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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is d w news law and from burglary and breaking news this hour could this be the start of a global trade war u.s. president donald trump presses ahead with controversial trade tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum he says the penalties are needed to address what he calls an assault on the u.s. . also coming up germany's foreign minister steps down zygmunt gabriele is leaving his post after a bitter out with the party leadership that means he won't be part of chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government will ask what's behind the departure. and
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on this international women's day protests around the world for greater equality including in istanbul where thousands have been marching to demand it and to oppression and violence against women. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program we begin with breaking news u.s. president donald trump has announced a new tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum of between ten and twenty five percent trump made the widely expected announcement surrounded by steel and aluminum workers the president said that competition from importers undermines national security and was bad for jobs and the economy canada and mexico will be exempt from the tariffs many of trump's fellow republicans have criticized the plan to impose it. and we have team coverage of this announcement for more i'm joined
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now by claire richardson from washington and teri schultz is standing by with the reaction from brussels welcome to both of you and clare i'd like to begin with you bring us up to date on this announcement well sara many of the united states' closest allies are furious about this announcement the i.m.f. and several other countries have already warned this could very well start a trade war and the e.u. has already said that it will impose retaliatory tariffs on things like crim berries peanut butter bluejeans even kentucky bourbon so obviously this will have such a great big dent as the steel and aluminum tariffs but they're meant to be politically targeted at states with republican leaders with the hope that this could have some sort of impact on washington and force a change is tact. and you know given this terry what is europe or countries within europe the likely to make of all of because one of the things the trump said he said that many of the countries who treat the united
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states the worst with trade and military relationships are its allies that was a dig wasn't absolutely i mean many things about this entire policy are are a dig at europe because of course president trump has said he's basing this on a national security threat and as trade commissioner cecilia mom's term said yesterday this just doesn't make sense to europe these are the strongest allies that the united states has she doesn't see nobody in europe really sees how european steel can create a security threat for the united states and europe has consistently said look we've got problems with chinese dumping also let's solve it together don't alienate us over this issue and terry just briefly we know that trump actually signaled out germany and specifically for justifying higher tariffs why was that. well he continues to return to this issue of funding at nato and of course germany spends
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nowhere near the two percent. the united states and that nato itself would like to see allies spend and so it basically seems like every chance president gets he returns to this issue as so i presume that germany could have seen that coming that it would be mentioned along with the issue of too low military funding it was interesting to see president try to bring that issue back up in such a high profile way on this issue about about trade sanctions but it just seems that he can't let it drop and it's a pretty consistent line but that he has used when it comes to criticizing european nations in fact so we do have to give him that he has in the very least have been consistent on it claire tell us though what is this likely to mean for the american consumer and how are people in the united states receiving this do they see it as a good thing well the higher tariffs are going to mean higher prices on almost anything that's made out of aluminum or steel think beer cans think washing
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machines and the u.s. is even essentially cutting its own military budget when it comes to producing things like tanks and planes i mean no policy that makes prices more makes prices higher is particularly popular in the united states and this is one of i think if people see an increase in prices of their daily goods anything that involves a can it's not going to go down so well. we heard canada mexico exempts not for long though perhaps phyllis among what could be a have their right canada mexico have been given this exemption but it's clear that it's still a bargaining chip this could be something that goes back on if he doesn't get what he considers to be a good deal in the nafta in the ongoing nafta negotiations. claire richardson with the latest from washington terry soltz with the view from brussels. we're certainly going to be talking about this one for a while thank you so much to the two of you for putting it into context for us.
