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marsters under jim pearson fine no means let out on the brink recently dangerous start time for. this edition of your news live from berlin it is international women's day and we're bringing you stories of women who are changing their world in south korea rage over sexual assault games and boys with me to move men and women in spain saying no mas a macho man calls for a crackdown on domestic violence. also coming up more clues but still no suspect in
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the poisoning attempt left the next pint i'm just daughter fighting for their lives despite a call for cooler heads speculation swirls that russia was behind the attack temptation ventre peter max and goes on trial for killing journalist jim walsh in his summary prosecutors say manson planned the murder. i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us today on international women's day there are demonstrations across the world as women press for progress south koreans are rallying to show solidarity with the need to movement against sexual harassment the protests calm after a politician on he joel viewed as a future presidential candidate quit his post as a provincial governor after being accused of rape the government has promised to strengthen laws against sexual assault and implement new measures in an attempt to
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tackle harassment and abuse. and let's go right to seoul we have gen moon with us chief correspondent from ari wrong t.v. hi john so there are demonstrations going on right now what more can you tell us. well thousands of women here in south korea have taken to the streets armed as march eighth international women's day carrying signs stop sexual violence now this has been made possible because female workers across the nation have called for all women to take an early lead from work today at three pm local time some women activists groups are handing out right roses out which symbolizes sexual violence and that women are wearing black and purple marching this is really the first time such massive protests have taken place on this particular issue in this highly pin charcoaled confucius society here in korea as we've said jens comes at a time that we've seen a possible presidential candidate also quit politics because of sexual assault allegations tell us more about how that played out. well absolutely he junk
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was a rising power of the star and presidential hopeful i think is becoming the latest and most prominent south korean accuse of misdeeds by growing this need to movement in this highly male dominated society it started when one of the secretaries of women in his her early thirty's came on national television claiming in public that she had been great by mr on on four occasions since last june and the most recent instance was as recently as last month or so that was shocking she claimed it was extremely difficult for her to given outwardly jetson as mr on was her boss a provisional governor and probably one of if not the only the most favorite for the new hopeful and the next big election who could replace the current president move when his five term ends in two thousand and twenty two and had scheduled for a news conference at three pm today. to treat day since the revelation his office
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at one point had did not get the right accusation seeing you had consensual sex with his secretary ms kim but that was just canceled and that's probably because just last night we saw another victim of mr on come public on national television to mention this is a male dominated society how do you think the me too movement has impacted how people talk about sexual assault and abuse in south korea. well definitely it has it has helped the women that speak up about this violence because in this highly kneel down amid confusion society it's really it's really been a taboo for any victim of sexual violence assault to come up in public and say that they been victimized so many of these instances that these women are bringing up their five ten years old and they've actually been keeping that silent because of
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this social taboo and even now there are many victims across this nation who are in fear of revealing their experiences because they need might get labeled and and not be able to with any further in this highly confused psyche but since this being a prosecutor asserted on t.v. in january that one of her former bosses had it groped her at a funeral in two thousand and ten and. women have been coming up and her accusation revealed that even prosecutors incher one of the most powerful elite groups in south korea could be subject to sexual abuse. general and for us now from south korea on the me to movement there thank you very much jan. well international women's day is an annual event celebrating women's achievements and pushes towards gender equality this year's theme is hash tag press for progress will largely set our own women's day agenda including a little quiz about women's rights here in germany sebastian john by the foundation
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spin off. now british police are racing to uncover who poisoned a former russian double agent and his daughter with a nerve agent last weekend there's been speculation by top lawmakers and the media that russia is behind the attack sparking an angry denial from moscow so far the clues lead investigators to believe that circa scrip allah and his daughter yulia were deliberately targeted but there are still several missing pieces to the case that's being treated as attempted murder. sergei scruple lived a quiet life in the english cathedral town of salisbury this c.c.t.v. footage was captured days before the former russian spy and his daughter yulia collapsed near a shopping center. british police now say she was deliberately poisoned so having established the nerve agent is the cause of the symptoms leading us to
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take this is attempted murder i can also confirm that we believe the two people originally who became a well were talked to specifically. scruple worked as a connell in russia's military intelligence service in two thousand and four he was arrested for selling russian secrets to british intelligence six years later the double agent arrived in britain as part of a spy swap. russia has strongly denied any involvement in scruples poisoning just got to be honest it's difficult to evaluate this story as anything other than provocative media allegations intended to further exacerbate relations between our countries it's slow motion. but london has threatened a robust response if the trail of the poison leads back to moscow that if this does turn out to be in any way. the result of hostile activity by another government or directed led by another government then the people of this country can be absolutely sure that the u.k.
