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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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yes you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . this is you don't need to use live from berlin apocalyptic the united nations raises the alarm about syria warning of all out destruction in eastern huta and beyond next month or the month after it will be somewhere else where people face an apocalypse i'm a porker moves in terms of them executed by individuals within the government but
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with the united nations powerless in the face of an unrelenting onslaught on civilians is there anything the security council can do when it meets in the hours ahead also coming up a german judge convicts far right extremist on terrorism charges for their bombing campaign against refugee homes and political opponents or get the latest on the verdict and british authorities say they now know more about the substance that hospitalized an expiry and his daughter last weekend while that says the mystery threatens to ignite a full blown diplomatic route between russia and the u.k. . thanks for your company everyone and we begin with a grim assessment from the united nations which used to its annual human rights report to warn of a potential apocalypse. in syria the battle for control over eastern huta is raging
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relentlessly and showing no signs of easing the regime and its allies lay waste to the besieged suburb of damascus and prepared to do the same to remain in rebel strongholds syrian state television says government troops have now entered eastern hotel a move that preempts a meeting today by the un security council to stem the bloodshed more than eight hundred civilians have been killed as a regime attempts to seize the enclave. of childhood from. the syrian civil defense workers must dig children out from the rubble after yet another bombing raid taking them to safety no matter if anywhere in east ghouta is safe. the united nations high commissioner for human rights says it's urgent to reverse course and refer the syrian regime to the international criminal court. this month it is used which is in the words of the sector general hell on earth.
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next month or the month after it will be someone else will people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters. pro-government militias reinforced syria's regular troops. and the government itself is backed by iran. and especially russia which says it is coordinating with the regime to offer aid. and to help get people out. we managed to evacuate thirteen civilians including five children with a returning convoy we were also ready to evacuate about one thousand c. concluded people but the rebels did not give us the opportunity to evil women and children being held as hostages in a being used as a human shield. but many observers blame russia for blocking un resolutions
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or for helping the syrian regime violate them hell on earth has no end in sight. well earlier we spoke with u.n. human rights office spokeswoman network of a national assignee from geneva and asked her who still blame for the humanitarian crisis in syria. the syrian government first and foremost is to blame but the international community shares this thing it's been seven years now since the conflict in syria up again and there has been not one step taken by the security council to show that it is resolute and concerted ingredion this conflict to an end and in bringing the greatest of these grave by innovations of human rights and humanitarian law to account they need to talk about a cease fire that can actually hold the need to put concrete measures into disease either for it to hold and they need to build all the parties to the conflict to account to ensure that it is an urgent need for humanitarian aid to be able to go
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in and as we saw that the convoy that did finally manage to go in up to such an all time only partially succeeded at a turnaround there needs to be very competent action and one of the things that we've been calling for over twenty years now is for the security council to take action towards accountability when the security council shows that it is so reluctant to push for syria to be reproached to the attack but in a court that sends a message to the parties to the conflict that they can carry on with business as usual. un human rights spokeswoman review national assignee speaking there earlier to us all staying in syria the us has suffered a blow in its battle to root out the so-called islamic state from the country there in the fight to a multi-ethnic alliance known as the syrian democratic forces has pulled thousands of troops away from the front line with extremists they're being redeployed to bolster other kurdish militia battling turkish forces in the northern region of
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africa. they've been key and the u.s. led campaign to crush i-s. and syria. these fighters from the syrian democratic forces seized vast territory from i asked militants last year with american backing. that includes russia from where the forces announce that they're moving troops to a different battleground. as. we have taken the difficult decision to redeploy our fighters stationed against islamic states in the areas east of the euphrates in their also province. and send them to africa to face the turkish aggression i'd want to see. the kurdish allied militias will relocate almost two thousand flights following hundreds that have already gone taff free in . the us has warned that the turkish offensive that has led to an operational pause
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in the fight against i.a.s. . but tacky has rejected western demands for a cease fire on a visit to germany the turkish foreign minister said his country was fighting terrorism. because arsene there. were fighting enough in against the p.y.t. in the y.p. ji those are terrorist organizations. and the operations there are in line with international law and the rules of the united nations says this is the voice of the . turkey launched its air and ground assault on the cut its enclave in january. more than a million civilians are at risk on the latest front line in syria's war. or now to some of the other stories making news around the world. voters in sierra leone are electing
