as stern took some liberties domicile. there's a completely different photo where the coffin has a diagonal but apparently they want to have the hand and the kids so they might choose photos into. fakes in the news even back then but this exhibition shows a robot laid back unadulterated full. so actually those last photos we saw are from the production line and voids for germany that's where this exhibition is on until july ok pretty close here to berlin if people want to go and hop on a train and check it out incredible shots including as we heard there are some that were partially faked we have to talk about that you know i think that he was not
3:55 pm
directly involved in that fake but it must be so that he was not an angel himself he sort of did whatever it took to get the shot and the shot came first and foremost there's this one story he even tells about. sneaking onto the helicopter of german chancellor gerhard schroeder in kosovo he did that by stealing someone's name badge and putting it on himself so he was a guy who i think has magic formula was a combination of smiling and just sort of whatever it took. now you know of course one thing that he has for us is photo portraits. i hear there's a new movie right so he's actually on the silver screen now not he himself but he was he took basically the last big portraits of night as she was at the time one of the biggest movie stars in europe and he took these photos in one thousand eighty one the year before her death this is featured in the new film three days in cuba that premiered just last month the berlin film festival and it was quite
3:56 pm
a splash so she's now a legend here absolutely fascinating stuff david leavitt's from our culture desk thanks so much there. and with that you are up to date on the news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us after a short break. going to have to see that in six. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah.
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place play. this is you know we do is live from berlin apocalyptic the united nations raises the alarm about syria warning of all out destruction in eastern the whole town and beyond next month or the month after it will be somewhere else where people face an apocalypse and apocalypse intended around them executed by individuals within the government but with the united nations powerless in the face of an unrelenting onslaught on civilians is there anything the security council can do.


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