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will respond robustly no details about the nerve agents have been released but experts say this kind of substance is difficult to produce and not available to the general public some areas of salisbury are still cordoned off the first police officer on the scene is now in serious condition in hospital. and for more on the story we can talk to journalist abigail simon route in london hi i have a girl fergus up to date on a circus to get power and also his daughter and the policeman who was affected as well what is their condition so we're hearing this morning is that all three are in comas and there is great concern that this crippled condition is the most severe sources told the times newspaper that they hope to his daughter you know will pull through and the policeman condition this is the policeman who treated them at the scene on sunday in salt great his condition is thought to be less severe but
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actually all three are in a very precarious position and i think it's very significant your plate and what are police saying about the nerve agent that was uses that hack and who could be behind it. well the very fact that they're talking about a nerve agent does suggest i mean these are sophisticated chemicals to manufacture it would take a great deal of expertise and resources to be able to manufacture these this is not some kind of anything that a criminal that could could do a home so this is a gesture and it does point to this thing state involvement by sophisticated. so and the fact that they're now using words like this an intent to murder unscrupulous daughter talked and specifically is very significant also the suggestion is that must be a fairly unusual their agent because if they can police tweeting to identify it. what about the speculation that's been swirling in media about russia's involvement
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and a possible motive there would have authority has been saying about that so the british government is anxious not to jump to conclusions and to exacerbate tensions. and the road yesterday was saying that we need to have the full facts which certainly contrasted the tone taken by the foreign secretary going to johnson the day you fall and increasingly because nerve agent has now been identified by police. that is where people's minds are going that you know if there's any state behind this then russia have the resources and a possible motive however until they identify. which nerve agent was used that could hold details of which state might be behind it and even which laboratory might manufactured it or a journalist out of the frame and routes with the very latest for us from london thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world syrian government
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forces have seized the half of the territory held by rebels in the damascus suburb of eastern around four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in the area as russian backed troops intensify their assault the u.n. has urged all parties to abide by a cease fire in order to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded japan's chief nuclear regulator says the two thousand and eleven fukushima disaster isn't over radioactive waste is still being removed from the tree crippled reactors hugely challenging tasks that could take decades this weekend marks the seventh anniversary of the nuclear accident and the tsunami that caused the police in sierra leone have quassia clashes in the capital freetown following wednesday's election tensions mounted after an opposition spokesman said authorities had come to search the party's offices without a warrant at least one person was stabbed in the skirmishes vote counting is ongoing with initial results expected by friday night and saudi arabia's crown
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prince mohammed bin solomon has arrived in the u.k. for an official visit but the event has sparked controversy with critics staging a protest over saudi arabia's involvement in yemen civil war it's also led to calls in parliament for the u.k. government to take a stronger stance on human rights abuses in the kingdom. you're watching the news still to come the submarine the setting of kim was grisly murder trial begins today in denmark over the swedish journalists killing at the hand of this eccentric inventor. but first germany still doesn't have enough women in top jobs and the pay gap is persistent helena's here with a look at the numbers now yeah let's take a look at where we are right now in germany see me because of course lots of women have made it as top entrepreneurs business leaders but there is still a long way to go now back in twenty sixteen germany introduce the new or that required women to make up at least thirty percent of supervisory board roles but the legislation only applied to companies which were traded on the front foot stock
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exchange say one hundred seven in total the question is have they complied well the answer is yes the figures show that a year later women did indeed make up thirty percent of positions on a supervisory board so let's take a closer look at how things have developed at the top thirty companies listed on the blue chip dax a decade ago women made up around thirty percent of the positions and now it is closer to a third box do not pop the champagne corks just yet because if we look at management boards instead of supervisory boards it's a very different story ten years ago women made up just haul of a percent of roles today it is thirteen percent improvement yes but it also is a sign of just how far there is to go in the fight for equality so let's go over to the table then and speak to our guest alexander federal from the german institute