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well here in germany foreign minister. has announced that he will not be part of chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government that's after rumors of a bitter raul with the leaders of his own social democratic party replacement the foreign ministry is likely to be heikal muffs the outgoing justice minister the news made for a slightly uncomfortable appearance by gabriele today and the scheduled press conference with his counterpart from bosnia-herzegovina. it was a routine appointment for a german foreign minister but. things are anything but routine right now minute the meeting with his bosnian counterpart igor sir not out on thursday was his last official international engagement. for him to get involved and gum real has been germany's foreign minister for just over a year during that time he became the country's most popular politician even beating chancellor merkel and future economics minister paid in opinion polls in aren't much respect for his work for example his handling of strained german
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turkish relations got me often met his turkish counterpart medlock shovel so you and invited him to his home as he worked to get german journalists and human rights activists released and he succeeded and part some of the prisoners were freed. but there is another sign to seek knock on failed he is notoriously independent and volatile for example on the sidelines of the munich security conference he broke ranks and appealed for sanctions against russia to be lifted following a cease fire in eastern ukraine. you know what sort of i am convinced that if we succeed in this then we must begin to gradually lift the sanctions i know that the official position on this is different and i know it is more importantly feel irritated members of his own party the s.p.d. he even attacked then party leader martin schultz personally which many and his party found unforgettable above all his relationship with future party leader on
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three analysis this viewed as dysfunctional. now media reports say his successor will be heikal mosse the previous justice minister. zuma got mail is playing down the loss of his position when asked how he feels about leaving in a positive words he won't then it's just been through that hike will be the new foreign minister then i have a really good feeling he'll do an excellent job i'm also fine. take care. a light hearted departure there let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady who joins us from our parliamentary studios and as we heard there kate and unbelievably popular politician in the country one of the best known politicians as well also internationally but he's ruffled a lot of feathers hasn't he he has and it's one particular upset quite recently in the s.p.d. that really put the nail in the coffin for his career as
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a time as the german family minister and you might remember back just a few weeks ago when the social democrats and conservatives first agreed on that grand coalition deal and martin shultz the s.p.d. leader at the time as said that he would then be vying for the position of foreign minister and god will responded the minister under a miracle led to government but governor went one step further to actually personally insult schultz and quoted gabriele quoted his daughter saying that she had told him daddy don't worry now at least we can spend more time together and you won't have to spend as much time with the man with the hairy face and that it was actually this personal comment that meant that the s.p.d. disqualified gabriele from serving again as the foreign minister so he'll be returning to the german bundestag as a normal member of parliament ok so but aside from from personal issues here what is this likely to mean for policy what is it likely to mean for german foreign
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policy what do we know about his successor who is tipped to take over the reins heikal mass. well heiko mass for the last four years has served as germany's justice minister as of course he has absolutely absolutely no experience in foreign policy so be interesting to see how he brings his own style to the table and that he's not quite as direct as gabriele from what we've seen in the german parliament and he's more of a a shy kind of character but that could also be useful in difficult mattick occasions and of course this will be a challenging time for germany in terms of foreign policy there's a lot of pressure coming from other european countries particularly from friends of the man woman in the french president tries to push forward with these reforms and outside of the e.u. many countries now a look in to berlin to see what their clear stances on several issues and want
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germany to step up their game on the world stage they are looking for stability that is for certain but you know when we look at the s.p.d. just generally speaking we have seen this internal wrangling going on in the party and it is about to assume three of the key ministries we know with this incoming coalition does the party have its house in order. exactly where will nine for sure tomorrow exactly who is going to be taking over a total of six ministerial posts from the social democrats so then it will be a little clearer clara but it does seem the social democrats do have quite a clear agenda as to who they want to put forward into merkel's cabinet now three of the six ministerial post given to the s.p.d. will be filled by women that we know already catherine of barley the current family minister she is currently taped to maybe take over the labor minister ministry and
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so there is a real clear agenda here to get more women and also younger faces into the ministry brady in berlin thank you. so today is international women's day and women around the world have been staging protests against gender inequality thousands have flooded the center of spain's capital madrid women across the country are also staging a twenty four hour will walk out to demand an end to unfair wages and from this morning women have been gathering in solidarity around the me to movement in various cities including seoul new delhi and jerusalem. and in turkey as cafferty capital istanbul thousands took to the streets this evening calling for an end to violence against women a short while ago our correspondent in istanbul yulia han talked with us from the center of the demonstration. as we are at one of the major demonstrations here in
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istanbul today the atmosphere is full of excitement it's a chill food atmosphere the women are trying to make some noise many of them broad and whistles or even drums and of course it's a day of celebrations but here in turkey it's also a day of protest and women are shouting slogans like freedom for all of us we are stronger together we are against male dominance. so it's of course a show off sale first specked here they are celebrating their selves but they're also they have a lot of criticism for the conservative parts reality male dominated society here in turkey. there in istanbul meantime in syria an aid convoy bound for the besieged rebel held enclave of eastern going to has been postponed as fighting in the area intensifies monitors say syrian government forces have now taken half of the territory held by rebels in the damascus suburb it is the last opposition
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stronghold close to the capital around four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in the area the u.n. has urged all parties to abide by a cease fire in order to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded one a quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here at g.w. . u.s. president donald trump has announced new tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum ranging from between ten and twenty five percent the move has sparked fears of an international trade war canada and mexico are exempt from the tariffs. and with that you're up to date on d.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us i hope to see you again soon.
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without women we'd be lost but the world is still a long way away from totally gender equality international women's day twenty eighteen. our focus this week on t w beat. me to do and its consequences how has the movement.


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