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a new president sixteen candidates are in the running with four seen as having a realistic chance the winner will face the difficult task of turning around economy that's been rocked by recent crises including the devastating outbreak of twenty fourteen. the united states has announced more sanctions on north korea this after washington formally concluded that the country used chemical weapons to assassinate the half brother of leader kim jong un at kuala lumpur airport last year kim jong un died after a nerve agent was sprayed in his face. i am sure along buddhists in the central region of candy have defied a state of emergency and launched new attacks on muslim targets hundreds of police have been deployed to stem the violence and authorities have blocked social media in some areas officials say at least one hundred fifty homes shops and vehicles have been set on fire. the winter has been the arctic's warmest ever would see
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ice levels at a record low scientists say the unusually warm temperatures there are bird of a global warming driven cycle that has likely played a role in the icy winter storms that have recently hit europe and the u.s. . the german cabinet has approved plans to expand germany's military missions abroad including in afghanistan mali and iraq the defense bill must still be approved by the parliament it would raise the number of german troops in afghanistan by a third to thirteen hundred it also expands the business affairs training mission to include the iraqi army. members of a far right german terror group that attacked refugee homes at the peak of the twenty fifteen refugee crisis were handed prison sentences today of between four and ten years the group seven men and one woman aged between twenty and forty have been found guilty of charges including forming
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a terrorist association and attempted murder two people were injured in the five attacks they carried out the group is named after the small town of saxony where they operated all right let's bring in our political correspondent from the mark has been covering this trial for us it can they appeal this verdict well actually in germany you can appeal any verdict in this case that would be the federal supreme courts to decide but since this was a case by the general prosecutor q during germany who deals with political terrorism there wouldn't be a completely new trial it was just this court would just check for procedural errors ok now fabienne this was the first terror trial ever to be held in the eastern german state of sexy an area known for right wing this extremism an anti foreigner sentiments is the problem of right wing extremism growing there.
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the problem is particularly big there but it's growing not only there it's actually . in the last years we can see a steadily growing number of fright wing extremists in the whole of germany authorities now some twenty three thousand right wing extremists in germany half of them being violent and the trial today against the fight group that was the second word for the one year for right wing political terrorism with the probably most important one against the so-called. national socialist underground still coming. on the mark two reporting thank you very much. all right another news britain's interior minister says authorities now know more about the mystery substance that left a former russian spy and his daughter critically ill over the weekend police will
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reveal toxicology findings later today as they seek to determine whether there was any foul play involved in the incident. this security camera footage is of keen interest to british counter terror activities it may show a couple merely taking a stroll but police are investigating anyone who was in the area around the time former russian spy sergey screen and his daughter yulia collapsed near a shopping center on sunday this alleyway connect salisbury's this is the restaurant where the couple are reported to have dined and the park bench where they were found unconscious days later large areas are still cordoned off investigators have decontaminate at several locations including a nearby hospital where the pair were taken police have sought to reassure the public calling the measures a routine yet the incident is anything but. squee powell was a colonel in russia's military intelligence service he was arrested in russia in
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two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later. now he and his thirty three year old daughter yulia are fighting for their lives top level u.k. ministers have met for an emergency briefing to consider a government response to the incident. we need to keep a cool head and make sure we collect all the evidence we can and we need to make sure that we responds not to rumor but all the evidence that they collect and then we will need to decide what action to take. russia strongly denies any involvement in the case. it's. just not going to be honest it's difficult to evaluate this case as anything other than provocative media allegations intended to further exacerbate relations between our countries. british lawmakers are drawing parallels to the murder of alexander litvinenko a former russian spy who was poisoned in london in two thousand and six
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investigators have yet to provide definitive statements but some leaders in london say treating russia in the usual way will prove difficult. all right some soccer news now if i let you go in the champions league last night but real madrid and liverpool sealed their places in the quarter finals of a pool defeat at porto five nil on aggregate while real madrid travel to party central now with a comfortable lead from the first leg they were welcomed by a hostile crowd but astronomer and aldo opened the scoring in the fifty second minute to further their visitors advantage at assen kabbani equalized for p a ship but it wasn't nearly enough for ya legit goes through winning on the road to one and by two an aggregate. hour before i let you go i want to remind you of our main headlines right now the un have slammed the syrian government for risking hundreds of thousands of lives to target a few hundred fighters in eastern huta more than eight hundred civilians have died
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in recent fighting in a rebel held on clay. and a german judge has convicted far right extremists and drinks then on terrorism charges being handed down jail sentences of up to ten years to members of the so-called high tall group for their bombing campaign against refugee shelters and.


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