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of economic research she joins us here in the studio to talk more about this situation to take a look at the numbers thank you for being with us firstly can you explain to us what's the difference between the management board in the supervisory board and why all the few women on the management board so as the name says as. supervisory board has the function to supervise the workings of a firm whereas the management board is actually responsible for the workings of the firm so after this is the body that meets the decisions do you think that gender quotas in the economy are an adequate tool to get more women into the top positions well according to the numbers that you have shown us they seem to be an adequate tool because they are implemented in this revised rewards and they work in the supervisory board so maybe it's worth to think of extending this quarter's also to other firms not only to this one hundred seventh that you mentioned and what else needs to be done quotas that one facet i want to see as sure for in order to
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achieve gender equality you need more than one tool and enjoy many of the very important reforms that needs to be that need to be done. for instance the married couples tech splitting should be reformed in order to achieve more labor market attachment to women. then there should be also in extension of fathers share of parental leave and surely such tools as flexible working time should be there not only for women but also for men i mean obviously your species your great deal of sense however there is resistance why is it so difficult because it's all good again and again in particular in germany by potence of quotas for example that ultimately is in the economic interest also you know against the background of demographic trends as well can you explain that resistance well i think that change is always difficult talking about changing the gender proportion for the positions that have that are related to lots of money and power so i think maybe that is why
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there is much resistance there but maybe in the quarters also have meet resistance because they're kind of set from above to affirm and there should be more understanding of firms themselves that was saying female careers. for them alexander you mention money let's take a look at the pay gap that is another big issue is a persistent problem here in germany let's take a look then according to the european citizens takes office germany has one of the highest gender pay gap across the e.u. women in germany earn almost twenty two percent less than their male colleagues in other words women work for free for more than two months every year women living in the e.u. and sixteen point two percent less than men on average while italy has one of the smallest pay gaps at five point three percent which of course begs the question of xandra what some of the reasons behind that looming rather large pay gap here in germany has sure the gender pay gap in germany is very high it's as you
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said it's above the oil city average and. well there are multiple causes why the gender pay gap is so high but i think what germany the germany can be a very good example for gender equality because it actually has this tradition of rather good gender equality in the g.d.r. where made women. used to work and actually you see that until now that is germany in high level positions there are more we ones in the west germany are interested in science alexandra federalists from the german institute of economic research great to have you with us today and. cars are still seen as a man's game if signs at the geneva motor show are anything to go by most of the attendees all men that things are changing albeit slowly now in the run up to the motor show a couple of comic has used the hash tag no booth babes on social media to rally
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against women at cost and being used solely as decoration correspondent genoud looks now at how far the car show has come and how far it still has to go. at the geneva motor show attractive women draped over shining sports cars are out modestly dressed car explainers prepared to talk features and functions or in a timely move and step with a larger discussion about women in the workplace there's even the attempt at gender balance i feel very comfortable and i two very key age though i have nothing to complain about i think trying to give it the new touch because last year we were wearing suits the women were presses so this time it's way more casual and it's maybe more familiar to be more familiar with the clients not everyone is following the same dress code and the auto industry's gender problem isn't really about clothes but representation men still vastly outnumber women there and at this motor
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show too it took a while to find. she said she autonomy's lead from oil flextronics mobility subsidiary and the only woman i've heard speak at the car salon this year but she says more coming i'm seeing a lot of talented young female people that are shaping the future of being here together in geneva and being on stage was actually a really emotional moment because michael week told me that she is seeing after a really long time of the first time a woman on the stage the geneva motor show is supposed to be a showcase of industry trends but those don't just have to be technological it could be a platform for a cultural shift in gears as well. after hollywood politics and governance and the sports world the need to movement has come to motor shows now as well well sort of there's a markedly less objectification than in the last years even if it's not completely
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gone but in terms of taking women seriously the auto industry still has miles to go there's still only one female c.e.o. of a major automotive company and she's not even here. the geneva motor show. me an important moment in the bid for justice all the incredible journalist can all she was incredible and she was a savvy reporter who traveled around the world she was gruesomely murdered close to home the trial starts in denmark today for the man accused of killing a swedish journalist killed wall she planned to profile inventor peter madsen on board his homemade submarine last summer but she never returned maps and denies killing her but has admitted to dismembering wall before dumping her body parts in the sea danish prosecutors will seek to have matson jailed for life. it's one of the most gruesome murder trials ever to take place at copenhagen city court inventor peter manson is due to take the stand here charged with killing kim wall.
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in these rooms thirty seven witnesses will testify that is huge interest from global media with more than one hundred journalists following proceedings it won't be easy listening. prosecutors say the swedish journalist care more died under horrific circumstances. mattson invited her to interview him on his private submarine the north. these pictures of such a show the vessel leaving port last august the indictment says matson had planned the murder because he took a saw a knives with him the next day the submarine sank police think deliberately only mattson was on board and he was rescued on harmed i'm falling a little obviously. was unfortunate but oh well. first matson
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told police he dropped off an island but then he changed his story saying she died in an accident and he buried her at sea he still denies killing her. later was mutilated torso washed ashore and divers pulled her body parts from the sea her blood was found in the recovered submarine. it's here but investigators say madsen cut and stabbed a wall before killing and dismembering her. the nautilus is now wraps up but the trial is only just beginning prosecutions one months in jail for life for so brutal a crime the verdict is expected at the end of april. now if you live here in europe you might have noticed your clocks have been lagging behind the last few weeks six minutes to be exact that's because digital clocks
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haven't been sinking correctly our next report will tell you why. stolen time clocks are running slowly in many homes some have lost more than six minutes as the world until the time warp. and i don't even see unfortunately clocks are losing time so people are turning up late to appointments they're leaving home late and missing their buses it's mostly clock radios that are affected and clocks eleven's they're part of a europe wide electricity network the normally operate sort of steady synchronized frequency yaz a bones in our kitchen and of the living room we have two clocks one is running ten minutes behind the other. the reason for the slowdown is a dispute between serbia and kosovo it means there's not enough electricity being pumped into the network so the frequency is reduced result clock radio slowdown. normally they operate at a frequency of fifty hertz. the reason the clocks have gone
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wrong is that the frequencies fall and you can see it going down a bit no i'm dependent type so the perfect excuse for the habitual later arrival across europe our trusty timepieces are just plain wrong fortunately the clocks of the german rower system a radio controlled so the great top slow to be used as a cover for late trains but could be worse consequences this kind of you haven't got so i could always be a power failure of course such as when a generating station breaks down but then the network can draw power from other countries so customers don't have to worry. just like the clocks are not showing the right time it's kind of an operation when i didn't want this is it just expensive. so there's no need to get a new plug simply adjust the old one and enjoy a soothing night's sleep before that hateful device screams you're awake in the morning. and we just have a bit of
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a football for you in the champions league last night you ventas produced a resilient performance against tottenham to progress to the quarter finals callum took an early lead through hyung and song but to me event just goes inside three minutes turn the tie on its head you've done just won the match two one going through to the next round for three on aggregate and manchester city also booked their place in the quarter finals despite losing two one at home to f.c. basel a strong showing in the first leg meant city went through five two on aggregate the remaining quarter finals will be decided next week. you're watching the. top story today on international women's day there are protests across the world as women press for progress the south koreans are rallying to show solidarity with the me too movement against sexual harassment. thank you for watching good of you will be back in about thirty minutes.
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cut cut. cut cut. him during the conflict zone the funding the powerful the far distance weekend feverish immigration honestly you know about civility the u.s. should fear in geneva. his government a middle east peace conference but does he seriously think any one. of the little problems. in sixty minutes. with that women would be lost. but the world is still far from complete gender equality because the need to movements influence the world why did based on sexism international women's day twenty years seem cold focus this late on d. w. . bush to the stars he made
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a point of still. a miracle representative. architect of east germany's place i. live in london if i had my way. east germany would still be. master of slavyansk which you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . welcome to tomorrow today this week we're looking at the power of music you'll see how it can make learning math easier. and how helpful it is in treating elderly patients with dementia. as an encore the secret lives of fireflies why did
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they glow. welcome to the show. algebra written.


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